Coronavirus live news: China GDP shrinks 6.8% as Trump says 29 states could reopen 'relatively soon'

Brazil’s president fires health minister; IMF predicts zero growth in Latin America and Caribbean for decade to 2025; UK extends lockdown by three weeks. Follow the latest updates. Coronavirus latest: at a glanceTrump defers to governors in guidelines for reopening USAustralia coronavirus updates – liveSee all of our coronavirus coverage 3.12am BST China has reported its first ever quarterly contraction at 6.8%, its slowest pace on record.The decline comes after almost three months of nation...
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Right-Wing Protesters, Some Armed, Demand Governors End Social Distancing Measures

In a dim sign that social distancing is quickly becoming a full-fledged culture war issue, protesters demanding that state governors lift measures imposed to hinder the spread of the coronavirus pandemic have gathered at statehouses in multiple states this week, fueled in part by disinformation and egged on by…Read more...
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Coronavirus live news: Trump says 29 states could reopen 'relatively soon' as global deaths near 145,000

Brazil’s president fires health minister; IMF predicts zero growth in Latin America and Caribbean for decade to 2025; UK extends lockdown by three weeks. Follow the latest updates. Coronavirus latest: at a glanceAustralia coronavirus updates – liveSee all of our coronavirus coverage 1.24am BST Apple Inc said on Thursday it would reopen its sole retail store in South Korea on 18 April, marking it the first site to return to business after it closed all stores outside Greater China last month ...
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The Ocean Atlantic voyage from Antartica to a world changed by coronavirus – in pictures

Photographer Sam Edmonds was the team leader on the cruise ship that found itself stranded in South America in late March after travelling to the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia. He documented the journey from idyllic island to isolation in a Sydney hotel room Continue reading...
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Brazil president fires health minister over Covid-19 stand-off – as it happened

Dismissal comes after weeks-long stand-off; almost 700 test positive on French aircraft carrier. This blog is now closed.Follow the latest coronavirus blog for live news and updates 12.50am BST That’s it for this live blog for today – we’ve fired up a new one at the link below, we’ll continue to bring you rolling coverage of the latest developments in the coronavirus pandemic: Related: Coronavirus live news: Trump says 29 states could reopen 'relatively soon' as global deaths near 145,000...
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Trump Administration Courageously Ignores the Benefits of Reducing Toxic Mercury Emissions

Humans have long known the health dangers of mercury, but that won’t stop the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from doing away with regulations designed to reduce emissions and protect public health. The agency released an update on Thursday that undermines a key rule to lower mercury emissions from coal plants.Read more...
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J.J. Abrams Is Making Justice League Dark and The Shining TV Shows

Justice League Dark is finally happening, though not in the way we’d expected. J.J. Abrams has set his first three shows at streaming service HBO Max, which include a show set in DC’s Justice League Dark universe and an unusual take on The Shining.Read more...
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Great, Now We Have to Worry About Sunny Skies Melting Greenland's Ice Sheet

Greenland is some of the world’s most-distressed real estate. In recent years, it’s been subject to bizarre fires, and its ice sheet has been cracking up and melting down due to rising temperatures. Now, new research adds to the growing list of calamities the second-biggest stash of ice on the planet faces: sunny…Read more...
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The Five Best Final Fantasy Games (and Bravely Default), According to Our Readers

“Man, don’t you know this article title is one of, if not the, most loaded question you can ask in the video game industry? What’s wrong with you, man?” begs an inquisitive Kirk Chop one Tuesday afternoon. The reason?Read more...
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‘Herd immunity’ without a vaccine could mean 840,000 coronavirus deaths in California

Amid Gov. Gavin Newsom’s scenario of a post-sheltering world, there are two chilling words: herd immunity. Tomorrow’s tableau — waiters with masks, distant desks, split-shift schools — will be the new normal, he told reporters in his Tuesday press briefing, “at least until we have herd immunity.” The phrase came up again as he explained what’s ahead, as “we begin to transition into suppression, ultimately, on our way to herd immunity” and then a vaccine. He repeated it later, describing progress...
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Grab Your Plumber’s Cap for the Top 10 Nintendo Switch Deals of the Day

These are the best Nintendo Switch deals for April 2020.Read more...
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Coronavirus live news: Brazil president Jair Bolsonaro fires health minister

Dismissal comes after weeks-long stand-off, and as Trump casts doubt on China death toll and almost 700 test positive on French aircraft carrierCoronavirus latest: at a glanceTrump fans flames of Chinese lab theory during daily briefingAustralia coronavirus updates – liveSee all of our coronavirus coverage 8.24pm BST Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro has sacked his popular health minister Luiz Mandetta after a weeks-long stand-off between the two men over radically different views of the cor...
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Astronomers See Glimmers of a Second World Circling the Nearest Star to the Sun

A team of astronomers shocked the world back in 2016 when they revealed evidence of an Earth-sized exoplanet in the habitable zone of our nearest stellar neighbor, a star called Proxima Centauri. Scientists are hunting for a second planet in this system—and maybe, maybe, they’ve found something.Read more...
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Kaliber Gaming's Opto-Mechanical Keyboard Looks Sharp, Literally

I don’t normally go for gaming keyboards with fancy shapes, but there’s something sleek and dangerous about Kaliber Gaming’s HVER Pro X optical-mechanical gaming keyboard. It’s probably the jagged sheet of aluminum screwed atop its otherwise unassuming plastic frame. Read more...
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10 Shows I'm Too Lazy to Watch, and You're Gonna Hate Me for It

We all have a list. You know the one. It’s your list of TV shows friends or family have recommended with every ounce of their being. More than likely, this is a very long list. And now, during a global pandemic when many of us are self-quarantined, one would think it’s the perfect time to start crossing shows off that…Read more...
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The West Is Facing Its Worst Megadrought in at Least 1,200 Years

Nearly 1,000 years ago, a megadrought ravaged the southwestern U.S., swiftly wiping out a thriving indigenous culture and rendering once-arid land unusable. Scientists have long warned that the climate crisis may trigger another megadrought. And according to a new study, that megadrought isn’t just on its way—it’s…Read more...
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Amazon Would Reportedly Like You to Stop Buying So Much Shit

Attention, America: Prime Day has reportedly been suspended until further notice because every day is Prime Day now. Following the news that Jeff Bezos has personally amassed $24 billion during the covid-19 pandemic, the Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon’s been moving so much product that it’s scaling back its…Read more...
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Jump in U.S. Covid-19 Death Tally Expected as CDC Changes Counting Practices

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has changed how it will officially count the number of people sickened and killed by covid-19 in the U.S. This week, the agency announced it will start including in its tally both confirmed and probable cases and deaths attributed to the novel coronavirus. The decision…Read more...
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The New iPad Pro Inches Closer to Becoming the Laptop I Want

I am a freak.
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Potentially Habitable Earth-Sized Exoplanet Spotted in the Kepler Reject Pile

For years, a dedicated team of experts has manually sifted through troves of rejected Kepler data in hopes of finding something the computers had missed—an exercise that has resulted in the discovery of what is now arguably the most Earth-like planet known to astronomers.Read more...
Tags: Science, Earth, Exoplanets, Kepler, Astrobiology, Planetary Science, Red Dwarfs, Habitable Zone, Earth Like Planets, Habitable Zone Planets

Today's Extreme Floods Could Happen Daily by 2100

The U.S. is already facing a flooding crisis as sea-level rise pushes tides ever higher. But it’s only going to get worse with flood risk doubling every five years in the coming decades, according to a new study. That means floods that used to happen once in a person’s lifetime occur every year or even every day.Read more...
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Users Claim the Exynos Version of the Galaxy S20 Ultra Is Suffering From a Boatload of Issues

While the Galaxy S20 Ultra that’s on sale in the U.S. uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chip, overseas in regions where the Galaxy S20 Ultra features an Exynos chip, users are complaining that they’ve encountered a number of big problems with Samsung’s $1,400 super-premium flagship phone. Read more...
Tags: Android, Science, Samsung, Smartphones, Consumer Tech, Exynos, Qualcomm Snapdragon, Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Ultra, Exynos Galaxy S20 Ultra Issues

What We Do in the Shadows Starts Season 2 Off With a Zombie and Some Major Blasts From the Past

We’d be excited for the return of What We Do in the Shadows no matter what. But given the bleak state of the world, getting reacquainted with the show’s awkwardly hilarious vampire roommates felt like an especially welcome distraction. Last night’s two-episode season two premiere reminded us of everything we love…Read more...
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FDA debuts new online portal to encourage donation of plasma from recovered COVID-19 patients

One of the avenues currently being pursued in terms of developing an effective treatment for COVID-19 is through the use of convalescent plasma. Basically, that means using the liquid component of blood from people who have had, and already recovered fully from COVID-19 to produce treatments that hopefully translate the antibodies they developed over the course of fighting off the virus to others. The FDA has created a dedicated new website seeking recovered COVID-19 donations, and explaining it...
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Demolition Man's Writer Wasn't Trying to Be Prescient, He Just Wanted to Make a Funny Movie

If there was any piece of entertainment that no one expected to be a foreteller of the future, it was Demolition Man. However, the 1993 sci-fi action comedy predicted everything from corporate conglomerates to smoking bans—and now, social distancing. In a new interview, writer Daniel Waters said he’s just as surprised…Read more...
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Boost Up Your Next Jam Sesh With a Pair of Beats Solo 3 Headphones for $170

Beats Solo 3 Headphones | $170 | Daily Steals
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Don't Fall for Shell's New Climate Pledge

On Thursday, Shell released a pledge and rough plan to shrink its carbon footprint to net-zero by 2050 in an attempt to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement.Read more...
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‘My Record Was 3 Weeks With the Same Mask’

This is Sick Days, a series documenting how jobs are changing during the coronavirus pandemic, as told by workers themselves. This week, we hear from healthcare workers, film industry professionals, a caterer, and more. If you’d like to submit a story, use this Google form and provide as much detail as you’re able;…Read more...
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Fruity and irresistible: male lemurs' wrist scent seduces females

Perfume wafting ruse of ring-tailed lemurs to attract mates may be first finding of primate sex pheromones say scientistsAn irresistible floral scent dabbed on the body may sound like a cliche from a perfume advert, but it appears to play a role in how male ring-tailed lemurs attract a mate.Researchers in Japan say they have identified the odours males waft at females, and shown the latter’s attention is indeed captured by the pong. Continue reading...
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