Google Will Make All Advertisers Prove They Are Who They Say They Are

Google will soon begin vetting all advertisers with the same identity verification requirements that previously only applied to political advertisers, John Canfield, Google’s director of product management for ads integrity, announced in .Read more...
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Facebook Pulls Down 'Interested in Pseudoscience' Ad Category With Over 78 Million Users

Facebook has removed an ad targeting category for users it has identified as interested in “pseudoscience” after a report in the Markup highlighting how it was being used to market to conspiracy theorists.Read more...
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Medical experts denounce Trump's latest 'dangerous' suggestion to treat Covid-19

Doctors warn president’s musings on disinfectant as a cure for coronavirus could lead to deathCoronavirus – latest US updatesCoronavirus – latest global updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageDonald Trump has stunned viewers by suggesting that people could receive injections of disinfectant to cure the coronavirus, a notion one medical expert described as “jaw-dropping”. At Thursday’s White House coronavirus task force briefing, the US president discussed new government research on how the virus...
Tags: Science, White House, US, US news, US politics, Infectious Diseases, Donald Trump, Trump, Trump Administration, Coronavirus outbreak

Incredible New Map of Moon Shows Its Every Nook and Cranny

Hot damn, look at the freakin’ Moon!
Tags: Astronomy, Maps, Science, The moon, Usgs, Look At The Moon, Lunar Geology

What Time Is the Reckoning?

Over 26 million people have filed for unemployment over the past five weeks in the United States. Multiply that by 1,000, and you will still have less than the total number of dollars Jeff Bezos has collected since the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic.Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Science, Netflix, United States, Jeff Bezos, Eat The Rich, Zoom, Coronavirus

Report: Amazon Uses Marketplace Seller Data to Make Its Own Competing Products

While Amazon faces antitrust scrutiny in the U.S. and EU, the company has consistently denied any allegations of wrongdoing. It’s been accused of things like changing algorithms to favor its own products to using seller data for its own profit. Amazon’s associate general counsel, Nate Sutton, told Congress in July…Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Science, Congress, Eu, Antitrust, Nate Sutton

US may never restore funding to World Health Organization, says Mike Pompeo - as it happened

Unemployment in US up by 4.4 million to a total of over 26 million; world has ‘a long way to go’, warns WHO chief; Iran reports lowest new daily infections for a month. This live blog is now closed –follow our new live blog belowFollow the latest coronavirus blog for live news and updates 12.42am BST We are closing this blog now. You can stay up to date with all our coverage on our new live blog below Related: Coronavirus live news: US passes $480bn relief bill as Ramadan begins 12.28am ...
Tags: Europe, Science, US, UK News, World news, Australia news, US news, Iran, Asia Pacific, Middle East and North Africa, Infectious Diseases, Who, World Health Organization, Ramadan, Mike Pompeo, Coronavirus outbreak

Telemedicine Doesn't Need Boston Dynamics' Nightmare Robot Dog

Right now, telemedicine could be key to keeping frontline healthcare workers safe. To that effect, plenty of robots have been deployed to help hospitals remotely monitor patients, disinfect surfaces, make deliveries, and bring food to quarantined people. Now, Boston Dynamics is jumping on this bandwagon with its…Read more...
Tags: Science, Softbank, Robots, Telemedicine, Boston Dynamics, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Please Dont Sic Spot On Me

Quibi Comes to TVs Next Month, Sort Of

Quibi’s solution to its big no-TV problem could be rolled out as soon as next month, according to its founder.Read more...
Tags: Science, Casting, Streaming, Streaming Wars, Quibi

All 3 Seasons of Avatar: The Last Airbender Are Finally Coming to Netflix

Rest easy, your cabbages are safe. Netflix has announced that all three seasons of Avatar: The Last Airbender are heading to the streaming platform next month. Yip yip!Read more...
Tags: Science, Netflix, Animation, Streaming, Avatar The Last Airbender, Yip, The Legend Of Korra

A Symphony of Filth and Wanking, in Art Gifs [NSFW]

Gizmodo is looking at a lot of net art these days, but you’ll have to scan further than Google Arts and Culture to find it, so we asked net artists for help. Today, Lorna Mills tells us about the gif that launched a thousand works.Read more...
Tags: Science, Gizmodo, Google Arts And Culture, Net Art Of The Day, Lorna Mills

Facebook nixes 'pseudoscience' ad-targeting category

After The Markup revealed that Facebook users were being targeted with bad ads for garbage products, Facebook has now agreed to remove “pseudoscience” as an ad targeting option for advertisers. Yes, this was allowed during the coronavirus pandemic, until a news website shamed Facebook into eliminating it. “Pseudoscience” was available until this week, The Markup reported, even as Facebook vowed to curb COVID-19 disinformation. From The Markup: But at the very same time, The Markup found, F...
Tags: Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Post, Business, Science, Technology, News, Social Media, Tech News, Pseudoscience, Misinformation, Instagram The Facebook, Disinformation, Markup, Devon Kearns, Coronavirus

Use Permissions to Keep Scammy Apps Off Your Android

Google has removed yet another batch of awful Android apps from the Google Play Store for breaking the company’s terms of service. The roundup includes 101 apps belonging to a single group known as the 2NAD network, which used 27 fake developer names as a front to distribute its many questionable apps.Read more...
Tags: Google, Android, Google Play, Google Play Store, Apps, Science, Malware, Data Security

Play or Pass? Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons | $60 | Amazon
Tags: Science, Animal Crossing

Stuck at Home, Audiologists Remotely Switch On Toddler's New Hearing Device

Ongoing social isolation measures in the United Kingdom had prevented an 18-month-old girl from getting her newly installed cochlear implant switched on. Undaunted, her audiologists did what so many of us are doing right now: They made it happen while working from home.Read more...
Tags: Science, United Kingdom, Hearing Loss, Cochlear Implants, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Audiology, New Hearing Device

You Can Now Wear the Secret to Time Travel Around Your Neck (1.21 Jigawatts Not Required)

Hojadurdy Durdygylyjov, an electrical engineer based in Turkey, has designed one of the geekiest pieces of jewelry to ever breach the time-space continuum. He’s miniaturized the technology that makes time travel possible (according to Doc Emmett Brown, at least) with these glowing, animated flux capacitor pendants.Read more...
Tags: Jewelry, Fashion, Science, Electronics, Turkey, Back To The Future, Collectibles, BTTF, Doc Emmett Brown, Tindie, Flux Capacitor, Hojadurdy Durdygylyjov, Time Travel Around Your Neck

The Same People Who Peddle Climate Denial Are Behind Coronavirus Pseudoscience

Almost as soon as covid-19 began to spread across the U.S., science deniers began to call the deadly virus a hoax.Read more...
Tags: Science, Climate Denial, Coronavirus, Coronavirus Denial

Planet of the Humans Comes This Close to Actually Getting the Real Problem, Then Goes Full Ecofascism

Michael Moore is a dude known for provocation. Every documentary he drops is designed to paint a world of sharp contrasts with clear bad guys. They’re designed to get a reaction and get people talking, so in some ways, him dropping a documentary he executive produced trashing renewable energy on Earth Day makes total…Read more...
Tags: Science, Film, Michael Moore, Ecofascism, Earther Is A Movie Blog Now, Planet of the Humans

The 'Insect Apocalypse' Might Not be as Hopeless as We Thought

As much as I hate bugs with their little creepy wings and huge eyes, we need them. Yet there have been dire warnings of an insect apocalypse on the horizon due to human activities.Read more...
Tags: Science, Ecology, Insects, Insectageddon, Save The Bugs

Insect numbers down 25% since 1990, global study finds

Scientists say insects are vital and the losses worrying, with accelerating declines in Europe called ‘shocking’ The biggest assessment of global insect abundances to date shows a worrying drop of almost 25% in the last 30 years, with accelerating declines in Europe that shocked scientists.The analysis combined 166 long-term surveys from almost 1,700 sites and found that some species were bucking the overall downward trend. In particular, freshwater insects have been increasing by 11% each decad...
Tags: Europe, Science, Climate Change, Environment, World news, Wildlife, Conservation, Biodiversity, Insects

FCC Just Voted to Make Wifi Better for Everyone

The FCC voted today to allow unlicensed use of the 6GHz wifi spectrum, the goal of which is to help unclog the current 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, expand wifi through rural America, and help consumers take full advantage of the new WiFi 6 standard. While this is the largest addition to the mid-band wifi spectrum since the…Read more...
Tags: Science, Fcc, Internet, America, Wi Fi

Dermatologists Report Odd Toe Symptoms Potentially Linked to Covid-19

Dermatologists are starting to report some peculiar symptoms linked to covid-19: discolored and/or rashy patches of skin, often along people’s toes and fingers. At this point, though, it’s not clear just how often these symptoms happen in patients or what exactly causes them.Read more...
Tags: Science, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Sars Cov 2

This electrolyte popcorn is the smart post-workout snack

Electrolytes are necessary for maintaining proper physiological functioning. Athletes need to refuel their electrolytes after sustained periods of exercise. Besides hydration, electrolyte levels are important in the maintenance of blood pH as well as nerve and cell functioning. The supermarket aisles are filled with products that promise health, yet upon closer inspection, they're filled with added sugars and preservatives. Terms like "healthy" and "natural" are essentially meaningless....
Tags: Health, Food, Science, Fitness, Innovation, Atlanta Hawks, Trae Young

VR's Future Isn't in Gaming

When it comes to virtual reality tech, you typically fall into one of two camps. Either you love the sci-fi concept of snapping on a headset and suddenly being transported into an immersive, three-dimensional universe, or you’re a reasonable person who finds these same headsets vomit-inducing,  , and …Read more...
Tags: Science, Virtual Reality, Nausea, Augmented Reality

88.1% of NYC coronavirus patients put on ventilators died

This is the first large-case study of COVID-19 outcomes in New York hospitals.The ventilator mortality rate in the study is shocking: 88.1%.The study's data is preliminary, ending April 4, and doesn't include patients still hospitalized at that time or since. The scarcity of ventilators for COVID-19 patients has been one of the frightening problems facing medical professionals during the pandemic. The possibility of having to choose who gets a ventilator and who doesn't has been one of the thin...
Tags: Health, New York, Science, Medicine, New York City, Public Health, Innovation, Disease, Northwell Health, Pandemic, Long Island Westchester, Coronavirus, COVID

Astronomers Think They've Found a Whole Population of Rocks From Outside the Solar System

Astronomers think they’ve found an entire population of asteroids originating from outside our solar system, according to a new paper.Read more...
Tags: Astronomy, Science, Physics, Asteroids, Interstellar Objects, Centaurs

This Guy Turned a 90-Year-Old Typewriter Into a Drum Machine, and It Sounds Fantastic

Aside from nostalgia, or maybe loaning it out to filmmakers as a prop for period pieces, there are not many practical uses for a 90-year-old Remington portable typewriter anymore. Against all odds, William Sun Petrus did manage to find one novel use for the hardware; he turned it into a makeshift drum machine that…Read more...
Tags: Science, Hacks, Instruments, Typewriters, Drum Machines, William Sun Petrus

Scientists Want to Know About Your Sourdough Starter

If you’ve ever tried making a sourdough starter, you know it’s a bit of an experiment. You’re literally capturing wild yeasts, feeding them, and hoping that they create a microbial community that will end up smelling and tasting delicious. Maybe you’ll be successful, maybe you won’t. Read more...
Tags: Science, Baking, Lifehacks, Citizen Science

Twitter Cracks Down on 5G Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories That Have Inspired Dozens of Cell Tower Attacks

Twitter is expanding its crackdown on misinformation that may influence people to “engage in harmful activity” to include a conspiracy theory that 5G technology is somehow behind the spread of the novel coronavirus causing the current covid-19 pandemic.Read more...
Tags: Twitter, Science, Conspiracy Theories, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Sars Cov 2

Does nicotine prevent coronavirus? Researchers in France (of course) plan trial

Might nicotine patches be the way to avoid becoming infected with deadly coronavirus? Are smokers less likely to contract COVID-19? Researchers in France (of course) plan a clinical trial. France 24 reports: The findings come after researchers at a top Paris hospital examined 343 coronavirus patients along with 139 people infected with the illness with milder symptoms. They found that a low number of them smoked, compared to smoking rates of around 35 percent in France's general population...
Tags: Health, Post, Science, News, Smoking, France, China, Public Health, Paris, Nicotine, World Health Organization WHO, New England Journal of Medicine, Pasteur Institut, Jean Pierre Changeux, Pitie Salpetriere, Coronavirus

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