Got 20 minutes? Be part of this coronavirus relationships study.

Psychology researchers are looking for people to participate in study about relationships during the coronavirus epidemic. Anyone—regardless of sexual orientation or relationship commitment—can participate in the 20-minute survey here.After the initial survey, there will be two 5-10 minutes follow-up assessments at 10-day intervals, and one final 10 to 15 minute assessment in six months time. Want to participate in a coronavirus study that doesn't require any prodding and poking?Researchers fr...
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Coronavirus live news: Nearly 70 dead at Massachusetts veterans' home as US cases pass 1 million

Russia extends non-working period; Germans urged to stay home; streamed films to be eligible for Oscars. Follow the latest updatesCoronavirus latest: at a glanceTrump offers rosy predictions for testing as US cases pass 1mGermans urged to stay home amid fears infection rate is rising againAustralia coronavirus updates – liveSee all our coronavirus coverage 4.27am BST Looking across the Tasman at their nearest neighbour’s Covid-19 elimination measures during their own strict lockdown of the p...
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The 2021 Oscars Could Be the Weirdest Oscars Ever

The movie industry has been turned upside down, and the people behind Hollywood’s most prestigious awards ceremony are scrambling to recalibrate. Today, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences had a board of governors meeting to essentially figure out WTF to do about the 2021 Oscars.Read more...
Tags: Wtf, Hollywood, Science, Streaming, Oscars, Academy Awards, Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Sars Cov 2, Trolls World Tour

Just Look At This Jerk

Vice President Mike Pence is the White House official who chairs the Trump administration’s coronavirus task force. On Tuesday, he tromped around the Mayo Clinic without wearing a mask, in clear violation of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines and the clinic’s rules.Read more...
Tags: Health, Science, White House, Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, Mayo Clinic, Trump, Mike Pence, Centers for Disease Control, Pandemic, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Sars Cov 2, Above The Rules

Lego's New Harry Potter Sets Finally Give the World Centaur Minifigures

Despite no new movies or books on the immediate horizon, the Harry Potter universe is so expansive there’s no shortage of locales or characters to inspire new Lego sets. The Danish brickmaker just revealed six new Harry Potter sets arriving in 2020, including a giant flapping Hedwig and the first centaur minifigures.Read more...
Tags: Toys, Science, Lego, Harry Potter, Lego s New Harry Potter

Report: Uber CTO Resigns Amid Plans to Slash Up to a Fifth of the Company's Employees

Taxi-hailing service Uber, which has been hemorrhaging billions for years and in the last few months has been hammered hard by the coronavirus pandemic, may lay off up to 20 percent of its workforce and recently had its chief technology officer resign.Read more...
Tags: Uber, Science, Ridesharing, Dara Khosrowshahi, Thuan Pham, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Sars Cov 2

Known global Covid-19 deaths pass 215,000 – as it happened

Infections in Saudi Arabia pass 20,000; Germany’s infection rate back at 1.0; Turkey delivers medical kit to the US. This blog is now closed.Follow our new coronavirus blog here for live news and updates 12.23am BST We’ve launched a new blog at the link below. Head there for the latest global coronavirus news: Related: Coronavirus live news: Brazil deaths exceed known China toll as US infections pass 1 million 12.13am BST Three US children infected with the coronavirus are being trea...
Tags: Europe, New York, Science, Saudi Arabia, China, Germany, US, Spain, World news, Turkey, US news, United States, Infectious Diseases, Brazil, Columbia, Reuters

Shudder's Blood Quantum Is a Classic Zombie Tale Told From a Welcome New Perspective

Horror’s become more inclusive in recent years, a welcome shift for a genre that has historically favored white-centric stories. Blood Quantum, which just hit Shudder, is a pretty typical zombie movie except for one big difference: it’s set on a First Nations reserve and is told from the POV of Indigenous people.Read more...
Tags: Science, Horror, Zombies, First Nations, Streaming, Native Americans, Indigenous People, Shudder, Blood Quantum, Jeff Barnaby, white centric stories Blood Quantum

Coronavirus live news: Brazil deaths exceed known China toll as US infections pass 1 million

Russia extends non-working period; Germans urged to stay home; streamed films to be eligible for Oscars. Follow the latest updatesCoronavirus latest: at a glanceFrance announces ‘progressive and controlled’ lockdown exit planGermans urged to stay home amid fears infection rate is rising againAustralia coronavirus updates – liveSee all our coronavirus coverage 12.24am BST Three US children infected with the coronavirus are being treated for a rare inflammatory syndrome that appears similar to...
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Belgians Get the Most Delicious Coronavirus Quarantine Order

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to pummel the food industry amid government lockdowns, Belgians are being asked to lend a hand to one struggling market in particular: Potatoes. More specifically, Belgians are being called upon to eat a ton of fries.Read more...
Tags: Science, Belgium, Coronavirus, Covid 19, More Fries

Coronavirus live news: confirmed deaths in Brazil surpass known Chinese toll

Infections in Saudi Arabia pass 20,000; Germany’s infection rate back at 1.0; Turkey delivers medical kit to the USCoronavirus latest: at a glanceFrance announces ‘progressive and controlled’ lockdown exit planGermans urged to stay home amid fears infection rate is rising againUS coronavirus updates – liveSee all our coronavirus coverage 11.21pm BST Hi, Helen Sullivan with you now. US President Donald Trump has just started a speech on small businesses. His daughter Ivanka is standing beside...
Tags: Europe, Science, Saudi Arabia, Germany, US, World news, Turkey, US news, Infectious Diseases, Brazil, Rio De Janeiro, Donald Trump, Ivanka, Helen Sullivan, Coronavirus outbreak

I'm Playing Animal Crossing Wrong, And It's Good, Actually

Three weeks ago, I added a campsite to my Animal Crossing: New Horizons island. Three weeks ago, Leopold, a walking testament to unearned confidence, showed up. Three weeks ago, I stopped unlocking new features in Animal Crossing.Read more...
Tags: Science, Nintendo, Kotakucore, Leopold, Animal Crossing, Nintendo Switch, Animal Crossing New Horizons

Controlling an Air Conditioner Might Be the Least Exciting Game Boy Game Ever Created

Aside from a color screen and an option to boost the processor’s speed, the Game Boy Color included an infrared port that was mostly used for sharing data, like high scores or unlockable characters. One tinkerer found a better use for it, turning a gifted GBC into a remote control for his air conditioner.Read more...
Tags: Science, Hacks, Remote Control, Consoles, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Jingen Lim

Everybody and Their Mom Watched Trolls World Tour, Apparently

Though trolls are generally a social menace we would all do well to keep out of our lives, recent events led to Dreamworks raking in a wild amount of money off them—by putting Trolls World Tour out directly on demand due to movie theaters across the world being closed amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.Read more...
Tags: Science, Disney, Animation, Dreamworks, Streaming, Trolls, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Trolls World Tour

A WHO scientific study that REJECTS the policies that the world is implementing

This Oct 2019 report (cited here by Adam Creighton) is absolutely important. The report is entitled: Non-pharmaceutical public health measures for mitigating the risk and impact of epidemic and pandemic influenza   It confirms that the ENTIRE WORLD (except Sweden) is following the EXACTLY WRONG strategies. I’ve uploaded the report and Appendix to my server in […]
Tags: Travel, Science, Sweden, Current Affairs, Adam Creighton

Facebook Will Let Creators Supplement Their Dried-Up Income With Paid Livestreams

Streamers and content creators typically rely on subscriptions, Patreon donations, or affiliate money from Twitch or YouTube to keep the lights on. But for those who had a more traditional, brick-and-motor business before the pandemic, it might be tough keep providing their customers, students, or clients the same…Read more...
Tags: Science, Youtube, Streaming, Facebook Live, Exposure Is Not Payment

Doctors in Europe Warn of Link Between Covid-19 and Toxic Shock Symptoms in Children

Doctors in Europe are warning that they’ve started to see an alarming rise of rare, life-threatening complications among children confirmed or suspected to have covid-19. However, it’s not certain how common these complications are or whether they’re necessarily connected to the novel coronavirus.Read more...
Tags: Europe, Science, Children, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Sars Cov 2

Hubble Captures Incredible Images of Highly Anticipated Comet Breaking Up

The Hubble Space Telescope didn’t rest during its recent 30th anniversary celebration. Instead, it watched the comet C/2019 Y4 (ATLAS) fragment into at least 30 pieces.Read more...
Tags: Astronomy, Science, Hubble, Comets, Hubble Space Telescope

Apple Reportedly Looking to Start Reopening Stores in May

If you’re an Apple user stuck at home with a wonky device or waiting on one that’s stuck in the shop, help may be on its way soon as Apple is reportedly going to start reopening its U.S. stores starting in May.Read more...
Tags: Apple, Science, Tech Support, Consumer Tech, Apple Stores, Covid 19, Apple Stories May Reopen In May, Covid 19 Reopening, Start Reopening Stores

Enormous and “potentially hazardous" asteroid will fly by Earth tomorrow

Tomorrow, an asteroid that's at least a mile wide will pass by Earth. While NASA considers the object, named 1998 Or2, to be "potentially hazardous," it won't hit us. This time. It won't get closer than around four million miles away. Above is a time lapse of the asteroid captured through a telescope by amateur astronomer Ingvars Tomsons in Riga, Latvia. As the asteroid and Earth continue to orbit our sun, it'll continue to be a risk. And this rock is not the only one that could someday sock i...
Tags: Post, Space, Science, News, Nasa, Earth, Asteroids, University Of Arizona, Apocalypse, National Geographic, UTC, Riga Latvia, Nadia Drake, Ingvars Tomsons, Amy Mainzer, Ingvars Tomsons CC BY SA

In the New Agents of SHIELD Season 7 Trailer, the Final Mission Begins

All of Marvel’s movies have been uprooted from their original release dates, and there’s been no word on exactly when all those Disney+ shows will drop. But fans craving new adventures still have one more outlet on the small screen. Remember your old pals on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD? Read more...
Tags: Science, Abc, Agents Of Shield, Marvel, Disney, Marvel Studios, Marvel Cinematic Universe

Comcast, T-Mobile, and AT&T Will Wait a Little Longer for Their Money If They Have To

Verizon isn’t the only telecom and ISP to extend its non-cancellation pledge through the end of June: Comcast, T-Mobile, and AT&T have all announced that they will be doing the same, continuing to help individuals, families, and small businesses affected by the covid-19 pandemic by waiving late fees and overage…Read more...
Tags: Verizon, Science, Comcast, Telecoms, Isps, Att, T Mobile, Little Longer, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Comcast T Mobile

Citizen Scientist Larpers Recreate Bronze Age Sword-Fighting Techniques to Uncover Ancient Combat Secrets

By recreating prehistoric one-on-one sword fighting and analyzing the ensuing damage inflicted onto replica weapons, experimental archaeologists are shedding new light onto ancient combat techniques and the advanced skills required to be a Bronze Age warrior.Read more...
Tags: Science, Anthropology, Fencing, Swords, Bronze Age, Experimental Archaeology, Bronze Age Swords

Star Trek: Voyager's Must Watch Episodes

So far, our guides to the unmissable episodes of each entry in the Star Trek franchise have dealt with lauded icons of the series. The esteemed original. The beloved Next Generation. The revered, dark Deep Space Nine. And now, we’re at Star Trek: Voyager, a show which is...well, not loved as much as those (but very…Read more...
Tags: Science, Star Trek, Streaming, Cbs, Cbs All Access, Star Trek Voyager, Watch It Nerds

Nomad's Rugged Cases for Google Pixel Buds 2 Are the Real, Horween Leather-Wrapped Deal

Pixel Buds 2 are here, and while you can’t buy them (because they’re sold out!), those who either got lucky or signed up to join Google’s waitlist can supplement their purchase with a chic new accessory designed to endure casual and permanent abrasions. Bold and distinctively minimalist, as is customary for Nomad, the…
Tags: Google, Science, Nomad, Google Pixel Buds, Pixel Buds

Senator Asks DOJ to Open a Criminal Investigation Into Amazon's Algorithmic Monopoly

Of all the pundits currently on the warpath against Big Tech, Republican Senator Josh Hawley might not be the most coherent, but he’s certainly one of the loudest voices on the field. Recent weeks have seen him launch criticism—misplaced or otherwise—on the likes of Apple and Google, TikTok, and at least one federal…Read more...
Tags: Apple, Google, Amazon, Science, Data, Monopolies, Doj, Josh Hawley, Criminal Investigation Into Amazon, Big Tech Republican

In a New Clone Wars Clip, Rex and Ahsoka Just Jam That Knife Right Into Your Chest

They can’t keep getting away with this. At least they’re running out of opportunities to do so, right?Read more...
Tags: Star Wars, Science, Disney, Animation, Streaming, Lucasfilm, Star Wars The Clone Wars, Ahsoka Tano, Disney Plus, Captain Rex

An Incinerator Burning Firefighting Foam May Be Covering a New York Town in Toxic Chemicals

New research shows an incinerator licensed to dispose of toxic firefighting foam is instead belching out dangerous chemicals onto neighboring communities, including a public housing project.Read more...
Tags: New York, Science, New York Town, Incineration, PFAS

Ranchers and Environmentalists Agree: Trump’s New Water Rule Sucks

Environmentalists and ranchers are challenging President Donald Trump’s repeal of federal water protections. In two separate lawsuits, the groups take vastly different approaches to argue against the Trump administration’s replacement for the Waters of the U.S. rule, better known as WOTUS, that’s defines and protects…Read more...
Tags: Lawsuit, Science, Donald Trump, Trump, Clean Water Act, WOTUS, Dumb Trump

Elon Musk provides more details about SpaceX’s plan to reduce Starlink satellite visibility

During a virtual conference briefing this week, SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk provided more details about a new plan that his company has to mitigate the impact of their Starlink satellite constellation on night sky observation. Musk first revealed the intent to build a “sun visor” to lower their visibility on Twitter, but we didn’t know much about how it would work or how it compared to the test dark paint job that SpaceX tried previously. As reported by Space News, SpaceX’s new “VisorSat...
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