These Are the Machines Solving the Biggest Mysteries in Physics

Despite the stereotype of a lone, wild-haired Einstein working tirelessly at a chalkboard, today’s biggest discoveries in physics come from huge collaborations of scientists working on enormous apparatuses that can cost billions of dollars, often located in the most extreme places on Earth. After all, it’s just the…Read more...
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Here’s What Apple and Google Want Coronavirus Contact-Tracing Apps to Look Like

Apple and Google aren’t developing coronavirus-tracking apps, but on Monday they shared examples of what those apps could look like. Most notably, the tech giants detailed what the public health authorities who can use their contact-tracing APIs to create those apps can’t do: namely, they can’t track your location and…Read more...
Tags: Apple, Google, Science, Coronavirus, Covid 19

Modes of Transportation, Ranked From Coolest to Least Cool

Even in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, rollerblading isn’t very cool.Read more...
Tags: Transportation, Science, Rankings, Rants, Walking, Biking, Scooters Are For Children

Massive Nintendo Leak Reportedly Includes Wii Source Code, Developer Materials, And N64 Test ROMs

What appears to be an unprecedented trove of information related to several past Nintendo consoles was leaked to the internet starting last Friday. Many of the thousands of leaked files concern Nintendo’s 2006 Wii console, including detailed design documents and even seemingly its source code. Such information would…Read more...
Tags: Science, Leak, Nintendo, Kotakucore, Wii, N64, Source Code, Emulation, GameCube

Coronavirus live news: WHO and Five Eyes reject Chinese lab theory as global deaths pass 250,000

French hospital discovers Covid-19 case from December; Italy’s death toll higher than reported; leaders pledge $8bn to fight virus. Follow the latest updatesFive Eyes network contradicts theory Covid-19 leaked from labGerman cases ‘may be 10 times higher than official figures’Australia coronavirus updates - liveSee all our coronavirus coverage 12.33am BST Some California retailers will be allowed to reopen their businesses starting on Friday, the state’s governor, Gavin Newsom, said Monday. ...
Tags: Science, Biology, Australia, California, White House, China, Africa, Americas, UK News, World news, Australia news, US news, Medical Research, Canada, Asia Pacific, Middle East and North Africa

World leaders pledge $8bn to fight pandemic – as it happened

This blog is now closed.Follow the latest global coronavirus blog for live news and updates 12.22am BST We’ve launched a new blog at the link below. Head over there for live developments in the pandemic worldwide: Related: Coronavirus live news: WHO and Five Eyes reject Chinese lab theory as global deaths pass 250,000 11.55pm BST US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is taking the lead in pressing a hard line against Beijing over the coronavirus pandemic, AFP reports. Pompeo, in an inter...
Tags: Europe, Science, Abc, China, Russia, Africa, Americas, US, UK News, World news, Australia news, US news, Medical Research, Beijing, Asia Pacific, Middle East and North Africa

The Disputed Donkey Kong High Score Record Goes to Court

You may remember the great Donkey Kong controversy of 2018, which stripped divisive arcade gamer Billy Mitchell of a years-long reign as Donkey King, of Guinness World records, and of his name from the leaderboards. Now, as Ars Technica first reported, Mitchell has filed a defamation suit against the gaming…Read more...
Tags: Science, Ars Technica, Mitchell, Donkey Kong, Billy Mitchell

10 Must-Have Accessories for Your New MacBook Pro

A new month has brought a new update to Apple’s MacBook line today; the 13inch MacBook Pro. With that, it also signaled the end of the ‘Butterfly keyboard’, with the ‘inverted-t’ arrow keys and better feel now across the MacBook line.Read more...
Tags: Apple, Accessories, Science, Macbook, Macbook Pro

NASA’s Next Rover Has the Right Stuff to Hunt for Life on Mars

In preparation for the upcoming Perseverance mission to Mars, astrobiologists performed a dry run to see if the new rover is actually capable of finding signs of ancient life. The good news: It is, if Mars is anything like Australia. Read more...
Tags: Science, Australia, Nasa, Mars, Astrobiology, Habitability, Planetary Science, Perseverance, Mars rovers

The Star Wars Expanded Universe and the Promise of Multitudes

As someone from a mixed-race background, I was used to never seeing myself in my favorite movies, including the Star Wars films. Because I rarely saw myself directly in the media I consumed, I learned to work with what was available. I imagined that there was a planet somewhere in this galaxy that was inhabited by…Read more...
Tags: Star Wars, Books, Science, Race, Disney, Fans, Lucasfilm, Fandom, Representation, Rose Tico

Lawmaker Who Spoke at 'Reopen' Protest Questions Study Linking Air Pollution to Coronavirus Deaths

The coronavirus pandemic is truly showing us who the real snakes in Congress are. We already had an idea, of course, given how many right-wing lawmakers deny climate science, but even in the face of endless death, these fools continue to ignore science and public health all in the name of good ol’ American pandering.Read more...
Tags: Science, Republicans, Congress, Air Pollution, Please, Coronavirus, Covid 19

A Third of the World's Population Could Be Blanketed in Sahara-Like Heat by 2070

Brain geniuses like Elon Musk may want to colonize Mars, which sure. But for simpletons like me, keeping Earth mostly habitable seems like a better use of time and resources.Read more...
Tags: Elon Musk, Science, Society, Mars, Civilization, Heat Wave, They Call It Global Warming For A Reason

CDC Predicts Daily Coronavirus Deaths to Nearly Double by June as Trump Pushes U.S. to Reopen

The second wave of covid-19 in the U.S. is likely right around the corner, newly leaked projections from the Trump administration predict. By June 1, the country could see 3,000 deaths a day—a new high—along with hundreds of thousands of new cases. The estimates come as parts of the country have already begun to…Read more...
Tags: Death, Science, Cdc, Trump, Pandemic, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Sars Cov 2

Max Q: Countdown to a return to US astronaut launches

Last week was a fairly busy week in space news, but the dominating story was preparation for the first-ever Commercial Crew launch that will actually carry human astronauts to space. This is, in many ways, the culmination of years of work and billions of dollars spent by partners NASA and SpaceX on their part of the Commercial Crew Program. On May 27, SpaceX will launch two NASA astronauts on a demonstration mission to the International Space Station, and this week saw a flurry of activity to...
Tags: TC, Space, Spacex, Elon Musk, Science, US, Tech, Nasa, Earth, Mit, Space Tourism, Animation, International Space Station, Lockheed Martin, Jeff Bezos, Iss

The New Battlestar Galactica Has Found Its Showrunner

Though Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail will still be a part of Peacock’s upcoming reimagining of Battlestar Galactica, he will not be the primary creative force. That job is going to Michael Lesslie.Read more...
Tags: Science, Battlestar Galactica, Universal, Peacock, Sam Esmail, Michael Lesslie, Michael Lesslie Read

Apple's Keyboard Nightmare Is Finally Over

In the spring of 2015, Apple made one of the most significant changes to its laptop line ever when it switched from scissor switch keyboards to its homegrown butterfly keyboard. But now, after five years, the butterfly keyboard is finally going away for good. Read more...
Tags: Science, Keyboards, Macbook, Laptops, Macbook Pro, Consumer Tech, Butterfly Keyboard, The Butterfly Keyboard Is Finally Dead

Westworld Season 3 Gave Us Too Many Familiar Twists

Westworld is a show that lives to surprise us. The first season of the sci-fi series gave us some mind-bending plot reveals, spawning wild theories and an online community dedicated to sniffing out the truth. While season two did manage to shock us a few times, season three’s big twists have mostly fallen flat—because…Read more...
Tags: Video, Hbo, Science, Technology, Robots, Ai, Westworld, Thandie Newton, Evan Rachel Wood

Taika Waititi's Star Wars Movie Is Real

Two recent rumblings about the cinematic and televisual futures of Star Wars have just been confirmed by Lucasfilm as, well, true, all of it. Taika Waititi is returning to the galaxy far, far away alongside Academy-nominated screenwriter Krysty Wilson-Cairns for a brand new movie, with Russian Doll co-creator Leslye…Read more...
Tags: Star Wars, Science, Disney, Streaming, Lucasfilm, Academy, Taika Waititi, Leslye Headland, Leslye, Krysty Wilson Cairns, Disney Plus

The Best Video Chat Apps You Could Be Using Instead of Zoom

We’re all adjusting to a new way of living with a lot more video chatting in it, and Zoom has been riding the highest wave as a result—it’s fast, it’s simple, and it gets a whole load of people together on screen, even if they don’t have Zoom accounts. Zoom isn’t, however, your only video chatting option.Read more...
Tags: Mobile, Apps, Video, Science, Desktop, Video Calling

Amazon VP Rips Company's 'Chickenshit' Labor Practices in Scathing Resignation Letter

One of Amazon’s top cloud engineers has left his $1 million dollar-per-year job in protest over the company’s handling of worker concerns amid the coronavirus pandemic. In a blog post, he cited Amazon’s “chickenshit” response to employee protests of the company’s less-than-ideal conditions for the tens of thousands of…Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Science, Protests, Praxis, Amazon VP Rips Company

The Sea Ice Arctic Communities Rely on Could Disappear Three Weeks Earlier

Sea ice near the shore is crucial for dogsled travel for Arctic communities. But a new study shows that when temperatures crank up, it disappears faster—and it’s set to grow a lot worse by the end of the century.Read more...
Tags: Science, Sea Ice, Arctic, Greenland, Inuit, Ice Ice Maybe

Mozilla Is Experimenting With an Email Alias Feature to Help Keep Spammers Out of Your Inbox

Mozilla is currently testing a feature that can generate an email alias with just a single click to help protect users from hackers as well as keep their actual email address off those dreaded spam lists. Read more...
Tags: Firefox, Science, Privacy, Spam, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox

Thirsty Koalas Caught on Camera Licking Wet Trees

Unprecedented footage shows koalas slurping water from wet tree trunks both during and after rainstorms. The discovery solves a long-standing mystery about these adorable marsupials and how they’re able to stay hydrated.Read more...
Tags: Science, Water, Drinking, Koalas, Animal Behavior, Trunk Lickers

Coronavirus live news: world leaders pledge $8bn to fight pandemic; Italy death toll 'far higher than reported'

French hospital discovers Covid-19 case from December; cases in Germany likely to be 10 times higher than official count, say researchers; Japan extends state of emergency as global cases top 3.5mFull story: German cases ‘may be 10 times higher than official figures’Italy begins cautious exit from lockdownTrump predicts up to 100,000 US deathsUK coronavirus updates - liveSee all our coronavirus coverage 5.34pm BST The world economy may have dramatically dipped and the price of oil crashed, ...
Tags: Europe, Japan, Science, France, China, Germany, Russia, Africa, Americas, US, UK News, World news, Australia news, US news, Medical Research, Asia Pacific

How to Build a Functional Mandalorian Tracking Fob to Find Your Smartphone Instead of Baby Yodas

The tracking fobs used by bounty hunters in The Mandalorian to find their targets make the dangerous profession seem kind of easy. So the engineers at design studio MVRK wondered if the mythical technology could be recreated using Earth technology to make finding a missing smartphone just as painless.Read more...
Tags: Star Wars, Science, Bluetooth, Earth, 3d Printing, Hacks, Tracker, The Mandalorian, Baby Yodas, Mvrk

This Upgraded NES Gamepad Doesn't Actually Need an NES Console to Play Games

One-upping Nintendo’s efforts to shrink the original NES console, Taylor Burley sacrificed a tiny arcade cabinet to upgrade an old-school NES gamepad with not only a screen, but a small collection of retro titles that don’t need cartridges or even a console to play.Read more...
Tags: Gaming, Science, Video Games, Nes, Hacks, Nintendo, Retro, Consoles, Handhelds, Taylor Burley

Your Zoom Calls Suck, but This Gear Can Make Them Better

The “video chat look” was a thing long before it became the primary way we see humans that aren’t delivering food to our door. It was fine when it was just for the occasional remote meeting, but if you want to have a better experience for your now-weekly Jackbox game nights, there are a few accessories you can get to…Read more...
Tags: Science, Camera, Computers Accessories, Jackbox

Uphold the Jedi Code With Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order for $36, Plus More Great Star Wars Day Gaming Deals

Up to 80% Off Star Wars Titles | CDKeys
Tags: Deals, Kinja Deals, Star Wars, Science, Star Wars Deals

Coronavirus live news: Italy's death toll far higher than reported, says country's statistics office

Cases in Germany likely to be 10 times higher than official count, say researchers; Japan extends state of emergency as global cases top 3.5m; Trump claims vaccine will be found by end of yearFull story: German cases ‘may be 10 times higher than official figures’Italy begins cautious exit from lockdownTrump predicts up to 100,000 US deathsUK coronavirus updates - liveSee all our coronavirus coverage 4.32pm BST So far 6.3 million workers in Britain have been furloughed, with £8bn ($9.9bn) cla...
Tags: Europe, Japan, Science, China, Germany, Russia, Africa, Americas, US, UK News, World news, Australia news, US news, Medical Research, Britain, Asia Pacific

Growing Up Star Wars, as Seen Through the Eyes of Author Phuc Tran

Let’s go to a galaxy far, far away in a time long ago. Well, not that long ago—the ‘70s. My family wasn’t from a galaxy far, far away, but the Trans had moved from Vietnam to Pennsylvania in 1975, and by “moved” I mean escaped an imploding country.Read more...
Tags: Star Wars, Books, Science, Kids, Disney, Pennsylvania, Trans, Vietnam, Exclusive, Lucasfilm, Authors, Nostalgia, Essay, Star Wars Day, Phuc Tran

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