Coronavirus live news: Trump storms out of press briefing as US deaths pass 80,000

White House staff ordered to wear masks; WHO urges ‘extreme vigilance’ as lockdowns end; Russia eases restrictions despite record cases. Follow the latest updatesRussia to end national lockdown, as cases hit record highohnson giving no clear direction on lockdown exit, says Starmer‘Now it starts again’: new outbreaks spark unease in ChinaCoronavirus latest: at a glanceAustralia coronavirus updates – live 3.13am BST The reporter who confronted US President Donald Trump for directing comments ...
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Elon Musk to County Health Officials: Arrest Me, Cowards

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has made something of a one-man sport out of spouting off uninformed, contrarian opinions about the novel coronavirus pandemic. He’s repeatedly made inaccurate predictions that the whole thing is overblown and will be over soon, told workers to keep showing up at Tesla plant in …Read more...
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By Jove!

While we're on the subject of space, there are some really amazeballs photos of Jupiter here. By combining imagery from Earthbound telescopes, the Hubble up in orbit, and the Juno probe, they're finding a lot of neat stuff.For instance, check out that ring of cyclones around the planet's south pole, and the amazing Hubble shot of the Jovian aurora borealis. .  [Author: Tam]
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CEO of Surveillance Firm Banjo Resigns After Past Involvement With KKK Comes to Light

The CEO of surveillance firm Banjo, one of the many firms pitching law enforcement agencies across the country on artificial intelligence and big data-backed predictive policing, is leaving the company after an April report outed him as a former neo-Nazi skinhead who was involved in a 1990 Ku Klux Klan drive-by…Read more...
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There's a Canonical Star Trek Show Happening During Lower Decks, You Just Aren't Watching It

Star Trek fans might be forgiven for thinking that its upcoming return to the world of animation’s more light-hearted tone means that Lower Decks won’t take on the dramatic weight of being prime-timeline canon. It’s kind of what some Star Trek fans do with literally anything they’re uneasy about when it comes to Trek.…Read more...
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Coronavirus live news: Trump declares victory over 'invisible enemy' as US deaths pass 80,000

White House staff ordered to wear masks; WHO urges ‘extreme vigilance’ as lockdowns end; Russia eases restrictions despite record cases. Follow the latest updatesRussia to end national lockdown, as cases hit record highohnson giving no clear direction on lockdown exit, says Starmer‘Now it starts again’: new outbreaks spark unease in ChinaCoronavirus latest: at a glanceAustralia coronavirus updates – live 1.23am BST Production of the world’s longest-running cartoon has been interrupted by the...
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This Back to the Future Reunion Features Timely Sequel Ideas and a Powerful Musical Number

What happens when you reunite the cast and crew behind one of the best film trilogies of all time? Things get pretty heavy.Read more...
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Dave Filoni's Thoughts on The Phantom Menace Are Must-See Star Wars TV

Get ready to never think about The Phantom Menace the same way ever again.Read more...
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The Swarm Is a Disaster Movie Only a Murder Hornet Could Love

With all this talk of murder hornets, our thoughts turned to the disaster movies of the 1970s that blatantly exploited that era’s own insect eco-terror: killer bees! Though there were several movies that eagerly sought to cash in on killer bee paranoia, one stands out as the most deliciously terrible. Behold The Swarm!Read more...
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Press Flowers for a 'Quarantine Herbarium'

Herbaria make fascinating time capsules. In a museum or university near you, there’s probably a room with pages and pages of old, large sheets of paper, each with a dried whole plant delicately taped to it. These are the plant equivalents of dinosaur bones or taxidermied wildlife: once-living specimens preserved for…Read more...
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And Now to Take a Big Sip of Water

On Monday, Donald Trump addressed the country alongside a giant banner saying “America leads the world in testing,” saying that “We have met the moment and we have prevailed.” He then clarified that the fight against the virus is not over, but that “We’ve prevailed on testing is what I’m referring to... We certainly…Read more...
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Texas Courts System Hit by Ransomware Attack

The network that supports the Texas court system was targeted by a ransomware attack late last week, the Office of Court Administration said Monday.Read more...
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Monster Squad's Star Remembers Feeding the Mummy and Other Tales From Making the Cult Classic

A group of friends teams up to defeat the greatest collection of villains ever assembled. No, it’s not a comic book movie, it’s The Monster Squad, Fred Dekker and Shane Black’s 1987 cult film starring Dracula, Wolfman, the Mummy, and Frankenstein’s monster.
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The Twilight Zone's First Season 2 Trailer Will Put You in the Wrong Headspace

You know how Charlie Brooker was insistent that now’s not the time for messed up stuff like Black Mirror? The Twilight Zone’s creative team said “sure, Jan.”Read more...
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Lava Lake Is Now Water Lake Atop Kilauea Volcano

Satellite images have captured the result of a lake of lava collapsing on Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano, revealing an enormous new lake of water.Read more...
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Spotify’s Group Sessions Let Anyone Control Your Playlist, So Get Ready for Trolling

If you’ve ever been on a road trip with someone who has totally different taste in music than you, letting them play DJ is a major test of your friendship. If you can figure out how to compromise between the Rat Pack and Slipknot, you might as well make each other godparents to your first born children. Spotify has…Read more...
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Brazilian Youtuber Hit With Hefty Fines for Uploading Piracy Tutorials

DIY’s have emerged as one of the key ways that people are keeping themselves sane under quarantine, with videos dedicated to tie-dyeing to hair-cutting to sourdough-baking racking up millions of hits apiece in recent months. Now, it turns out one of the slightly less wholesome corners of these digital DIY-communities…Read more...
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Coronavirus, Summer Heat, and Poverty Could Create a 'Triple Whammy'

More people in the U.S. die a year due to heat than all other forms of weather. As we approach this summer, the risk is even more dangerous due to the coronavirus pandemic.Read more...
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Gigabyte’s New Aorus 17G Proves Thermals Matter More Than Ever in a Laptop

While gaming laptops have gotten a lot thinner and lighter over the years, they can still be cumbersome to carry around. When Max-Q came along, that helped shrink their size down further—at the cost of some performance—and made them as good looking as a MacBook. But if you’re not the type to compromise on performance,…Read more...
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White House Staffers Reportedly Fear Going to Work

Even as President Donald Trump continues his push to “reopen” the country, arguing last week that “more death” is a small price to pay to halt the worst economic downturn since the 1930s, employees in the country’s most secure building reportedly say they now dread showing up to work. Read more...
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What's the Best Pair of Bluetooth ANC Headphones Under $300?

Here’s the rub: I live in a house of seven. One of them is four-years-old, and he wreaks absolute havoc on my ears from sun up to well past sundown. Add in the fact that four of us are all working from home with apparent decibel quotas to reach, and it’s apparent I need a good pair of Bluetooth cans with active…Read more...
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An Interrogation Takes a Bizarre Turn in This Clip From Indie Sci-Fi Thriller Proximity

Eric Demeusy is mostly known as a visual effects artist—he won an Emmy for his work on Stranger Things and was nominated for Jessica Jones, and he worked on Game of Thrones too. But he’s also a director (we quite enjoyed his Boba Fett fan film) with his first sci-fi feature on the way, and we’ve got a clip to share!Read more...
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Creator Behind Famed 'Double Rainbow' Meme, Paul Vasquez, Dies at Age 57

Paul Vasquez, the colorful character behind the viral “double rainbow” video, has died.Read more...
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Australia's Wildlife Just Can't Catch a Break

When flames engulfed the Australian countryside last summer, Thelma Johnson was grateful the winds didn’t send the fires her way. She helped found the Southern Highlands Koala Sanctuary, located in Canyonleigh, New South Wales, which was spared by the monstrous bushfires that affected more than 12 million acres in the…Read more...
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6 Interesting Ways The Mandalorian Could Handle Boba Fett's Return

The Mandalorian isn’t just giving us more Baby Yoda than we are probably equipped to deal with when it returns for season two, but seemingly more than a few familiar Star Wars faces. Last week, reports began swirling that one of those faces is the arrival of a specter that has hung over The Mandalorian since it was…Read more...
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Neon bioluminescent waves fading after making the ocean glow off Southern California coast

The ocean neon light show that has been entertaining crowds at the coast at sundown for nearly a month is starting to dissipate, putting an end to a rare phenomenon that makes waves glow at night. Areas where thick red tides were persistent during the day – an indicator that the waves would glow at night – are starting to turn back to their natural blue hue. While there are still some spots of the coast showing the red tide, the remaining rusty red areas are moving with currents and are tough to...
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The country is being run by a second-rate ad agency. No wonder we feel vulnerable | Suzanne Moore

We are told to ‘stay alert’, but if alertness could conquer this virus, we would all be fine. The message is about shifting responsibility away from the government and on to the publicCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageSomeone won Sunday night’s Numberwang, but it wasn’t any of us. What we can do, and who we can do it with, has been turned into some sort of fake algebra with a red-and-blue PowerPoint hump. Boris Johnson, all clenched fists and lockdown hairdo, was resolu...
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Grab a Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet for Just $150 Today

Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet | $150 | B&H Photo
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Apple’s Upcoming Headphones Might Be Called AirPods Studio, Which Makes No Sense

For tiny little devices that you pop in your ears for listening to music, the name AirPods makes a lot of sense. Even when Apple released high-end in-air earbuds with a slightly different design and built-in noise canceling, the AirPods name still held up. But when it comes to over-the-ear headphones, continuing to…Read more...
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Update Your Closet Without Leaving Your House With These Nordstrom Sales

The best Nordstrom sales for May 2020 are here.
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