21 May 2020 Playlist: An Easier Way to Make a Living

Almost to the weekend now. Which can be good if you’re off work and get back to your bunker. Not so great if you need anything from the world and have to deal with the unmasked hordes. Whatever the case is: watch your ass out there. But in here, just enjoy this instead. We begin with live Thelonious Monk. Yes, the thumbnail above doesn’t show that. But it will make sense later. A WIRED video about how science can screw with your head. Another Netflix trailer...
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Curious Dog Investigates Rare Snowfall in Blue Mountains, New South Wales

Snow fell on the New South Wales Blue Mountains region early on May 22 after a cold front passed through the state.The Bureau of Meteorology reported light snow in the Blue Mountains, as well as small hail in Mittagong and Bowral.Snow was also seen at Yetholme near Bathurst in the state’s Central Tablelands. State Emergency Services urged motorists travelling between Bathurst and Lithgow to take extra care.More wild weather was predicted for the state from an offshore low pressure system that wa...
Tags: Science, News, Sydney, Blue Mountains, Bathurst, Bureau of Meteorology, Lithgow, Tim Barber, New South Wales Blue Mountains, Mittagong, Blue Mountains New South Wales, Bowral Snow, Yetholme, Central Tablelands State Emergency Services

Facebook Expects Half Its Workforce to Stay Remote Indefinitely

Facebook is the latest tech giant to broaden its telecommuting policies in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. In a livestreamed employee townhall Thursday, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the company plans to “aggressively” ramp up hiring for remote workers and begin taking applications for permanent remote work among…Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter, Science, Vr, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Remote Working, Zuckerberg, Zuck, Telecommuting

If Sunetra Gupta is right, then Sweden, UK and Spain are close to herd immunity

Sunetra Gupta of Oxford emphases the issue of significant innate immunity and immunity from common cold. Since Unherd has issued a copyright strike against SBP’s youtube channel I’m not sharing on Youtube (as I’d normally do), but have shared the relevant extract on social media. Depending on your preferred medium, you can click on either […]
Tags: Travel, Science, Spain, Current Affairs, Oxford, Sunetra Gupta, Sweden UK

Ford Told Trump to Wear Mask During Factory Tour, Let Him Tour Factory Without One

Cluck, cluck, cluck, puk puk pukaaak—that’s the sound a Ford makes, apparently.Read more...
Tags: Health, Science, Masks, Cars, Automotive, Ford, Donald Trump, Face Masks, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Sars Cov 2, Ford Told Trump

Fitbit Is Studying Whether Its Watches Can Detect Coronavirus Early

Fitbit owners wear their watches and fitness trackers day and night, which gives the company tons of data about their health. Fitbit is now launching a study to determine whether all of that data can be used to diagnose covid-19 before any noticeable symptoms—including fever and cough—even begin.Read more...
Tags: Science, Fitbit, Covid 19

Are You Shitting Me?

Earlier today, Cult of Mac posted the most egregious rumor: Apple is apparently crafting a pair of special edition augmented reality glasses that will look like Steve Jobs’s moderately iconic ones. Apple will then reportedly sell these glasses for money. The claim comes from Jon Prosser, a YouTuber who has made waves…Read more...
Tags: Apple, Science, Steve Jobs, Ar, Augmented Reality, Cult of Mac, Apple AR, Jon Prosser

Spain reports lowest daily death toll in over two months – as it happened

Brazil daily death toll jumps by nearly 1,200; East Africa facing ‘triple menace’ of Covid-19, floods and locusts. This blog is now closedFollow the latest global coronavirus blog here for live updates 12.19am BST We are closing this live blog now, but you can stay up to date on all our coverage with our new global blog which you can find below. Related: Coronavirus live news: Trump pushes to open churches as Brazil death toll passes 20,000 12.09am BST Here the latest developments at ...
Tags: Europe, Science, China, Russia, Africa, Spain, UK News, World news, Australia news, US news, Asia Pacific, Middle East and North Africa, Infectious Diseases, Brazil, Trump, East Africa

Wild donkeys to roam the Danube Delta once again

Hunted into near extinction, a herd of kulan has been brought back to the steppe after an absence of hundreds of years.
Tags: Science, News, Danube Delta

Vivo's New X50 Might Have the Best Smartphone Camera Ever, Thanks to a Tiny Built-In Gimbal

Vivo teased some pretty ambitious tech with its Apex 2020 concept phone, but now it’s putting one of those far-out innovations into something you might actually be able to buy.Read more...
Tags: Android, Science, Smartphones, Cameras, Vivo, Consumer Tech, Next Gen Ois, Micro Gimbal, X50 Pro

Freaky ‘Active’ Object in Jupiter’s Orbit Is First of Its Kind Seen by Astronomers

It’s neither an asteroid nor a comet but something in between. It’s also parked within Jupiter’s orbit, making this object the first of its kind to ever be detected.Read more...
Tags: Science, Comets, Asteroids, Jupiter, Jupiter trojans, Planetary Science, Active Asteroids

Netflix Tells Subscribers to Use It or Lose It

Netflix is planning to purge its service of subscribers whose accounts are no longer actively being used—but you may have a chance to save your precious streaming data if you resubscribe before it’s wiped.Read more...
Tags: Science, Netflix, Streaming, Streaming Wars

Coronavirus live news: Italian death toll 'could be 19,000 higher than official figures'

Spain reports lowest daily death toll in over two months; East Africa facing ‘triple menace’ of Covid-19, floods and locusts; Wuhan bans eating wild animals; global case total passes 5m Chechen strongman Kadyrov ‘hospitalised with suspected Covid-19’Social distancing a week earlier ‘could have saved 36,000 US lives’Italy: lockdown has taken heavy toll on mental health‘If I don’t have sex I’ll die of hunger’: Covid crisis of Rio’s trans sex workersCoronavirus latest: at a glance 10.23pm BST H...
Tags: Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Europe, Science, China, Russia, Africa, US, Spain, UK News, World news, Australia news, US news, Asia Pacific, Middle East and North Africa, Infectious Diseases

Judiciary Chairman Supports House Effort to Nix FBI's Warrantless Spying (But Not Publicly)

A brewing fight in the U.S. House of Representatives over the future of internet privacy came to head on Thursday during a Democratic caucus call in which party leadership allegedly misportrayed the position of one of their most senior members.Read more...
Tags: Science, Nsa, Surveillance, Fbi, Democratic, U S House of Representatives, USA PATRIOT Act

Nextdoor Is Quietly Getting the Cops Involved: Report

Community platform Nextdoor is courting police across the country, creating concerns among civil rights and privacy advocates who worry about possible conflicts of interest, over-reporting of crime, and the platform’s record of racial profiling, per a Thursday report by CityLab.Read more...
Tags: Security, Apps, Science, Crime, Privacy, Police, Government, Surveillance, Law Enforcement, Nextdoor, Tech Policy

Anyone Need a Copywriter?

Have you been laid off or furloughed? Are you a frontline worker dealing with new stresses or irresponsible management? Is working (or not working) from home starting to take a psychological toll? Submit a story using this Google form or send me an email with the subject line “My Covid Story” and provide as much…Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, Sick Days

Students Sue the College Board Over Glitches in the Online AP Exam System

In the wake of school closures necessitated by the current covid-19 crisis, the College Board—the organization that oversees Advanced Placement Exams—is being sued by a group of students who claim that it knew of and even acknowledged issues with at-home testing that could disproportionately affect some students and…Read more...
Tags: Science, Education, Testing, College Board, Coronavirus, Covid 19

Australian researchers claim world first in global race to develop better solar panels

Experimental cell using the potentially game-changing material perovskite passes a series of heat and humidity testsA team of Australian researchers are claiming a world first in a global race to develop cheaper, more flexible and more efficient solar panels after their experimental cell passed a series of heat and humidity tests.Using a type of crystal material known as perovskite, the group found that a simple glass and synthetic rubber coating around the cell was enough to stop it from degrad...
Tags: Energy, Science, Environment, Australia news, Solar Power

Infrastructure Weak: Michigan Dam Collapse Vividly Captures the Dangers of Trump Deregulation

The dam failures that flooded entire swaths of Michigan on Wednesday didn’t just happen by chance. Boyce Hydro, the company that owns the two dams, has a history of ignoring federal regulations designed to prevent disasters like the floods from happening. Read more...
Tags: Science, Michigan, Floods, Dams, Michigan Floods, Boyce Hydro

These Button-Less Controllers Are An Affront To God

I was minding my own business last night, gaming real hard like I do, when I took a break from blasting away grubs in Gears Tactics to check Twitter. It didn’t take long before for the powers that be punished me for my poor choices by forcing me to look at an old PlayStation controller with all of its buttons missing.Read more...
Tags: Science, Horror, Buttons, Kotakucore, Controllers, PS1, Gamepad

Is Twitter Even Twitter If You Can’t Make Fun of Ted Cruz to His Face?

Yesterday, Twitter announced that it was testing a new feature that allows users to limit who can and can’t reply to their tweets. While this will make it more difficult for people to harass others on the platform, this feature could prevent constituents from replying to publicly elected officials. A Twitter…Read more...
Tags: Twitter, Science, Social Media, Ted Cruz

Fitbit launches a COVID-19 early detection study, and you can join from the Fitbit app

Fitbit’s activity-tracking wearable devices are already being used by a number of academic institutions to determine if they might be able to contribute to the early detection of COVID-19 and the flu, and now Fitbit itself is launching its own dedicated Fitbit COVID-19 Study, which users can sign up for from within their Fitbit mobile app. The study will help the company figure out if it can successfully develop an algorithm to accurately detect a COVID-19 infection before the onset of sys...
Tags: Health, TC, Science, Medicine, Tech, Canada, United States, Fitbit, Wearable Technology, Influenza, Wearable Devices, Physician, Ambient Intelligence, Coronavirus, COVID-19

The CDC Is Screwing Up How We Count Covid-19 Testing Numbers

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, along with several states, are muddling the statistics on covid-19 testing, according to from The Atlantic and other media outlets. They have combined the results of two different types of tests in their tallies released to the public, only one of which is…Read more...
Tags: Science, Cdc, Atlantic, Testing, U S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Sars Cov 2

She-Ra's Noelle Stevenson on the Final Act: Adora’s Struggles, Catra’s Heart, and Shadow Weaver

After five seasons of will-they-won’t-they, epic battles, and saving the world from utter annihilation, She-Ra gave essentially every character both what they wanted and needed. None of it would have been possible were it not for Noelle Stevenson stepping up to the plate and becoming the kind of leader the series’…Read more...
Tags: Science, Interview, Netflix, Animation, Streaming, Lgbtq, Weaver, RA, Noelle Stevenson, She Ra And The Princesses Of Power, She Ra

23 Countries Are Already Onboarding The Apple-Google Contact Tracing Tech

Yesterday afternoon, Apple and Google’s highly anticipated contact-tracing tech was officially rolled out, with Apple already baking it into the backend of its latest update. The question now is whether it’ll be the godsend for public health that both of the tech giants initially pitched, or if doubts surrounding the…Read more...
Tags: Apple, Google, Science, Skepticism

A Guide to Dune’s Strange and Intense Religions

Prophecies, ancient sisterhoods, a bible that’s orange for some reason. Religion in Dune can be a bit confusing. To help, io9 parsed the main, spoiler-free stuff you need to know before Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation arrives this December.Read more...
Tags: Books, Science, Religion, Explainer, Dune, Frank Herbert, Denis Villeneuve, Bene Gesserit, Dune 's Strange and Intense Religions

Coronavirus live news: Spain reports lowest Covid-19 daily death toll in over two months

East Africa facing ‘triple menace’ of Covid-19, floods and locusts; Italy’s death toll reaches 32,486; Wuhan bans eating wild animals; global case total passes 5m Italy: lockdown has taken heavy toll on mental health‘If I don’t have sex I’ll die of hunger’: Covid crisis of Rio’s trans sex workers‘All psychoses of US history’: how America is victim-blaming Covid deadCoronavirus latest: at a glance 6.19pm BST Air travellers in Europe will have to wear face masks throughout all stages of their ...
Tags: Europe, Science, China, Russia, Africa, US, America, Eu, Spain, UK News, World news, Australia news, US news, Asia Pacific, Middle East and North Africa, Infectious Diseases

Facebook Is Turning to AI to Teach Kids About Stranger Danger

Scams and creepers abound on Facebook Messenger. To combat them, Facebook is now turning to artificial intelligence. A new AI-powered safety feature for Messenger will now help people, particularly kids, identify bad actors and notify them about suspect accounts—all without reading the actual messages themselves.Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Messenger, Science, Privacy, Facebook Messenger, Dont Talk To Strangers Kiddos

That Time a Loon Fatally Stabbed an Eagle in the Heart

A lake on the outskirts of Portland, Maine, became a highly unusually scene last summer when a kayaker happened upon a dead bald eagle floating face down, pierced through the heart.Read more...
Tags: Murder, Science, Crime, Maine, Loon, Eagles, Portland Maine, Birdmodo

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