Notes on innate immunity, particularly in relation to coronaviruses

This is preparatory material for a TOI blog post I plan to write to address Tim Colbourn’s question. The idea here is to understand the concept of innate immunity further and to work out whether Sunetra Gupta is right. My last tweet first: This article suggests innate immunity can work excessively (cytokine storm) – which […]
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Trump: Churches Are 'Essential' And Should Reopen Immediately Because I Said So

In his latest push to quickly reopen America despite all evidence suggesting that that’s a pretty dumb idea, President Donald Trump declared places of worship “essential” and called for reopenings nationwide this weekend, even as several areas remain under coronavirus lockdowns.Read more...
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Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and Other Major Tech Firms Condemn Plans to Surveil Americans' Web Traffic

A coalition of major tech companies and digital rights organizations to House leaders of both parties urging them to allow a vote on an amendment to prohibit the FBI from collecting Americans’ web browsing data without a warrant.Read more...
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Aukey's RGB Keyboard, Mouse, and Mousepad Are the Perfect Starter Kit for PC Gaming

Aukey Mechanical Gaming Keyboard | $55 | Amazon Aukey RGB Gaming Mouse | $18 | AmazonAukey RGB Gaming Mousepad | $20 | AmazonRead more...
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Twitter Bots Drove the Push to 'Reopen America,' Study Finds

This might not come as a surprise if you ever use Twitter, but it turns out bots are driving the push to “reopen America” on the platform.Read more...
Tags: Twitter, Science, America, Bots, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Reopen America Study Finds

No, He Absolutely Isn't

For reasons known only to Hell itself, an editor—or more likely, several—decided today to run a profile in Bloomberg entitled, “Elon Musk Is the Hero America Deserves.” We can debate whether that’s a hidden dig at the worthiness of this lapsed country, or if recycling quotes from an overrated Batman movie says…Read more...
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I Can't Believe I'm Still Alive After Using Facebook Dating

If you’re single and stuck inside at home during the pandemic, online dating can be a creative way to pass the time—after all, what’s more romantic than a first date over Zoom? But if, in a fit of boredom, you’re tempted to try Facebook Dating, let me tell you now: Don’t even think about it. I speak from experience.Read more...
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New York May Have Fueled Pandemic by Moving Over 4,300 Coronavirus Patients Into Nursing Homes

Over 4,300 people who were recovering from coronavirus were sent to nursing homes under a New York Health Department directive, possibly accelerating outbreaks in those institutions that claimed over 5,800 nursing and adult care facilities throughout the state, the Associated Press reported on Friday.Read more...
Tags: Health, New York, Science, Medicine, Elderly, Associated Press, Andrew Cuomo, Nursing Homes, New York Health Department, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Sars Cov 2

Museum Experts Weigh In On Animal Crossing New Horizons’ Museum

In order to get some museum experts to join me on a tour of Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ museum, I had to spend a recent Friday afternoon converting my living room into a makeshift streaming studio. One of them had a copy of the game; the other didn’t. So, I needed to prop up my computer to capture as much of my…Read more...
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She-Ra's Major Catradora Moment Had to Come From a Place of Healing and Forgiveness

Each season of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power explored different aspects and forms of love as its massive cast of characters clashed, made up, and chose their sides in the larger battle for the fate of the universe. Catra and Adora’s relationship was always one of the series’ most emotionally complex, and io9 had…Read more...
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Leaked Senate Talking Points Say Internet Surveillance Warrants Would Force FBI to Let Terrorists Bomb Things

Requiring federal agents to have “probable cause” to eavesdrop on the internet activities of American citizens poses a direct threat to national security and would force the FBI to stand by while terrorist plots unfold on U.S. soil, according to a leaked copy of talking points distributed to Senate lawmakers this…Read more...
Tags: Science, Senate, Surveillance, Fbi, Fisa, Section 215, Usa Freedom Reauthorization Act, What The Actual

Insignia Project Aims To Resurrect Xbox Live For The Original Xbox

Word emerged Wednesday of a new project, called Insignia, that aims to recreate the original Xbox Live service, potentially restoring online play to many dozens of classic Xbox games that fell offline when the original Xbox Live service (hereafter, “Xbox Live”) closed on April 15, 2010.Read more...
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Snag a Brand-New Surface With Best Buy's Limited Time 18-Month Financing

18-Month Financing on Surface Devices $499 and Up | Best Buy | SponsoredRead more...
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Will Smith's Hancock Is a Fascinating Mess of a Superhero Movie

The summer of 2008 was a landmark for superhero cinema. That summer started with the release of Iron Man, the film that kickstarted the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It continued with The Incredible Hulk, the second film in the MCU, and then ended with The Dark Knight, a powerful, provocative, ultra-successful Batman…Read more...
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Thunder Rumbles Over Norman as Storms Roll Through Southern Oklahoma

Heavy thunder was reported over Norman, Oklahoma, on Friday, May 22, as the National Weather Service warned that “strong storms with heavy rain, lightning, gusty winds and some hail” will continue across southern Oklahoma throughout the day.Markelle Mikkelson shared this video early Friday morning which captures a flash of lightning followed by the rumble of thunder.Weather warnings were also put in place for northern Texas, where the biggest tornado threat was at Wichita Falls, just north of Da...
Tags: Texas, Science, News, Dallas, Oklahoma, Norman Oklahoma, Wichita Falls, Thunder Rumbles Over Norman, Storms Roll Through Southern Oklahoma, Markelle Mikkelson

Nasa SpaceX crew mission cleared to launch

A review panel finds no technical reason to delay the first US orbital crew launch in nine years.
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SpaceX’s first crewed spacecraft launch is officially cleared to proceed for May 27 target

SpaceX has received approval on its mission to launch NASA astronauts for the first time ever on May 27, having passed a key Flight Readiness Review (FRR) conducted by the agency to ensure everything is go for launch. This final stretch check, conducted over the past few days after the Crew Dragon spacecraft was mounted on top of the Falcon 9 rocket that will take it to the International Space Station (ISS), has officially concluded and the result is that everything is cleared to go forwar...
Tags: TC, Space, Spacex, Florida, Science, Tech, Nasa, United States, International Space Station, Dragon, Iss, Spaceflight, Aerospace, Falcon, Hurley, Outer Space

SpaceX’s first crewed spacecraft launch is officially cleared to proceed on May 27

SpaceX has received approval on its mission to launch NASA astronauts for the first time ever on May 27, having passed the final Flight Readiness Review (FRR) conduced by the agency to ensure everything is go for launch. This final check, conducted over the past few days after the Crew Dragon spacecraft was mounted on top of the Falcon 9 rocket that will take it to the International Space Station (ISS), has officially concluded and the result is that everything is cleared to go forward wit...
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CDC Now Says Covid-19 May 'Not Spread Easily' on Surfaces—But You Should Still Be Washing Your Hands

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has updated information on its website about how covid-19—the disease caused by the novel coronavirus strain SARS-CoV-2—travels to indicate that the virus “does not spread easily” on surfaces. However, the change comes with a big caveat: The CDC site says it could still…Read more...
Tags: Science, Cdc, Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Sars Cov 2

‘There are too many’: bones of 60 mammoths found in Mexico

Archaeologists face surfeit of mammoths after bones found at airport under construction north of Mexico CityArchaeologists have found the bones of about 60 mammoths at an airport under construction just north of Mexico City, near human-built “traps” where more than a dozen mammoths were found last year.Both discoveries reveal how appealing the area – once a shallow lake – was for the mammoths, and how erroneous was the classic vision of groups of fur-clad hunters with spears chasing mammoths acr...
Tags: Science, Mexico, Americas, World news, Mexico City, Archaeology

Genius Bees Force Plants to Bloom by Biting Them

Bumblebees need pollen from flowers to survive. But increasingly, the creatures are waking up earlier in the year when flowers have not yet bloomed due to the climate crisis. Nature appears to be finding a way, though. Read more...
Tags: Science, Bees, Innovation, Biohacking, Bees Are Dying Globally At An Alarming Rate, Bees Are Dying

What Weird Shit Are You Seeing Outside?

While lockdowns remain in effect in many states, health officials still say outdoor exercise is a good way to stretch those legs and shake off some cabin fever. I’ve been religiously walking and running—while maintaining the appropriate distance, of course—and so have plenty of other folks in good ol’ New York. And,…Read more...
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Cannabis is more effective at preventing and treating COVID-19 than hydroxychloroquine

A team of scientists from Canada have identified at least 13 strains of cannabis sativa they believe can aid in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. The President of the United States of America has spent the past few weeks touting a dangerous drug called hydroxychloroquine as a prophylactic treatment for COVID-19. Unfortunately, the president’s expertise is in reality TV, not medicine. Several studies have shown that hydroxychloroquine, a drug designed to treat malaria, has dangerous side-...
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Stop Hating Dark Mode Because It’s Different

Earlier this week Google announced that the Google App was finally getting an official dark mode on Android and iOS, which is something that would normally make me happy, but I’ve suffered not one, but two rants from my colleagues complaining about dark mode. So consider this piece a direct rebuttal to my colleagues’…Read more...
Tags: Ios, Google, Android, Gadgets, Science, Smartphones, Rants, Windows 10, Consumer Tech, macOS, Dark Mode, Dark Mode Rulez, Dark Mode Is Awesome

Court Rules Grandma Must Remove Photos of Her Grandchildren From Facebook

It seems that the European Union’s digital privacy protections aren’t just a handy way to keep the Facebooks and Googles of the world from snooping into your personal life. According to a recent court ruling in the Netherlands, these same protections can apply to overly invasive family members, too.Read more...
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RoboVacs, Power Banks, and Wireless Earbuds: The Best Anker and Eufy Deals of the Day

Featured Deal: Anker Roav Dual Dash Cam | $90 (Coupon + code: DUALDC519)Read more...
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This Lickable Screen Can Recreate Almost Any Taste or Flavor Without Eating Food

No matter how they may make you feel, licking your gadgets and electronics is never recommended. Unless you’re a researcher from Meiji University in Japan who’s invented what’s being described as a taste display that can artificially recreate any flavor by triggering the five different tastes on a user’s tongue.Read more...
Tags: Japan, Science, Research, Taste, Meiji University, Norimaki Synthesizer, Homei Miyashita, Taste Display, Chi 2020

U.S. Copyright Office Says It's Time to Update the DMCA—Mostly in Favor of Rightsholders

The U.S. Copyright Office has released a long-awaited, 192-page report that could give the music and movie industry an opening to fight for stricter enforcement of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.Read more...
Tags: Science, U S Copyright Office

Hydroxychloroquine: Trump's Covid-19 'cure' increases deaths, global study finds

Malaria drug should not be used to treat coronavirus, scientists say, after study shows high death rateCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageHydroxychloroquine, the anti-malarial drug Donald Trump is taking to prevent Covid-19, has increased deaths in patients treated with it in hospitals around the world, a study has shown.A major study of the way hydroxychloroquine and its older version, chloroquine, have been used on six continents – without clinical trials – reveals a s...
Tags: Health, Science, Drugs, Society, World news, Medical Research, Infectious Diseases, Donald Trump, Trump, Coronavirus outbreak, COVID

Ohio Approved the Country's First Freshwater Offshore Wind Farm

Ohio legislators have approved plans to build North America’s first-ever freshwater offshore wind farm. On Thursday, the Ohio Power Siting Board unanimously approved the Icebreaker wind project, a six turbine project slated to be constructed off the Lake Erie shore near downtown Cleveland. The wind farm would include…Read more...
Tags: Science, Renewable Energy, Ohio, Lake Erie, North America, Cleveland, Wind Farms, Offshore Wind, Ohio Power Siting Board, First Freshwater Offshore Wind Farm

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