CrossFit CEO Greg Glassman resigns after offensive George Floyd and coronavirus tweets

Fitness program lost key partnerships, endorsements and the business of hundreds of affiliated gyms around the world after Glassman tweetsThe founder of the US fitness brand CrossFit will step down from his position as CEO following a disastrous few days that have seen the fitness program lose key partnerships, endorsements and the business of hundreds of affiliated gyms around the world. The move comes after a pair of offensive tweets by Greg Glassman. On Saturday, in response to a tweet from t...
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Holy Swarovski, Batman!

If you’re worried about losing the respect of your co-workers with a collection of die-cast miniature Batmobile toys parked on your desk, don’t worry, Swarovski’s got your back. This $600 crystal Batmobile replica is described as a totally acceptable and normal “decoration object” on the Swarovski website and is…Read more...
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Coronavirus live news: WHO urges Pakistan to reimpose lockdown as Brazil restores Covid-19 data

WHO official walks back asymptomatic transmission comments; world faces worst food crisis in 50 years; UK NHS waiting list could hit 10m. Follow the latest updatesMoscow relaxes lockdown despite high caseload; Nigerian deaths riseWHO calls for new lockdowns in PakistanBrazil restores Covid-19 data to government websiteAustralia coronavirus updates – liveSee all our coronavirus coverage 1.23am BST Talei Tora reports for the Guardian: Related: 1.12am BST Brazil on Tuesday restored det...
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Transparent face mask startup inhales $1M seed round

A Swiss startup called HMCARE, spun out of the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, has raised a million Swiss Francs (equivalent to about $105 million) to commercialize its transparent and relatively eco-friendly surgical masks. The founders were inspired by healthcare workers in the 2015 Ebola outbreak and at children’s hospitals around the world working closely with patients but unable to show their faces. Likewise parents and relatives of immunocompromised people who must make a human...
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Feds Charge Executive of Pinprick Blood Testing Firm With Fraud Over Coronavirus Scheme

The Department of Justice has brought charges against the president of a Silicon Valley-based pharmaceutical firm, Arrayit, alleging a scheme to profiteer off the coronavirus pandemic with a shoddy covid-19 test it tried to bundle with an expensive, unrelated allergen finger stick test. The DOJ said the charges are…Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Crime, Silicon Valley, Department Of Justice, Doj, Justice Department, Pandemic, Pricks, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Sars Cov 2, Arrayit, Mark Schena

U.S. Falls Out of Top 10 Average Internet Speeds Globally in 2020, but That’s Just Because Other Countries Are Faster

The covid-19 pandemic has many of us working and learning from home, which means access to fast internet is more important than ever. Unfortunately, despite being the richest country in the world, the U.S. has fallen out of the top 10 list for the countries with the fastest broadband speeds. Read more...
Tags: Science, Broadband, The Internet, Data Speeds, Faster Internets Please, Speedtestnet

God Help Us, the Winklevoss Twins Are Co-Producing a Movie About Their Bitcoin Journey

The Winklevoss twins—the brothers Mark Zuckerberg allegedly stole the idea for Facebook from—are making a movie about themselves, Deadline reported this week. If that doesn’t seem masturbatory enough, rejoice: said film is about how they amassed a net wealth of more than $1 billion by getting really into Bitcoin.Read more...
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Ancient Roman Board Game Found in Norwegian Burial Mound

A 1,700-year-old board game, including rare elongated dice, dating back to the Roman Iron Age has been unearthed in Norway. Found near an important sea route, the game was likely used to forge relationships among long-distance traders. Read more...
Tags: Science, Anthropology, Norway, Iron Age, Ancient Rome, Ancient Games

Inside the Culture of Racism at Bon Appétit

For many fans of Bon Appétit’s wildly popular Youtube channel, its bustling kitchen filled with bickering and highly collaborative chefs and editors can feel like a food utopia: junk food is turned into gourmet delicacies, carbonara pasta is experimented with, and Snoop Dogg recipes are reverse-engineered via smell…Read more...
Tags: Science, Racism, Magazines, Conde Nast, Snoop Dogg, Bon Appetit, Adam Rapoport, Sohla El Waylly, Publicatons

Los Angeles Has Turned Scooters Into Data-Mining Machines, According To A New Lawsuit

This week, the EFF announced it’d be partnering with the California-based branches of the ACLU in filing a joint lawsuit against the entire city of Los Angeles for collecting “detailed trip data,” along with the “real-time locations and routes” for the tens of thousands of scooters that LA residents ride each day. Read more...
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#8CantWait Won't Change the Police, Says Human Rights Watch

As cities are making big pledges for police reform, the viral #8CantWait campaign has become city officials’ go-to atonement manual. When Campaign Zero launched it on June 3rd, they initially made the striking claim that the proposed set of eight policies could reduce police killings by 72 percent, by, among other…Read more...
Tags: Science, Police Brutality, Black Lives Matter, Human Rights Watch, 8cantwait

Movie Theaters Set to Reopen This Week in California, but You're Not Gonna Like It

As theaters in California near reopening after weeks of lockdown, we finally have a clearer idea of what a post-pandemic theater experience might look like in more densely populated cities. And it’s not going to look or feel like the movies did before—not for a while, at least.Read more...
Tags: Science, Movies, California, Theaters, Movie Theaters, Coronavirus, Covid 19

The Mavic Air 2 Is Definitely the Drone I Was Looking For

Yes, I know. Starting a blog by paraphrasing Obi Wan’s famous words isn’t very imaginative, but put down your torches and give me a few minutes to explain why, for once, this phrase is appropriate. I also didn’t know that I was looking for a Mavic Air 2…until I tried it out. Read more...
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TaoTronics’ SoundSurge 46 Are the Perfect Cheap ANC Headphones, Save for One Complaint

TaoTronics SoundSurge 46 | $70 | Amazon | Clip coupon on pageRead more...
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An Interview With the Man Who Told the LAPD, 'Suck My Dick and Choke On it, I Yield My Time, Fuck You'

In the wake of protests following George Floyd’s death, Los Angeles has become a flashpoint for the country’s anger against racism and police brutality, leading to further police misconduct. The LAPD has violently beaten protestors, shot them with rubber bullets, and allegedly arrested over 2,600 peaceful protesters.…Read more...
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5 products that come from outer space

Meteorites have been used for a variety of practical purposes since the Bronze Age. Since we can get iron from Earth, some of these items are focused towards collectors. These items are practical, beautiful, and remind us of the heavens we interact with more than we think. Humans have been using metals mined from meteorites for most of our history. King Tut had a dagger, bracelet, and headrest made from meteoric iron; the Paleo-Eskimo and Inuit of Greenland mined fallen meteorites for the stuff;...
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Study: Artificial brains need rest too

AI is still a long way from matching human intelligence, but one way it might already mirror mere mortals is in its need for sleep. Researchers from Los Alamos National Laboratory made the discovery while developing neural networks that learn in a similar way as a human brain.  They found that the artificial brains became unstable after continuous periods of unsupervised dictionary training. This technique involves classifying objects without comparing them to existing examples, which I’d find p...
Tags: Startups, Science, Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Neural

Trump’s Latest Rollback Will Allow Hunters to Shoot Wolf Pups and Bear Cubs in Their Dens

The Trump administration is finalizing a rule that will put animals in Alaska’s national preserves—including black bears, wolves and coyotes—in danger. The change will allow hunters to use cruel tactics, including luring hibernating bears out of their dens with bacon and donuts and entering wolf dens with artificial…Read more...
Tags: Science, Alaska, Bears, Wolves, Trump, Coyotes, Bear Cubs, Rollbacks, Shock Doctrine

A Delightful Tour Of Danny Trejo's Animal Crossing Island

In the first episode of “Danny’s Diary,” a new segment in Gary Whitta’s star-studded in-game talk show Animal Talking, see the power of Animal Crossing: New Horizons transform one of Hollywood’s toughest, most intimidating actors into an adorable butterfly-collecting islander. Read more...
Tags: Hollywood, Science, Nintendo, Kotakucore, Switch, Danny Trejo, Machinima, Gary Whitta, Animal Crossing, Animal Crossing New Horizons, Animal Crossing Island, Animal Talking

This might be the oldest creature to have ever lived on land

An ancient millipede-like creature living in Scotland may have been the first creature to live on land.A fossil representing Kampecaris obanensis was first discovered in 1899 on the Scottish isle of Kerrera. It's now been radiometrically dated to 425 million years ago. If the new research is correct about the age of the fossil, then scientists have been greatly underestimating how rapidly bugs and plants evolved to transition to life on land. Scientists now believe that a fossilized relative o...
Tags: Science, Scotland, Boston, Earth, Geology, Innovation, Evolution, Fossils, Insects, Suarez, University of Texas, University of Massachusetts, Kampecaris, Michael Brookfield, Elizabeth Catlos, Stephanie Suarez

Researchers Have Created Transparent, Breathable Face Masks

As mask-wearing becomes the new norm around the world, researchers from the EPFL and Empa in Switzerland have come up with a way to improve at least one of the many challenges of wearing face protection with a new transparent design that no longer completely hides and obscures the wearer’s mouth.Read more...
Tags: Health, Science, Safety, Masks, Research, Switzerland, EPFL, Empa, Hellomasks

Tropical Depression Cristobal Could Make Historic Lake Superior Landfall

This has been the year of murder hornets, massive locust invasions on two continents, and a sudden start to Atlantic hurricane season, among other oddities (not to mention the deadly pandemic). So perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising that Lake Superior is set to see its first post-tropical cyclone ever recorded, and yet…Read more...
Tags: Science, Atlantic, Lake Superior, Hurricane Season, Tropical Storms

Saturn's Best Moon Is Drifting Away Quicker Than We Thought

Titan is migrating away from its host planet at a rate 100 times faster than the previous estimate. The discovery is shaking our understanding of Saturn and the origin of its natural satellites.Read more...
Tags: Science, Saturn, Titan, Astrophysics, Moons, Orbital Dynamics

Nintendo Says Another 140,000 Accounts May Have Been Exposed

Back in April, Nintendo confirmed that approximately 160,000 users had their accounts hacked. At the time, the company encouraged people to enable two-factor authentication and emailed individual customers who had been affected that it was resetting their Nintendo Network IDs (NNID). Now, after further investigation,…Read more...
Tags: Security, Science, Data Breach, Nintendo, Switch, Nintendo Network, 2FA, Nintendo Switch

We Mapped Where Customs and Border Protection Drones Are Flying in the U.S. and Beyond

In 2011, Rodney Brossart, a cattle rancher from Lakota, North Dakota was accused of stealing six cows. The cows, he said, simply wandered on to his 3,000-acre farm, and by his estimation, they, therefore, belonged to him. When the cops came, he and his family were prepared. Armed with high power rifles, they engaged…Read more...
Tags: Science, Protest, Privacy, Immigration, Surveillance, Drones, Indigenous Rights, CBP, Customs, Customs And Border Protection, Rodney Brossart, Lakota North Dakota

Give Your Desk a Better View With $60 off This 24" Acer Monitor

Acer Nitro VG240Y 24" Gaming Monitor | $120 | NeweggRead more...
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America Once Planned To Send An Apollo Spacecraft To A Soviet Space Station

I’d think that even casual dorks interested in humanity’s actual space programs would be aware of the very first joint mission between two spacefaring countries: the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project of 1975, where an American Apollo spacecraft and a Soviet Soyuz spacecraft docked in Earth’s orbit, allowing the crews to have…Read more...
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WWDC's Biggest Surprise Might Be an ARM-Based MacBook

The question was never if but when, and while some thought it might not happen for another couple years, based on a new report, it appears Apple could announce the first Mac computer powered by an ARM-based chip at WWDC 20 later this month. Read more...
Tags: Apple, Science, Mac, Intel, Computers, Macbook, Laptops, ARM, Wwdc, Cpus, macOS, Arm Based Macs Are Coming

WHO Walks Back Claim That Asymptomatic Coronavirus Transmission Is 'Very Rare'

The World Health Organization held a press conference on Tuesday to clarify a surprising announcement it made a day earlier, in which an epidemiologist said that asymptomatic transmission of the coronavirus was “very rare.”Read more...
Tags: Science, World Health Organization, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Sars Cov 2

Daniel Radcliffe Delivers a Powerful, Heartfelt Message to Support Trans Rights

Warner Bros. might be willing to look the other way while Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling continues to support transphobic views, but Harry Potter isn’t having any of that shit. Read more...
Tags: Science, Harry Potter, Warner Bros, Daniel Radcliffe, J K Rowling

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