Was That So Hard, Zoom?

Video chat service Zoom will finally add end-to-end encryption to calls placed by users on the free version of its service, weeks after announcing it would only be available to premium users who shelled out for the privilege.Read more...
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Why gender-swap photo filters are still problematic

Welcome to TNW Pride 2020! All throughout June we’ll highlight articles that focus on representation for LGBTQPIA+ people in the STEM communities. Can we have a grown-up conversation about those “gender swap” filters you can find in photo apps? I bring it up because this image is going viral today: Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing inherently wrong with it. It’s just an image of Elon Musk wearing lipstick and a wig. We can clearly see that it was made using FaceApp – a selfie editor that, amon...
Tags: Startups, Apps, Science, Social Media, Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Pride, Neural

WHO halts trial of hydroxychloroquine; Germany bans all major events until October – as it happened

WHO says hydroxychloroquine showed no benefit; Germany extends ban on large events for four months; Beijing raises alert level and grounds hundreds of flights. This blog is now closed.Follow the latest global coronavirus live blog here 12.17am BST We’ve launched a new blog at the link below – head there for the latest: Related: Coronavirus live news: Brazil Covid-19 cases near 1m as WHO hails steroid treatment 'hope' 12.01am BST Radio New Zealand reports that the country’s GDP fell by...
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Bug-Ridden Tablets Behind Glacial Lines at Voting Sites in Los Angeles County, Report Finds

Shitty tablets helped screw up California’s March 3, 2020 primary election in big time, according to a previously unpublicized Los Angeles County report flagged by Politico on Wednesday.Read more...
Tags: Politics, Elections, Science, Technology, Voting, California, Politico, Los Angeles, Cybersecurity, Los Angeles County, Election Security, Pollpads, Knowink

Coronavirus live news: Brazil Covid-19 cases near 1m as WHO hails steroid treatment 'hope'

Deaths worldwide near 500,000; US health expert says country is ‘still in first wave’; Argentinian president enters voluntary isolation amid coronavirus surge. Follow the latest updatesBeijing coronavirus outbreak: city raises emergency level and grounds hundreds of flightsGlobal report: six US states report most ever new coronavirus casesSpanish opera house reopens with concert for plantsSee all our coronavirus coverage 12.16am BST Hello and welcome to today’s global live coverage of the co...
Tags: Science, US, UK News, World news, Australia news, US news, Medical Research, Infectious Diseases, Microbiology, Brazil, Helen Sullivan, Coronavirus outbreak

This Candyman Shadow Puppet Short Film Is a Horrific Mirror You Can't Look Away From

Much as the Candyman film franchise focuses on the stories of people foolish enough to summon a murderous ghoul into their midst by chanting his name, the films have always been, at their cores, gruesome reflections on the American legacy of anti-Black racism that led to the lynchings of thousands over the centuries.Read more...
Tags: Science, Horror, Racism, Puppets, Slavery, Universal, Candyman, Jordan Peele, Short Films, Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, Nia DaCosta, Manual Cinema

Major Mac Changes and App Store Drama: What We Expect at Apple's WWDC 2020

Next Monday, Apple is kicking off its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, where, as usual, the company will reveal the features coming to iPhones, Macs, and more this fall. But things are a little weird this year due to [gestures at everything]. Instead of showing off demos to excited developers in a San Jose…Read more...
Tags: Apple, Science, San Jose, Wwdc, Wwdc 2020, Is It Too Late Now To Say Sorry, Mac Changes

The Segway's Inventor Wants to Mass-Produce Human Organs—Yes, You Read That Right

You remember the Segway, the two-wheeled device that required a gymnastics-level of balance to ride standing upright? Its inventor is currently working on an incredibly ambitious project to create a massive lab for growing human organs—once the FDA approves lab-grown organs for human transplant, of course. There’s…Read more...
Tags: Science, Fda, Segway, Medical Science, Medical Devices, Dean Kamen, Organs, Organ Transplants

Another Blow for Hydroxychloroquine as WHO Cuts It From Coronavirus Trial

The World Health Organization has, for the second time in less than in a month, decided to suspend its clinical trial of hydroxychloroquine for covid-19 patients. The decision was made following a review of the latest evidence as well as its own preliminary data, which concluded the drug would likely not help save…Read more...
Tags: Science, World Health Organization, Hydroxychloroquine, Coronavirus, Covid 19

Facebook Won't Do Shit About Political Ads, But Here, You Can Ignore Them Now

After weeks of watching hypnotoad Mark Zuckerberg attempting to smush logic to accommodate a threatening conspiracy theorist, meanwhile allegedly firing critics, Facebook has produced an offering that could maybe take some of the heat off without fixing any of the aforementioned problems. In a rare USA Today op-ed…
Tags: Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Science

Amazon Prime Day 2020: When's It Happening, and What Deals Can You Expect?

Featured Deal: Instant Vortex Pro 9-in-1 10qt Air Fryer | $140Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Science, Amazon deals

This Is Democrats' Make-or-Break Climate Moment

The world is facing a make-or-break moment for climate policy. Without unprecedented action, we’re all but guaranteed to see catastrophic climate breakdown by the end of the decade.Read more...
Tags: Science, Joe Biden, Democrats, Bernie Sanders, Democratic Party, Climate Debate

Why science research still focuses mostly on males

A new study finds that though more females are included in experiments, sex-specific data often goes un-analyzed.Only about a third of studies analyzed published participant breakdown by sex.Some researchers say considering females more fully as research subjects is logistically too challenging. In 2016, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) issued a directive that scientists receiving NIH funding must consider sex as a biological variable in pre-clinical research on vertebrate animals and hu...
Tags: Gender, Science, Women, Harvard, Medical Research, Harvard University, Innovation, Health Care, Discrimination, Inequality, Nih, Smith College, Northwestern University, Richardson, National Institutes of Health NIH, Francis S Collins

The Timey-Wimey History of Doctor Who's Time War

The Last Great Time War. Those five words have hung over Doctor Who ever since it was revived in 2005: an earth-shattering conflict that saw the Doctor’s people, the Time Lords, pitted against the Daleks. It’s been started, ended, revived, and discussed across Who media for years, and will be explored once more this…Read more...
Tags: Science, Doctor Who, Bbc, Explainer, Daleks, Time Travel, Bbc America, Time Lords, Time War

Jaws at 45: The Scenes, the Sounds, the Shark

Going in the water hasn’t been comfortable for 45 years. That’s how long it’s been since director Steven Spielberg first released his film Jaws and subsequently changed everything. The summer blockbuster season was born. A new wunderkind director emerged. A little-known composer instantly became a legend. And…Read more...
Tags: Science, Horror, Anniversaries, Universal, Sharks, Steven Spielberg, Jaws, Richard Dreyfuss, Robert Shaw

Doom Patrol's New Season 2 Trailer Is a Dark Disco Extravaganza

Before Doom Patrol’s Danny the Street was reduced to a single brick, the extradimensional being used to delight in throwing wildly extravagant parties for their friends—all of whom were social outcasts in need of a compassionate community. Danny might not be at their full power just quite yet, but in the latest…Read more...
Tags: Science, Dc Comics, Streaming, Warner Bros, DC Entertainment, Danny, DC Universe, Doom Patrol

This AI tool helps people with speech difficulties to communicate

A new AI tool can help people with speech difficulties to communicate by reducing the number of keystrokes they need to type. Researchers from the universities of Cambridge and Dundee developed the system for people with motor disabilities, who often use computers with a speech output to communicate. Unfortunately, these tools are generally slow and error-prone. Research shows that people normally type between five and 20 words per minute, but speak between 100 to 140 words per minute. As a resu...
Tags: Startups, Science, Artificial Intelligence, Dundee, Cambridge, Neural

A Brief History of Listening In on Police Radios

Last Friday night, thousands defied New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo’s curfew order and marched in the rain, the fifth evening in a week marked by beatings and mass arrests after dark. It was now common for police to leapfrog ahead of the crowd, assemble a chokepoint, and ambush with mass…Read more...
Tags: Science, Cops, Police, New York City, History, Surveillance, Radio, Protests, Bill De Blasio, Police Brutality, Andrew Cuomo, Police Scanner

Senator Hawley's New 'Section 230' Bill Isn't Going to Make Silicon Valley Sweat

Sen. Josh Hawley, one of Facebook’s most vocal critics on Capitol Hill, introduced new legislation on Wednesday that would purportedly chip away at the limited liability shield that protects social media giants from being sued for content moderation decisions. Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Science, Silicon Valley, Capitol Hill, Hawley, Josh Hawley, Section 230

New UK-US agreement allows US companies to launch from UK spaceports

In a new move designed to encourage more economic and scientific collaboration between spacefaring nations, the UK and US governments have signed a new agreement that would make it possible for US companies to take part in space launches from the UK, including its many ind=-development spaceports. The dal sounds one-way – but the nature of the agreement is designed to bolster the supply, development and customer pipeline for UK’s bourgeoning spaceport industry. The agreement now in place not onl...
Tags: TC, Space, Spacex, UK, Science, Scotland, US, Tech, United States, Virgin Galactic, United Kingdom, Spaceflight, Aerospace, TechCrunch, Blue Origin, Spaceport

Coronavirus live news: WHO halts trial of hydroxychloroquine; Germany bans all major events until October

WHO says hydroxychloroquine showed no benefit; Germany extends ban on large events for four months; Beijing raises alert level and grounds hundreds of flightsCovid-19 outbreaks in New Zealand and China highlight stark choicesSpanish opera house reopens with concert for plantsSix US states see record new casesSee all our coronavirus coverage 6.15pm BST America’s top public health expert has warned the nation it is “still in the first wave” of coronavirus infections and deaths, as six states r...
Tags: Science, Biology, White House, China, Germany, US, America, UK News, World news, Australia news, US news, Medical Research, Beijing, Asia Pacific, Infectious Diseases, Microbiology

Apple's Beefiest MacBook Pro Has a New, Speedier GPU Option

16" Macbook Pro With AMD Radeon Pro 5600M Graphics | B&H PhotoRead more...
Tags: Apple, Science, Amd, Laptops, Macbook Pro, Computers Accessories

Texas A&M study verifies the importance of wearing masks

A new research article concludes face masks reduced the number of infections by 78,000 in Italy and 66,000 in New York City.The team writes that social distancing, isolation, and quarantining are not enough to stop the spread of COVID-19.Making face masks part of the partisan culture war is not helping educate the public on virus transmission. Pascal's wager has been on my mind. At the risk of infuriating decision theorists, let's simplify the French mathematician's wager from the perspectiv...
Tags: Texas, Science, Biology, New York City, America, Los Angeles, Medical Research, Italy, Innovation, Msnbc, Wall Street Journal, Pascal, Derek, Mike Pence, PNAS, Zhang

This MacBook Charger Hub Fixes One of Apple's Biggest Laptop Sins: Removing the Memory Card Slot

Apple’s butterfly keyboard will go down as one of the biggest tech blunders of recent years, but there’s another egregious sin the company has committed against its MacBooks that hasn’t been properly addressed yet: the elimination of the built-in SD card slot. There are lots of workarounds for the loss, but…Read more...
Tags: Apple, Gadgets, Science, Tech, Macbook, Charging, Docks, Consumer Tech, Dongles, Usb C, ElevationLab, ElevationHub, MacBook Charger Hub

U.S. Lawmaker Calls Out Amazon's 'Performative' Support of Black Lives Matter

Last week, Amazon made a terse announcement that it would institute a “one-year moratorium on police use of Amazon’s facial recognition technology,” known as Rekognition, in response to the wave of global protests against police brutality spurred by the killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. At least one…Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Science, Jeff Bezos, Black Lives Matter, Facial Recognition, Jimmy Gomez, Rekognition, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd

Alaska Republicans Write Whiny Letter in Desperate Effort to Save Arctic Oil and Gas Industry

In the last year, some big banks have committed to protecting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska through withholding their investments from the Arctic as a whole. Seems like Alaska’s elected officials are pretty pissed about it. In fact, they’ve formally made a whole stink about the new environmental…Read more...
Tags: Science, Alaska, Arctic, Cry Me A River, Alaska Natives, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, ANWR, Alaska Republicans Write Whiny Letter, Save Arctic Oil and Gas Industry

Coronavirus live news: Sweden to lift advice against non-essential travel as death toll passes 5,000

Deaths in Sweden higher than in neighbouring Nordic countries; Beijing raises alert level and grounds hundreds of flights; India’s official death toll leaps by more than 2,000 to reach 11,903Germany to ban large events until at least October - reportsNew Zealand traces 320 ‘close contacts’ of two new casesSix US states see record new casesCovid-19 outbreaks in New Zealand and China highlight stark choicesSee all our coronavirus coverage 5.07pm BST The coronavirus death toll in Italy now stan...
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'Why Is a White Woman Worth So Much More?': Inside the Porn Industry's Overdue Reckoning

Late last month, several porn companies’ statements of support for Black Lives Matter were met with intense skepticism from black performers. In response to a statement of solidarity sent by the porn site Brazzers to “black talent, members, colleagues and fans,” performer Kristi Maxx responded, “Cool! Thanks. We would…Read more...
Tags: Science, Porn, Sex Work, Black Lives Matter, Racism In Porn, Kristi Maxx

Genome Analysis Points to Incest Among Ireland’s Prehistoric Rulers

Evidence of incest and inbreeding has been uncovered at an elite prehistoric Irish burial site, in a new paper that reads like a Game of Thrones subplot. Read more...
Tags: Science, Ireland, Anthropology, Incest, Inbreeding, Prehistoric Ireland, Genome Analysis Points, Incest Among Ireland

Oura Rings May Be Part of the NBA's Restart Plan, But That Doesn't Mean It Will Save You From Covid-19

Sports came to a screeching halt with the onset of covid-19, but as the NBA looks to resume the 2019-2020 season at Disney World on July 30, it looks like the Oura Ring may be a part of plans to keep players safe.Read more...
Tags: Wearables, Science, Nba, Disney World, Oura Ring, Coronavirus, Covid 19

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