Facebook Belatedly Bans All Trade in Historical Artifacts After Becoming Global Black Market Hub

Facebook has finally said it would now prohibit the sale of all historical artifacts due to rampant black market trade in looted antiquitieson the site, per the New York Times—a problem the social media company has known about for years.Read more...
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Twitter Bans Journalist Organization for Linking to Leaked Secret Police Files

Twitter confirmed on Tuesday night that it had permanently banned the account of Distributed Denial of Secrets, a journalist organization that earlier this week made accessible to the public one of the largest repositories of leaked U.S. law enforcement documents to date.Read more...
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Amazon's Prime Video Is Looking to Buy Its Way Into the Live TV Market

Amazon is “actively pursuing” deals to turn its Prime Video streaming service into something more like Prime TV, an industry source told Protocol on Tuesday. This is backed up by several job listings focused on the project.Read more...
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Unsolved Mysteries Is Back, and Of Course There's at Least One Alien Abduction

It’s not the same without suave host Robert Stack (or almost-as-suave replacement host Dennis Farina), but new episodes of beloved 1990s true crime series Unsolved Mysteries are heading to Netflix, with a little on-brand assist from the producers of Stranger Things. Time to play spot-the-UFO with the trailer!Read more...
Tags: Science, Netflix, Streaming, Aliens, True Crime, Unsolved Mysteries, Dennis Farina, Robert Stack

Coronavirus live news: Seven US states see record hospitalisations as Brazil confirms 39,436 new cases

Three US states confirm record cases; Novak Djokovic tests positive for Covid-19; 200 cases at one South African school. Follow the latest updatesGlobal report: Covid-19 restricts hajj and Germany locks down districtPakistan Covid-19 doctors witness black market deals in blood plasmaBrazilian judge tells Bolsonaro to behave and wear a face maskNovak Djokovic tests positive for Covid-19 amid Adria Tour fallout 1.19am BST The Washington Post reports that seven US states have seen their highest...
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Boot Camp Is Dead on New Macs and 8 Other Things Apple Didn't Say at WWDC

You’d be forgiven for missing every change to iOS, macOS, and more that Apple execs speed-talked through during Monday’s Worldwide Developers Conference keynote. But even after catching up on all the announcements, there are more useful features coming to iPhones, Macs, Apple Watches, and more—and some big shifts that…Read more...
Tags: Apple, Science, Wwdc, Wwdc 2020

Once Again, Mr. President, You Have Broken the Rules of the General Discussions Board

Our big boy president has once again angered the mods, with Twitter flagging another one of his tweets for violating its rules.Read more...
Tags: Twitter, Politics, Science, Technology, Social Media, Donald Trump, Mods Mods, George Floyd Protests, General Discussions Board

Google’s 46-camera ‘light field videos’ let you change perspective and peek around corners

Google is showing off one of the most impressive efforts yet turning traditional photography and video into something more immersive: 3D video that lets the viewer change their perspective and even look around objects in frame. Unfortunately, unless you have 46 spare cameras to sync together, you probably won’t be making these “light field videos” any time soon. The new technique, due to be presented at SIGGRAPH, uses footage from dozens of cameras shooting simultaneously, forming a sort of g...
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Coronavirus live news: Fauci warns of 'disturbing' US case surge as Brazil confirms 39,436 new Covid-19 infections

Three US states confirm record cases; Novak Djokovic tests positive for Covid-19; 200 cases at one South African school. Follow the latest updatesGlobal report: Covid-19 restricts hajj and Germany locks down districtPakistan Covid-19 doctors witness black market deals in blood plasmaBrazilian judge tells Bolsonaro to behave and wear a face maskNovak Djokovic tests positive for Covid-19 amid Adria Tour fallout 12.21am BST In response to the virus “we took swift and early action to ban travel ...
Tags: Europe, Science, China, Germany, US, UK News, World news, Australia news, US news, Infectious Diseases, Novak Djokovic, Brazil, Trump, Djokovic, Adrià, Fauci

Oculus Is Dropping the Go to Focus More on the Oculus Quest

After releasing the Quest and the Rift S, Oculus’ cheapest VR headset—the Oculus Go—has been in kind of a weird place. It doesn’t offer the flexibility or features of its more expensive siblings, and it wasn’t getting a lot of support or content either, so today Oculus announced it’s discontinuing the Oculus Go…Read more...
Tags: Science, Vr, Oculus, Hmds, Consumer Tech, VR headsets, Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, Oculus Go Goes Bye Bye

Scientists Made a List of Every Place Aliens Could Be Hiding

A team searching for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence has put together an Exotica Catalog, which lists every known type of celestial object, regardless of whether we understand it or not. Read more...
Tags: Astronomy, Science, Aliens, Seti, Astrobiology, Extraterrestrials, Technosignatures

Just Some Really Silly Iron Man Armors

Tony Stark can’t stop tinkering—a habit that has given him nothing but grief his entire superhero career. Usually, it ends up with him obsessively fixating on an idea to the point he starts some kind of superheroic civil war or accidentally helps develop technology that will destroy the world. It also means that he…Read more...
Tags: Costumes, Comics, Science, Superlist, Marvel, Disney, Iron Man, Stan Lee, Marvel Comics, Tony Stark, Costume Design

The Danger of Amazon’s $2 Billion Climate Fund

On Tuesday, Amazon rolled out a shiny new addition to its flawed climate plan: a $2 billion venture investment fund for low- and no-carbon technology. It is instantly one of, if not the, biggest climate venture funds out there. But it also shows a fatal flaw that runs through Amazon’s—and capital in…Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Science, Venture Capital, Jeff Bezos, Climate Justice

European Union May Quarantine the United States

As if we needed any further reminders that the United States has botched its response to the covid-19 crisis so spectacularly that we present a threat to the health global population, member states of the European Union are reportedly weighing whether to include American travelers on its ban list as European borders…Read more...
Tags: Science, European Union, United States, Coronavirus, Covid 19

Check Out Christopher Nolan's Tenet With This Exclusive Making-of Sneak Peek

For fans anxious to learn every little secret about Christopher Nolan’s new movie, Tenet, we’ve got your first look at the promised land.Read more...
Tags: Books, Christopher Nolan, Science, Robert Pattinson, Tenet, John David Washington, Insight Editions, James Mottram

Apparently, Contract Violations Are Punishable Under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

A Delaware District Court has issued an opinion ruling that an ongoing click fraud scheme led by a Florida-based husband and wife team is technically punishable under the Computer Fraud And Abuse Act (CFAA), a piece of oft-cited legislation that’s been wielded in lawsuits against web scrapers, IP-blockers, hackers,…Read more...
Tags: Florida, Science, CFAA, Scammers, Click Fraud, Delaware District Court

The iPad Will Soon Allow Gamers to Play Using a Mouse and Keyboard

As Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference gets under way, we’re starting to see more and more features of its updated operating systems not revealed during yesterday’s opening keynote. That includes the ability to play games on the iPad using a mouse and keyboard instead of the touchscreen or a gamepad.Read more...
Tags: Apple, Ipad, Gaming, Science, Video Games, Wwdc, Wwdc 2020, Ipados 14

[FOR PLANTS] Don’t Read This If You’re Human [JUST PLANTS PLEASE]

Let’s be honest: While humanity has done a lot to support the arts, humans themselves make for a terrible live audience. If they’re not coughing or talking or picking their noses, they’re probably tapping at their phones. On Monday, Barcelona’s Liceu opera house offered an intriguing solution to this problem,…Read more...
Tags: Music, Science, Barcelona, Plants, If Youre Reading This You Better Be A Plant

Pride 2020: Let’s talk about history, science, and queer people

Welcome to TNW Pride 2020! All throughout June we’ll highlight articles that focus on representation for LGBTQPIA+ people in the STEM communities. According to a survey last year, 54 percent of US Republicans believe in demons and 46 percent believe in ghosts. I mention this because, among members of the same group, only 44 percent surveyed believe in transgender rights. I haven’t found any data on what percentage of people “believe in” the existence of transgender and other queer people. But th...
Tags: Startups, Science, US, Pride

Pandemic? What pandemic?

Coronavirus in Context is a weekly newsletter where we bring you facts that matter about the COVID-19 pandemic and the technology trying to stop its spread. You can subscribe here. Hola totally-not-having-a-pandemic pals, I woke up early on Saturday and went outside. Dogs were barking, children were playing. People were gathered in groups. It was as if the pandemic had never happened in my cozy little beach barrio.  Nobody was wearing a mask. Social distancing? People were hugging and leaning on...
Tags: Startups, Science, Newsletter, Tech, Hola, Coronavirus

Cobra Kai's Creators Discuss Season 3 Details and the Move to Netflix

The amazing sequel show to The Karate Kid is crane kicking its way to a whole new audience. Monday, Netflix announced Cobra Kai is leaving YouTube and moving to Netflix. The first two seasons of the show will debut first, followed by the highly anticipated third season sometime after.Read more...
Tags: Science, Interview, Youtube, Netflix, Streaming, Karate Kid, Cobra Kai, Ralph Macchio, Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, Josh Heald, Billy Zabka

The destruction of a 46,000-year-old cave and the backlash for Australia’s mining industry

In Western Australia, on the lands of the Puutu Kunti Kurrama and Pinikura people, there was a 46,000-year-old cave, where thousands of artefacts were discovered, revealing incredible things about the history of this continent. In late May Rio Tinto – one of the world’s biggest mining companies – blew it up. Calla Wahlquist explores the archaic law that allowed this to happen, and the ensuing backlash that could change how the mining industry operates • Culture warriors obsessed with statues ign...
Tags: Science, Australia, Australia news, Mining, Heritage, Rio Tinto, Archaeology, Indigenous Australians, Western Australia, Calla Wahlquist, Ken Wyatt, Pinikura

A Black Hole Collided With Something That Shouldn't Exist

Astronomers are puzzling over observations that show a black hole smashing into a mystery object of unusual size. Read more...
Tags: Astronomy, Science, Black Holes, Gravitational Waves, Neutron Stars, Mass Gap, Black Hole Mergers

FCC to Vote on Establishing '988' as the New Suicide Prevention Hotline

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is moving forward with plans to establish 988 as the emergency telephone number for suicide prevention in an effort to address a public health crisis on average claiming the lives of more than 120 Americans per day.Read more...
Tags: Science, Fcc, Suicide, Mental Health, Depression, Federal Communications Commission FCC

Apple Learns to Listen

Well, now!
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Scientists have mapped 20 percent of the ocean floor

In ten years, scientists hope to have mapped the entire ocean floor in high resolution. This week, the Nippon Foundation-GEBCO Seabed 2030 Project announced that they've completed 20 percent of the map. A full mapping to "modern standards" is useful for conservation and also to support scientific understanding of ocean systems, weather, tsunami wave propagation, tides, and, of course, the impact of climate change. From the BBC News: The map at the top of this page illustrates the chal...
Tags: Post, Science, News, Environment, BBC News, Oceans, Mapping, Oceanography, Cartography, Nippon Foundation GEBCO, GEBCO

Fear of K-Pop Fans Sends Pro-Trump Convention Registration Offline

After K-pop stans and Tiktokers flooded the online registration for Trump’s campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Students for Trump has quietly removed online sign-ups for its convention today in Phoenix, the Daily Mail first reported. While it’s unconfirmed that the stans were solely responsible for the meager…Read more...
Tags: Science, Daily Mail, Trump, Phoenix, Students For Trump, Pesky Kids, Tulsa Oklahoma Students

The UN Is Sounding the Alarm on 'Climate Refugees'

For the first time, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has included climate change in its annual report laying out what events cause refugees to flee. It signals a growing consensus around the risks climate poses, even if it doesn’t change much for the people actually forced to flee their homes after a…Read more...
Tags: Science, Human Rights, Immigration, United Nations, Un, Climate Refugees

Coronavirus live news: French app alerts only 14 people in three weeks; judge orders Bolsonaro to wear mask

England relaxes social distancing rules; Dr Anthony Fauci to testify to US Congress; German district put in local lockdownPakistan Covid-19 doctors witness black market deals in blood plasmaBrazilian judge tells Bolsonaro to behave and wear a face maskUS urged to prepare for ‘tremendous burden’ of Covid-19 and fluNovak Djokovic tests positive for Covid-19 amid Adria Tour falloutUK coronavirus updates – live 5.34pm BST Portugal has reimposed restrictions in and around the capital Lisbon to ch...
Tags: England, Science, Congress, France, US, UK News, World news, Australia news, US news, Medical Research, Infectious Diseases, Microbiology, Portugal, Brazil, Anthony Fauci, Lisbon

Remodel Your Home With Wayfair's Sales of the Day

Featured Deal: Cuisinart Advantage Nonstick 11-Piece Cookware Set | $100Read more...
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