Coronavirus live news: US reports 50,000 new cases as WHO warns on Middle East

Worst-hit nation records another new daily record of infections; Middle East at ‘critical threshold’ says health body; NZ health minister David Clark resigns. Follow all the latest updatesCalifornia rolls back reopening of bars and restaurantsGlobal report: first tourists arrive in Greece as Brazil cases hit 60,000Oxford offers world best hope of vaccine this year, UK MPs toldAustralia coronavirus live blog 3.19am BST Ben Doherty in Sydney, signing off from this coverage now. My many thanks ...
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My email to a person still panicking from the pandemic

Extract: Herd immunity is a theoretical construct. In practice herd immunity varies with viral load and a number of characteristics. There is no unique “number” for herd immunity. Also various definitions in the literature about what it means. The one I use is when the reproduction rate drops below 1 and the virus spread starts […]
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Coronavirus live news: New Zealand health minister quits, as WHO says Middle East at 'critical' point

David Clark resigns after controversy over handling of Covid-19; Middle East records 1m cases amid easing and return of tourists; California rolls back reopening of bars. Follow all the latest updatesCalifornia rolls back reopening of bars and restaurantsGlobal report: first tourists arrive in Greece as Brazil cases hit 60,000Oxford offers world best hope of vaccine this year, UK MPs toldAustralia coronavirus live blog 1.24am BST China reported on Thursday three new confirmed coronavirus cas...
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Rapid Antibody Testing Won’t Reliably Tell You If You’ve Had Coronavirus, Review Finds

A new review out Wednesday paints a sorry picture about the state of antibody tests meant to find out whether you’ve ever had covid-19. It suggests that these tests range wildly in accuracy from manufacturer to manufacturer, with tests that quickly return results at the doctor’s office faring so badly that they…Read more...
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Cinemark Will Require Face Masks in Movie Theaters, After All

Cinemark will, in fact, require you to wear a face mask in its theaters after first releasing a murky policy that encouraged—but did not require—face coverings. That policy naturally received blowback as we have been, and continue to be, in the midst of a deadly pandemic.Read more...
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Dish Aims to Become Fourth Biggest Wireless Carrier Now That Boost Mobile Buy Is Official

As part of T-Mobile’s contentious mega-merger with Sprint, one of the Federal Communications Commission’s stipulations was that new T-Mobile would have to sell off some its holdings, including Boost Mobile. And today, in a deal worth $1.4 billion, Boost Mobile’s new owner Dish has finally begun its attempt to become…Read more...
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State-backed COVID-19 disinfo spreads faster and farther than local news outlets in 4 languages

Questionable stories on COVID-19 from state-backed outlets in Russia, China, Turkey, and Iran are being shared more widely than reporting by major news organizations around the world, according to Oxford analysts. French German, Spanish and English news sites see far less social engagement than these foreign-originated ones in their languages. The study is part of ongoing monitoring of COVID-19 disinformation campaigns by the Computational Propaganda Project. The group found that major outlets l...
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The Too-Short Story of Ahmed Best's Other Star Wars Roles

We are, at long last, living in the early days of what is a long-overdue Ahmed Best renaissance. After years of horrifying torment the actor received for having the audacity to bring Jar Jar Binks to life, Star Wars (both its fandom and its institution) has accepted Best into its heart again as he hosts Jedi Temple…Read more...
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Be Careful, You Might Be Watching the Liam Hemsworth of Extraction Movies on Netflix

Fellow film streamers, should you find yourself looking for something to stream amid the muck of the overwhelmingly mediocre titles available on Netflix, I strongly advise against relying solely on the algorithmically driven top 10 trending carousels to inform your viewing options. If you do, you may find yourself…Read more...
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I Got My Child Caterpillars: Greetings From My New Poop-Filled Life

Currently, I type these words to the sounds of tiny little caterpillar poops dropping to the floor of the butterfly enclosure sitting on my desk. Plink, plink, plink. These swollen, wriggling Anise swallowtail caterpillars, striped with yellow, green, and black, are housing dill leaves and pooping nearly just as…Read more...
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The Influencers Are Lobbying Washington, but What Do They Want?

In honor of the Tenth Anniversary of Social Media Day, influencers have issued a declaration of independence and the formation of an autonomous trade association, hereby known as the American Influencer Council. Founding members—most with over one million followers, all casually flawless—influence in such areas as …Read more...
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‘We Have to Get This Right’: 60 House Democrats Call for Second Coronavirus Stimulus to be Green

Democrats in Congress are calling on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to support a coronavirus relief package that’ll bring the U.S. closer to a clean energy economy. There’s never been a better time than now to make the leap.Read more...
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It Looks Like Google Is Killing Chrome's Unofficial Forced Dark Mode

In recent builds of Chrome for Android, Google provided a hidden option that allowed users to force dark mode onto websites that would normally feature bright white backgrounds. Sadly, based on updated settings from the Canary build for next version of Chrome (86), it appears Google is dropping support for forced dark…Read more...
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Work From Home Without Distraction: The Headphones Gizmodo and Lifehacker Recommend

Ask any seasoned home office worker, and they’ll probably tell you that a good pair of headphones or earbuds is crucial to staying focused and drowning out the noise of your uncontrollable surroundings. There’s no need to listen to your neighbors having their trees trimmed at 7 AM sharp or your roommate’s hourly…Read more...
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If These Leaked Pics Are Real, the Galaxy Note 20 Is Going to Look Awesome In Copper

While Samsung still hasn’t officially announced the Galaxy Note 20, Samsung’s Russian website may have just let the cat out of the bag by inadvertently posting photos of the Note 20 featuring an enchanting copper finish. Read more...
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Doom Patrol's Second Season Is Working Through Some Personal Shit

If DC Universe and HBO Max’s Doom Patrol were a comic book—not that comic book, but rather a comic based on the live-action series—one might safely assume that the consequences of season one’s gloriously demented finale would be dealt with off-panel, in the narrative void. Even though the show has prided itself by…Read more...
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Instacart Sues Seattle Over Hazard Pay for Delivery Workers

After the proposal received unanimous support from the city council, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan last Friday signed in local ordinance 119799, the seemingly unimpeachable purpose of which was to impose “premium pay” for gig workers delivering groceries during the ongoing pandemic. Not even a week later, the city is…Read more...
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Coronavirus live news: Brazil death toll exceeds 60,000; West Bank goes into lockdown

Global tourism stands to lose up to $3.3tn, says UN; Ryanair pilots take pay cut to avoid job losses; tourist flights to Greece resume; global cases pass 10.5mAustralia: 73 new cases in MelbourneTrump silent as US records record one-day rise in casesCzech republic drops mask rule as Prague has street partyRussia rushes lockdown end as Lenin tomb reopens 7.37pm BST The pandemic is exacerbating inequality throughout the world by hitting hardest those without a social safety net in developing c...
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Justice League's Ray Fisher Alleges Joss Whedon Fostered a 'Gross, Abusive' Environment On-Set

With the announcement that HBO Max would be bringing some version of Zack Snyder’s take on Justice League to the streaming service, actors involved with the production have become increasingly frank about the movie’s troubled path to box office and critical disappointment. But in recent days, Ray Fisher has made those…Read more...
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I feel fine: fans of world-ending films 'coping better with pandemic'

Researchers say apocalyptic movies prepare people for Covid-19 and make them more resilientCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageFor those of you who whiled away hours on the sofa watching society crumble in the face of marauding zombies, deadly aliens and infectious diseases – it’s time to reap the rewards.Psychologists have found evidence that fans of apocalyptic movies – where global order is upturned – may be more resilient and better prepared to deal with the coronavir...
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Coronavirus live news: WHO says over 160,000 new cases a day globally; West Bank goes into lockdown

Global tourism stands to lose up to $3.3tn, says UN; Ryanair pilots take pay cut to avoid job losses; tourist flights to Greece resume; global cases pass 10.5mAustralia: 73 new cases in MelbourneTrump silent as US records record one-day rise in casesCzech republic drops mask rule as Prague has street partyRussia rushes lockdown end as Lenin tomb reopens 6.33pm BST Brazil has just passed yet another grim Covid-19 milestone with confirmation that more than 60,000 lives have been lost since mid...
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Failings in Leicester are doomed to be repeated | Letters

Readers respond to the reimposition of lockdown in the city after a surge in Covid-19 casesLiving and working in Leicester city centre we find ourselves in a new social experiment (Leicester forced into local lockdown to combat surge in Covid-19 cases, 30 June). We were all surprised to learn from Matt Hancock of an increased infection rate in a daily briefing on 19 June. Since then we’ve been the focus of speculation, and now of action. Our store opened two weeks ago, a Monday morning that saw ...
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This $15 Rainbow Card Turns Your Smartphone Into a Highly Accurate Color Picker

Designers often rely on their smartphones for snapping a quick photo of something that inspires them, but Pantone has found a way to turn their smartphone into a genuine design tool. As part of a new online service, it’s created a small card that can be used to accurately sample real world colors by simply holding the…Read more...
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Gold Mining Is Hurting the Amazon's Ability to Store Carbon

Gold mining is becoming an increasingly dangerous threat to the Amazon. A new study has found that barely any trees or plants grow where mines once sat. This is bad news for the wildlife that depends on vegetation for habitat. Without trees or vegetation, though, the Amazon also can’t store as much carbon to prevent…Read more...
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Coronavirus live news: more than 160,000 new cases reported every day in past week, says WHO

Global tourism stands to lose up to $3.3tn, says UN; Ryanair pilots take pay cut to avoid job losses; tourist flights to Greece resume; global cases pass 10.5mAustralia locks down 300,000 in 36 Melbourne suburbsGlobal report: US sees another record increase in coronavirus casesUS buys up world stock of key Covid-19 drug remdesivirUK coronavirus updates – liveWorld map: which countries have the most cases and deaths? 5.24pm BST Textile factories that operated normally at the height of the cor...
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I Miss the Sony Watchman

A lifelong obsession with technology has left me with drawers full of gadgets, many of which I don’t even remember buying. But the very first? That memory remains crystal clear. It was a Sony, one of the company’s first truly pocket-friendly portable TVs, and it remains one of my favorite gadgets of all time.Read more...
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The Expanse Studio Is Investigating Cas Anvar for Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Alcon Entertainment, the studio behind The Expanse, has started an investigation into actor Cas Anvar after multiple reports of sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior surfaced online last week. Anvar, who has denied the allegations, said he plans to cooperate.Read more...
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Thursday's Best Deals: Tacklife 800A Jump Starter, Anker PowerPort Hub, Carol's Daughter Hair Milk, LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, Instant Vortex Plus 6-in-1 Air Fryer, and More

A brand-new Tacklife 800A jump starter, an Anker PowerPort hub, a sale on Carol’s Daughter hair milk, a discount on LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, and a 6-in-1 Instant Vortex Plus air fryer lead Thursday’s best deals.Read more...
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27,000 Coronavirus-Linked Deaths Have Gone Uncounted in U.S., Study Estimates

It will take a long time to truly know the toll of deaths and injuries caused by the ongoing covid-19 pandemic. But a new study out Wednesday provides an early estimate of the excess deaths linked to the viral disease in the United States. It suggests that the country’s official count may have missed up to 27,000…Read more...
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Shell Is the Latest Oil Company to Do a Belly Flop

We’re halfway through 2020, and I think we can all safely say it’s been a pretty terrible year. There’s been so much terrible stuff in the past two months alone, I can’t even remember the bad stuff that happened in January. But I’m sure it sucked.Read more...
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