Coronavirus live news: 53,000 more cases in US as WHO gives new virus timeline

Fourth of July holiday weekend starts 53,000 new cases on Friday; WHO changes timeline of how it was alerted to virus; UK prepares for reopening of pubs. Follow all the developments liveWhat we’re learning about Covid as US states open upHow Victoria’s outbreak divided AustraliaScotland and Wales attack UK government’s shambolic travel changes 3.26am BST While we’re in the UK, the law allowing pubs to reopen comes into effect at 6am. That’s in just under three hours, but the first pubs to o...
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'You're Kidding': Nebraska Kids Can't Believe It as Thunderstorm Leads to Tornado

A severe thunderstorm in the Nebraska Panhandle region spawned a tornado on July 2 on the outskirts of the village of Hemingford.Hemingford resident Ryan Schledewitz captured footage of the tornado, while in a car with his family in the area, which is part of Box Butte County.The awe of Schledewitz’s children as they witness the dramatic weather event is clear during the five-minute video.The National Weather Service put in place a severe thunderstorm watch warning for areas of Nebraska as well ...
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YouTuber Ends Finger on the App Competition After Contestants Last 70 Hours Trying to Win $25K

On Friday, YouTuber Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson cut off a massive competition that saw more than 1 million players face off for a $25,000 prize for whoever could keep their finger attached to their phone screen the longest. After more than 70 hours and with the last four contestants showing no signs of giving up,…Read more...
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Coronavirus live news: worldwide cases top 11m as US states hit fresh highs

4 July holiday weekend set to start with continued rise in infections; Brazil cases pass 1.5m; Boris Johnson defends decision to reopen pubs on Saturday. Follow all the developments liveWhat we’re learning about Covid as US states open upHow Victoria’s outbreak divided AustraliaScotland and Wales attack UK government’s shambolic travel changes 1.22am BST AFP is reporting that the World Health Organisation has changed its account of the initial stages of the early stages of the coronavirus p...
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Before Holiday Weekend, Facebook Reminds U.S. Users to Wear a Damn Mask

It really should be obvious at this point, but with America continuing to surpass previous records for daily new coronavirus cases, a warning seems warranted: If you plan on getting together with people to celebrate the Fourth of July this weekend, wear a mask.  Read more...
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Coronavirus live news: US states hit fresh highs as England prepares to reopen pubs

4 July holiday weekend set to start with continued rise in infections; Brazil cases pass 1.5m; Boris Johnson defends decision to reopen pubs on Saturday. Follow all the developments liveWhat we’re learning about Covid as US states open upHow Victoria’s outbreak divided AustraliaScotland and Wales attack UK government’s shambolic travel changes 12.31am BST There are now 11m confirmed cases of coronavirus worldwide, according to the data collected by John Hopkins University. 12.22am BST R...
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Coronavirus live news: Brazilian cases pass 1.5m

Country has second-worst outbreak in the world as global cases near 11mUS reports world’s biggest daily increase in cases with 55,0004 July celebrations increase risk of ‘superspreader’ events 11.28pm BST Hi, I’m Josh Taylor and I will be taking the live blog through to 9am Melbourne time on Saturday. In Australia, all eyes are currently on Victoria, where the state is experiencing a second spike in cases. We will get an update on the number of new cases identified overnight sometime later t...
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You'll Look Forward to Cutting the Lawn When You Turn Your Riding Mower Into a Tank

A house with a sprawling lawn might be the aspiration of anyone stuck in a tiny apartment, but there’s a downside to that dream: your lawn doesn’t cut itself. To make the weekly chore more bearable, Jason Hibbs of Bourbon Moth Woodworking turned his riding mower into a miniature tank that mows down everything in its…Read more...
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Queenstown: a tourist town with no tourists, fights despair among stranded workers

Droves of travellers drawn to the southern alps resort to work in restaurants and hotels face hardship amid Covid-19 border closuresCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageTwo months after the end of lockdown and the resort hub of Queenstown is slowly showing signs of life. It’s lunchtime at the mall and while many shops and restaurants remain closed, some have begun to trade again, catering to locals and a trickle of domestic travellers.Those braving the winter cold at outdo...
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This Snake-Like Amphibian Might Actually Pack a Venomous Bite

Scientists have detected snake-like dental glands in caecilians, which means these serpentine creatures might actually be venomous—an unheard of trait among amphibians.Read more...
Tags: Science, Amphibians, Toxins, Venom, Toxic Amphibians, Caecilians

Herman Cain Hospitalized With COVID-19 After Posting Up at Trump Rally Without a Mask

Former long-shot presidential candidate and Tea Party darling Herman Cain is now in the hospital being treated for COVID-19, just a little over a week after he attended a Trump campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma when coronavirus cases there had spiked to their highest numbers since the start of the pandemic.Read more...
Tags: Science, Tea Party, Trump, Trump Supporters, Trump Rally, Tulsa Oklahoma, Herman Cain, Coronavirus, Covid 19

10 Years Later, Christopher Nolan's Inception Remains Magnificent

Somehow, 2010's Inception has suddenly become topical again—an idea that seems like it was mysteriously planted in our minds by Leonardo DiCaprio himself. In reality, though, people are talking about Christopher Nolan’s trippy hit for a few good reasons: the film has been a Netflix staple for all of 2020 (when lots of…Read more...
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Hundreds of Elephants Have Mysteriously Died in Botswana

Over 350 elephants have died in Botswana since March, sparking a government probe to investigate the mysterious deaths.Read more...
Tags: Science, Elephants, Poaching, Botswana, Elephant Deaths

R&D Roundup: Tech giants unveil breakthroughs at computer vision summit

Computer vision summit CVPR has just (virtually) taken place, and like other CV-focused conferences, there are quite a few interesting papers. More than I could possibly write up individually, in fact, so I’ve collected the most promising ones from major companies here. Facebook, Google, Amazon and Microsoft all shared papers at the conference — and others too, I’m sure — but I’m sticking to the big hitters for this column. (If you’re interested in the papers deemed most meritorious ...
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Coronavirus live news: Miami-Dade mayor imposes indefinite nightly curfew; South Africa cases surge

Biggest single-day jump in South African cases month after lockdown eased; Belgrade declares state of emergency; cases worldwide close to 11mUS reports world’s biggest daily increase in cases with 55,0004 July celebrations increase risk of ‘superspreader’ eventsBrazil infections nearing 1.5mUK coronavirus updates – live 6.20pm BST The New Mexico national guard and tribal police are preparing to enforce a weekend curfew on the Navajo nation, as the sprawling reservation tries to contain a cor...
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Artificial Feathers Let This Robotic Bird Fly With Incredible Agility

Over the years, Festo, a German automation company with a penchant for robots, has designed countless Mother Nature-inspired automatons that swim, hop, and fly like their real-world counterparts. That includes robotic birds, which have now been upgraded with fake feathers that allow the robots to soar through the air…Read more...
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Behavioral science is key to making the UK’s track and trace app a success

Originally planned to roll out in May, the UK’s track and trace app has now been delayed until winter. Part of the government’s wider test, track and trace strategy, the app uses Bluetooth on smartphones to see who infected people have been in close contact with, and uses this information to message people at potential risk of infection. The app will require high levels of engagement from lots of people if it’s to be useful. So, while the delay is disappointing, it’s also an opportunity to incor...
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Watch how crowdsourced citizen data demonstrated how tornadoes form

The deadly 2013 El Reno tornado was 2.5 miles (4 km) wide and killed a team of tornado experts. But as Anton Seimon explains, his colleagues turned that tragedy into an opportunity to confirm a key element of tornado formation. Through crowdsourcing, his team was able to demonstrate that this kind of tornado forms from the ground up, not from the clouds downward. Image: YouTube / National Geographic
Tags: Video, Crowdsourcing, Science, News, Nature, Meteorology, Tornadoes, Reno, Stormchaser, Anton Seimon

Jupiter Just Sprouted a Brand New Spot

An amateur astronomer in South Africa has detected a bright new surface feature rising above the cloud tops on Jupiter.Read more...
Tags: Astronomy, Science, South Africa, Jupiter, Planetary Science

Surrender Control and Watch These 10 Essential Classic Outer Limits Episodes

Jordan Peele’s Twilight Zone is back, an occasion that made us think of another 1960s anthology series that’s been put through the remake machine: The Outer Limits. With its emphasis on sci-fi—especially aliens and uncanny tech—the original episodes of The Outer Limits excelled at preying on Cold War fears. We’ve…Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Sci Fi, Aliens, Time Travel, Nostalgia, Harlan Ellison, Jordan Peele, Anthology, The Outer Limits

Razer's First Non-Gaming Headphones Give You a Sony-Like Experience For Less

Countless companies have tried to dethrone Sony from its noise-cancelling headphone throne, but none have succeeded. Now Razer is taking a different approach with its first pair of headphones designed for a wider consumer audience—not just gamers—by paying homage to the Queen with a look that emulates Sony’s excellent…Read more...
Tags: Reviews, Gadgets, Science, Audio, Tech, Headphones, Wireless Headphones, Sony, Razer, Consumer Tech, Opus, Noise Cancelling Headphones, Razer Opus

Doom Patrol Got Explosively Horny in the Face of an Apocalypse

Doom Patrol’s always had a habit of coming on a bit strong (in a good way) by doing away with the narrative pacing that most other cape shows tend to stick with over the course of a season in favor of getting to the point. Though “Sex Patrol” is only the fourth episode of the show’s second season, it feels very much…Read more...
Tags: Science, Sex, Dc Comics, Streaming, Lgbtq, Warner Bros, Pride, DC Entertainment, TV Recap, DC Universe, Doom Patrol, HBO Max

The UN Just Made It Easier for Airlines to Pollute

A United Nations council of 36 countries has agreed on a major change to the main global scheme addressing the climate impact of aviation, a move expected to remove requirements for airlines to offset emissions for several years.Read more...
Tags: Science, Air Travel, Airplanes, United Nations, Carbon Emissions, Un, Climate Talks

Why girls are less likely to pursue a career in STEM — even though they score just as high as boys at school

Last month, the Australian Academy of Science published a report showing the COVID-19 pandemic would disproportionately affect women in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) disciplines. The report noted before COVID-19, around 7,500 women were employed in STEM research fields in Australia in 2017, compared to around 18,400 men. The authors wrote: The pandemic appears to be compounding pre-existing gender disparity; women are under-represented across the STEM workforce, and weigh...
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Coronavirus: New COVID-19 infection rates in your region revealed

Some regions in England are doing better than others in combating the growth of COVID-19, according to new government figures.
Tags: England, Science, News, COVID

Game Anywhere with $500 off the Powerful Razer Blade 15 Gaming Laptop

Razer Blade 15 Gaming Laptop | $1,100 | Amazon
Tags: Science

Get This Beast of a Laptop Bag For Half Off

Lifewit 17" Military Laptop Messenger Bag | $25 | Amazon | Use code VDHKQ638Read more...
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Apple's Walled Garden Could Grow Higher

Apple has finally announced its long-rumored transition away from Intel chips and will now make its own homegrown CPUs based on the ARM architecture for future Macs. The company’s goal is to shed its dependence on Intel so that it can control even more of its production and development pipeline. It’s an interesting…Read more...
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Traffic lineups grow at Atlantic borders as COVID-19 bubble opens

Atlantic Canadians are now free to travel among Canda's four eastern provinces without self-isolating to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission, but that doesn't mean the process is easy.The so-called Atlantic bubble opened one minute after midnight AT as part of easing of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. Travellers still had to wait to go through checkpoints, however. P.E.I. public safety officials reported 300 to 400 vehicles crossed into P.E.I. over the Confederation Bridge with...
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Coronavirus live news: Belgrade declares state of emergency; South Africa cases surge after lockdown lifted

Nigeria lifts lockdown in Kano; Philippines reports largest single-day increase in cases; cases worldwide close to 11mGlobal report: horror week for US as coronavirus records tumble4 July celebrations increase risk of ‘superspreader’ eventsBrazil infections nearing 1.5mUK coronavirus updates – live 2.15pm BST The European Commission has given conditional approval for the use of antiviral remdesivir in severe Covid-19 patients following an accelerated review process, making it the region’s fi...
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