UN warns of more pandemics if humans continue to exploit natural world

The United Nations investigates how diseases spread from animals and humans, with wildlife advocates saying protecting the health of nature will help protect people.
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Feds Charge Phony Church with Selling Bleach as a 'Miracle' Cure for Covid-19

Why am I not surprised these guys are from Florida?Read more...
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I Have Good News and Bad News About NBC's Streaming Service Peacock

Well, which do you want first?
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4,000 years of human history: HS2 works reveal Iron Age skeleton among 'wealth of archaeology'

A skeleton believed to be a murder victim from the Iron Age has been discovered by archaeologists working on the HS2 project in Buckinghamshire. HS2 said the grisly find was unearthed during the excavation work at Wellwick Farm near Wendover when the archaeologists found the skeleton of an adult male buried face down in a ditch with hands bound together under his pelvis. The unusual burial position suggests the Iron Age man may have been a victim of a murder or execution, it said. Osteologists a...
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Coronavirus live news: Australian state of Victoria reports 216 new cases as France exceeds 30,000 deaths

San Quentin prison in US has seven deaths and 1,500 positive tests; Serbia has record 18 fatalities; Australia caps incoming flights and charges for quarantine 2.28am BST As Victoria, Australia, has just announced new cases in the hundreds, the state’s health minister Jenny Mikakos has moved to reassure people that the health system is prepared for the ongoing struggle to contain the virus.With 216 new cases confirmed overnight, Mikakos said; “As a government we have never hesitated to put i...
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Tropical Storm Fay imaged by NASA's Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS)

NASA's AIRS instrument captured this image of Tropical Storm Fay around 2 p.m. local time on July 10, 2020, as the storm swept through New England. Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech From NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory: Tropical Storm Fay is sweeping across New England, with the center of the storm making landfall about 10 miles (15 kilometers) north-northeast of Atlantic City, New Jersey, at around 5 p.m. local time. At that time, Fay had maximum sustained winds of around 50 mph (85 kph). Forecasters pr...
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Coronavirus live news: Australia's Victoria state begins weekend in lockdown, France exceeds 30,000 deaths

San Quentin prison in US has seven deaths and 1,500 positive tests; Serbia has record 18 fatalities; Australia caps incoming flights and charges for quarantine 1.27am BST Guardian reporter Eleanor Ainge Roy writes that the former prime minister of New Zealand Helen Clark has been told a vaccine for Covid-19 may be years away;This isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. I am told by informed sources in Geneva that it will be at least two-and-a-half years until there could be a widely available vac...
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About the Wayfair Child Trafficking Conspiracy...

R/conspiracy never sleeps, every day on the internet is a zombie march through a waking nightmare, and as a result, there is a new Pizzagate. The elements: home furnishing e-commerce platform Wayfair, exorbitantly-priced cabinets, a human trafficking theory, and a string of letters you should never type into Yandex.…Read more...
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Spectrum's Hidden 'Broadcast TV' Fee Will Increase to Almost $200 a Year

Paying for cable TV already includes a bunch of annoyances, like inflexible channel packages, having to sit through commercials, and sometimes being forced to buy or rent your own cable box. But for anyone pays for cable from Spectrum, things are about to get even worse, thanks to an increase in the company’s hidden “B…Read more...
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Dude Allegedly Spends $8,000 of Honeymoon Money On a Gaming PC, and We Have Questions

The R/relationship_advice subbreddit is an endless source of entertainment. Take, for instance, this incredible post: A distressed woman’s fiancé spent all $8,000 of their honeymoon savings on a gaming PC, and she’s looking for advice on what to do. My natural instinct was to shout, “DUMP HIS ASS!” There are many,…Read more...
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California Could Release Around 8,000 State Prisoners to Curb Covid-19 Spread

Thousands of inmates in California state prisons could be released as early as August in an attempt to curb the spread of covid-19, a potentially deadly disease caused by the novel coronavirus strain SARS-CoV-2.Read more...
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Grading Algorithms Are Fucking Over the Futures of International Students

As any high school senior can probably attest, prepping for college sucks. The global pandemic has made it even more of a stressful nightmare. In some cases, these seniors are relying on a faulty algorithm to decide whether they’ll be able to take classes this fall.Read more...
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Google Might Try to Save Its Fitbit Deal From EU Regulators By Promising Not to Use Health Data for Ads

European regulators are examining Google’s deal to acquire Fitbit, even seeking perspective from healthcare providers and the company’s rival wearable device makers. This appears to be making Google sweat a little bit, according to a Reuters report, because the company may be planning to offer a binding pledge not to…Read more...
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One-Third of All Coronavirus Tests Came Back Positive in Miami-Dade County on Thursday

One-third of coronavirus tests came back positive for the novel virus in Miami-Dade County, Florida on Thursday, with a 14-day average of 24.87 percent, according to CBS News. Even 20 percent would be considered very high.Read more...
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Instagram Finally Issues a Complete Ban on Conversion Therapy Content

Speaking with the BBC on Friday, Instagram’s public policy director for Europe said that the company will be altering its tactics for dealing with any posts related to conversion therapy. While the platform has condemned ads for conversion therapy services for a while and has community guidelines calling out any posts…Read more...
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France's Parliament Approves Age-Verification for Pornography Websites

The French Parliament this week approved legislation for requiring age-verification protocols for pornography websites, a system approved and later abandoned by the U.K. following technical setbacks and privacy concerns.Read more...
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Uber Is Running Out of Ideas on How to Save Its Own Ass

Even for regular schmucks with no background in economics or labor law, one of the glaring problems with Uber’s claim that its drivers are independent contractors rather than employees is that Uber sets the price of rides. Without the ability to set their own rates, or a contract drivers have any power to negotiate…Read more...
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Detroit Police Wrongfully Arrested Another Black Man Falsely Identified by Face Recognition

For more than a year, people opposed to giving police access to face recognition technology have pointed to criminal cases such as that of Willie Lynch. A Florida appellate court ruled last year that Lynch, a Jacksonville man convicted of selling drugs worth $50 to an undercover agent, had no right to view the photos…Read more...
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Astronomers Have a Plan to Detect a Possible Black Hole in Our Solar System

You may have heard about Planet Nine—a hypothetical planet thought to exist in the outer reaches of the solar system. One possibility is that it’s not a planet at all but a tiny black hole. New research outlines a potential strategy for detecting this supposed black hole, in a search that could begin as early as next…Read more...
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Comet Neowise streaks across morning sky; here’s how you can catch a glimpse

It’s time to experience a once-in-a-lifetime event. Comet Neowise, discovered in March, will continue its trek past Earth where it’s visible in the early morning hours for at least another week, according to NASA. It’s also likely to be visible at sunset into mid-August. Comet Neowise streaks across the early morning sky northeast of Adelanto Friday, July 10, 2020. Beginning Sunday, stargazers will be able to see the comet in the evening after sunset in the northwest sky, just below the Big ...
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To Really Cut Carbon Emissions, Stop Building New Roads

The UK has big plans for electric vehicles. It aims to phase out of sales of all fossil fuel-run cars by 2035 in an effort to lower carbon pollution. But there’s another source of emissions that could wipe out most of the gains: new roads.
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9 Common Browser Problems and How to Fix Them

We all rely on web browsers to get us through the day, so a problem with your browser of choice can have a serious impact on productivity (or Netflix binges).Read more...
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Coronavirus unlikely to be spread by children, research suggests

As schools contemplate reopening amid rising COVID-19 cases, an awkward truth is emerging: We’re the problem, not our kids. For months, we’ve kept children carefully isolated, pleading with them to behave, wear masks, wipe their boogers and not hug Gram and Grandpa. We’ve assumed this new virus acts just like the flu and common cold — so classrooms full of kids would create one giant cootie colony. But a growing body of research suggests young children aren’t responsible for most viral transmiss...
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Bill Nye Shows How Face Masks Actually Protect You–and Why You Should Wear Them

Like many Americans of my generation, I grew up having things explained to me by Bill Nye. Flight, magnets, simple machines, volcanoes: there seemed to be nothing he and his team of young lieutenants couldn't break down in a clear, humorous, and wholly non-boring manner. He didn't ask us to come to him, but met us where we already were: watching television. The zenith of the popularity of his PBS series Bill Nye the Science Guy passed a quarter-century ago, and the world has changed a bi...
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Star Trek's Jeffreys Combs, Ranked

Star Trek is filled with fantastic guest actors, but there are perhaps few more prolific, as prominent, or as downright varied as Jeffrey Combs. Read more...
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Twitter Defends Giving David Duke a Platform: He's 'Not Currently a Member of the KKK'

Why is David Duke, a white supremacist and former Klansmen, allowed to spout hateful anti-semitic, anti-trans, and anti-Black things on Twitter? According to the company, one reason Duke is not banned is that he’s not currently a leader of the Ku Klux Klan. Seriously.Read more...
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Rumor Has It That a MacBook Pro and MacBook Air Will Be the First Apple Silicon Computers

Even before Apple officially announced its plans to transition the Mac family over to Apple Silicon at WWDC last month, people predicted that Macs with Apple-made ARM processors were coming this year. Back in March, noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo speculated that the first Apple ARM processors could hit the market in…Read more...
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Reopening U.S. Schools Is a Mess—Whether Kids Can Spread It or Not

A new paper out Friday is the latest by experts arguing that grade schools in the U.S. could be reopened safely in the fall—given evidence that kids are unlikely to spread the coronavirus easily and provided that certain precautions are in place (a big if). There are many questions about whether the U.S. can meet…Read more...
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The World Will Lose Madagascar’s Lemurs Without Action

The island of Madagascar is home to animals and plants found nowhere else on Earth. Among them? Lemurs, which are unfortunately staring down some very bad news. Read more...
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Google Reportedly Now Facing Antitrust Probes in Every State but One

Amid ongoing investigations by the federal government and almost every other state, California has reportedly launched its own antitrust probe into the world’s biggest advertising agency, Google, as it continues to face scrutiny by U.S. and foreign regulators over its dominance in the online advertising industry, and…Read more...
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