Why David Duke Is Allowed on Twitter, Polynesia and iOS 14: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

Well folks, as I’m sure all of you are aware, life is a bit rough right now. Although many of you probably do this already, I’m going to share what I do to cope with the news that the world is burning every time I wake up (or at least that what it feels like.) I scroll through TikTok, and then I am reminded that there…Read more...
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Bill Gates, a Billionaire, Says Covid-19 Drugs and Vaccines Should Not Go to ‘Highest Bidder’

Microsoft founder Bill Gates, a billionaire, said a good and right thing on Saturday. Gates called on leaders to make sure that future covid-19 drugs and vaccines to the people and countries that need them most, and not just to the highest bidders.Read more...
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Coronavirus live news: WHO reports record global cases as South Africa reinstates alcohol ban

Cases rise by over 230,000 worldwide in 24 hours; Florida cases increase by record total for a US state; Brazil cases near 2m. Follow the latest updatesImmunity to Covid-19 could be lost in months, UK study suggestsIndonesia is failing to control coronavirus outbreak, say expertsSee all our coronavirus coverage 12.24am BST Hello and welcome to today’s live coverage of the coronavirus pandemic. My name is Helen Sullivan and I’ll be bringing you the latest news from around the world for the ne...
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Of Course Disney World's Reopening Video Works As Horror

In celebration of Disney World’s reopening after shutting down earlier this year in response to the still ongoing coronavirus pandemic that’s killed over 130,000 people in the US alone, the Disney Parks and Jobs dropped a video over the weekend enthusiastically welcoming park guests “home.” Here, “home” refers to a…Read more...
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Google Bans Ads for Snooping Products and Services

Google’s banning ads for so-called “stalkerware” apps, invasive programs largely associated with jealous exes or abusive partners to spy on another person without their authorization. Though given that the online search giant already adopted a blanket ban against stalkerware apps in its Play Store, one has to wonder…
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Everything Ubisoft Announced Today During Its Not-E3 Event

Today, Ubisoft hosted its not-E3 event, “Ubisoft Forward.” Though the event was ostensibly about games, it was impossible to ignore the recent upheaval surrounding the French publisher.Read more...
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Florida Records 15,000 New Covid-19 Cases in a Day, the Most for Any State During the Pandemic

Florida broke the nation’s covid-19 single-day case record on Sunday, reporting 15,299 new infections, the most new cases ever reported by a state during the pandemic. The news underscores the raging state of the coronavirus crisis in the U.S., proving once again that the virus will not simply “sort of just disappear…Read more...
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Netflix's The Old Guard Dug Deep to Bring the Comics to Life

In both Greg Rucka and Leandro Fernández’s The Old Guard and director Gina Prince-Bythewood’s new film based on the comic book series, a group of seemingly immortal warriors from different time periods all band together to commit their lives to ridding the world of its societal evils. None of the big bads they take on…Read more...
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Ubisoft Says It Won't Address Misconduct Issues During Today's Digital Showcase

Ubisoft’s big gaming showcase event today will be full of hype for upcoming Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry releases, but it won’t mention the stream of allegations, resignations and overall upheaval happening as a result of weeks of reports about sexual misconduct across many parts of the publisher.Read more...
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Immunity to Covid-19 could be lost in months, UK study suggests

Exclusive: King’s College London team found steep drops in patients’ antibody levels three months after infectionCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coveragePeople who have recovered from Covid-19 may lose their immunity to the disease within months, according to research suggesting the virus could reinfect people year after year, like common colds.In the first longitudinal study of its kind, scientists analysed the immune response of more than 90 patients and healthcare workers ...
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Splat With the Best of Them With a Digital Copy of Splatoon 2, Only $40

Splatoon 2 (Digital) | $40 | Amazon
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Today Only, Save Big on Kindle eBooks That Were Adapted into Shows and Movies

Up to 80% off, top titles adapted for the big screen | AmazonRead more...
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From floating guts to ‘sticky’ blood — here’s how to do surgery in space

Earlier this year, it was reported that an astronaut in space had developed a potentially life-threatening blood clot in the neck. This was successfully treated with medication by doctors on Earth, avoiding surgery. But given that space agencies and private spaceflight companies have committed to landing humans on Mars in the coming decades, we may not be so lucky next time. Surgical emergencies are in fact one of the main challenges when it comes to human space travel. But over the last few yea...
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STRIDE study tests ways to prevent injuries from falls

Every year about one in three adults age 65 and older takes a fall, and 20 to 30% of those who fall suffer significant injuries such as head trauma or a broken hip. A new study shows how difficult it is to prevent these injuries, even with help from primary care providers.
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Context matters: Neighborhood factors associated with heavier drinking

People in wealthier neighborhoods drink alcohol twice as frequently as people in poorer areas, suggests a new study from the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health and the Prevention Research Center of the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation.
Tags: Science, Prevention Research Center

Whole body scans for trauma patients saves time spent in emergency departments

A new study by a University of South Australia medical imaging student may have found the solution to easing hospital ramping and crowded emergency departments.
Tags: Science, University of South Australia

Mini-LED, Micro-LED and OLED displays: Present status and future perspectives

"Mini-LED, Micro-LED or OLED displays: who wins?" is a heated debatable question. To answer this question, researchers from University of Central Florida conducted a comprehensive analysis on the performance of mini-LED, micro-LED and OLED emissive displays and mini-LED backlit LCDs. The evaluation metrics include power consumption, ambient contrast ratio, motion picture response time, dynamic range, color gamut, and adaptability to flexible/transparent displays, and applications span from augme...
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Long-term strategies to control COVID-19 must treat health and economy as equally important

Strategies for the safe reopening of low and middle-income countries (LMICs) from months of strict social distancing in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic must recognise that preserving people's health is as important as reviving the economy, argue an international team of researchers.
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World-first technology breathes new life into cystic fibrosis detection and treatment

World-first research, led by Monash University, has developed radical non-invasive X-ray technology aimed at helping diagnose, treat and manage people with cystic fibrosis.
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Cigarette sales declining by 20 million a month after advent of standardized packaging

The new study from the Tobacco Control Research Group at the University of Bath highlights how new taxation plus standardised packaging for cigarettes has led to a large decline in sales in England and Wales.
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Yale, Baylor study reveals new cell types in lethal lung disease

A research team from Yale and Baylor College of Medicine has completed the largest single-cell analysis to date of lungs affected by Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF), revealing how cells change in response to the disease and identifying previously unknown cell types. The findings, published in the July 8 issue of Science Advances, deepen understanding of IPF and could improve treatment of it and other fibrotic lung diseases.
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Biosignatures may reveal a wealth of new data locked inside old fossils

Step aside, skeletons -- a new world of biochemical "signatures" found in all kinds of ancient fossils is revealing itself to paleontologists, providing a new avenue for insights into major evolutionary questions.
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