Coronavirus live news: California sees record daily cases as global infections top 15m

California Covid-19 cases pass New York’s after record day; WHO emergencies chief says vaccinations unlikely before 2021; global cases pass 15m. Follow the latest updates US daily coronavirus deaths surpass 1,000 for first time since JuneCalifornia surpasses New York as state with most coronavirus cases after record dayNearly a quarter of people in Delhi have had coronavirus, study findsSee all our coronavirus coverage 1.16am BST Mexico’s Health Ministry on Wednesday reported 6,019 new confi...
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AOC Files Measure to Kill U.S. Military Twitch Streams as Battle Over Protester Bans Heats Up

U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez plans to file an amendment that would bar any part of the U.S. military from spending federal funds to operate accounts on any “video game, esports, or live-streaming platform,” Vice reported on Wednesday. At the same time, prominent civil rights groups have demanded…Read more...
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Take a Brief Vacation From Reality With These 6 Short Sci-Fi and Horror Films

Dreaming of other planets, other realities, or other timelines? So far, 2020 has us wishing we could be literally anywhere else. Here’s a temporary escape hatch: these awesome new short films, all of which share glimpses of a future where so much more has gone wrong. At least we aren’t there... yet?Read more...
Tags: Space, Science, Horror, Artificial Intelligence, Animation, Robots, Sci Fi, Short Films, John Panton, Short Sci Fi

Dueling Cyclones Brew in the Atlantic and Pacific

Hurricane season is unfortunately alive and well, folks. As of Wednesday, two storms are brewing: Hurricane Douglas in the Pacific and Tropical Storm Gonzalo in the Atlantic. A third is also likely to spring up in the Gulf of Mexico later this week.Read more...
Tags: Weather, Science, Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf of Mexico, Hurricanes, Hurricane Season

Google Will Show Authenticated Brand Logos in Gmail to Help Curb Scams

As part of a series of security updates to G Suite announced this week, Google says it’s piloting a new standard for email authentication that will display a company or brand icon next to email that Google has verified as legit—a measure that may help curb phishing and other malicious activity from bad actors.Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, Gmail, Scams, Phishing, G Suite, BIMI, Google Will Show Authenticated Brand Logos

AT&T Apologizes for Scaring Customers About Shutting Down Its 3G Network in 2022

Usually when companies make major changes to their services, a little advanced notice is a good thing. Unfortunately, when AT&T recently began sending out emails telling customers that their phones would no longer work on its network when AT&T phases out support for 3G, the carrier forgot to include one important…Read more...
Tags: Science, Smartphones, Att, 4G, 3G, Carriers, 5g, Att Sends Customers Into A Panic

Facebook's New Private Messaging Feature Promises Privacy From Everyone (Except Facebook)

Considering Facebook’s, um, questionable track record on all things privacy, you’d think the company would learn to stop leaning into the phrase when rolling out new products that promise to be safe and secure when the company actually means they’re safe and secure from everyone except, y’know, Facebook.Read more...
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Leaked DNC Platform Draft Shows the Party Is Improving on Climate—Just Not Enough

Democratic Party officials put together a draft of the 2020 platform which includes several pages on the climate crisis, but contains barely any mention of the biggest cause of that crisis: burning fossil fuels. Read more...
Tags: Science, Democrats, Democratic Party, Climate Policy, 2020 Election, DNC Platform Draft Shows the Party

Banks Can Now Hold Cryptocurrencies, As a Treat

According to a public letter from the U.S. Comptroller of the Currency, the federal group responsible for the security of the banking system, banks are now allowed to hold cryptocurrencies.Read more...
Tags: Science, Banks, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, U S Comptroller of the Currency

Upgrade Your Home Office with One of These Capable Printers

A clunky old printer can be not only unreliable but expensive to maintain with ink. Modern printers are dependable and often more efficient with ink usage, plus they can pack in perks like wireless printing and smart compatibility with popular work software. If you’re looking for a better home office printer—or…Read more...
Tags: Science, Printers, Amazon Search

Leaked DNC Platform Is Troublingly Vague on Net Neutrality

Buried deep within a leaked 79-page draft of the Democratic National Committee’s 2020 platform are promises to “recommit” to net neutrality and bridge the digital divide once and for all. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders had already outlined similar plans in a joint task force…Read more...
Tags: Science, Net Neutrality, Internet, Dnc, Joe Biden, Digital Divide, Isps, 5g, Bernie Sanders, Democratic National Committee

Amid Backlash, U.S. Army Retreats From Twitch

The U.S. Army has dealt with sustained backlash over the past few weeks against its recruitment-oriented Twitch channel, which has banned viewers for asking about war crimes and hosted supposed giveaways that just dumped people out onto a recruitment page (which the Army has since claimed did enter viewers into a…Read more...
Tags: Science, Army, Streaming, Kotakucore, US Army, Twitch, U S Army, Amid Backlash U S Army

Edgar Wright May Direct a Spielberg-Produced Ghost Story Set at a Film Studio

As fans patiently wait for by Shaun of the Dead and Scott Pilgrim director Edgar Wright, the talented filmmaker is lining up a smorgasbord of future projects. The latest is called Stage 13, a ghost story set at a movie studio.Read more...
Tags: Science, Ghosts, Steven Spielberg, Edgar Wright, Simon Rich, Scott Pilgrim, Shaun of the Dead, Amblin, Stage 13

$75M in federal grants will fund a new trio of quantum institutes

Quantum science is just getting started, and although we’ve already hit some important milestones in both theory and practice, basic research is still needed in just about every nook and cranny of the field. To that end the National Science Foundation has dedicated $75M to the establishment of three brand new scientific institutes. “Through the Quantum Leap Challenge Institutes, NSF is making targeted investments. Within five years, we are confident these institutes can make tangible advances...
Tags: Science, Government, Tech, University Of California Berkeley, Quantum Physics, National Science Foundation, NSF, Quantum Computers, Quantum Science, Sethuraman Panchanathan, Through the Quantum Leap Challenge Institutes NSF

One of the Best Streaming Services Is Dying and I'm Bummed

DC Universe’s excellent $75 year-length subscription is reportedly dead. New subscribers will be limited to only the monthly $8 plan, which averages about $21 more annually than the defunct annual plan. It’s a major bummer and another significant hint that DC Universe, one of the absolute best deals in streaming, is…Read more...
Tags: Comics, Science, Dc Comics, Streaming, Harley Quinn, Warner Bros, Cw, DC Entertainment, DC Universe, Swamp Thing, Doom Patrol, StarGirl

Elon Musk claims his brain chip can stimulate your pleasure center

Neuralink‘s mission has never quite been clear. We know it’s working on a chip designed to be surgically inserted into the human skull called a brain-computer interface (BCI), but exactly what and who it’s for remains a bit of a mystery. As best we can tell based on what’s been revealed so far, it’s shaping up to be a terrifying hormone hijacker capable of potentially giving you forced mental orgasms or making you fall in love. Yes — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) July 19, 2020 Musk originally said the g...
Tags: Startups, Elon Musk, Science, Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Neural, Neuralink

A Woman Goes All Count of Monte Cristo on Genetics in the Biohackers Trailer

A medical student studying under a controversial professor finds herself entangled in a world of forbidden science. A tale as old as time. But what if there’s another, more personal reason she’s embraced synthetic biology and genetic enhancements? It’s not just because she thinks is cool. She’s there to…Read more...
Tags: Science, Germany, Netflix, Streaming, Biohacking, Monte Cristo, Christian Ditter, Biohackers

Uber's Junked JUMP Bikes Are Getting A Second Chance

When Uber its e-transportation offshoot, Jump, earlier this year, the company was left with hundreds of employees that needed to be let go, and tens of thousands of electric bikes that, well, also needed to be let go... directly into the trash. Read more...
Tags: Transportation, Uber, Science, Bikes

Apple Glasses Rumors Have Me Stressed About AR's Biggest Unsolved Problems

The hype behind Apple’s rumored augmented reality just won’t die. Every few weeks, almost like clockwork, some sort of Apple AR rumor or news makes its way through the tech blogosphere, even as other smart glasses and AR companies are capsizing left and right. This has always irked me, but it…Read more...
Tags: Apple, Wearables, Science, Ar, Augmented Reality, Smart Glasses, Apple Glasses

Feeling Like a Freak on a Leash

I never planned to be the weirdo walking her cat around on leash during a global pandemic. But stuck inside for months, there’s nowhere for the difficult truths in your life (cat-related or otherwise) to hide.Read more...
Tags: Science, Cats, Good Boys, Covid 19

Comic-Con 2020: io9 Shows Off Their Con Floors

has begun, but it’s looking a little different this year. Thanks to the novel coronavirus pandemic, all the panels, cosplay competitions, and merchandise areas have moved online. Normally, this would be the time we’d take you onto the show floor during preview night but instead, we’re giving you an…Read more...
Tags: Star Wars, Toys, Video, Science, Disney, Dc Comics, Theme Parks, Warner Bros, Lucasfilm, DC Entertainment, Collectibles, Lightsabers, Funko, San Diego Comic Con, Star Wars Galaxys Edge, Comic Con 2020

Incredible Image Shows a Pair of Exoplanets Around a Sun-Like Star

This first-of-its-kind image reveals a star system just 300 light-years from Earth. It was captured by the Very Large Telescope (VLT), which is managed by the European Southern Observatory and located in the Atacama desert of Chile. This is considered the first direct image of multiple exoplanets in orbit around a…Read more...
Tags: Astronomy, Science, Earth, Stars, Chile, Atacama, Exoplanets, VLT, European Southern Observatory, Planetary Systems

Microsoft's Doing the Monopoly Thing Again, Slack Says

Workplace messaging software company Slack is accusing Microsoft of monopoly behavior in an antitrust complaint filed today to European Union regulators. Unsurprisingly, the accusations hinge on the same practice that helped make Microsoft rich in the first place. Read more...
Tags: Science, Microsoft, European Union, Antitrust, Slack

Twitter Expects QAnon Crackdown to Affect 150,000 Accounts Across Network

When should Twitter have banned QAnon, the conspiracy theory that has thoroughly convinced people, mainly Trump supporters, of an omnipresent threat of Satanic child abusers? Was it when Reddit banned their QAnon subreddit for making “violent threats” in 2018? Was it when a group of armed Arizona veterans stormed a…Read more...
Tags: Twitter, Science, Arizona, Reddit, Trump, QAnon, Accounts Across Network

Khali by Bellesa Is a SUPER Intense Vibrator (In a Good Way!)

Khali by Bellesa | $79 | Bellesa | Promo code “INVENTORY”Read more...
Tags: Science, Sex, Sex Toys, Sexual health, Khali, Bellesa, Masturbate Theatre

Herman Miller Now Sells Gaming Furniture, In Case You’ve Got an Extra $3,000 Laying Around

If you’ve ever shopped for office furniture, you’ve undoubtedly drooled over Herman Miller’s fancy chairs, and then turned away in disappointment at their Dyson-like pricing. Still a staple of well-funded startups, the furniture maker now assumes that gamers who’ve already spent thousands on a spec’d-out PC are happy…Read more...
Tags: Gaming, Science, Furniture, Logitech, Dyson, Chairs, Herman Miller, Standing Desks, Office Chairs

Ancient Ice Loss in Antarctica’s Most Stable Region Paints a Bleak Picture of What Could Come

A new paper suggests that the East Antarctic ice sheet may not be as stable as we thought. Looking at ancient melting, the study finds evidence that this piece of the Antarctic experienced melting 400,000 years ago when the world was 1.8 to 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit (1 to 2 degrees Celsius) warmer. Enough ice melted…Read more...
Tags: Science, Ice, Antarctica, Antarctic, East Antarctica, East Antarctic, Ice Ice Maybe

New antibody mix could form 'very potent' Covid-19 treatment, say scientists

Researchers say development could lead to a coronavirus treatment that can be mass produced Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageResearchers have identified a potent cocktail of antibodies that may help doctors treat Covid-19 infections and protect people at risk from falling ill with the disease.The antibodies were collected from patients hospitalised with severe Covid-19, and they could be manufactured at scale by pharmaceutical firms and transfused into the blood to fig...
Tags: Health, Science, Biology, World news, Medical Research, Coronavirus outbreak

Antibody mix trialled as potential coronavirus treatment

Scientists find promise of ‘very potent’ defence against Covid-19 that could be mass-producedCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageResearchers have identified a potent cocktail of antibodies that may help doctors treat Covid-19 infections and protect people at risk from falling ill with the disease.The antibodies were collected from patients hospitalised with severe Covid-19, and they could be manufactured at scale by pharmaceutical firms and transfused into the blood to fi...
Tags: Health, Science, Biology, World news, Medical Research, Coronavirus outbreak

Coronavirus live news: number of confirmed cases worldwide passes 15 million

US has highest number of cases, followed by Brazil and India; WHO reports worrying infection trends in southern Europe and Balkans; Trump urges people to wear masksUS daily coronavirus deaths surpass 1,000 for first time since JuneNearly a quarter of people in Delhi have had coronavirus, study findsSee all our coronavirus coverage 5.09pm BST There are now over 15 million confirmed cases of Covid-19 across the globe, according to Johns Hopkins University data.The global tally of cases now sta...
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