Substack Just Accidentally Revealed Email Addresses of Tons of Users

Oh god: Someone at Substack accidentally sent out an email blast exposing the email addresses of numerous users.Read more...
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Health care workers may be less, not more, susceptible to COVID, study suggests

Health care workers may be less susceptible to COVID-19 infection than people in the communities they serve, according to surprising early data from an ongoing study at Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian. Of some 3,000 workers tested in May and June, only 1% had antibodies to the novel coronavirus in their blood, despite the fact that the Newport Beach hospital has cared for hundreds of COVID-19 patients. That 1% is far lower than what has been found in wider communities. Some 4-6% of residents...
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Celebrate John Saxon With 8 of the B-Movie Legend's Most Memorable Genre Roles

The world lost a commanding presence over the weekend with the passing of John Saxon, a beloved cult actor whose career stretched back to the 1950s and encompassed a wide range of Westerns, sci-fi, crime dramas, horror (including three Nightmare on Elm Street movies), and so, so much more.Read more...
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The AMC and Universal War Over Movies Has Ended, Thank God

Earlier this year—roughly 100 years ago now—you’ll recall that AMC had a very public, very messy falling out with NBCUniversal over distribution rights that saw the movie theater chain swear off Universal Pictures films in its theaters globally, ostensibly forever. In a somewhat surprising turn, it appears the two…Read more...
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I Refuse to Believe This

Quibi—a new streaming service that reportedly lost 92% of its users after their free trial ended, only garnered around on launch day, and only added Apple AirPlay and Chromecast compatibility after people kept complaining about only being able to watch shows on their phones—has been nominated for ten…Read more...
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Yeah, So It Turns Out Rite Aid Has Been Using Face Recognition at Hundreds of Stores

Rite Aid used face recognition to scan the faces of every single customer who walked into hundreds of its stores in a program encompassing most of the past decade, Reuters reported on Tuesday.Read more...
Tags: Security, Science, Privacy, Police, Surveillance, Retail, Facial Recognition, Biometrics, Reuters, Face Recognition, Rite Aid, Face Recognition at Hundreds of Stores

Uzi Nissan, Internet Domain Owner Who Fought Nissan In Court For A Decade, Has Died Of Covid-19

Uzi Nissan, the infamous owner of the web domain who fought with the automaker of the same name for nearly a decade in court, has passed away from Covid-19 complications this month.Read more...
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This App Is Keeping My Plants Alive, No Thanks to Me

Here’s the thing about plants: They’re gorgeous, they improve just about any space, and in most cases, they’re generally fairly easy to take care of with a little consideration to their needs. Personally, I can’t live without them, and they were some of the first things I bought after relocating to the West Coast…Read more...
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Coronavirus live news: US deaths near 150,000 as Italy extends state of emergency

Trump blames US case surge on protestors; WHO warns pandemic is “one big wave”, not seasonal; Air travel not expected to recover until 2024. Follow the latest updatesCovid-19 still accelerating, warns WHO, as restrictions return in EuropeTwitter limits Donald Trump Jr’s account for posting misinformationClapped out of ICU, dead days later: the secondary impact of Covid-19Outbreak in Xinjiang prompts fears of spread inside Uighur campsSee all our coronavirus coverage 12.13am BST Hello and wel...
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WATCH: Virgin Galactic spaceship new cabin design reveal

I'd totally go. Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic unveiled a new cabin design today, and streamed the launch event live. Watch the replay here, and sign up for a trip if you've got plenty of cash and don't mind waiting.
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How NASA’s Tiny New Helicopter Will Make History on Mars

We’re beyond stoked about the upcoming launch of the Perseverance rover to Mars, but NASA’s new explorer won’t be alone on its journey. Tucked beneath its belly is a tiny helicopter named Ingenuity, which will hopefully be the first aircraft to take flight on an alien world.Read more...
Tags: Science, Nasa, Mars, Perseverance, Ingenuity, Mars 2020, Perseverance Rover, Mars Explorations

Perfect Your Surround Sound Setup with These Level Calibration Tools

Featured Product: Gain Express Professional Sound Level Meter | $39 | AmazonRead more...
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It's Time to Redefine Broadband Speeds

Let’s face it: A 25 Mbps download speed isn’t enough internet these days. It wasn’t necessarily enough before the current pandemic, but with many families now working and going to school from home, those with the minimum broadband speed have probably discovered there isn’t enough bandwidth to go around. Which is why…Read more...
Tags: Science, Fcc, Internet, Rural Internet, The Digital Divide, Fix The Internet Already

Senators Held a Bizarre Hearing About How to Solve Climate Change With More Fossil Fuels

The Senate Energy Committee held a hearing on Tuesday that was ostensibly about lowering carbon emissions to curb climate change. But they didn’t say much about reducing the amount of carbon spewed into the atmosphere. In fact, some witnesses called for more fossil fuel infrastructure. Read more...
Tags: Science, Bad Ideas, Carbon Capture, Carbon Capture And Storage, Very Very Bad Ideas, Senate Energy Committee

Scientists modified a strain of cannabis to kill cancer cells

It’s well-documented that chemical compounds found in cannabis, especially cannabidiol (CBD), are effective at treating the symptoms of many forms of cancer. But now there’s evidence that it could potentially cure the disease by attacking cancer cells. Cancer researcher Matt Dun, of the University of Newcastle in Australia, recently finished a three-year long study indicating a specific modified strain of cannabis is destructive to certain types of cancer cells while remaining harmless to the hu...
Tags: Startups, Science, Australia, Tech, University of Newcastle, Matt Dun, Hunter Medical Research

I Have Accepted That the #ChallengeAccepted Challenge Is the Ultimate Empty Challenge

Back in the 20th century, novelist C. S. Forester described an 18th century sailor entertaining his crew members by killing rats with his teeth, his hands tied behind his back. I think of this story often during my daily drift through the endless seas of social media. With no wind in the sails and no destination on…Read more...
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Who Are 'America's Frontline Doctors', the Pro-Trump, Pro-Hydroxychloroquine Weirdos Banned From Social Media?

A group calling itself “America’s Frontline Doctors” held a press conference in Washington, D.C. on Monday, falsely declaring that there is a cure for covid-19—hydroxychloroquine—and it was was being suppressed by the world’s leading health experts. The group’s videos were seen by millions on Facebook, Twitter, and…Read more...
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Nintendo's Latest Solution for Its Cloud Problem Is Still a Half Measure

My birthday gift from my partner this year was a Switch Lite. Actually, it was part of an elaborate upgrade scheme we cooked up. His regular Switch was kinda broken—you have to jiggle it a few times in the dock for it to connect properly to the TV. I almost never hook my Switch up to the TV. It made sense to buy a…Read more...
Tags: Cloud, Science, Nintendo, Animal Crossing, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite

Marshall's New Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Sounds as Good as It Looks

If there’s one thing Marshall does exceptionally well, it’s making beautiful devices. Speaking exclusively to aesthetics, a lot of speakers—and more specifically, Bluetooth speakers—are decidedly clunky and weird-looking. Sure, the most important thing about the function of a speaker is obviously to make your music…Read more...
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Blame the neanderthals

Coronavirus in Context is a weekly newsletter where we bring you facts that matter about the COVID-19 pandemic and the technology trying to stop its spread. You can subscribe here. Hola Pandemic Pals, Sorry we’re late today. My toddler has a stomach bug and we’re out of toilet paper. I had to print out a bunch of copies of Breitbart’s home page to handle the mess. Why the unsolicited jab at Steve Bannon’s propaganda outlet? Because it published a video last night spreading purposely harmful COVI...
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A Sick Sous-Vide Has Been Bricked by Mandatory Subscriptions

The Mellow Sous-Vide machine-made soft, gentle, susurrating waves when it first launched in 2014. Designed to keep and cook foods at a specific temperature, it featured an elegant design and an integrated tub that ensured uniform heating and cooling.Read more...
Tags: Food, Science, Sous Vide, Consumer Tech

This Is the Best Smartwatch for Under $200

It used to be that smartwatches were a sort of “luxury” gadget. They couldn’t do as much as your phone, and frankly, didn’t offer much more than a much cheaper fitness band. Shelling out several hundred for one seemed like a waste of money.Read more...
Tags: Wearables, Science, Smartwatches, Fitbit, Polar, Timex, Battlemodo, Fitbit Versa Lite Edition, Timex Metropolitan R, Polar Unite, Budget Smartwatches

The Orca That Carried Around Her Dead Calf for Two Weeks Is Pregnant Again

In 2018, the world’s collective heart broke for Tahlequah, a Southern Resident killer whale in the Pacific Northwest that’s formal name is J35. The mama whale carried around her dead calf for more than two weeks. Now, Tahlequah is pregnant again.Read more...
Tags: Science, Endangered Species, Pacific Northwest, Orcas, Southern Resident Killer Whales, Tahlequah, We Love Whales

Stand up to Your ISP and Save 80% on VyprVPN for 2 Years

2-Year VPN Plan | $60 | VyprVPN
Tags: Deals, Kinja Deals, Science, VPN deals, Vyprvpn Deals

Scientists successfully revive 100m-year-old microbes from the sea

Microbes had lain dormant at the bottom of the sea since the age of the dinosaurs Scientists have successfully revived microbes that had lain dormant at the bottom of the sea since the age of the dinosaurs, allowing the organisms to eat and even multiply after eons in the deep.Their research sheds light on the remarkable survival power of some of Earth’s most primitive species, which can exist for tens of millions of years with barely any oxygen or food before springing back to life in the lab. ...
Tags: Science, Biology, Environment, Evolution, Fossils

New Report Reveals the Shocking Toll Bushfires Took on Australia’s Wildlife

Almost 3 billion animals were killed or displaced by the devastating Australia bushfires of 2019 and 2020, new research shows. That’s roughly triple earlier estimates. Read more...
Tags: Science, Australia, Animals, Wildfires, Bush Fires

Ancient Microbes Spring to Life After 100 Million Years Under the Seafloor

Scientists have revived microbes found deep beneath the seafloor in 100-million-year-old sediment, dramatically expanding our view of where life exists on Earth and for how long.Read more...
Tags: Science, Biology, Earth, Microbiology, Microbes, Extremophiles, Seafloor Sediments

Wars for Cybertron, Ranked

The myriad Transformers continuities are united by many things—mostly robots that transform into vehicles (and or prehistoric creatures, depending), but also: war. War, specifically not just on Earth, but for their homeworld. We’re about to see the battle for Cybertron rage all over again in Netflix’s new …Read more...
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Give Yourself the Gift of Extra Gigs With $40 off This 1TB External Drive From Samsung

Samsung T7 1TB External USB-C Drive | $160 | Best BuyRead more...
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NYC Sends Revel Scooters Down to Hell Where They Belong

With a top speed of 30 mph and a growing body of malfunction-based lawsuits and traffic incident data working against them, Revel’s fleet of app-rentable mopeds is, as of today, no longer operating in its home city of New York. Who, besides absolutely everyone, could have seen this coming.Read more...
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