Biden and Harris ask Trump to 'publicly commit' to respecting science on a COVID-19 vaccine

WORCESTER, MA - SEPTEMBER 4: Hilda Ramirez, right, has blood drawn by researcher Karen Longtine, left, before receiving an injection at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester, MA on September 04, 2020. Ramirez is taking part in a clinical trial for a COVID-19 vaccine. The blood sample will be used to offer a baseline of information. Craig F. Walker/The Boston Globe via Getty Images Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his running mate Sen. Kamala Harris issued...
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Meet the Next Legendary Star Trek Pet: Grudge the Cat

We have breaking news. The upcoming season of Star Trek: Discovery is going to be the best one ever. We know this, for a fact, because it’ll be the first with Grudge the cat.Read more...
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Apple Says 'Epic’s Conduct Threatens the Very Existence of the iOS Ecosystem' in Countersuit

The showdown between Apple and Epic Games shows no signs of being over. Apple filed its countersuit today against the Fortnite maker, seeking compensatory and punitive damages in addition to asking the court to hold Epic accountable for its contractual obligations with Apple. Read more...
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Oh, So We're Doing This Section 230 Bullshit Again

Republicans in the Senate unveiled the party’s latest piece of political theater attacking Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act on Tuesday—the latest in a string of GOP proposals that are either legal gibberish or dead on arrival so long as Democrats have strong footing in at least one chamber of Congress.Read more...
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I, Too, Had a Terrifying Encounter With Satanism in an Airbnb or Maybe My Own Apartment or Whatever

On Monday, an Airbnb user named Frederick Joseph tweeted out his experience with his Labor Day weekend rental—namely, that it was filled with “seemingly Satanic items and stuff for witchcraft rituals” such as a small replica of the Church of Satan’s , a pheasant skin, a photo of a topless woman, a…Read more...
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Cheers to This Facebook Engineer With a Blazing Resignation Letter

If Mark Zuckerberg’s concerned citizen act has convinced you that Facebook’s trying really, really hard, or that the company is too big to possibly moderate hate on its platform, read this resignation letter from software engineer Ashok Chandwaney. After five and a half years at the company, they’ve unequivocally…Read more...
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Knife's Out

You might think you know everything you need to know about a guy based solely on the fact that he refers to himself as “Knife Dog,” and mostly you’d be right. A personal arsenal of swords and knives? Obviously. A soft spot for gruesome medical conditions? You betcha. An air of intellectual superiority exposed by…Read more...
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AstraZeneca's phase 3 coronavirus vaccine trial was just put on pause because a participant may have had an adverse reaction

The first patient enrolled in Pfizer's COVID-19 coronavirus vaccine clinical trial at the University of Maryland School of Medicine receives an injection, May 4, 2020. University of Maryland School of Medicine via AP AstraZeneca's phase 3 trial of its coronavirus vaccine has been put on hold because a participant in the UK may have had a serious adverse reaction. Pauses like this are routine in studies, but this is the first known hold in a phase 3 trial of a COVID-19 vaccine. This cou...
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Coronavirus live news: Oxford Covid-19 vaccine trial put on hold; England bans gatherings of more than six

China’s leaders stage triumphant celebration of beating coronavirus; UK government to announce additional restrictions; AstraZeneca Plc and Oxford pause major vaccine trial for second time. Follow the latest updates‘Not a game’: Europe pleads with young people to halt Covid spreadGatherings of more than six to be banned in EnglandBrazil’s ex-president Lula condemns Bolsonaro over CovidUS: death rate among African Americans and Latinos rising sharply 12.59am BST Peter Walker and Simon Murphy ...
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Coronavirus live news: Oxford Covid-19 vaccine trial put on hold; England bans gatherings over six

China’s leaders stage triumphant celebration of beating coronavirus; UK govt to announce additional restrictions on Wednesday; AstraZeneca Plc and Oxford pause major vaccine trial for second time. Follow the latest updates‘Not a game’: Europe pleads with young people to halt Covid spreadGatherings of more than six to be banned in EnglandBrazil’s ex-president Lula condemns Bolsonaro over CovidUS: death rate among African Americans and Latinos rising sharply 12.17am BST Here is what we know so...
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The 10 Best Deals of September 8, 2020

Tuesday’s Best Deals | Kinja Deals
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No One Knows What Lurks at the Bottom of This Freakishly Deep Submerged Cave

New research suggests Hranice Abyss—the world’s deepest freshwater cave—is around 0.6 miles (1 kilometer) deep, which is more than twice the depth of previous estimates.Read more...
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All 11 Halloween Movies (So Far), Ranked

We are more than ready for an early Halloween this year, and what better way to prepare than by ranking all of the movies (so far) spawned by John Carpenter’s 1978 slasher masterpiece? Read more...
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Top Pharmaceutical Giants Pledge to Stick to Science on Coronavirus Vaccine

Ever since the covid-19 pandemic made its way to the United States, the question of whether Americans would accept a potential vaccine has lingered over everything. First, there was the concern that the antivaxxer movement might dissuade people from taking a legitimate vaccine. More recently, the worry has been that…Read more...
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States Are Closing Oil Rigs at an Alarming Rate

The pandemic has dramatically decreased demand for oil and gas, and a new analysis shows producers are responding to the dip. Companies are idling the tools that help them tap fossil fuels under the Earth, slowing exploration down. Read more...
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I Can’t With These Confusing Xbox Names

With the price of one of the next-generation Xbox consoles confirmed and the other one likely forthcoming as Microsoft and Sony’s big game of next-gen pricing chicken drags on, there needs to be a frank discussion about the names of these consoles. A discussion wherein I sit down with Mr. Microsoft and ask a simple…Read more...
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Another Sweeping Search for Aliens Comes Up Short

A groundbreaking survey of over 10 million star systems has failed to detect signs of extraterrestrial intelligence.Read more...
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15 Things You Can Do in Android 11 That You Couldn’t Do Before

Android 11 is officially rolling out today after months of betas, first to Pixel phones and devices from OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo, and realme before a wider launch. How long you’re going to have to wait will depend on which manufacturer made your handset. Read more...
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Keir Starmer warns UK's test-and-trace system on 'verge of collapse'

Ministers concede lack of laboratory capacity for tests could take fortnight to resolveCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageKeir Starmer has warned the coronavirus test-and-trace system is “on the verge of collapse”, as ministers conceded that a lack of laboratory capacity which has prevented many people getting a test could take a fortnight to be resolved.The hold-up in processing Covid results, which has seen some people asked to travel from London to Scotland for tests,...
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Coronavirus live news: France confirms 6,544 new infections; Spain reports 3,168 new daily cases

Latest figures bring France’s total cases to 335,524 and Spain’s to 534,513; concerns over spread of virus in Greek migrant camps‘Not a game’: Europe pleads with young people to halt Covid spreadBrazil’s ex-president Lula condemns Bolsonaro over CovidUS: death rate among African Americans and Latinos rising sharplyTour de France race director tests positiveTokyo Olympics must be held at ‘any cost’, says Japanese minister 7.30pm BST The UK government response to the coronavirus pandemic is on...
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Star Trek: Discovery's New Trailer Brings the Fight for the Federation to the Far Future

The crew of the Discovery made a terrible sacrifice at the end of season two, leaving their lives as they knew them behind and flinging the ship 930 years into the future, where the Federation is in some dire straits of its own (again). Now it seems it’s up to Michael and her friends to remind them of what the…Read more...
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An Incomplete List of the Past 72 Hours of Unprecedented Weather-Related Calamities

You may have seen our earlier a piece on the swing between fire and freezing in the West, but that only told a small portion of the wild weather Americans have experienced over the past few days. While your humble correspondent included what he deemed a “fair” amount of facts, stats, and other things to otherwise make…Read more...
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The philosophy of bullsh*t and how to avoid stepping in it

A professor in Sweden has a bold on idea on what BS, pseudoscience, and pseudophilosophy actually are. He suggests they are defined by a lack of "epistemic conscientiousness" rather than merely being false. He offers suggestions on how to avoid producing nonsense and how to identify it on sight. There is a lot of BS going around these days. Fake cures for disease are being passed off by unscrupulous hacks, the idea that the world is flat has a shocking amount of sincere support online, and plent...
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Literally Pause the Internet With This Built-in Browser Tool

If your Internet habits resemble anything like mine, you probably have 20-plus tabs open at once, maybe multiple windows too, because you want to keep that YouTube playlist or Gmail inbox separate for quicker access. But all overwhelming digital clutter can keep us glued to our screens anyway. Sometimes the best thing…Read more...
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A COVID-19 newsletter without any doom or gloom

Coronavirus in Context is a weekly newsletter where we bring you facts that matter about the COVID-19 pandemic and the technology trying to stop its spread. You can subscribe here. Hi-diddly-ho corona-rinos, Nobody talks about the 8 billion people who haven’t died from COVID-19 amirite?  This week’s newsletter is dedicated to everyone who hates how biased the mainstream media is against lies and misinformation. So, to appease the “alternative facts” crowd, I present: Coronavirus in the Context o...
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What's the Best Electric Toothbrush?

I’m sure I’m not alone in how I choose to allocate all this extra quarantine time we’ve gotten. Between movies, gaming, and all the random stuff on social media that brings my perspective on humanity into constant question, I’ve spent a lot more time entertaining myself recently, and that naturally means more snacks…Read more...
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NASA issues new call for lunar payload deliveries from its commercial moon lander partners

NASA wants its private commercial space company partners to make more moon deliveries on its behalf: The agency just for scientific and experimental payloads that need lunar delivery sometime in 2022, in part to help pave the way for NASA’s Artemis human lunar landing mission planned for 2024. NASA previously established its Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) program in order to build a stable of approved vendors for a special special type of service, namely providing lunar landers that ...
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Coronavirus live news: Spain reports 3,168 new daily cases; migrant camps near Athens quarantined

Latest figures bring Spain’s total cases to 534,513; concerns over spread of virus in Greek migrant campsFull story: Tour de France race director tests positive‘Not a game’: Europe pleads with young people to halt Covid spreadUS: death rate among African Americans and Latinos rising sharplyTokyo Olympics must be held at ‘any cost’, says Japanese ministerUK coronavirus updates – live 6.23pm BST Spain’s health ministry reported 8,964 new Covid cases on Tuesday, 3,168 of them diagnosed over the...
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Disney's Mulan Faces Backlash for Thanking Chinese Region Marred by Human Rights Violations

Disney’s Mulan is the story of a woman who overcomes systemic oppression to serve her country. But its message of fighting for one’s rights has been clouded, as Disney stands accused of overlooking actual oppression of Muslims in China to make its movie. Read more...
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Google's Taking on Robocallers With a New Kind of Caller ID

The rise of text-based messaging has caused the public to treat every voice call as potential spam, and the robocall industry has responded by increasing its attempts to get us on the line. It’s an untenable arms race that arguably makes our devices less useful. On Tuesday, Google announced a new program that seeks to…Read more...
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