Record-Breaking Whale Stays Underwater for Mind-Bending 3 Hours and 42 Minutes

Marine biologists are astonished after a Cuvier’s beaked whale held its breath for nearly four hours during a deep dive. The unexpected observation shows there’s much to learn about these medium-sized whales.Read more...
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Venom: The Retro FAQ

Do you have lingering questions about Sony’s first foray into the Spider-Man-But-Without-Spider-Man-In-It Cinematic Universe? Lord, I hope so, because it’s time for another Retro FAQ, this time tackling the dumb, superhero-adjacent, surprise hit of 2018: Venom.Read more...
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Next Year You'll Be Able to Use Microsoft Office Without a Subscription, Thank Goodness

If there’s one thing we could do without next year besides, well (gestures at everything), it’s subscription services. Peacock. Xbox Game Pass. Disney+. Adobe Creative Suite. Apple Arcade. Stadia. HBO Max. CBS All Access. Netflix. Hulu. Spotify. Amazon Prime. Even our shoes aren’t safe from monthly payments. Kind of…Read more...
Tags: Science, Microsoft, Microsoft Office, Subscriptions, Microsoft Word, Im So Tired Of Subscription Services, Microsoft365, HBO Max CBS All Access Netflix Hulu Spotify Amazon

'Brain-Boosting' Supplements Are Full of Unapproved, Untested Drugs, Study Finds

Supplements that supposedly improve brain health and functioning, known as nootropics, often contain unapproved and potentially unsafe drugs, according to new research published Wednesday. The study not only detected drugs unapproved in the U.S. in these nootropic products, but also found that these drugs could be in…Read more...
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Australian Regulators: If You Want to Vape, Get a Prescription

Australia’s muddled laws on vaping are emerging from a dank cloud of confusion: According to a Wednesday report in the Guardian, the country’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has ruled that nicotine will be reclassified as a prescription-only medication in June 2021.Read more...
Tags: Health, Science, Technology, Tobacco, Smoking, Australia, Nicotine, Vaping, Vapes, Therapeutic Goods Administration TGA

Jon Snow's Resurrection Is Why Lady Stoneheart Never Came to Game of Thrones

Sorry, Thrones fans. Only one Stark-affiliated resurrection per series. No take-backsies.Read more...
Tags: Hbo, Science, Game Of Thrones, George Rr Martin, David Benioff, Db Weiss, Lady Stoneheart, Catelyn Stark, Fire Cannot Kill A Dragon

Coronavirus live news: France unveils new 'danger zones' map; Dutch daily infections hit new high

Face masks no longer required outside in Belgium and self-isolation period reduced; Netherlands records 2,357 confirmed new cases; Paris to unveil tighter restrictions Global report: Trump calls 200,000 US coronavirus deaths ‘a shame’US reaches 200,000 coronavirus deaths, highest in worldFollow new restrictions or risk a second lockdown, Johnson warns UKWeekly number of new cases at highest level, says WHO 9.31pm BST New York’s famed Metropolitan Opera has cancelled its entire upcoming seaso...
Tags: New York, Science, France, US, UK News, World news, Infectious Diseases, Paris, Netherlands, Belgium, Who, Lincoln Center, Johnson, Trump, Haifa, Metropolitan Opera

Sling TV Is Rolling Out Its Very Own Watch Party Feature

Sling TV, a fairly affordable streaming option for cord-cutters, has become the latest streaming service to support a Watch Party function that’ll allow anyone with a Sling login to watch programming together.Read more...
Tags: Science, Streaming, Live TV, Sling, Watch Party, Streaming Wars

So You Bought an Apple Watch. Now, for the Accessories

Top Product: AirPods Pro | $219 | Amazon
Tags: Science, Apple Watch, Apple Watch Series 6

Researchers figured out why hundreds of elephants dropped dead in Botswana this year: Their water was poisoned by algae

An aerial view of an elephant that died in the Okavango Delta in Botswana. National Park Rescue At least 330 elephants have been found dead in Botswana since May. After months of investigation, researchers have figured out the elephants died because their drinking water was contaminated with toxic cyanobacteria, or blue-green algae. As the world warms, such toxic blooms are expected to proliferate.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Since May, hundreds of elephants near B...
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New Study Shows We Actually Do Live in Hell

The climate crisis is bringing hellish conditions to the U.S. Drought? Yup. Heat waves? Big time. And when those two forms of extreme weather transpiring at the same time, the combination is devastating. Just look at what we’re seeing with the record-breaking wildfires out West. Read more...
Tags: Science, Drought, Wildfires, Bad News, West Read, Heat Wave

Drugmakers still haven't started testing their coronavirus vaccines in children, putting kids at the end of the line for a potential shot

H1N1 flu vaccinations being given out at Touro University. Kim Kulish/Corbis via Getty Images Ongoing clinical trials are testing the top coronavirus vaccine candidates only in adults. Some experts are worried about the timeline for making a shot available to kids.  Moderna expects to start testing its vaccine candidate in kids later this year, if regulators give the Massachusetts biotech the greenlight, Business Insider has learned. But few specifics are available on when pediatric trials...
Tags: Health, Science, Massachusetts, US, Trends, Atlanta, Healthcare, Astrazeneca, Pfizer, The New York Times, Jordan, Johnson, Business Insider, Kawasaki, Johnson Johnson, J J

I Have Seen the Face of God

Artists have trained a machine to reveal its psychedelic inner visions, unleashing human-Pixar hybrids which provoke profound fear, disgust, revulsion, disgust, nausea, fear, and an immediate recognition of humanity’s highest potential. Dubbed “Toonify,” the project allows us to stare into the eyes of God. My only…Read more...
Tags: Science, Machine Learning, Pixar, Deep Learning, Generative Networks, Toonify

California Bans Sale of New Gas-Powered Cars Beginning in 2035

California has taken a dramatic step forward in its battle to combat its gradual slide into climate change hell. On Wednesday, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced his signing of an that will prohibit the sale of new cars with an internal combustion engine in the Golden State starting in 2035.Read more...
Tags: Science, California, Gas, Gavin Newsom, Car Ban, Golden State, Internal Combustion Engine, Thats Right, Fuel Emissions Standards

NASA is developing a new space toilet for moon-bound astronauts — but the agency's 'certified sniffers' say the system is far too stinky

NASA astronaut Serena Auñón-Chancellor works on the current US space station toilet. NASA NASA plans to use its Orion spacecraft to fly astronauts to the moon. But first, engineers have to figure out how to make the capsule's toilet less stinky. A model of the toilet is launching to the International Space Station next week, where astronauts will test it out. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. NASA is actively preparing to send astronauts back to the moon for the first tim...
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This Solar-Powered Weather Station Is Stealthy, Accurate, and Works With Alexa

Weather stations are sort of like a pocket protector for your lawn. They tell the world that the person inside the house is kind of techy, kind of fascinated by the weather, and kind of a dork. Thanks to the Tempest from WeatherFlow, you can now hide your dorkiness with a device that looks more like a lamp than a…Read more...
Tags: Science, Alexa, Tempest, Weather Station

Make 'Elephant Toothpaste' With Your Kids

This week, I found myself going down a very specific rabbit hole—one in which I watched video after video of people doing the Elephant Toothpaste science experiment. If you’re not familiar, the experiment features the creation of a large, foamy volcano made from water, dish soap, yeast and hydrogen peroxide—commonly…Read more...
Tags: Science, Stem, Experiments, Lifehacks, Elephant Toothpaste

Your Guide to the Surprising Amount of Movies Out This Fall

“Wait, are there actually going to be new movies this fall?” It’s a thought we’ve all been having for some time. With the covid-19 pandemic wreaking havoc on all aspects of the world, the film industry included, one could easily assume movies are simply on hold for awhile. However, we’re here to tell you, that’s not…Read more...
Tags: Science, Horror, Fantasy, Netflix, Streaming, Sci Fi, Hulu, Amazon Studios, Movie Theaters, Io9 Fall Preview, Disney Plus, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Sars Cov 2

The toilet on the NASA spaceship slated to fly astronauts to the moon has 'odor control challenges,' according to a top engineer

NASA's Universal Waste Management System, displayed with hardware needed for integration on the International Space Station. NASA NASA plans to use its Orion spacecraft to fly astronauts to the moon. But first, engineers have to figure out how to make the capsule's toilet less stinky. A model of the toilet is launching to the International Space Station next week, where astronauts will test it out. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. NASA is actively preparing to send a...
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The Burrito Pop Will Ensure You’re Only a Mess on the Inside

When done properly, eating a burrito should be a hopelessly messy experience, with a paper wrapper doing nothing to contain its contents’ endless drippings. But that messiness limits when and where you can eat a burrito (if you care about how you look, that is), which is why a device called the Burrito Pop exists. I…Read more...
Tags: Food, Gadgets, Science, Crowdfunding, Tech, Inventions, Kickstarter, Consumer Tech, Burritos, Burrito Pop

Industrial Designers Create New 'Human-God Interfaces'

A joint project between students in the Industrial Design course at the University of Wuppertal, Germany, and the Catholic Educational Institution in Bonn is bringing (sort of) high tech to the Catholic Mass.Read more...
Tags: Art, Science, Religion, Bonn, University of Wuppertal Germany, Catholic Educational Institution

Black Widow, Eternals, and More Have Been Delayed (Again)

The return of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to take a little longer than expected. Disney has just delayed the release of Marvel’s Black Widow again. Originally slated for May, it was first moved to November—and now, it’ll be released May 7, 2021.Read more...
Tags: Science, Marvel, Disney, Black Widow, Scarlett Johansson, Marvel Studios, Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Eternals, Shang Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Sars Cov 2

Samsung Is Activating Its Smartwatch ECG Feature Today, but There's a Catch

Samsung may have first made an ECG-capable smartwatch with the Galaxy Watch Active2, but it wasn’t until earlier this summer that it actually got clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to enable the medical-grade feature. That announcement came in dramatic fashion at its Unpacked event in August, where…Read more...
Tags: Gadgets, Wearables, Science, Samsung, Smartwatches, Consumer Tech, U S Food and Drug Administration, ECG, Galaxy Watch 3, Theres A Catch, Galaxy Watch Active2

Why we still can't upload our brains to the cloud

As long as people have been alive, they've wanted to stay alive. But unlike finding the fountain of youth or becoming a vampire, uploading your brain to a computer might actually be possible. Theoretically, we already know how to do it. Technically, we have a long way to go. We explain the main technological advancements that we'll need to make whole brain emulation a reality. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The following is a transcript of the video.Narrator: In the "Bl...
Tags: Amazon, Video, Science, Trends, Brain, Black Mirror, Coke, Emulation, Kelly, Moore, Immortality, Neuralink, Science Insider, Koene, Marya Schechtman, Abby Tang Emily Christian Michelle Yan

Sweden's coronavirus deaths have dropped dramatically, but that doesn't mean its herd-immunity strategy worked, experts say

A woman wears a face mask as she waits at a bus stop on June 26, 2020 in Stockholm, Sweden. Stina St Jernkvist/TT News Agency/AFP via Getty Images Sweden's rate of coronavirus deaths per capita was among the highest in the world in May. Many experts attributed this to the country's decision to avoid a full lockdown and either deliberately or inadvertently pursue herd immunity. Sweden's deaths and ICU admissions have declined considerably since June, likely due to protections for nursing-ho...
Tags: Europe, UK, Science, News, Sweden, Greece, Russia, US, Trends, Switzerland, Brazil, The Daily Show, Trevor Noah, Financial Times, Stockholm, University College London

Bypass Siri With This Stick-On Smart Speaker That Brings Google Assistant and Alexa to Your iPhone

The three most popular AI-powered smart assistants are all available on the iPhone, but only Siri can hear and acknowledge your voice requests while the phone is locked. For Alexa and Google Assistant, you have to be actively using your iPhone and have the Amazon or Google apps open to access them. That’s a…Read more...
Tags: Google, Amazon, Gadgets, Science, Siri, Tech, Smartphones, Alexa, Consumer Tech, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Smart Speakers, Smart Assistants, Popsockets, Talksocket

What's Coming to Netflix in October 2020

In the Before Times, when you could just, like, go see a movie in a theater without first notifying your next of kin, October marked the start of Prestige Movie Season—that time of year when studios released the movies they thought had the best chance of garnering outsized critical attention and awards. And even…Read more...
Tags: Science, Netflix, Coming And Going, Before Times

Big Oil’s Climate Plans Fail at Every Metric

Fossil fuel companies are talking a big game about climate policy. This year, BP pledged to cut its fossil fuel investments by 40%, Shell pledged to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, and other oil giants have made similar promises, too. Right now, executives from these firms are bragging about their plans for…Read more...
Tags: Science, Bp, Shell, Big Oil, Greenwashing, Climate Week, Fuck Fossil Fuels

John Cena's Suicide Squad Hero Is Getting His Own HBO Max Show

After you’ve gotten to know—and, given the nature of the Suicide Squad, potentially said goodbye to—John Cena’s Peacemaker in The Suicide Squad, you’ll get to see his very violent, peace-loving origins on HBO Max.Read more...
Tags: Hbo, Science, Streaming, Suicide Squad, Warner Bros, James Gunn, DC Entertainment, John Cena, The Suicide Squad, HBO Max, Peacemaker

Read the letter one of Belgium's top virologists sent his children on how they can safely get on with their lives

Guido Vanham and his son Peter Vanham. Peter Vanham Peter Vanham lives in Geneva, Switzerland and is the head of the International Media Council at the World Economic Forum and a member of its COVID-19 Taskforce.  His father, Guido Vanham, is a Belgium-based virologist, a microbiologist who studies the rapid spreading of viruses.  Guido Vanham sent a letter to his three children with tips for how to combat 'fatigue' from following COVID-19 restrictions and for how to stay safe as areas of ...
Tags: Europe, Science, China, Trends, Strategy, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Geneva, Nordic, Peter, World Economic Forum, JEFFREY, Geneva Switzerland, Johan, Nele

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