Waymo Rolls Out Its Driverless Robo-Taxi Service to More Riders in Phoenix

Waymo, the self-driving unit of Alphabet, said Thursday that it’s offering its fully driverless robo-taxis to all customers of its ride-hailing service in Phoenix, Arizona. Previously, the company only afforded its fleet of unmanned cars to a select few hundred people as part of its early rider program beginning in…Read more...
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Coronavirus live news: doctor clears Trump to return to public events on Saturday; record global case rise

Washington health department releases open letter asking White House staff and guests at super-spreader event to take Covid tests; WHO reports nearly 340,000 new cases. Follow the latest updatesTrump doctor says he anticipates president’s ‘return to public engagements’ on SaturdayEurope struggles to stem rapid resurgence of coronavirusProvider of Trump Covid drug is president’s golf friendMedical journal condemns Trump’s handling of pandemic 1.33am BST One of the drugs taken by Donald Trump ...
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Here's How to Take Your ECG on the Fitbit Sense

Last month, the Food and Drug Administration said Fitbit could have a little treat in the form of clearance for its ECG app. As of today, that app is now live for anyone in the U.S. (as well as some countries in Europe and Asia) with a brand spanking new Fitbit Sense. Read more...
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Fact Check: Here's the Deal With Trump's Antibody Cocktail and Fetal Cells

The inevitable happened, and Donald Trump wound up hospitalized with covid-19. But now Trump is supposedly recovered and back to his usual business, like recording galaxy-brain videos calling his infection a “blessing from God.” One thing that the president has said may well be true: that he recovered with the help of…Read more...
Tags: Science, Medicine, Stem Cells, Donald Trump, Antibodies, Trump, Regeneron, Covid 19

Pixar's Soul to Skip Theaters for Christmas Release on Disney+

Fans who were planning on Pixar to bring them back to theaters can forget about that. Disney just announced that Soul, the latest film from Pixar, will skip theaters and debut exclusively on Disney+ December 25.Read more...
Tags: Science, Disney, Soul, Streaming, Pixar, Release Date, Pete Docter, Disney Plus, Coronavirus, Covid 19

The Future of Male Sextech Sounds Like a Bike Pump

The Arcwave Ion, a new sex toy from a company called Wow Tech, promises a different kind of male orgasm. They deliver... kind of. Read more...
Tags: Science, Womanizer, Sextech, Arcwave, Arcwave Ion, Wow Tech

Coronavirus live news: record global case rise; doctor clears Trump to return to public events on Saturday

Washington health department releases open letter asking White House staff and guests at super-spreader event to take Covid tests; WHO reports nearly 340,000 new cases. Follow the latest updatesEurope struggles to stem rapid resurgence of coronavirusProvider of Trump Covid drug is president’s golf friendMedical journal condemns Trump’s handling of pandemic 12.16am BST If their results are confirmed, this person would be the fourth journalist to have tested positive for Covid-19 after being e...
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Trump's DOJ Clears the Path for Voter Fraud Fearmongering

The Department of Justice is reminding U.S. attorneys that they are free to break with nearly 40 years of precedent and publicly air unproven claims of voter fraud before the 2020 elections on Nov. 3.Read more...
Tags: Elections, Science, Military, Usps, Department Of Justice, Donald Trump, Doj, Trump, United States Postal Service, 2020 Election, William Barr, Bill Barr, Fraudulent Voter Fraud

Megalodons may have grown to the size of school buses by eating their shark siblings in the womb, new research suggests

An illustration of a megalodon. Shutterstock Megalodons — huge, prehistoric sharks — reached lengths of 50 feet, with . The predators are super-sized compared to other sharks, both living and extinct. But how megalodons achieved that massive size is a mystery. A new study suggests the sharks' size could be explained in part by the fact that they ate each other in the womb. Scientists aren't sure how megalodons hunted, but a decline in prey and an increase in competitors may have caused thei...
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Facebook Ads Are Giving Climate Deniers a Lifeline

Facebook is no stranger to climate misinformation. Just last month, the platform became a key player in spreading flat-out hoaxes surrounding the wildfires raging across the West Coast to an audience of tens of thousands, taking them down only after public outrage. And last year when activists pointed out that climate…
Tags: Facebook, Science, West Coast, Climate Denial, Misinformation, The Bad Site

Treat Yourself to the Best Small Business Products You Can Buy on Amazon, and Get $10 Back for Prime Day

Shop Small Business, Get $10 Back | Amazon
Tags: Amazon, Science, Small Business, Black Owned Businesses, Prime Day 2020

Covid drug given to Trump developed using cells derived from aborted fetus

Trump touts Regeneron antibody cocktail as a potential ‘cure’ while he has consistently sought to restrict abortion accessOne of the drugs taken by Donald Trump that he has touted as a potential “cure” for coronavirus was developed using human cells originally obtained from an elective abortion, a practice repeatedly denounced by the president and many of his supporters.The drug is a monoclonal antibody cocktail developed by Regeneron. The president received an 8-gram infusion under a “compassio...
Tags: Science, US news, US politics, Abortion, Donald Trump, Trump, Regeneron, Coronavirus outbreak, COVID

These tiny sensors can hitch a ride on mothback

Everyone is familiar with carrier pigeons, but what about carrier moths? This research project uses the nocturnal insects as a delivery service for tiny electronic packages that weigh less than a hundredth of an ounce. The system was created by graduate students at the University of Washington and its prolific tiny gadget creator Shyam Gollakota. Bumblebees bearing high-tech backpacks act as a living data collection platform “This is the first time anyone has shown that sensors can be r...
Tags: Science, Tech, Robotics, National Science Foundation, University of Washington, Gollakota, Mark Stone University of Washington

Hurricane Delta Is Heading for the Petrochemical Hub That Hurricane Laura Hit Six Weeks Ago

Louisiana can’t catch a break. Just six weeks after Category 4 Hurricane Laura made landfall and took over two dozen lives, another powerful storm is on its way.Read more...
Tags: Science, Louisiana, Hurricanes, Hurricane Season, Environmental Justice, Laura, Hurricane Laura, Hurricane Delta

Frontier’s Bankruptcy Shows Why ISPs Shouldn’t Be in Charge of the Internet

Let’s state the obvious: Internet in the U.S. sucks. Unless you already have fiber, you’re probably stuck with cable, DSL, or no internet at all because no ISP wants to expand into your area. If you live in a rural area and are lucky to get some form of broadband, you’re probably paying an exorbitant amount for slower…Read more...
Tags: Science, Cable, Internet, Isps, Fiber, Wi Fi, Municipal Broadband, Broadband Is A Utility

The 10 Best Deals of October 8, 2020

Thursday’s Best Deals | Kinja Deals
Tags: Deals, Kinja Deals, Science

These Semi-Aquatic Mice Are as Fascinating as They Are Adorable

African rainforests are home to some of the most delightful and surprising species on Earth, as demonstrated by recent research into some rather unusual water-loving rodents.Read more...
Tags: Science, Biology, Earth, Mice, Aquatic Mammals, Soggy Rodents, Aquatic Mice

If AMD's Big Zen 3 Claim Is True, Intel's In Trouble

This morning AMD revealed all the juicy details about its upcoming Ryzen 5000-series processors. While I don’t need to upgrade my CPU, or even my motherboard, the leap from AMD’s Zen 2 to Zen 3 architecture appears to be so good that I just might do it anyway. Higher power efficiency, more performance per watt, more…Read more...
Tags: Science, Holy Shit, Intel, Amd, Processors, Cpus, Ryzen 5000

Disneyland Isn't Reopening Anytime Soon

California continues to fight the novel coronavirus pandemic, and it’s going to keep a little while longer. Governor Gavin Newsom recently announced that Disneyland, Universal Studios, and other theme parks in the state will remain shut for the time being—a decision that Disney chairman Bob Iger is…Read more...
Tags: Science, California, Disney, Theme Parks, Disneyland, Universal Studios, Gavin Newsom, Bob Iger, Disneys California Adventure, Disneyland Universal Studios, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Sars Cov 2

The Department of Agriculture Killed 1.2 Million Wild Animals Last Year

The mission of Wildlife Services, an office in the Department of Agriculture (USDA), is “to provide federal leadership and expertise to resolve wildlife conflicts to allow people and wildlife to coexist.” In practice, that means slaughtering animals in droves.Read more...
Tags: Science, Wildlife, Conservation, Agriculture, Animal Cruelty, Euphemisms, Department of Agriculture USDA, Ranching, Department of Agriculture Killed

You Might Not Like It, But the ROG Phone 3 Is What Peak Android Performance Looks Like

The ROG Phone 3 is big, it’s heavy, and it’s got more vents and RGB lighting than most people are probably comfortable seeing on a mobile device. But if you’re a gamer or you just want the absolute best performance you can get from an Android phone, like it or not, Asus’ unapologetically aggressive handset is your…Read more...
Tags: Reviews, Android, Gaming, Science, Asus, Smartphones, Consumer Tech, Rog Phone 3, Asus Rog Phone 3 Review

Tech’s role in the COVID-19 response: Assist, don’t reinvent

The pandemic has affected just about every business in the world, but tech has also geared up to fight back in its own way, as we found out from speakers at Disrupt 2020. But technology has opted to take a back seat to frontline workers and find ways to support them rather than attempt to “solve” the issues at hand. The founders of tech-forward healthcare startups Color and Carbon Health explained their approach in one panel, emphasizing that the startup mindset is a resilient and adaptable o...
Tags: Health, Science, Hardware, Color, Tech, Biotech, Boston Dynamics, Crispr, Jennifer Doudna, Othman Laraki, Carbon Health, Eren Bali, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Disrupt 2020, Laraki Like

Coronavirus live news: WHO reports record one-day rise in global cases; Paris hospitals in emergency mode

338,779 new cases across the world in last 24 hours; hospitals in Paris cancel staff holidays and postpone non-essential operations; Italy registers 4,458 new casesEurope struggles to stem rapid resurgence of coronavirusProvider of Trump Covid drug is president’s golf friendMedical journal condemns Trump’s handling of pandemic 7.17pm BST A Madrid court struck down a government order imposing a partial coronavirus lockdown on the Spanish capital, ruling in favour of the Madrid region in a sta...
Tags: Europe, Science, London, UK News, World news, Australia news, US news, Infectious Diseases, Paris, Italy, Who, Madrid, Trump, Reuters, Lucy Campbell, Coronavirus outbreak

I Feel Like an Asshole When I Ask Google Assistant to Tighten My Nike Laces

I have secretly coveted the self-lacing Nike Adapt sneakers ever since they were announced—blame it on Back to the Future. The only problem was the price. I am unfortunately stingy as hell. So when Google said it was adding a whole bunch of third-party app integrations to Google Assistant, and that one of them was the…Read more...
Tags: Google, Android, Science, Nike, Digital Assistants, Google Assistant, Nike Adapt, Please Dont Kill Me Hypebeasts, Nike Laces

How to Do the 'Cat Smile' and Make Cats Fall in Love With You

Scientists say this one weird trick will make a cat like you, or at least not be so repulsed by you.Read more...
Tags: Science, Cats, Communication, Blinking

Exxon Just Got Dethroned as the Top U.S. Energy Company

On Wednesday, Chevron became the biggest oil company in America. It’s the first time Exxon and its predecessor, Standard Oil, haven’t occupied the throne since the late 1800s. RIP to a real(ly bad) one.Read more...
Tags: Energy, Science, America, Standard Oil, Chevron, Exxon, Big Oil, Just Transition, Top U S Energy Company

King, Warrior, Magician, Revisionist: The Enduring 'Masculine' Book that Romanticizes Cro-Mags

A few weeks ago, the popular YouTuber and “strongman” Elliott Hulse posed in an Instagram photo with a shotgun resting against his shoulder. “There’s an attack on masculinity,” the caption read. He went on to write that “men are being feminized, emasculated, and sterilized in the womb.” The post was a promotion for…Read more...
Tags: Gender, Science, King, Masculine, Warrior, Masculinity, Magician, Lover, Elliott Hulse

Spider-Man 3 Gains Doctor Strange as a Mentor

They say that help can sometimes come from the strangest places. A new report says Benedict Cumberbatch is set to join Spider-Man 3, taking on the role of Peter Parker’s (Tom Holland) new mentor.Read more...
Tags: Science, Benedict Cumberbatch, Marvel, Sony Pictures, Marvel Studios, Spider Man, Tom Holland, Peter Parker

NHS to provide remdesivir to Covid patients after joint EU deal

EU commission secures enough doses for 500,000 patients in 36 countries including UKCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageCovid patients in the NHS will be able to get treatment in the coming months with remdesivir, one of the drugs given to Donald Trump, after the European commission negotiated for enough doses for 500,000 patients in 36 countries including the UK.There is a global shortage of remdesivir because the US bought up all stocks from the US-based manufacturer Gi...
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