US on track to smash record for COVID-19 hospitalizations

As of November 8, over 56,700 people in the US are currently hospitalized due to COVID-19. MARK RALSTON/AFP via Getty Images The United States is on track to set a record for coronavirus hospitalizations, according to The Covid Tracking Project. At least 56,768 people are currently hospitalized with complications from COVID-19, an increase of 10,000 since October 30. "At this rate, we'll see a record number of hospitalizations in just a few days," The Covid Tracking Project said on Twitter...
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UK Defense Chief Says Army Could Have 30,000 Robots by the 2030s

This is not a movie; this is real life. It is not a drill. In about a decade, we might see a ton of robots working alongside humans in the UK army. But don’t worry, although some of the robots will have weapons, only humans will be able to fire them. (That’s a relief, I think?) Read more...
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GoFundMe Takes Down Campaign That Raised More Than $200,000 to Look for Imaginary Voter Fraud

Tech companies of all shapes and sizes are apparently taking note of what happens when you let rampant misinformation, or conspiracy theories, flourish on your platform and don’t do anything about it. This week, GoFundMe quickly pulled the plug on a popular campaign that had raised more than $200,000 to investigate…Read more...
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Coronavirus live news: US nears 10m cases as global infections pass 50m

US currently has 9.49m confirmed Covid cases; October was worst month for pandemic; economic fallout makes prospect of third world war ‘a risk’. Follow the latest updatesUS confirms more than 126,000 Covid cases in new recordGlobal coronavirus cases pass 50m with US worst affected countryUK test and trace needs radical reform, experts sayCould a Covid vaccine bring back normality?Follow all our coronavirus coverage 12.20am GMT Britain’s economy is set for a pre-Christmas slump with further j...
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God, This Standing Keyboard Is So Cursed

Now that this interminable election cycle has finally come to an end, we can get back to business as usual. Like gaping at this wholly unsettling standing keyboard that nobody asked for. Read more...
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These Manatees Are Returning to the Ocean After Years in Captivity

After completing a rehabilitation process that has lasted years, Pepe, Lupita, and Juana are getting ready to go home. Their home isn’t like yours or mine, however: It’s in the ocean. That’s because Pepe, Lupita, and Juana are manatees, otherwise known as sea cows (and freaking adorable ones at that). They currently…Read more...
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Jurassic World: Dominion Used a Whopping 40,000 Covid-19 Tests During Its Lengthy Production

In some places, it can still be tricky to get a test for covid-19 done in a timely manner, forcing you to wait days for results. But not so on the set of Jurassic World: Dominion, which just wrapped a mammoth 18-month production that, among other things, used up 40,000 covid-19 tests. Read more...
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Looks Like Spotify Is Considering a Subscription Service for Its Podcasts

Spotify appears to be toying with the idea of launching a subscription package for its podcast content where users would pay a monthly fee to listen to original shows or exclusive episodes. Not to be confused with its existing ad-less paid tier, Spotify Premium—nope, this would be a separate subscription fee solely…Read more...
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R.I.P. Alex Trebek

Alex Trebek, the longtime host of the syndicated TV game show Jeopardy!, has died. He was 80.Read more...
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New York Gov. Cuomo predicts scientists will speak 'unmuzzled' now that 'Trump is out of office'

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo at a press conference on July 23, 2020 in New York City Jeenah Moon/Getty Images New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said health and government officials will be able to speak freely "now that Mr. Trump is out of office."  "I think you'll see scientists speak with unmuzzled voice" after Joe Biden's victory was called over President Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election, Cuomo said. Trump's administration has established a pattern of publicly breaking with and attemptin...
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This Video Explores the Clever Ways The Mandalorian Uses Tatooine

Tatooine is more than just a generic desert planet. But not every Star Wars story lets that come through. Read more...
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The world has surpassed 50 million confirmed coronavirus cases

A person taking someone's temperature through a car window. Getty There are at least 50 million confirmed coronavirus cases across the globe.  With about 10 million of those cases, the United States makes up about a fifth of the world's total cases. COVID-19 was declared a pandemic on March 11. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. There are over 50 million confirmed coronavirus cases worldwide, according to the latest data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. With about...
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Unleash the Creativity of the Kids in Your Life (Or Your Inner Child) With Up to 50% Off Arts and Crafts Kits and Supplies

Klutz Make Your Own Bath Bombs Craft & Activity Kit | $10 | Amazon Gold BoxRead more...
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Planet busters: We asked a physicist what it would take to obliterate Earth

The planet-busting nuclear bomb is a classic science fiction trope. But is it really possible to build a nuke big enough to obliterate the globe?
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UK scientists seek mutant Covid samples from Danish mink farms

Tests will investigate whether virus evades antibodies from recovered patients and those in vaccine trialsCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageScientists in the UK are working to secure samples of a mutant form of coronavirus that arose in Danish mink farms and spread into humans, prompting ministers to ban non-UK citizens arriving from Denmark.Danish health authorities raised the alarm over the mutant virus last week and announced a cull of the nation’s 17 million mink as...
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How to safely form a 'social bubble' this winter, according to 5 disease experts — and what risks to avoid

A social distancing bubble at Cafe Du Soleil in New York City on September 29, 2020. Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images As the weather gets cold, many Americans are considering forming "pods" or "social bubbles" — small groups that only see each other. That can keep members' coronavirus risk relatively low, depending on their behavior. Five infectious-disease share advice for creating a safe social bubble and highlight risks to avoid. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stori...
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The asteroid NASA just landed on turns out to be hollow, with a large 'void' at its center. It may be spinning itself to death.

A rotating mosaic of asteroid Bennu, composed of images captured by NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft over a four-hour period on December 2, 2018. NASA/Goddard/University of Arizona NASA's Osiris-Rex spacecraft recently touched down on an asteroid called Bennu and sucked up a sample from its surface. The probe has been orbiting Bennu for two years. Now its data shows that Bennu is hollow. The space rock is spinning rapidly, pushing its material out toward its surface. It could eventually spin i...
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Is it ever good to be spiteful?

Would you harm yourself just to get at someone else? Spite is in us all, but there are unexpected benefits to itOn a memorable episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, the curmudgeonly protagonist Larry David is angered by the lukewarm lattes at his local café so he opens a “spite” café. It is an identical coffee shop and right next door, but everything is cheaper. He runs it at a personal financial loss, but is driven by the thought of putting his neighbour out of business. It is magnificently mean-spi...
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A woman shed infectious coronavirus particles for at least 70 days without showing symptoms, a study found

Anita Pedy (right) wheels patient Angel Rodriguez, 40, from the emergency room to the COVID-19 unit at Houston's United Memorial Medical Center. Carolyn Cole/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images A 71-year-old hospital patient with leukemia tested positive for the coronavirus in March. The woman remained infectious for at least 70 days. The case study shows that immunosuppressed people who get the coronavirus could remain contagious for longer than previously thought.  Visit Business Insi...
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Have Peace of Mind and Fresh Air With Up to 51% Off Car Jump Starters, Tire Inflators, and Air Purifiers

TACKLIFE 2000A Peak Car Jump Starter | $63 | Amazon Gold BoxRead more...
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A new AI program can listen to you cough and discern whether you have the coronavirus. Researchers hope to turn it into an app.

Josep Suria/Shutterstock A recent study found that an artificial-intelligence model could tell the difference between a regular cough and a COVID-19 cough — even forced coughs from asymptomatic carriers. The AI identified 98.5% of the coughs from people with coronavirus infections, asymptomatic or otherwise. The researchers hope to incorporate the model into an app, as well as smart speakers and cell phones, as a real-time screening tool.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more storie...
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Texas becomes first US state to exceed one million coronavirus cases, as the surge strains medical facilities

A nurse prepares to swab a patient at a COVID-19 testing center on July 7, 2020 in Austin, Texas. Sergio Flores/Getty Images Texas became the first state to surpass a million coronavirus cases in the United States on Saturday, as the country battled a third wave of new infections and recorded over 100,000 infections three times in less than a week. In Texas, the surge is straining medical facilities, with the city of El Paso converting a convention center into a field hospital. If Texas we...
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UK's coronavirus vaccine taskforce chief faces questions over biotech fund

Report claims Kate Bingham’s venture capital firm has invested in companies developing Covid-19 antibody cocktailsCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe head of the government’s vaccine taskforce faces fresh questions after it emerged she hailed the launch of a biotechnology investment fund in her capacity as managing director of a venture capital firm despite having “stepped away” from the role.Kate Bingham, a venture capitalist married to the Conservative minister Jess...
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A new chapter in the evolution of Yuval Noah Harari's Sapiens

The historian and author on adapting his phenomenal bestseller into graphic format, why science needs storytellers, and how Covid fuels threats to humanityRead an extract from Sapiens: A Graphic HistoryWhen it was first suggested to Yuval Noah Harari that he appear as a character in the illustrated version of Sapiens, his mega-bestselling “brief history of humankind”, which is about to be published in a graphic version, he did not jump at the idea. “I vetoed it,” he says over the phone from his ...
Tags: Books, Science, Africa, Tel Aviv, Culture, Anthropology, Comics and graphic novels, Sapiens, Yuval Noah Harari

Veterinary workers cull 17 million Danish mink to halt new Covid

The animals were carrying a new strain of the virus, possibly vaccine-resistant, and infected several hundred peopleCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageVeterinary workers have begun the gruesome business of gassing and then burning 17 million mink in Danish farms in a bid to halt further spread of a Covid-19 mutation from the animals to humans.The decision to cull the country’s mink population was made after several hundred people became infected with a new strain of Covi...
Tags: Health, Europe, Science, Animals, Society, World news, Medical Research, Infectious Diseases, Animal Welfare, Microbiology, Denmark, Vaccines and immunisation, Coronavirus

How will we know when England can come out of lockdown?

Experts warn ensuring people isolate properly if they test positive is crucial to preventing spread of Covid in time for festivitiesCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe next couple of weeks will be crucial in determining what kind of Christmas we have this year: a lonely, joyless affair in front of our TVs or, at best, a modest celebration, sharing the odd Christmas cracker with one or two close relatives.The arithmetic that will determine the outcome is straightforwar...
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Go figure: how Britain became a nation of armchair statisticians

Sceptics are poring over official figures in the Covid-19 crisis, but not all data deserves to be treated with suspicionCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe British distrust of numbers goes back centuries. The Tudor authorities burned maths manuscripts in Oxford for being magical and popish. Dr John Dee, later court astrologer to Elizabeth I, was arrested in 1555 on charges of “calculating”. Florence Nightingale was thought to be a nuisance by generals for counting the...
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Covid set to cause 400,000 surge in TB deaths as medics diverted

Millions of missed diagnoses will add to global pandemic toll, warns WHO study Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageScientists have warned that several hundred thousand extra deaths from tuberculosis are likely to occur this year as a result of Covid-19’s effect on global health services.In many countries – including South Africa, India and Indonesia – doctors and health workers have been shifted from tracking TB cases to tracing people infected with Covid-19. Equipment an...
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NYUAD study finds stellar flares can lead to the diminishment of a planet's habitability

In a new study researchers, led by Research Scientist Dimitra Atri of the Center for Space Science at NYU Abu Dhabi (NYUAD), identified which stars were most likely to host habitable exoplanets based on the calculated erosion rates of the planetary atmospheres.
Tags: Science, Center for Space Science, NYU Abu Dhabi NYUAD, Dimitra Atri

Call for a National Covid-19 Resilience Programme to keep older people healthy and resilient

Public health agencies across the UK should launch a National Covid-19 Resilience Programme to support older people through the pandemic and to keep them healthy and resilient over the winter - that's the recommendation from a leading group of scientists and clinicians working in the fields of physiology, nutrition and physiotherapy.
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