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Results from clinical trials have shown that the world has three apparently highly effective vaccines for Covid-19. With the race now on for regulatory approval, production and distribution, is the end of the pandemic within reach?After a gruelling year of successive waves of Covid-19 infections and national lockdowns there has been a burst of good news this month, with three separate vaccine candidates performing extremely well in clinical trials.First, Pfizer and Moderna announced that their v...
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SpaceX successfully launches a Falcon 9 booster for a record seventh time

SpaceX has launched yet another Starlink mission, adding 60 more Starlink satellites to its low-Earth orbit constellation. That’s good news for its efforts to blanket the globe in high-speed broadband, and today’s flight is even better news for its equally important ambition of developing more reusable rocket systems, since the first-stage booster that helped launch today’s Falcon 9 rocket made a record-breaking seventh trip. SpaceX broke its own reusability records of six flights for a re...
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SpaceX Starship Plans To Make Its First High Altitude Test Flight Next Week

SpaceX fired the engines on its Starship SN8 prototype on Tuesday evening, with billionaire CEO Elon Musk tweeting that the resultant “good static fire” produced during the final test had likely paved the way for the vehicle to take its first test flight sometime next week. Read more...
Tags: Spacex, Elon Musk, Science, Fire, Engines, Test, Prototype, Vehicle, Hop Test, Starship Sn8

Sidelined by Trump during the COVID-19 pandemic, CDC officials say they can't wait to 'rebuild the agency' under the Biden administration

U.S. President-elect Joe Biden speaks to the media after receiving a briefing from the transition COVID-19 advisory board on November 09, 2020 at the Queen Theater in Wilmington, Delaware. Mr. Biden spoke about how his administration would respond to the coronavirus pandemic. Joe Raedle/Getty Images Officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are optimistic the Biden administration will allow them to rebuild and move forward on dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.  The CDC w...
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Getting a negative coronavirus test isn't a free pass to gather with family for Thanksgiving

New Yorkers wait outside a CityMD urgent care clinic on November 18, 2020. Bebeto Matthews/AP Photo Many Americans are getting coronavirus tests ahead of Thanksgiving. But experts say the tests are not a free pass to gather indoors with others, since they only provide a snapshot of your infectiousness at one point in time. To truly gather safely, a period of isolation is required before a test, and there should be no exposure after, either. Otherwise, when seeing people outside your househ...
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Watch 200 Drones Perform a Choreographed Lip Sync in VWLS' Latest Music Video

One of many things we’re missing during quarantine has been the kind high-profile, high-budget music video release we’ve come to expect from our pop stars in the 21st century. Sure, Cardi B brought out a live tiger and Kylie Jenner for her “WAP” music video in August, but social distancing requirements — and the…Read more...
Tags: Video, Science, Music Videos, Drones, Kylie Jenner, Quarantine, Social Distancing, Music Video Releases

Coronavirus live news: France to ease lockdown as global deaths pass 1.4m

French president says lockdown to ease starting this weekend; CDC may shorten quarantine period guidelines; Spain’s daily deaths highest of second waveFrance announces limited lockdown easingRussia says data on Sputnik Covid vaccine shows 95% efficacyAfrica’s largest Covid treatment trial launched by 13 countriesOxford vaccine hit 90% success rate thanks to dosing error 12.22am GMT The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention may soon shorten the length of self-quarantine period recomme...
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Death tolls in Italy and Spain surge – as it happened

This blog is now closed. We’ve launched a new blog at the link below: Coronavirus news – live 11.58pm GMT We’ve launched a new blog at the link below – head there for the latest: Related: Coronavirus live news: France to ease lockdown as global deaths pass 1.4m 11.26pm GMT Appearing with first lady Melania Trump in front of the White House, the president made brief remarks thanking healthcare workers and researchers working on a Covid-19 vaccine.According to tradition, two turkeys na...
Tags: Europe, Science, France, White House, Spain, UK News, World news, US news, Medical Research, Asia Pacific, Infectious Diseases, Italy, Microbiology, Melania Trump, COB, Coronavirus

Facebook Experiments With Being Less Awful, Says Not to Get Used to It or Anything

Has Facebook learned jack shit from the past few nightmare years? Not really, per a report in the New York Times on Tuesday. Facebook only started giving more weight to reputable publishers in the News Feed days after the 2020 election and doesn’t plan on making that a long-term thing. Executives on its policy team…Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Elections, Science, Technology, Media, Social Media, Facebook Algorithm, Content Moderation, 2020 Election, New York Times on Tuesday Facebook

You Need to Opt Out of Amazon Sidewalk

Have you heard of Amazon Sidewalk? Probably not. But there is a good chance that you or someone you know has an Amazon Echo or Ring camera. And if you own one of those devices and live in the U.S. (or know someone who does), you need to tell them to opt-out of the service as soon as possible.Read more...
Tags: Science, Amazon Echo, Ring, Privacy And Security, Smart Speakers, Amazon Sidewalk

Here's What We Know About Earth’s Second Detected ‘Minimoon’

Spotted earlier this year, asteroid 2020 CD3 is only the second temporary natural satellite, or minimoon, ever detected around Earth. It didn’t stick around for very long, but we learned some interesting things about our temporary companion and why a mission to intercept similar objects is a good idea.Read more...
Tags: Astronomy, Science, Earth, Minimoons, Asteroid 2020 Cd3

Ableist capitalist individualism

Coronavirus in Context is a weekly newsletter where we bring you facts that matter about the COVID-19 pandemic and the technology trying to stop its spread. You can subscribe here. Hola pandemic pals, I saw an elderly gentleman selling face masks outside of a convenience store today. He shook hands with almost everyone who spoke to him as they passed.I paused for a long moment and watched, unable to stop myself from wondering if he’d still be alive come Christmas. If he quits selling masks he ma...
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Missing: 50,000 Salmon

A leak in Tasmania is sparking fears of pollution. But it’s not an oil, gas, or chemicals; what leaked is at least 50,000 fish. Farmed salmon, to be exact.Read more...
Tags: Science, Fish, Salmon, Leaks, Tasmania

YouTube Suspends and Demonetizes Trump's Favorite News Network for One (1) Week

As Trump’s symbiotic relationship with Fox News has lost its shine, the President has taken to directing his followers to One America News Network, a low-rent cable news upstart with non-existent editorial standards. But no one gets a free ride on the Trump gravy train and OANN just found out that loyalty bordering on…Read more...
Tags: Science, Youtube, Fox News, Trump, One America News Network, Section 230, Content Moderation, Demonetization, OANN, Demonetizes Trump, Favorite News Network

Now's Your Chance to Get Hulu Dirt Cheap for a Year

An already cheap subscription just got cheaper.
Tags: Science, Streaming, Hulu, Consumer Tech, Streaming Wars

The 10 Best Deals of November 24, 2020

Tuesday’s Best Deals | Kinja Deals
Tags: Deals, Kinja Deals, Science

A Grant Will Help a Tribal-Owned and Managed ISP Better Bridge the Digital Divide

Much of the news about the U.S.’s internet infrastructure is abysmal. Millions of urban and rural Americans either can’t afford or don’t have reliable access to high-speed internet. The finical reprieve so many ISPs offered customers at the start of the covid pandemic is long gone. A massive spike in covid cases is…Read more...
Tags: Science, Internet, Isps, Consumer Tech, Tribal Internet, Internet Society Foundation, Southern California Tribal Digital Village, Better Bridge the Digital Divide

The Best Nintendo Switch Games To Avoid Uncomfortable Interactions With Distant Relatives on Thanksgiving

Top Pick: Animal Crossing: New Horizons | $50 | AmazonRead more...
Tags: Gaming, Politics, Science, Thanksgiving, Religion, Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, Nintendo Switch, Holiday 2020

Fitness Trackers Are Leading Us Astray

Since March, the longest I’ve gone without running is six days. As temperatures rose this summer, my pace slowed from an average of about 10 minutes per mile to 11-12 minutes a mile. It’s not because I became a worse runner overnight. You can actually calculate by how much heat and humidity slow you down. You…Read more...
Tags: Gadgets, Wearables, Science, Smartwatches, Fitness Trackers

John Kerry’s Past Embrace of Fracking Could Create a Climate Disaster Abroad

President-elect Joe Biden has chosen John Kerry to be his international climate czar. In the role, formally called the special presidential envoy on climate, Kerry will coordinate interagency programs in the White House. He’ll also be embedded in the National Securities Council—which advises the president on national…Read more...
Tags: Science, White House, Joe Biden, John Kerry, Biden, Kerry, Climate Policy, National Securities Council

This Is Us Seemingly Predicted Crock-Pot Woes as Company Issues Recall Due to Burn Risk

The Crock-Pot drama returns.
Tags: Science, Recalls, Appliances, Crockpot, Consumer Tech, Newell Brands, This Is Us

Coronavirus live news: Macron says worst of French second wave over; death tolls in Italy and Spain surge

French president says lockdown to ease; Italy reports most daily deaths since late March; Spain’s daily deaths highest of second waveFrance announces limited lockdown easingRussia says data on Sputnik Covid vaccine shows 95% efficacyAfrica’s largest Covid treatment trial launched by 13 countriesOxford vaccine hit 90% success rate thanks to dosing error 8.10pm GMT French president Emmanuel Macron has announced the start of a phased easing of lockdown restrictions.The progression from one phas...
Tags: Europe, Science, Spain, UK News, World news, US news, Medical Research, Asia Pacific, Infectious Diseases, Italy, Microbiology, Emmanuel Macron, Macron, Coronavirus

Twitter Brings Back Public Verification For The Accounts It Deems Worthy

If you’re one of the troves of people who—for some bizarre reason—wants to be among the blue-checked elite on Twitter, then good news: everyone’s favorite app for posting bad takes will be bringing back its verification process early next year.Read more...
Tags: Twitter, Science, Celebrities, Charlottesville, Verification, The Bad Site

Solo's Vinyl Release Comes With Incredible New Star Wars Artwork

It’s a given that Star Wars movies have great music. So when there’s a vinyl release of one of the soundtracks, the package better have artwork to match. Thankfully, Mondo has done just that for Solo: A Star Wars Story. The company recruited César Moreno to do brand new illustrations for an exclusive release, and it’s…Read more...
Tags: Art, Star Wars, Music, Science, Disney, Soundtrack, Vinyl, Han Solo, Exclusive, Lucasfilm, John Williams, Mondo, John Powell, Cesar Moreno, Solo A Star Wars Story

Google's AI-Powered Poetry Generator Has Some Cryptic Wisdom, Maybe

I know nothing about poetry, but I’m pretty sure Verse by Verse—Google’s new AI-powered poetry generator—is phoning it in.Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, Ai, Google Rhymes With Noodle

Coronavirus live news: daily death tolls surge in Italy and Spain

Italy reports most daily deaths since late March; Spain’s daily deaths highest of second wave; Swedish watchdog condemns shortcomings in nursing homesFrance to control lockdown easing with Europe wary of festive surgeRussia says data on Sputnik Covid vaccine shows 95% efficacyAfrica’s largest Covid treatment trial launched by 13 countriesOxford vaccine hit 90% success rate thanks to dosing errorUK coronavirus – latest updates 6.06pm GMT Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada, has said ...
Tags: Europe, UK, Science, Spain, UK News, World news, US news, Medical Research, Canada, Asia Pacific, Infectious Diseases, Italy, Microbiology, Justin Trudeau, Jessica Elgot, Peter Walker

The Expanse's First Season 5 Clip Hints at Cosmic Trouble on the Horizon

The Expanse has just been renewed for a sixth and final season, but it’s not time to say good-bye just yet. In fact, season five arrives on Amazon in just a few short weeks. io9 is thrilled—like, James-Holden-finding-a-working-coffee-maker-in space thrilled!—to share the very first clip from the season premiere. Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Books, Science, Chad Coleman, Streaming, Horizon, The Expanse, Exclusive, James Sa Corey, Amazon Studios, James Holden, Steven Strait

Ivanka Boldly Highlights Trump Administration's Big Pandemic Success

Finally, we are getting some FACTS out of the White House. Noted environmentalist and nepotistic grifter Ivanka Trump dropped some KNOWLEDGE on Twitter on Tuesday.Read more...
Tags: Science, White House, Bad Tweets, Ivanka Trump, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Ivanka Boldly Highlights Trump Administration

Women Scientists Are Calling Bullshit On a Study Claiming That Women Make Bad STEM Mentors

Last week, the scientific journal Nature Communications, an offshoot of the internationally respected journal Nature, enraged scientists, women, and anyone who has ever been near a graduate program by publishing a study that concluded maybe women mentors are actually hurting the career prospects of their mentees. As…Read more...
Tags: Science, Nature, Academia, Women In Science, Nature Communications, Springer Nature, Weird Science

Is This Trippy Cave Painting the Result of a Hallucination—or Something Way More Obvious?

There’s a cave in California, roughly an hour’s drive from Santa Barbara, whose ceiling features a prominent pinwheel-like drawing. Fascinating new research suggests this painting is not some drug-induced abstraction, but a literal representation of the very thing that makes psychedelic trips possible.Read more...
Tags: Science, California, Anthropology, Santa Barbara, Drug Use, Hallucinogens, Cave Paintings, Prehistoric Trips, Prehistoric Drug Use

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