UK Will Ban the Installation of Huawei 5G Equipment After September 2021

The UK has taken another step towards removing Huawei from its 5G network. On Sunday, the British government announced that the country’s telecommunications companies would not be allowed to install new 5G equipment from Huawei after September 2021, Bloomberg reported.Read more...
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Coronavirus live news: Fauci warns of 'surge upon surge' in US cases after Thanksgiving

Turkey suffers seventh straight day of record deaths; Lebanon to slowly relax restrictions; New York begins reopening schools. Fauci warns of ‘surge upon surge’ in US cases after ThanksgivingLife after Covid: will our world ever be the same?A year after Wuhan alarm, China seeks to change Covid origin storySee all our coronavirus coverage 12.18am GMT Dr Fauci also said the arrival of vaccines offers a “light at the end of the tunnel”, AP reports. This coming week, the Advisory Committee on Im...
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The Mandalorian Has Removed 'Jeans Guy,' And I'm Disappointed

Mistakes are a beautiful part of film and television production. Let ‘em be. They’re great. Read more...
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Internet, Get Ready to Search: Utah’s Mystery Monolith Has Disappeared

The mysterious shiny metallic monolith that was found in Utah’s Red Rock Country more than a week ago and set off various online and offline investigations into who—or what, dun, dun, dun—put it there is gone. On Saturday, the federal Bureau of Land Management’s Utah office announced that the monolith had been removed…Read more...
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'World's Loneliest Elephant' Will Finally Have Some Friends

Finally, some good news in 2020. And we have Cher to thank for it. Yes, that Cher. Read more...
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Plug Into the Best Cyber Monday 2020 Tech Deals

Take a glance at anyone’s holiday wish list, and there’s probably a gadget or two somewhere on there. While it’s nice to know exactly what your loved ones want, the prices can get hefty pretty quickly. Days like Cyber Monday can help. but finding the best deals in the flood of bargains isn’t easy. Spare yourself the…Read more...
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Want to Know What the Covid-19 Vaccine Trials Are Like? There's a TikTok for That

The viral short-form video app TikTok (which still isn’t banned, by the way) is becoming the unlikely new home for creators claiming to have first-hand experience with the covid-19 vaccine and giving expert testimonials about ongoing vaccine trials.Read more...
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Our Human Heroes Fight a Dalek Apocalypse in the Full Trailer for the Doctor Who New Year's Special

It’s here: your first full look at the upcoming Doctor Who holiday special, “Revolution of the Daleks.” It’s going to be a big one. Read more...
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Dave Prowse, the Actor Beneath Darth Vader's Armor, Has Died at 85

Dave Prowse, born in 1935 in Bristol, was an actor and bodybuilder best known for his role as Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy, a role he played on screen while James Earl Jones dubbed over his voice. Now, the actor has passed away. He was 85 years old. Read more...
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Fauci and public health experts are sounding the alarms about another coronavirus surge after Americans traveled for the Thanksgiving holiday

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, in Washington DC on September 23, 2020. Alex Edelman / AFP via Getty Images Health officials are telling Americans to expect another spike in the number of coronavirus cases as people return from their Thanksgiving holiday travels. "We might see a surge superimposed upon that surge we're already in," Dr. Anthony Fauci said on NBC's "Meet the Press." Fauci joins a legion of health officials also warning of...
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Creative therapy and shared support can help with grief after losing a child

A retreat for grieving parents provides therapeutic benefits, writes a mother whose daughter was stillborn 22 years agoAfter my daughter Grace died when I was eight months pregnant, my first impulse was to write it all down: the birth, surrounded by candles; the coffin and funeral where there should have been a christening; how her death had been accompanied by snowdrops fighting their way through the frozen ground in the first stirring of spring. I felt I was the only one really to have known h...
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Long Covid: ‘Is this now me forever?’

Months after coming down with the virus, Eleanor Morgan is still struggling with ‘long Covid’. What is it and how can the burden be eased?Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageOne night in early March, I had a fever that reminded me of being a child. My pyjama top stuck to me with sweat, my joints ached and, at some point, the walls looked like they were breathing. The next morning I started coughing and didn’t stop. It was pre-lockdown and, taking pity on me (I live alone ...
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Give the Whole Family a Merry Sithmas With 30% off Ugly Star Wars Holiday Sweaters

Toddler Baby Yoda Ugly Holiday Sweater | $12 | TargetGirls’ Baby Yoda Fair Isle Pullover Sweater | $14 | TargetDarth Vader Merry Sithmas Ugly Holiday Sweater | $21 | TargetRead more...
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10 people in Sweden told us their trust in the government is dwindling as it pivots away from its no-lockdown coronavirus policy

People pass a Christmas decorated shopping window in central Stockholm, Sweden on November 10, 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Fredrik Sandberg/TT News Agency/AFP via Getty Images After seeing a dramatic resurgence in cases in line with other European countries, Sweden has introduced new coronavirus measures. The country famously chose to follow a no-lockdown policy that favored loose recommendations over strict rules during the first wave.  Ten people living there told Business Insider ...
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It's only fake-believe: how to deal with a conspiracy theorist

As the pandemic has taken a grip, so have the misinformation spreaders. Here are five ways to spot the holes in their logicUnless you’ve been on a silent retreat for the past year, you will have almost certainly heard the rumours – that the pandemic is an elaborate hoax, or that the virus was created as a Chinese weapon, or that dangerous elites are trying to kill off the elderly and to establish a new world order, or that the symptoms are caused by 5G.It is troubling enough to see these ideas o...
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Life after Covid: will our world ever be the same?

From cities, to science, to politics, six Observer writers assess how a post-pandemic world will emerge into a new normalCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageHere are some things that the pandemic changed. It accustomed some people – those whose jobs allowed it – to remote working. It highlighted the importance of adequate living space and access to the outdoors. It renewed, through their absence, an appreciation of social contact and large gatherings. It showed up mass da...
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Getting a grip on better health

Men with muscles like a young Arnold Schwarzenegger look powerful but a handshake will give away whether they're a healthy specimen - or at risk of a chronic disease or premature ageing, experts say. Medical researchers in South Australia assessed more than 600 men aged over 40 to 88 years in the Men, Androgen, Inflammation, Lifestyle, Environment, and Stress (MAILES) study to measure the link between sleep apnea and muscle mass with grip strength.
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Men tuning into Insta-spiration

New research confirms men are affected by Instagram influencers who set global benchmarks for ideal body shape, fashion and even facial trends.While perhaps not as focused on 'thinness' as women appear to be from female influencers, the Flinders University study confirms males are responding to the body image and fitness messages shared by Instagram leaders, some with millions of followers.
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Robot probes the Red Sea's carbon storage system

Little of the organic carbon in the Red Sea could be reaching the depths necessary for long-term storage.
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RUDN University chemists developed a method to synthesize compounds for the pharmaceutics

A team of chemists from RUDN University suggested a universal method to synthesize thienoindolizine derivatives. Because of their special properties, these substances can be used to manufacture antibacterial and antitumor drugs, as well as new materials for optoelectronics.
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Rethink COVID-19 infection control to keep primary schools open this winter, governments urged

An urgent rethink of infection control policies to keep COVID-19 infection at bay in schools is needed if primary schools are to be kept open this winter, and the knock-on effects on their families avoided, argue children's infectious disease specialists in a viewpoint, published online in the Archives of Disease in Childhood.
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Headset over earphone: Cancelling out unnecessary and unwanted noise

Researchers from the Centre for Audio, Acoustics and Vibration at the University of Technology Sydney impacts for health and well-being of their 'virtual Active Noise Control/Cancellation (ANC) headphone
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TPU scientists develop eco-friendly hydrogel for agriculture

Scientists of Tomsk Polytechnic University, in cooperation with the Czech colleagues have developed a new hydrogel for agriculture. It is meant to retain moisture and fertilizers in soil. The difference of the new hydrogel from other formulations is that it is made entirely of natural components and degrades in soil into nontoxic products to humans, animals, and plants. The research results are published in the Journal of Cleaner Production (IF: 7, 246; Q1).
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