A New Breakthrough In Tape Storage Could Squeeze 580 TB Onto a Single Cartridge

Cramming a full terabyte of storage onto a microSD card the size of a baby fingernail is a remarkable feat, but when it comes to cost and reliability, magnetic tape is still the preferred method for archiving data for decades. And even as hard drives continue to swell in size, magnetic tape storage still holds a solid…Read more...
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The Ending of The Rise of Skywalker Gets Some Stunning Concept Art

New visions of the ending of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker have finally been revealed.Read more...
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'What's that Skip?' Researchers say kangaroos can communicate with people

Study shows animals with no long history of domestication show patterns of interaction with humans similar to that of dogs or horses The classic TV show Skippy, about a child speaking with a highly intelligent kangaroo, might not be as fictional as we once thought, according to Australian and UK researchers.A study from the University of Sydney and the University of Roehampton in London, suggests that kangaroos are capable of intentionally communicating with humans, suggesting a higher level of ...
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New Google Antitrust Lawsuit Could Be Filed As Soon As Thursday

A coalition of states is reportedly readying a new antitrust lawsuit against Google that will claim that the company changed its search infrastructure to the disadvantage of certain rivals that offer specialized search results.Read more...
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*DR. EUREKA* Dexterity Brainteaser Game

We use games for a lot of our curriculum, but we also play just for fun, and the thing is…there really isn’t any difference.  Learning is learning, and learning is ALWAYS during game play with kids.    Dr. Eureka is a fast and fun dexterity/logic game where players each have 3 test tubes with 2 […]
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Bic Buys Notebook Company That Lets You Easily Upload Your Dumb Scribbles to the Cloud

If you’re anything like me, your unmanageable luddite tendencies will have, by now, made you the proud owner of probably well over 100 notebooks. Spiral-bound, composition, Moleskine; the type doesn’t really matter, but what DOES matter is your unfettered ability to tote these notebooks around from apartment to…Read more...
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'Like nothing seen in nature before': strange dinosaur has scientists enthralled

The highly unusual Ubirajara jubatus boasted a mane of ‘hair-like structions’ and two ‘ribbon-like features’, researchers sayAbout 110 million years ago along the shores of an ancient lagoon in what is now north-eastern Brazil, a two-legged, chicken-sized Cretaceous period dinosaur made a living hunting insects and perhaps small vertebrates like frogs and lizards.On the inside, it was ordinary, with a skeleton similar to many small dinosaurs from the preceding Jurassic Period, scientists said on...
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Joe Biden To Name Gina McCarthy As White House Climate Coordinator

President-elect Joe Biden has reportedly tapped Gina McCarthy — the former head of the Environmental Protection Agency and current chief executive of the Natural Resources Defense Council — as his White House climate coordinator.Read more...
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A comprehensive timeline of the coronavirus pandemic at 1 year, from China's first case to the present

Medical staff wearing protective gear move a patient infected with the coronavirus from an ambulance to a hospital on March 9, 2020 in Seoul, South Korea. Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images The 1-year anniversary of the coronavirus pandemic has arrived: The first case was confirmed in Wuhan, China, in December 2019. Chinese government data suggests the virus was likely circulating by mid-November. In the year since, the virus has infected more than 73 million people and killed more than 1...
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Bill Resurrected to Stop Feds From Reading Your Old Emails Without a Warrant

Decades before cloud computing was invented, the government decided it should have the power, after 180 days, to read anyone’s emails, and that it shouldn’t need a warrant to do this. While no lawmaker today would seriously suggest passing such an incredible invasive law, Congress has found itself incapable of closing…Read more...
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The Robot Vacuums Moms (and Pet Owners) Love

Robot vacuums are hot right now! With countless options available and price points ranging from a buck and a half to a grand or more, it can be tough to pinpoint which one you need and when the extra money makes sense. I’ve tried all of these brands, but I don’t have dogs, birds, or kids, so I don’t put mine through…Read more...
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Twitter Kills Periscope, Because It Was a Broken Cash-Suck

Livestreaming app Periscope, beloved by far-right conspiracy theorists and child predators alike, will be put out of its misery by the end of this coming March, Twitter announced on Tuesday. Read more...
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The world's largest iceberg is on track to crash into a small island, where it could wipe out a generation of penguin chicks and seal pups

A gentoo penguin with a newborn chick. Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images The world's largest iceberg is drifting dangerously close to South Georgia Island, where millions of penguins and seals are breeding. If the iceberg gets stuck in the surrounding shallow waters it could cut off the animals' access to the ocean. If penguins and seals have to travel across the 30-mile iceberg to get food from the ocean, many of their young will starve. Visit Business Insider's hom...
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Superhuman Hack Brings Real-Time 3D Ray Tracing to the SNES

With the help of an extra graphics processing chip inside the cartridge, Star Fox did the impossible by bringing 3D graphics to the 16-bit Super Nintendo. The decision to engineer the SNES’ hardware to allow for this upgrade was a clever one on Nintendo’s part, and 29 years after its debut, Ben Carter has used a…Read more...
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The 10 Best Deals of December 15, 2020

Tuesday’s Best Deals | Kinja Deals
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We Already Have the Technology to Decarbonize U.S. Electricity

It’ll take a lot to transition the U.S. off fossil-based energy: money, political will, labor. But a new report shows it won’t take new technological innovation. The study, published in the journal Joule last week, shows U.S. electricity demand can be met with currently available carbon-free tech, like solar panels…Read more...
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Launch startup Astra’s rocket reaches space

Rocket launch startup Astra has joined an elite group of companies that can say their vehicle has actually made it to orbital space — earlier than expected. The company’s Rocket 3.2 test rocket (yes, it’s a rocket called “Rocket”) passed the Karman line, the separation point 100 km (62 miles) up that most consider the barrier between Earth’s atmosphere and space, during a launch today from Kodiak, Alaska. This is the second in this series of orbital flight tests by Astra; it flew its Rocket 3...
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In the Super Mario Cartoon's Holiday Episode, the Greatest Gift Is Attempted Murder

Happy holidays, everybody! Now with that out of the way, I need to talk to you about this “Worst Episode Ever” featuring the Super Mario Bros.Read more...
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The Best Gifts and Gadgets to Help Your Youngest Child Build Character

Children are wonderful miracles. The way they go from babies to chaos to creatures with genuine personalities and feelings all their own is remarkable. But youngest kids of a multi-child household are another story. They are nightmare hellions with little regard for others, an incredible capacity to care only about…Read more...
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The 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E Is Not As Much Fun As A Real Mustang But It's Still Good

The 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E is The Blue Oval’s first-ever high-volume electric car and an important step in keeping Ford competitive as the entire industry shifts towards EVs. I just drove the Mach-E for the first time, and while I wouldn’t call it exciting, it’s a good electric crossover SUV.Read more...
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The 12 Best (and 7 Worst) Television Shows of 2020

We might have seen a shortage of new movies in 2020, but one thing we still got a lot of was television shows. This was a year of saying goodbye to many beloved series while introducing some new ones into the fold. Some sparked, others fizzled. Here are the TV series the io9 staff felt stood out as the best and worst…Read more...
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Japanese Probe Returned More Asteroid Than Expected—Including Pebbles and Gas

It looks like coffee beans in a grinder, but it’s actually bits of dust and pebbles scooped up from the surface of asteroid Ryugu. The Japanese space agency confirmed the presence of these precious samples earlier today, following the recent return to Earth of its Hayabusa2 spacecraft.Read more...
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The Special Edition Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch Is Back on Sale, So Throw Away Your PS5

Special Edition Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch | $300 | AmazonRead more...
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In the Trump administration's efforts to secure coronavirus vaccines, two key bets turned out to be mistakes

Alex Azar, Secretary of Health and Human Service,s listens as President Donald Trump talks to reporters at the White House on March 6. AP Photo/Evan Vucci The Trump administration purchased 300 million vaccine doses from AstraZeneca in May, but declined to purchase additional doses on top of the 100 million it had arranged with Pfizer, the New York Times reported. The Pfizer contract was contingent on the shot being authorized by the FDA, so it was relatively low-risk. But the shot is more...
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Removing space debris requires action and caution

Tess Hatch Contributor Share on Twitter Tess Hatch hopes to travel to space. In the meantime, she is a venture investor at Bessemer Venture Partners who invests in frontier tech. More posts by this contributor The space in between: The stratosphere The evolving airspace ecosystem Chris Wu Contributor Chris is an Electrical Engineering MS student at Stan...
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The Amazfit GTR 2 Raises the Bar for Budget Smartwatches

Generally speaking, budget smartwatches tend to keep things simple. You usually get one advanced feature, cheaper materials, a fuzzier display with big bezels, and a barebones companion app—basically, a fitness tracker in a smartwatch form factor. The affordable Amazfit GTR 2, however, blows up that formula.Read more...
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What’s the opposite of pandemic?

Coronavirus in Context is a weekly newsletter where we bring you facts that matter about the COVID-19 pandemic and the technology trying to stop its spread. You can subscribe here. Hola pandemic pals, I was thinking about Superman today. He was designed to be the ultimate hero. He’s strong, fast, smart, and full of empathy. He’s everything a kid could want in the super-est of superheroes. And that’s why it’s damn near impossible to tell a compelling story about him without invoking one of his tw...
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The Biggest Climate Wins of 2020

Somehow, not everything was bad this year.
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