Poor communities of color that don't have many pharmacies within walking distance worry they may be left behind when COVID-19 vaccines roll out to the general public next year

COVID-19 vaccine Getty/Mladen Antonov Low-income communities of color are at risk of being left behind when it comes to access to the COVID-19 vaccine once it's available to the general public.  The US Department of Health and Human Services announced that large pharmacy chains will distribute the COVID-19 vaccine. However, some low-income communities are lacking accessible pharmacies. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. People in many poor communities across the US are wor...
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Class Action Lawsuit Alleges Cyberpunk 2077 Publisher Lied and Misled Investors

After Cyberpunk 2077 debuted to the world and set off a trash fire of rage and disappointment, the clock starting ticking. Many wondered when that anger would manifest itself into a lawsuit to take the game’s publisher, CD Projekt Red, to court. It happened on Christmas Eve.Read more...
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Last, Last, Last-Minute Tech Gifts That Don't Suck, According to Me

I didn’t pour a ton of money into upgrading my tech this year. Our flailing economy and my general unease about the impact of the pandemic on our already troubled news industry left me feeling a little more conservative than usual about how to spend my pocket money. Where I did invest, however, I believe I did so…Read more...
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This tool helps predict which COVID patients will need hospitalization and which can be sent home

A Thanksgiving traveler arrives in Terminal 4 after his flight into the Ontario International Airport as the number of COVID cases are on the rise during the pandemic in Ontario on Monday, Nov. 23, 2020. (Photo by Terry Pierson, The Press-Enterprise/SCNG) The coronavirus surge continues unabated. People fill airplanes for holiday travel despite urgent pleas to hunker down at home. Hospitals weigh how to ration critical care because they’re swamped with patients. As emergency rooms brace for a ...
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Google's Search Engine Is Squashing Local News, Study Says

When we ask who should take the rap for the decline of local news, most folks agree the blame partially lies on Google’s shoulders. The tech giant has spent the past decade systematically swallowing a larger and larger chunk of the digital ad market, diverting the dollars that outlets—particularly smaller…Read more...
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Elon Musk says SpaceX to double launch pad usage for Starship tests, Super Heavy flights coming in a ‘few months’

SpaceX is set to significantly ramp up its Starship development program in the new year, in more ways than one. SpaceX CEO and founder Elon Musk noted on Twitter on Thursday that the company will seek to make use of both of its two launch pads at its development facility in Boca Chica, Texas with prototype rockets set up on each, and that it will begin flight testing its Super Heavy booster (starting with low-altitude ‘hops’) in as few as “a few months” from now. Recently, SpaceX has set u...
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The Best and Worst TV Moments of 2020

We’ve already counted up our best and worst TV shows of 2020. But now we’re getting micro-focused on those special (and not-so-special) TV moments that made us laugh, cry, shriek, recoil, rewind, and make memes. You know, the ones that remained burned in our memories long after the episode or season ended. Behold!Read more...
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Veterans Affairs Officials Inexplicably Blow Off Briefing on SolarWinds Hack

Senior officials at the Department of Veterans Affairs abruptly cancelled a scheduled briefing with congressional leaders this week regarding the extent and impact of the SolarWinds cyberattack, a far reaching intrusion into the networks of multiple U.S. agencies and powerful corporations allegedly perpetrated by an…Read more...
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This Was the Most Exciting and Disappointing Year for Computers and Consoles

This fall was a blizzard of hardware and console announcements from practically every major company, all timed to launch just before the holiday shopping season. Nvidia wowed us with new graphics cards. AMD hit the ground running with new processors and its own graphics cards. Intel’s Iris Xe integrated GPU was…Read more...
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Australian Robots Are Exploring to the Deep Sea to Study Marine Snow

Where I live, it’s too warm out for a white Christmas. But in the deep ocean, it’s always snowing. I’m talking about marine snow, or flakes of biological debris like dirt, dead phytoplankton and algae, and even bits of fecal matter that shower down from higher waters. So festive!Read more...
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Australian Robots Are Exploring the Deep Sea to Study Marine Snow

Where I live, it’s too warm out for a white Christmas. But in the deep ocean, it’s always snowing. I’m talking about marine snow, or flakes of biological debris like dirt, dead phytoplankton and algae, and even bits of fecal matter that shower down from higher waters. So festive!Read more...
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A Sneak Peek at the Apple Feature That Keeps Facebook Up at Night

Of all the privacy-preserving goodies Apple promised to roll into the iOS 14 update, its so called “Tracking Transparency” alerts were probably the most controversial, stirring up enough pushback from fellow tech giant Facebook that the feature ended up being delayed past its original autumn deadline.Read more...
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2020 as seen from space: Satellite images reveal wildfires, oil spills, hurricanes, and catastrophic explosions

Five tropical cyclones in the Atlantic basin on September 14, 2020. NOAA GOES-East Satellites orbiting Earth photographed the most devastating and world-changing events of the year from above. When wildfires engulfed Australia, protests erupted across the US, and a historic astronaut mission launched, satellites tracked it all. The 21 satellite images below also reveal oil spills, explosions, and pandemic lockdowns. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Anybody can see that ...
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10 Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your Xbox Series X or Series S

So you’ve decided to treat yourself (or maybe you were treated) to a brand new Xbox Series X or Series S and immerse yourself in the next generation of consoles—but are you getting the most out of your Microsoft-made box? These quick tips and tricks for your new console will help, covering everything from automatic…Read more...
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Fictional Flying Is the Best Way to Visit Family Right Now and This Animal Crossing Mug Says It All

Animal Crossing Nook Miles Mug | $17 | Amazon
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Apple's Latest iPad Air is $40 off in Sky Blue or Rose Gold

Apple iPad Air 4th Gen (64GB Sky Blue) | $559 | AmazonApple iPad Air 4th Gen (64GB Rose Gold) | $559 | AmazonRead more...
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The masterclass that Anders Tegnell gave in 2020 on epidemiology

A placeholder post. I might bring all his sayings and writings together in a systematic manner in due course – something eminently worthwhile. But for now, just a few links and tweets. Anders Tegnell gave the world a masterclass in basic epidemiology during 2020 through his interviews. I later confirmed his views from the scientific […]
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Olive-stuffing and in-theatre piano: the brain surgeon breaking new ground

Italian Roberto Trignani is known for ‘awake surgery’ and other unorthodox methodsPlaying the violin, watching cartoons and doing crosswords: these are just some of the activities patients have performed while having brain surgery under Roberto Trignani. Trignani, the head of neurosurgery at Riuniti hospital in Ancona, Italy, was already known for his “awake surgery” techniques, which he has used roughly 70 times in the last few years. But he broke new ground in June this year when a 60-year-old...
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Elon Considering X Holding Company for Tesla, SpaceX, Boring Company and Neuralink

David Lee suggested creating a holding company called X to hold all of Elon’s major companies (Tesla, SpaceX, Boring Company and Neuralink). Elon responded with a tweet that this seems like a... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Shapeshifting crystals-varying stability in different forms of gallium selenide monolayers

The gallium selenide monolayer has been recently discovered to have an alternative crystal structure and has diverse potential applications in electronics. Understanding its properties is crucial to understand its functions. Now, scientists from the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and the University of Tokyo have explored its structural stability, electronic states, and transformation of crystal phases.
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Human-made landscape promotes coexistence of two normally separated Andean warblers

In the mountains of world, species adapt to habitats in specific elevation zones that do not overlap with other species' elevation zones. Polish ornithologists, following the old traditions of Polish ornithology in South America, discovered that two Andean warbler species that typically occur at different elevations and hunt by tricking insects to escape can co-occur at the same elevation due to fragmentation of tropical montane forests caused by humans.
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International research team calls for 'glocal' approach to help mitigate flooding damage

Scientists suggest large-scale global forecasting and on-the-ground observations need to meld into one system to better predict and prevent wide-spread flooding disasters
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Novel method reveals small microplastics throughout Japan's subtropical ocean

Samples taken from the ocean surrounding the subtropical island of Okinawa have revealed the presence of microplastics in all six areas surveyed, finds new study.
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A new TanSat XCO2 global product for climate studies

The 1st Chinese carbon dioxide (CO2) monitoring satellite mission, TanSat, was launched in 2016. The 1st TanSat global map of CO2 dry-air mixing ratio (XCO2) measurements over land was released as version 1 data product with an accuracy of 2.11 ppmv (parts per million by volume) in 2017. A new (version 2) TanSat global XCO2 product is now released.
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Early mammal with remarkably precise bite

Paleontologists have succeeded in reconstructing the chewing motion of an early mammal that lived almost 150 million years ago. This showed that its teeth worked extremely precisely and surprisingly efficiently.
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Protein tells developing cells to stick together

Tohoku University scientists have, for the first time, provided experimental evidence that cell stickiness helps them stay sorted within correct compartments during development. How tightly cells clump together, known as cell adhesion, appears to be enabled by a protein better known for its role in the immune system. The findings were detailed in the journal Nature Communications.
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Atomic-scale nanowires can now be produced at scale

Researchers from Tokyo Metropolitan University have discovered a way to make self-assembled nanowires of transition metal chalcogenides at scale using chemical vapor deposition. By changing the substrate where the wires form, they can tune how these wires are arranged, from aligned configurations of atomically thin sheets to random networks of bundles. This paves the way to industrial deployment in next-gen industrial electronics, including energy harvesting, and transparent, efficient, even fle...
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Discovery of aging mechanism for hematopoietic stem cells

By transferring mouse aged hematopoietic stem cells (aged HSCs) to the environment of young mice (bone marrow niche), it was demonstrated that the pattern of stem cell gene expression was rejuvenated to that of young hematopoietic stem cells.
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Multi-population risk scores could improve risk prediction for inflammatory bowel diseases, study finds

New study illustrates how studying diverse populations can help predict patient outcomes and reduce health disparities
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