A Los Angeles hospital is so overwhelmed with COVID-19 cases it's been forced to treat some patients in the gift shop

Michelle Goldson, RN is working with a covid positive patient inside the ICU at Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital on Thursday, Dec. 17, 020 in Los Angeles, CA. Francine Orr / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images Some patients at one Los Angeles hospital are now being treated in the gift shop and chapel as COVID-19 cases surge and capacity is limited.  COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles County continue to break records and many intensive-care units have reached 0% capacity in the past sev...
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Most Drones Will Be Required to Broadcast Their Locations By 2023

The Federal Aviation Administration announced a new set of drone regulations on Monday that will, among other things, mandate that every drone sold in the U.S. weighing more than .55 pounds come with a mechanism to broadcast its location to local authorities by 2022— a digital license plate, of sorts.Read more...
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*ECOLOGIES BIZARRE BIOMES* Food Chain Science Card Game

We are getting A LOT of Gameschooling in this holiday season, which has been so much fun. It’s really nice to take a break during the holidays and still learn (of course!) but not worry about lessons or curriculum or deadlines. There’s enough going on during the holidays, who needs normal school?!?  Ecologies has a […]
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A Hunter in Florida Got a Rare Brain Infection From Feral Hogs

A man’s habit of hunting feral pigs exposed him to a rare brain infection, doctors in Florida say. In a recent case report, they detail how the man developed a serious kind of infection that’s mostly disappeared in the U.S., caused by Brucella bacteria.Read more...
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Florida and Texas have started vaccinating people 65 and older against the coronavirus, breaking with CDC guidelines

Vera Leip, 88, receives a COVID-19 vaccine at the John Knox Village Continuing Care Retirement Community in Pompano Beach, Florida, on December 16, 2020. Joe Raedle/Getty Images Florida and Texas residents age 65 and older are now able to get coronavirus vaccines. The decision bucks CDC recommendations that say essential workers and people older than 75 should be next. "The problem is people that are 73, 74 would be in the back of the line for a young 21-year-old worker who's considered 'e...
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Apple Wallet Receipt Could Serve As First Proof Of An Individual's Vaccination Status

Welcome to our dystopian hellscape, where you might soon have to flash your Apple Wallet when trying to enter an airport in order to prove that you’ve been given the covid-19 vaccine. Read more...
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Leaked Prototype Photos Offer Rare Glimpse at Early Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has become an iconic smartwatch, but things could’ve turned out very differently. Leaked images of what appears to be an Apple Watch prototype show just how far it has come since its early days in development. Read more...
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A Huge Jet of Radiation From the Early Universe Has Been Spotted

When the universe was a fledgling billion years old, a galaxy spewed a ginormous, fast-moving jet of radiation and plasma into the cosmos. Nearly 13 billion years later, that jet is visible to humans in the form of a blazar. The jet was recently imaged and analyzed by a team of Italian astronomers. Their findings,…Read more...
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A Massive Radioactive Jet From the Early Universe Has Been Spotted

When the universe was a fledgling billion years old, a galaxy spewed a ginormous, fast-moving jet of radiation and plasma into the cosmos. Nearly 13 billion years later, that jet is visible to humans in the form of a blazar. The jet was recently imaged and analyzed by a team of Italian astronomers. Their findings,…Read more...
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Feast your eyes on the space rocks Japan’s Hayabusa 2 mission harvested from asteroid Ryugu

Japan’s ambitious second asteroid return mission, Hayabusa 2, has collected a wealth of material from its destination, Ryugu, which astronomers and other interested parties are almost certainly champing at the bit to play with. Though they may look like ordinary bits of charcoal, they’re genuine asteroid surface material — and a little something shiny, too. Hayabusa 2 was launched in 2014, and arrived at the asteroid named Ryugu in 2018, at which point it deployed a couple landers to test surfac...
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The Nerd's Watch: The Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Streaming in January

Viewers are turning to streaming entertainment more than ever thanks to the global pandemic, and the plethora of services can serve as a much-needed escape. At the start of each month, most streamers do a little shuffle, adding new movies and taking some away, and io9 is here to help with your decision making.Read more...
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2020's Most Popular Wikipedia Pages: Pandemics, Politics, And Parasite

When I’m using Wikipedia, I’m usually spending hours getting lost in the site’s bottomless pit of random factoids for hours on end. Apparently though, this puts me in the minority. If you look at the most popular pages on the platform from this year, you’re most likely to find pages discussing politics or the global…Read more...
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Fitness+ Is Hands Down the Best Apple Service

Apple’s services aren’t terrible—it’s just the competition is usually better. Despite Apple’s best efforts, Spotify is most people’s music streaming app of choice. TV+ is nowhere near the best TV streaming service. Apple Arcade just doesn’t have much appeal to die-hard gamers. There are a bazillion other cloud storage…Read more...
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Chatroulette Was Supposed to Be Filthy

R.I.P Chatroulette, the last, vast Wild West for exhibitionists whose incessant masturbation has delighted and startled onlookers since my college days. Wired reports that the platform in which users endlessly scroll through each others’ webcams resulting in an unceasing 11-year dongfest, has thrived lately thanks in…Read more...
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Spiders Weave Intricate Insect-Catching Nets Hugely Bigger Than Themselves

This is a scientific experiment.
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It's Not Your Fault. Prove It With 25% off the Anker Roav A1 1080p Dash Cam

Anker Roav A1 1080p Dash Cam | $42 | Amazon | Clip CouponRead more...
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Yes, Super Gonorrhea Is Real and It's Gonna Get Worse

Over the weekend, a particularly awful pair of words started trending on social media: super gonorrhea. That’s because the World Health Organization recently warned that the pandemic is helping fuel the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, including the bacteria that cause gonorrhea. Unfortunately, the situation is…Read more...
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Soul Feels Like Pixar's First Black Movie Made With White People in Mind

In Pixar’s Soul, a music teacher with a burning passion for jazz suddenly dies. The event puts him on a path in the afterlife that makes him realize how he never lived with much passion during his time on Earth, and how hard he’s willing to fight for another chance. Read more...
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The EPA Just Set the First-Ever Airline Pollution Standards and They Suck

The Environmental Protection Agency just enshrined the nation’s first-ever air pollution regulations on the aviation industry. But don’t get too excited, because they do basically nothing.Read more...
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Processed foods make us fatter and are linked to a higher risk of cancer. Here’s what science suggests we should eat instead.

Quesadillas made with canned beans, store-bought tortillas, deli meat, and shredded cheese are considered processed food. LauriPatterson/Getty Images Eating processed foods can lead to weight gain and is linked to higher rates of cancer, heart disease and early death. But it can be difficult to avoid these items when we're busy or looking for something cheap to eat. Researchers at the National Institutes of Health recently developed unprocessed menus to feed patients at their diet research...
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Six Months After Launch and I Still Have a Bone to Pick with HBO Max

Quick question: What the heck is going on with HBO Max’s content discovery?Read more...
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Tappity raises $1.3M for its interactive and educational video library for kids

When kids today want to learn about a new topic they’re interested in, they’ll often turn to YouTube. But the quality of the educational content on the platform can be hit or miss, depending on what specific videos kids happen to come across. Tappity, a digital educational startup now backed by $1.3 million in seed funding, aims to offer an alternative. Its video library offers entertaining and interactive live-action videos kids enjoy, while also ensuring the content itself is aligned with curr...
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Wonder Woman 1984 Has One Great Thing Going for It

Wonder Woman 1984 has been quite the lightning rod since its release. On the one hand, there’s the epic scope, complex romance, rousing score, and positive messages. It also has an incredible cast including Gal Gadot, Kirsten Wiig, Chris Pine, and Pedro Pascal. On the other hand, some have criticized the visual…Read more...
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Bumble Only Allows Swimwear If, and Only If, It Appears You Plan to Swim in It

Last week, Los Angeles-based artist Cali Rockowitz uncovered an interesting loophole in Bumble’s shirt regulations. After blocking her numerous attempts to upload photos in a bralette, the company told her that her attire would be allowed only if she’d posed in it outside, and if it were a plausible bikini. Read more...
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Facebook's Winding Down Its Irish Tax Havens

After spending the past few years funneling billions of dollars through Ireland as a way to take advantage of the country’s relatively low taxes, it looks like Facebook is packing up its overseas operation.Read more...
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Thousands of Birds Starved to Death This Fall in the U.S. South

This past autumn, people all across the U.S. southwest were finding an astounding number of dead birds littered along roads, on golf courses, and in their own driveways. Some estimated that hundreds of thousands of the creatures perished. Months later, new findings are shedding a little more light on why the spooky…Read more...
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Monday's Best Deals: Surface Laptop 2, Baby Yoda Holiday Tumbler, Switch GameCube Controllers, Sleep Philosophy Weighted Blanket, White Mountain Booties, and More

Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 2 and a Baby Yoda holiday tumbler lead Monday’s best deals.Read more...
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Pick up a OnePlus 7T for 50% off Today

OnePlus 7T (T-Mobile) | $300 | B&H Photo
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190,000 Ceiling Fans Recalled After Blades Flew Off and Hit People

More than 190,000 fans sold at Home Depot in the United States and Canada have been recalled by the manufacturer because the blades can detach, fly through the air, and hit people. Read more...
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Nintendo's WorkBoy Rescued From the Dustbin of History

In the early ‘90s, Nintendo surveyed the massive success of the Game Boy and thought, what if you could also work on this thing? Enter the WorkBoy, an accessory that converted Nintendo’s handheld system into a sort of early PDA. But despite a lot of evidence of the WorkBoy’s existence, it vanished before ever making…Read more...
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