YouTube Deletes Latest Trump Video, Suspends Account Through Inauguration Day

YouTube has deleted President Donald Trump’s latest video over concerns that it could inspire violence, the video sharing site announced late Tuesday. Comments are being blocked on all of the president’s remaining videos and his account has been suspended for at least the next seven days. Notably, the inauguration of…Read more...
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The Capcom Hack Affected Way More People Than Originally Reported

Capcom, the legendary Japanese video game developer and publisher behind such classics as Street Fighter and Resident Evil, has been recovering since a November ransomware hack saw a “customized attack” on the company’s internal networks. Read more...
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New Zealand stands by 'travel bubble' plan despite Covid outbreaks in Australia

Quarantine-free movement by April could still be on the cards, even amid extra caution over new variantCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe New Zealand government is standing by its plan to establish a trans-Tasman travel “bubble” by April, despite community transmission of coronavirus in several Australian states.In mid-December the prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, announced that quarantine-free movement between Australia and New Zealand would be instated by the end of...
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Bordeaux-ver the moon: French wine to return from space station after 12 months

Experts looking forward to tasting some of the 12 bottles of Bordeaux that will splashdown in the Gulf of Mexico via a SpaceX Dragon capsule The International Space Station bid adieu on Tuesday to 12 bottles of Bordeaux wine and hundreds of snippets of grapevines that spent a year orbiting the world in the name of science.The wine and vines – and thousands of pounds of other gear and research, including mice – will splashdown onboard a SpaceX Dragon capsule on Wednesday night in the Gulf of Mexi...
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The Lasso Robot Wants to Make Recycling at Home Easier

Recycling is important but it’s also a pain. Separating glass from plastic from paper isn’t a terrible task but what wouldn’t it be nicer if a robot did it instead? That’s why one inventor built the Lasso, a robot that claims to accept, indentify, and prepare recycling for proper reuse.Read more...
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GitHub Fired a Jewish Employee For Warning That "Nazis" Were Among the US Capitol Rioters

Microsoft-owned GitHub is facing employee backlash after it reportedly terminated a Jewish worker for warning in a corporate Slack channel that there were “nazis” present at the U.S. Capitol riot.Read more...
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Saudi Crown Prince Asks, Answers What if a City, But It's a 105-Mile Line

Vicious Saudi autocrat Mohamed bin Salman has a new vision for Neom, his plan for a massive, $500 billion, AI-powered, nominally legally independent city-state of the future on the border with Egypt and Jordan. When we last left the crown prince, he had reportedly commissioned 2,300-pages’ worth of proposals from…Read more...
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States that roll out vaccines the fastest will be prioritized for future doses, officials say: 'We need doses going to where they'll be administered quickly'

Alex Azar speaks during a news briefing on the administration's response. Reuters Starting in two weeks, states with the speediest vaccine rollouts will be prioritized for additional doses, US officials announced Tuesday. The new system is meant to incentivize states to promptly record vaccinations and prevent doses from sitting in freezers. But it could also punish states that lack the funding or resources to accelerate vaccine administration. The strategy is set to take effect after ...
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Astronomers spotted a galaxy dying after a major collision. It's bleeding out 10,000 suns' worth of gas each year.

An artist's impression shows galaxy ID2299 losing a tail of gas after being formed in a galactic collision. ESO/M. Kornmesser Astronomers can see a distant galaxy dying as it bleeds cold gas into space. Such gas is critical for forming stars. Galaxies die when they can no longer do so. This galaxy formed from a collision in which two galaxies merged into one. That left a "tail" that's shedding 10,000 suns' worth of gas each year. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. For ...
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Megalodon babies ate their shark siblings in the womb, leading them to be the size of adult humans at birth

A prehistoric megalodon alongside a great white shark. Victor Habbick Visions/Science Photo Library/Getty Megalodons were more than 6.5 feet long at birth. As adults, the huge, prehistoric sharks reached lengths of 50 feet and had . That's far bigger than any other meat-eating shark, living or extinct.  A new study suggests the sharks grew to such large sizes because megalodon babies ate each other in the womb. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. A megalodon's .The prehis...
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Wear a Fursuit With Your Friends in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, Now Available for Pre-Order

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury | $60 | Amazon, Walmart, TargetSuper Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury and Tech Badge | $61 | Best BuyRead more...
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A COVID-19 test result means nothing if you don't isolate before and after

Boots You should self-isolate for 5 to 7 days before getting tested for COVID-19 and stay home until you get your results. That might require quarantining after a possible exposure or planning ahead before traveling. Testing too early, or seeing people while you wait to get tested, means your results won't catch your most recent exposures. Going out into the world before you get your results back could also invalidate a negative test. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. If...
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Psychedelic Mushrooms Grew in a Man's Veins After He Injected Them

A man’s experiment with psychedelic mushrooms went disastrously wrong and nearly killed him, according to his doctors. In a new case report released this week, they detailed how the man injected a “tea” made from the mushrooms into his body and developed a life-threatening infection that had them growing in his blood.…Read more...
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The Trova Is a Bluetooth-Powered Lockbox That Actually Looks Good

Folks with kids or other snoops in the house will appreciate the Trova Home. This $550 box can be opened with your phone via Bluetooth, wifi, or NFC and is designed to look like an art piece. Which is a nice change of pace from the ones that look like they should be left in your closet or hidden under the bed out of…Read more...
Tags: Science, Nfc, Trova, CES 2021

The Internet's Biggest Darknet Just Got Taken Down

One of the internet’s largest forums for criminal activity, has been seized and the man believed to be its operator has been arrested, European authorities announced Tuesday. Read more...
Tags: Science, Cybercrime, Dark Web, Dark Net, Digital Dragnet

Soon, Yelp Users Can Report Covid-19 Safety Measures. What Could Go Wrong?

Yelp has made a highly risky, wildly optimistic gambit: the company announced that it’s rolling out a feature whereby users can report businesses for not following covid-19 safety protocols, which will be reflected in notifications on the business’s page. Will people prove themselves measured arbiters of justice? Yelp…Read more...
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So, A Discovery of Witches Is Now a Time-Travel Show

A Discovery of Witches—about a historian who also happens to be a powerful witch, and the ancient vampire who falls for her—is back for a second season of supernatural intrigue, spellcasting, and romance. But there’s a new element this season, as promised by that season-one cliffhanger: time travel!Read more...
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NASA's New Mars Rover Has Some Fun Easter Eggs

One of the few non-shitty things to happen in the recently-deceased (see you in hell) year 2020 was that the next generation of Mars rover, Perseverance, was launched, and is currently on its way to the Red Planet, where it will land on February 18. If my local CVS feels comfortable putting up Valentine’s Day crap…Read more...
Tags: Science, Nasa, Mars, Easter Eggs, Cvs, Red Planet, Perseverance, Spacelopnik

Refrigerators Are Finally Embracing the Good Ice

Samsung and LG both showed off new refrigerators at this year’s CES that feature one of the best innovations we’ve seen in years: better ice. LG introduced a fridge that can make the spherical ice that perfectly complements a strong pour of fine whiskey, and Samsung’s latest can make pebble ice.Read more...
Tags: Science, Samsung, Ice, Lg, LG InstaView, CES 2021, Ge Opal 20, Lg Craft Ice, Samsung Bespoke, Good Ice

AT&T TV Now Is Merging With AT&T TV—Wait, What?

AT&T appears to be killing its AT&T TV Now packages, directing new customers to its similarly titled AT&T TV product. Yes, those are two different things.Read more...
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How To Reserve Your Samsung Galaxy S21 Pre-Order Spot Right Now

Sign up for Notifications | Samsung
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Gig Workers in California Petition Supreme Court to Overturn Prop 22

The fight to bring full employment protections to gig workers in California seemed all but doomed by November’s passage of Proposition 22—a historically expensive ballot measure funded by Uber, Lyft, and others, which rolled back hard-won rights for app workers in the state. Today, workers revealed they had one last H…Read more...
Tags: Lyft, Uber, Science, Labor, California, SEIU, Uber Lyft, Gig workers, Ab5, Prop 22, Gig Workers in California Petition Supreme Court

Razer's Wild Gaming Chair and Smart Mask Are Concept Gadgets Designed to Battle the Woes of 2021

It just wouldn’t be CES (even a virtual one) without a couple far-out concept gadgets from Razer, and this year the company has dreamed up two devices designed to combat some of 2021's biggest issues in the most Razer way possible. Read more...
Tags: Science, Masks, Razer, Consumer Tech, CES 2021, Razers 2021 Concept Devices, Project Brooklyn, Project Hazel

Parler Users Breached Deep Inside U.S. Capitol Building, GPS Data Shows

At least several users of the far-right social network Parler appear to be among the horde of rioters that managed to penetrate deep inside the U.S. Capitol building and into areas normally restricted to the public, according to GPS metadata linked to videos posted to the platform the day of the insurrection in…Read more...
Tags: Science, Donald Trump, U S Capitol, Parler, Capitol Riot, The Capitol Mob

Former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and other top officials will soon be criminally charged in connection with the Flint water crisis, report says

The top of a water tower is seen at the Flint Water Plant in Flint, Michigan January 13, 2016, where residents coping with the city's crisis over lead-contaminated drinking water. Rebecca Cook/Reuters Former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and other former top officials are expected to face criminal charges in connection with the Flint water crisis, the Associated Press reported Tuesday.  Former Michigan health director Nick Lyons is another official also expected to face charges.  The Flint...
Tags: Politics, Science, Trends, Ap, Michigan, Associated Press, Lyon, Reuters, Flint Michigan, Flint, Rick Snyder, Flint Water Crisis, Flint River, Snyder, Rebecca Cook, Flint Water Plant

Rare Planet With Three Suns Has a Super Weird Orbit

Astronomers have confirmed the existence of a triple-star exoplanet located 1,800 light-years from Earth. Planets parked in multi-star systems are rare, but this object is particularly unusual owing to its inexplicably weird orbital alignment. Read more...
Tags: Astronomy, Science, Astrophysics, Planetary Science

Report: Former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder Will Finally Be Charged for Poisoning Flint's Water

Y’all. Former Michigan governor and certified monster Rick Snyder will catch charges for his role in the Flint water crisis, according to the Associated Press. You absolutely love to see it.Read more...
Tags: Science, Water, Pollution, Michigan, Associated Press, Environmental Justice, Flint, Rick Snyder, Flint Water Crisis

Tesla Would Take Nearly 1,600 Years To Make The Amount Of Money The Stock Market Values It At

Tesla is an oddity in the business landscape. The company’s stock is so stratospheric that Elon Musk has surpassed Jeff Bezos as the world’s richest person. Now, we have another mind-blowing metric. At Tesla’s current price-to-earnings ratio, it would take the company almost 1,600 years to make what the stock market…Read more...
Tags: Elon Musk, Science, News, Tesla, Jeff Bezos

Tesla Would Take Nearly 1,600 Years To Make The Amount Of Money The Stock Market Has Put Into It

Tesla is an oddity in the business landscape. The company’s stock is so stratospheric that Elon Musk has surpassed Jeff Bezos as the world’s richest person. Now, we have another mind-blowing metric. At Tesla’s current price-to-earnings ratio, it would take the company almost 1,600 years to make what the stock market…Read more...
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NordicTrack Is Making Its Own Connected Fitness Mirror

At-home fitness is having a moment due to the global pandemic, and connected gym equipment makers are struggling to keep up with demand. While you probably know NordicTrack best for its treadmills, the company is launching one of a smart workout mirrors—sort of like the Lululemon-owned Mirror, but with a slight twist.Read more...
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