Is covid man-made or created in lab?

I discussed this issue here: But the matter is not resolved. Here’s an alternative view:  
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Mysterious 'Jetpack Guy' Could Actually Be This Weird Mannequin Drone

Bizarre, ongoing sightings of what appears to be a man flying a jetpack at high altitudes have understandably baffled the public. The sightings, which started last August, have involved multiple commercial airline pilots and have all taken place at incredibly high elevations—up to 6,000 feet in the air. People…Read more...
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Baby Yoda, Giant Pikachu, Miles Morales, and More: The Best Funko Pop Deals to Compulsively Amass on Your Desk

Featured Deal: The Mandalorian: The Child | $10 | AmazonRead more...
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Joe Biden Is Putting the U.S. Back in the Paris Agreement. Here's What Comes Next.

On his first day in the Oval Office, President Joe Biden signed an array of executive orders to overturn several of the Trump administration’s most egregious environmental rollbacks. The third one he signed set the U.S. on course to rejoin the Paris Agreement.Read more...
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Common Back Pain Treatment Doesn't Actually Work, Study Finds

A common treatment for chronic back pain may not provide much soothing after all. A new review released Wednesday suggests that antidepressants on average provide little to no back pain relief, though they could have a modest benefit for osteoarthritis and sciatica. Read more...
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Archaeologists unearthed 210 sarcophagi in an Egyptian city of the dead. They'd remained undisturbed for at least 2,500 years.

A sarcophagus found near Queen Nearit's funerary temple in Saqqara, which was unveiled on January 17, 2021. KHALED DESOUKI/AFP/GETTY Over the last four months, archaeologists have found at least 210 sarcophagi beneath Saqqara, an ancient Egyptian city of the dead. The sealed coffins had remained undisturbed for 2,500 years or more. Egyptologists recently opened some to examine the mummies inside. Researchers also discovered an ancient queen's funerary temple and a trove of mummified li...
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More Americans have now died from COVID-19 than the number of US troops killed during World War II

American reinforcements arriving on the beaches of Normandy from a Coast Guard landing barge into the surf on the French coast on June 23, 1944, during World War II. US COAST GUARD/AP The US military saw 405,399 deaths during World War II, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs. The number of confirmed COVID-19 deaths has surpassed that grim milestone. As of Wednesday, 405,400 American coronavirus deaths had been reported. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The US...
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Screw It, Trump Is Banned From Twitch Too

Former President Donald Trump’s part in egging on the riotous mob that attacked the Capitol on January 6 has now earned him permanent bans from Twitter, Snapchat, Shopify and, most recently, Twitch. Read more...
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How Biden plans to fight the pandemic: 100 million shots, large-scale vaccination sites, and the reopening of K-8 schools

Joe Biden is sworn in as the 46th president of the United States by Chief Justice John Roberts. Saul Loeb/Pool Photo via AP President Joe Biden issued three coronavirus-related executive orders on his first day in office. The orders aim to increase mask wearing, accelerate vaccine distribution, and restore the US relationship with the World Health Organization. In the next 100 days, Biden plans to reopen the majority of K-8 schools and administer 100 million coronavirus shots. Visit Busine...
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Jack Ma Re-Emerges From Wherever He Was for the Last Few Months

Jack Ma, the billionaire co-founder and former chairman of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, has re-emerged from wherever he’s been since late October 2020, when he ceased public appearances amid a government crackdown on tech firms.Read more...
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Building a Working Full-Size Pinball Machine Out of K'Nex Might Be the Best Pandemic Project Yet

K’Nex has been around for less than 30 years but has already become the building toy of choice for elaborate creations that are impossible to build with Lego. Tyler Bower just demonstrated the potential with a 7.5-foot-tall functional pinball machine that even keeps score.Read more...
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NASA Considers Second ‘Hotfire’ Test of Megarocket After Unexpected Shutdown

The recent hotfire test of NASA’s next-gen megarocket was supposed to go for eight minutes, but it lasted just 67 seconds. The space agency has an explanation for the premature shutdown, saying everything’s swell, but a second test remains a distinct possibility. Read more...
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White House Website Finally Supports Dark Mode

Like many Americans, I’m processing some unfamiliar emotions today, but I believe that I’m genuinely thrilled about the new White House website. The site allows visitors to toggle font sizes. It includes an Easter Egg in the HTML with a job posting for coders. And, perhaps most thrillingly, it supports dark mode. Read more...
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Here's How QAnon Reacted as They Realized 'The Storm' Isn't Happening

QAnon is not going away. But it’s reeling in abject confusion and despair after Joe Biden took office on Wednesday without Donald Trump leading an army of federal agents and National Guardsmen to storm the inauguration and arrest the entire leadership of the Democratic Party.Read more...
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Stopping Keystone XL Has to Be Just the Start

President Joe Biden took office on Wednesday, saying he would get right to work on “tackling the crises we face,” including the climate crisis.Read more...
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Apple M1 vs. Intel: Should You Trade in Your Old MacBook for a Slick New Processor?

MacBook Air With Apple M1 Chip | $982 | AmazonMacBook Pro With Apple M1 Chip | $1,400 | AmazonRead more...
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Charter Waves the White Flag on Data Caps as Trump Leaves the Building

Mere days before Donald Trump’s helicopter shrank into the skies, we got a promising early indication that telecom companies’ hog-wild joyride under Trump’s FCC is coming to an end. Last week, Charter Communications, the company behind Spectrum, withdrew its petition to impose data caps: basically its attempt to…Read more...
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Cats Love Catnip Because It Protects Them From Mosquitoes, New Research Suggests

When exposed to catnip or silver vine, cats engage in some fairly predictable behaviors, such as licking and chewing the leaves, rubbing their heads and faces against the plants, and rolling on the ground. Cats get a real kick out of these plants, but surprising new research points to a more practical purpose than…Read more...
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Remote workers are greener, but their tech still has a real carbon cost

The massive shift to remote work due to COVID-19 has resulted in a huge reduction in emissions from vehicles and other sources, but it comes with costs of its own. A new study puts tentative carbon costs on the connectivity and data infrastructure that make working from home possible — and gives you an excuse to leave the camera off. The researchers, from Perdue, Yale, and MIT, attempted to analyze the carbon, land, and water costs of internet infrastructure. “In order to build a sustainable dig...
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Scientists developed an AI system for predicting human psychosis

A team of European scientists led by researchers from the Max Planck institute recently developed the world’s first cybernetic system for predicting psychosis onset in high-risk patients. According to the NIH, about three percent of the general population (data is US-specific) will experience psychosis in their lifetimes. To put that in perspective, the odds you’ll be stung by a bee are approximately six million to one. Unfortunately, predicting psychosis in high-risk patients is a difficult tas...
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Shadow in the Cloud Is...Something

For a movie about a woman fighting a giant creature on an airplane during World War II, Shadow in the Cloud is surprisingly complex. It’s basically two movies; one is a claustrophobic, paranoid thriller with a character in a single location under intense distress, the second a swashbuckling adventure film that gives…Read more...
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DHS Sued Over Its Social Media Surveillance Tactics

The Department of Homeland Security is being slammed with after spending just over a year failing to respond to repeated attempts at investigating its long-term data hoovering practices. Read more...
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What Does Mars Sound Like? The Perseverance Rover Is Going to Find Out

Nothing on the hills seems to be alive, so the rocky terrain of Mars will be filled with the sounds of solitude when the NASA’s Perseverance rover lands in Jezero Crater next month. One of the rover’s many tasks will be listening to the Martian environment with microphones—the first effort at acoustic data collection…Read more...
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The Expanse Just Pushed Everyone to the Limit and Things Are About to Explode

After last week’s Expanse gave extra space to one of this season’s most devastating farewells, episode eight finds time to see what all the other characters are up to on Earth, Luna, and various points around the Belt. As you might guess, nobody in “Hard Vacuum” is having an easy time of it.Read more...
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Engineer Who Compared Tesla Model 3 Quality To 'A Kia In The '90s' Buys Another Model 3. Here's What He Found

Sandy Munro, the manufacturing expert who once said an early Tesla Model 3 had fit and finish issues similar to “a Kia in the ’90s” now has a new Model 3. Munro just gave his company’s new car a once-over, and while he didn’t liken it it to a Korean economy car from three decades ago, he wasn’t thrilled with the flaws…Read more...
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Scientists Want Pablo Escobar's Cocaine Hippos Dead

I’ve got my eyes on the biggest news of the day. That’s right: the fate of Pablo Escobar’s hippos. Read more...
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Nvidia Shield Update Brings Support for PS5 and New Xbox Controllers

Put those next-generation controllers to good use on your streaming device.Read more...
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This Could Be the End for LG Phones

After years of repeated rumors and rumblings, the future of LG’s smartphone division has come under speculation again as LG CEO Kwon Bong-Seok reportedly sent a message to staff on Wednesday suggesting that there could be major changes coming soon. Read more...
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A 7-step plan Biden should follow to tackle COVID-19, according to a public health expert

President-elect Joe Biden speaks at The Queen theater in Wilmington, Del., Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2020. Susan Walsh/AP President Joe Biden took office on January 20, 2021.  His most pressing challenge after Inauguration Day will be tackling the COVID-19 pandemic. Lawrence O. Gostin, director of the WHO Collaborating Center on Public Health Law & Human Rights, compiled a possible action plan for Biden once he takes office.  Here is a seven-step plan that could help the President handle the pand...
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Save an Extra 20% on Apple Products, Gaming Peripherals, Smartwatches, and More in Amazon's Huge Warehouse Sale

Extra 20% off Select Items | Amazon Warehouse
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