Tokyo Olympics: definitely going ahead unless cancelled again?

Billed as a celebration of humankind’s victory over coronavirus, Games could fall foul of pandemic for a second timeThe Olympic rings have been spruced up and are once again overlooking Tokyo Bay. Countdown clocks have been reset, telling passersby there are just 171 days to go until the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games begin.They are supposed to build excitement optimism in the host city and among sports fans around the world. But Japan’s Olympic dream is quickly turning sour in the face of the worst g...
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SpaceX to launch billionaire Jared Isaacman into space with a mission of 3 private astronauts on the Crew Dragon

Jared Isaacman at SpaceX in Hawthorne, California. SpaceX/Business Wire via AP Photo Billionaire Jared Isaacman has bought seats on a SpaceX Crew Dragon spaceship to launch himself, a healthcare worker and two others — to be selected via sweepstakes — into orbit in late 2021. The mission, called Inspiration4, will be the first ever to fly a crew of people who aren't professional astronauts into space. "The risk is not zero," SpaceX founder Elon Musk said, but this is a big step toward maki...
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Washington State Suffers a Data Breach That Potentially Affects 1.6 Million People

The Washington state government has suffered a large data breach involving unemployment claims, potentially exposing data on more than 1.6 million people, officials admitted Monday. Read more...
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The ‘Time Has Come’ to Extend Human Embryo Research From 14 to 28 Days, Argues Bioethicist

A decades-old rule, in which research scientists are forbidden to experiment on human embryos beyond the 14-day mark, is being challenged by a British bioethicist, who says the rule is outdated, arbitrary, and an unnecessary impediment to scientific progress.Read more...
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E-Book Sales Rise as People Hunt Desperately for Stuff to Do

E-book revenues are up by 15.2% from 2019, hitting $1 billion last year, according to a report by the Association of American Publishers. December figures should reach at least $100 million if the organization’s estimates are correct.Read more...
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Biden Administration Set to Give Puerto Rico $1.3 billion in Aid Trump Held Hostage

The Biden administration announced on Monday that it was gearing up to release a $1.3 billion tranche of aid money that was initially earmarked for Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Maria recovery until the Trump White House held it hostage.Read more...
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Have You Considered a Collapsible Coffee Cup?

Dog owners, I’m looking at you.
Tags: Science, Food And Drink, Liquids, Mug, Coffee Cup, Coffee Culture, Technology_internet

February Is Here With an Avalanche of New Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books

February may be the shortest month, but the book gods are not holding back whatsoever with this flood of sweet new releases. Read on for forest monsters, space explorers, princesses with dark fates, unwitting inter-dimensional travelers, and so much more!Read more...
Tags: Science, Fiction, Genres, Speculative Fiction, Technology_internet, Entertainment_culture, Disaster_accident, The Sword Of Truth, Apocalyptic And Post Apocalyptic Fiction

European Union Appeals Ruling Letting Apple Skip Out on $15.8 Billion in Taxes

The European Union wants the $15.8 billion in back taxes it says Apple owes and is appealing a July 2020 court ruling that let the tech giant off scot-free, Bloomberg reported on Monday.Read more...
Tags: Apple, Politics, Science, Environment, Tax, Bloomberg, European Union, Economy, Apple Inc, Margrethe Vestager, Tax haven, International Taxation, State Aid, Technology_internet, Entertainment_culture, Business_finance

Endangered giraffes are trapped on an island in Kenya's Lake Baringo. Photos show how rescuers are ferrying them to safety.

A giraffe named Asiwa is ferried to the Ruko Conservancy in Kenya, December 2020. Ami Vitale/Courtesy of Save Giraffes Now A group of endangered giraffes got marooned on an island in Kenya's Lake Baringo. Rising waters are flooding more and more of the island, so conservationists hatched a daring rescue operation. Groups are working together to ferry the animals off the island. Three of nine giraffes have been saved so far. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. In Kenya's Lak...
Tags: Photos, Science, News, Animals, Africa, Trends, Kenya, Connor, Myers, Rothschild, Noelle, David O Connor, Asiwa, Giraffes, Lake Baringo, Ami Vitale

Astronomers Found an Ancient Galaxy with a Halo of Dark Matter

Some 163,000 light-years from the Milky Way is a much smaller, much more ancient galaxy: Tucana II, so named for the tropical bird-resembling constellation in which it sits. Sitting at the periphery of our galaxy’s gravitational pull, Tucana II provides researchers with the opportunity to understand the composition of…Read more...
Tags: Astronomy, Science, Milky Way, Galaxies, Dark Matter, Physical Sciences, Natural Sciences, Dwarf Galaxy, Dark Matter Halo, Galactic Halo, Satellite Galaxy

The 10 Best Deals of February 1, 2021

Monday’s Best Deals | Kinja Deals
Tags: Science, Labor, Xbox One, Articles, Cyberpunk, Human Interest, 4K resolution, Ultra High Definition Television, Video Game Consoles, Technology_internet

Next iOS Update Will Fix Apple’s Biggest Fitness+ Problem

One of our biggest gripes with Apple’s new Fitness+ service when it launched was that it didn’t support AirPlay, which means you couldn’t stream workouts from your iPhone, for instance, to your (non-Apple) TV. It was a baffling choice, because Apple Watch and iPhone owners without an Apple TV were forced to stream…Read more...
Tags: Iphone, Apple, Ios, Science, Technology, Fitness, Apple TV, Itunes, Computing, Apple Watch, Operating Systems, watchOS, Apple Inc, Ios 14

Amazon Rolls Out More Touchless Palm Readers

The first Amazon One palm readers are officially hitting more retail stores in the Seattle area. The readers, announced last summer, are completely touchless and instead read the lines on the palm of your hand to identify you for checkout.Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Science, Computing, Retailers, Seattle, Palm, Contactless, Qr Code, Retailing, 3d Publishing

Amazon Officially Rolls Out Touchless Palm Readers

The first Amazon One palm readers are officially hitting retail stores in the Seattle area. The readers, announced last summer, are completely touchless and instead read the lines on the palm of your hand to identify you for checkout.Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Science, Computing, Retailers, Seattle, Palm, Qr Code, Swipe, Retailing, 3d Publishing

Xiaomi Sues U.S. Government for Putting It on a Blacklist

Popular Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is suing the Department of Defense, the U.S. Treasury, and both agencies’ top officials, after having been deemed a security threat by the U.S. government and cut off from American investments. Read more...
Tags: Science, Smartphones, Companies, Telecommunications, Xiaomi, Technology_internet, Executive Order 13959, Department of Defense the U S Treasury

Black Panther's Ryan Coogler Is Developing a Wakanda Show for Disney+

Thanks to Ryan Coogler, Wakanda will certainly be forever. The Black Panther director, who is getting ready to film the sequel to his hit Marvel movie later this year, is now also developing a Disney+ show set in the fictional, technologically advanced African country.Read more...
Tags: Science, Film, Disney, Ryan Coogler, Marvel Studios, Black Panther, Afrofuturism, Marvel Entertainment, Wakanda, The Walt Disney Company, Bob Iger, Fictional Characters, Vibranium, Tchalla, Entertainment_culture, Ryan Coogler Wakanda

Ford Will Put Android in Millions of Cars Starting in 2023

In a massive shift for Ford’s in-car infotainment systems, the car maker announced today that it will be partnering with Google to bring a new Android-powered OS to millions of Ford cars in 2023.Read more...
Tags: Google, Android, Science, Technology, Ford, Computing, Operating Systems, Mobile Operating System, Google Assistant, Android Automotive, Polestar 2, Entertainment_culture, In Car Entertainment

WandaVision's First Major MCU Connection Was a Fascinating Moment of Terror

One of the things people crave most about Marvel’s cinematic output? Connection. Where is this character during this moment, how does this event connect to a hundred other narratives? WandaVision, Marvel Studios’ first crack at bringing its movieverse to streaming television, is no exception, but it’s doing so in a…Read more...
Tags: Science, Thanos, Vision, Bruce Banner, Peter Parker, Scarlet Witch, Natasha Romanoff, Eternals, Wanda Maximoff, Fictional Characters, WandaVision, WandaVision Marvel Studios, Technology_internet, Spider Man In Other Media, Infinity Gems

Facebook Workers Warned About Hateful Groups Well Before Capitol Riot

Last week, Facebook finally announced it would stop recommending so-called “civic” (see: political) Groups to users in the wake of the violent siege on the U.S. capitol. But according to a new Wall Street Journal report, this decision only came well after data scientists within the company had raised the alarm that…Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Science, Labor, Social Media, Software, Computing, Wall Street Journal, Operating Systems, Onavo, Social Information Processing, Technology_internet, Business_finance, Law_crime

EVs Are Gaining Steam. Here's What Will Happen To All Those Dead Batteries

Volkswagen announced a pilot program for EV battery recycling in Salzgitter, Germany, and it’s about time one of the biggest carmakers started addressing the inevitable EV question: What about the batteries?Read more...
Tags: Science, Recycling, Volkswagen, Electric Car, Rechargeable Batteries, Lithium Ion Battery, Lithium, Battery Electric Vehicles, Salzgitter Germany, Battery Recycling, Battery Electricity, Battery Types, Electric Vehicle Battery, Electric Battery

Ben Wheatley's In the Earth Is the First Great Horror Movie of 2021

Made during a pandemic, with a fictional pandemic slithering around a story that taps into both the spiritual powers of nature and the mental effects of isolation, In the Earth uniquely captures the mood we’ve been clawing our way through for nearly a year now. It’s freaky, but it feels alarmingly relatable too.Read more...
Tags: Science, Films, Earth, The Forest, Ben Wheatley, The Lodge, Horror Film, Creative Works, English Language Films, Rise Blood Hunter, Technology_internet

SpaceX may fly a new Starship rocket this week, after Elon Musk blasted the FAA for canceling a prior attempt

Left: Elon Musk at a press briefing on March 2, 2019. Right: SpaceX's Starship SN8 rocketship prototype launches in Boca Chica, Texas, on December 9, 2020. Dave Mosher/Insider; SpaceX SpaceX plans to launch the SN9 prototype of its Starship rocket system six miles above south Texas this week. First, the FAA must approve the flight. The agency refused to do so last week, citing "outstanding safety issues." SpaceX's last attempt ended with an explosion, violating the company's launch lic...
Tags: Transportation, Spacex, Elon Musk, Texas, Science, Trends, Spaceships, Rockets, Mars, Faa, Spaceflight, Rocket Launch, Musk, South Padre Island, SpaceX SpaceX, Cameron County

Exxon and Chevron Reportedly Considered Becoming an Oil-Stained Voltron

Oil companies have had a rough go since the pandemic sent their main product into a tailspin. In an effort to maintain dominance in a rapidly changing world, Exxon and Chevron, the two biggest oil companies in the U.S., apparently weighed a blockbuster merger.Read more...
Tags: Politics, Science, Environment, ExxonMobil, Companies, Chevron, Exxon, Big Oil, Oil Companies, Chevron Corporation, Human Interest, Rockefeller Family, Darren Woods, Corporate Crime, American Brands, Entertainment_culture

More Evidence That Neanderthals Were ‘Absorbed’ by Humans, Not Wiped Out

Prehistoric teeth found over 100 years ago are some of the best evidence yet for hybridized communities of Neanderthals and modern humans.Read more...
Tags: Science, Stone Age, Paleolithic, Upper Paleolithic, Human Evolution, Neanderthal, Pleistocene, Archaic Humans, War_conflict, Middle Stone Age, Stone Age Europe, Early Modern Human, Interbreeding Between Archaic And Modern Humans, Multiregional Origin Of Modern Humans

The Best Computer Desk Is a Standing Desk: Our Top Picks to Help You Reach New Heights

Featured Product: Flexispot EC9 Standing Desk | $260 | Amazon | Clip couponRead more...
Tags: Amazon, Science, Desks, Standing Desk, Computer Desk, Human Activities, Manufactured Goods, Business_finance

What we know about the South African variant of Covid

Experts say 501Y.V2 variant is more infectious and resistant to vaccines, though there are no signs that it leads to more severe diseaseCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe South African variant, like the new UK variant, contains a mutation known as N501Y which is believed to make the virus more contagious than older variants. The South African variant also contains other mutations of concern, including E484K and K417N. These two mutations are thought to explain why th...
Tags: UK, Science, Biology, Africa, UK News, Medical Research, South Africa, Infectious Diseases, Microbiology, Coronavirus

Sadistic Keyboard Will Shock the Hunt-and-Peck Out of You

Although I hated the “keyboarding” class I took in high school, I’ll admit it did put me on the path to being an effective touch typist today. If you still employ the inefficient hunt-and-peck typing technique and want to break those bad habits, you can apparently build a negative reinforcement keyboard that …Read more...
Tags: Science, Writing, Touchscreen, Peck, Typing, Computer Keyboards, Keycap, Computer Peripherals, Inputoutput, Computer Data, Touch Typing

Rep. Matt Gaetz Staffer Cheered On Capitol Rioters Via Parler as They Overran Police

As police struggled futilely to fend off a wave of rioters outside the U.S. Capitol building on January 6, Joel Valdez, an aide to Congressman Matt Gaetz, made his way to the rooftop of his boss’s office building across the street on Independence Ave. Surveying the mob as it surrounded the complex, he captured a…Read more...
Tags: Twitter, Science, Software, Capitol, United States Capitol, Matt Gaetz, Mobile Applications, United States Capitol Police, Architecture of the United States, Parler, Joel Valdez, Alt Tech, Far Right Politics In The United States, Electoral Violence, Storming Of The United States Capitol

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