China refused to give WHO raw data that could have helped determine when and how COVID-19 started

Experts from the WHO-China joint team Liang Wannian (L) and Peter Ben Embarek attend the WHO-China Joint Study Press Conference on February 9, 2021 in Wuhan, Hubei Province of China. Zhang Chang/China News Service via Getty Images Chinese officials refused to turn over raw data on potential early COVID-19 cases to the WHO.  The two sides at some points got into contentious arguments, the Wall Street Journal reported.  The lack of that raw data makes it harder to pinpoint how the pandemic s...
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Starlink vs. 5G: Which Could Be the Better Home Internet Service?

Reports indicate that Americans are clearly interested in both SpaceX’s Starlink and 5G broadband as potential home internet services. But so far it’s unclear which option has more appeal compared to traditional cable broadband. Some reports show Americans are more interested in Starlink, while others indicate most…Read more...
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Facebook's Reportedly Working on a Smartwatch so It Can Hoover Up Your Health Data Too

Apparently unsatiated by hoovering up users’ personal data on its platforms, Facebook’s hoping to get its mitts on their health data as well. The company’s reportedly building a smartwatch as its next foray into hardware, and the device could debut as soon as next year, according to a Friday report from the InformationRead more...
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Rex Tillerson Screwed Up Investigation Into Cuba 'Sonic Weapon' Attacks, New Report Says

A newly released report says Rex Tillerson’s State Department responded in a slow, disorganized fashion to the “Havana syndrome”—the mysterious rash of neural disorders that has plagued U.S. and Canadian diplomats in Cuba and other locations since 2016. Read more...
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California residents 16 or older with pre-existing conditions can get a COVID-19 vaccine starting next month

Getty/David Greedy California will expand vaccine eligibility starting next month.  Those between 16 and 64 years old with pre-existing conditions can be vaccinated starting March 15. The eligibility expansion comes as LA County closes vaccination sites due to a shortage of doses. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. California residents between the ages of 16 and 64 who are at high risk for severe COVID-19 complications could get vaccinated starting next month, state h...
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Spotify's Employees Can Now Work Wherever They'd Like—No Office Required

As the global pandemic rages on, we’ve been seeing a slew of tech companies consider making remote work an option for their employees even after covid. Now Spotify is on board: On Friday, the company announced the rollout of its Work From Anywhere program, which will give the thousands of Spotify employees around the…Read more...
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Good Lord, It's Only February

It’s called bipartisanship: Both major political parties have some bad ideas for reforming Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, the foundational internet law that shields websites from lawsuits over user-generated content or their moderation decisions.Read more...
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Want AT&T to Fix Your Internet? Try Taking Out a $10,000 Newspaper Ad

Last week, 90-year-old Aaron Epstein took out a quarter-page ad in the Wall Street Journal hoping to convince AT&T to upgrade his slow-as-molasses DSL internet to fiber. It allegedly cost Epstein $10,000 to take out that ad, but apparently it worked. The North Hollywood, Calif., resident is getting ultra-fast speeds…Read more...
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Clearview AI Thinks The Solution to Dating Is Facial Recognition

Clearview AI, now the byword for unchecked surveillance, has filed a wide-ranging patent application that envisions handing over the most reviled uses of facial recognition technology to just about anyone. The application proposes allowing users to submit a photo and instantly retrieve information including, but…Read more...
Tags: Security, Science, Learning, Articles, Surveillance, Law Enforcement, Facial Recognition, Mass Surveillance, Facial Recognition Software, ClearView, Crime Prevention, Clearview AI, Hoan Ton That, Facial recognition system

The Most Infamous Story in Tech Returns With New Details—but No Hard Evidence

More than two years after Bloomberg Businessweek published a widely disputed investigation claiming the Chinese government had secretly installed microchips on server motherboards produced by Supermicro that were used to spy on companies like Amazon and Apple, the outlet has published its follow-up, which doubles down…Read more...
Tags: Apple, Amazon, Science, Bloomberg Businessweek, Supermicro

Here's Your Windows 10 Set-Up Checklist

If you’ve finally upgraded your PC’s software or unboxed a new machine and are getting started with Windows 10 for the first time ever, there are a few things you need to know.Read more...
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Vaccine tourists are traversing the US to get a COVID-19 shot. Here are 4 states treating visitors.

A healthcare worker administers a COVID-19 vaccine at a drive-thru site at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida on February 1, 2021. Chandan Khanna/AFP via Getty Images People are traveling out of state to get COVID-19 vaccines. Florida, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, and Arizona have all vaccinated non-residents. Vaccine seekers may travel due to work, part-time residency, or frustration with rollout in their home state. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. As Americans navi...
Tags: Facebook, Florida, New York, Science, Mississippi, Cdc, US, Trends, Atlanta, Georgia, Cnn, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Louisiana, Biden, Miami Florida

The CDC is urging people to avoid queso fresco in 4 states after 7 people were hospitalized from eating soft cheese

Queso fresco is a common topping for tacos and other dishes. Lara Hata/Getty Images The CDC warns "Hispanic-style fresh and soft cheeses" like queso fresco could carry listeria. Listeria is a bacteria that can cause severe illness, with symptoms like vomiting, miscarriage, and stillbirth.  The CDC is warning people to avoid these cheeses in Connecticut, Maryland, New York, and Virginia. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention i...
Tags: Science, Cdc, Cheese, Virginia, Trends, Bacteria, Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, Tacos, Queso Fresco, Connecticut Maryland New York, Canela López, Lara Hata Getty

32 Comfort Movies We Watch When We're Stressed

This year was supposed to be better than last year, but apparently 2021 didn’t get the memo. The world is still just as tumultuous, and we’re all still just as frazzled by nerves, overwhelmed by the news, and as desperate to find some kind of escape. For the past year, we’ve had little else to do but retreat into…Read more...
Tags: Home, Science, Films, Rise, David Murphy, Alice Bradley, My Neighbor Totoro, Mystery Science Theater, House Of 1000 Corpses, Meghan Walbert, Creative Works, English Language Films, Rise Blood Hunter, Entertainment Culture

Minneapolis Bans City Cops From Using Face Recognition Tech

On Friday, the Minneapolis City Council approved a new ordinance that prevents the city from buying or using face recognition technology without specific permission. Local police immediately began whining about it. Read more...
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Coronavirus live news: WHO cautions against relaxing restrictions; Australian state of Victoria begins lockdown

Coronavirus R number falls below 1 in UK; Cuomo faces calls to resign amid allegations of hiding nursing home deaths; High-risk groups missed off UK’s vaccine priority list. Follow the latest updates liveCharities urge clarity over who qualifies for next UK vaccine waveAustralian Open: fans shut out as Covid-19 lockdown impacts tennisEpidemiologists back Victoria’s lockdown but say evidence not yet in on ‘shorter incubation’ 10.26pm GMT Seven new exposure sites around Victoria have been adde...
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The 10 Best Deals of February 12, 2021

Friday’s Best Deals | Kinja Deals
Tags: Science, Xbox One, Cyberpunk, Eevee, Digimon, Video Game Consoles, Creative Works

Archaeologists discovered 2 ancient graves near Stonehenge, containing bones of a young woman and baby

Inside the sarsen circle at Stonehenge. James Davies/English Heritage Diggers in England unearthed two 4,500-year-old graves near Stonehenge. Archaeologists are surveying the area before a car tunnel gets built under the 5,000-year-old monument. The graves contained remains of a young woman and a baby. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. British archaeologists have found two ancient graves near Stonehenge.The discovery was the result of a survey of a 2-mile-long area ju...
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What pregnant people need to know about COVID-19 vaccine safety, and when they can get the shot

Dr. Marina Del Rios, from University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System, receives Chicago's first COVID-19 vaccination from Dr. Nikhila Juvvadi on Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2020, at Loretto Hospital, a 122-bed medical facility in the Austin neighborhood of Chicago. Jose M. Osorio/Chicago Tribune via AP Pregnant people who are eligible for the coronavirus vaccine have to decide whether the benefits of the shot outweigh the unknown risks.  About 20,000 pregnant women have been vaccina...
Tags: New York, Science, Mississippi, Cdc, White House, Pregnancy, US, Los Angeles, Trends, Chicago, Austin, Alaska, World Health Organization, Pfizer, Vaccine, Women's Health

WandaVision Knows What It's Doing, But Scarlet Witch Doesn't

As WandaVision’s been carefully dropping nostalgic breadcrumbs along the winding narrative path leading to grandmother’s house where the truth lives, the show’s been playing not-so-subtle tricks of the mind meant to make you wonder who the villain of it all truly is. All signs up to this point have pointed to Wanda…Read more...
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One billion galaxies: Astronomers unveil largest sky map ever made

An international team of scientists created the world's largest astronomical map in an effort to better understand dark energy.Dark energy is the force that's thought to be driving the expansion of the universe.The ultimate goal of the team is to develop a three-dimensional map of the universe, which could help scientists unravel the mysteries of dark energy. The universe is constantly expanding: Galaxies are hurtling away from each other—and from our own—at ever-increasing speeds. But why? In ...
Tags: Astronomy, Space, Science, Nasa, Physics, Innovation, Universe, Dark Matter, National Science Foundation, Desi, Spectra, Kitt Peak National Observatory, Cerro Tololo Inter American Observatory CTIO, DESI Legacy Imaging Surveys

Chrome Beta Lets iOS Users Lock Incognito Tabs With Face and Touch ID

Google appears to be testing a tool to make Incognito browsing even more private in Chrome for iOS.Read more...
Tags: Google Chrome, Google, Science, Web Browsers, Smartphones, Software, Chrome Os, Computing, Operating Systems, Incognito, Private Browsing, Cloud Clients, Portable Software, Technology Internet

Texas Legislature May Introduce Bill to Blacklist Businesses That Don't Love Fossil Fuels

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said that one of his “legislative priorities” for this year is passing a bill to protect the fossil fuel industry, by blacklisting businesses. In a public policy forum on Thursday sponsored by a business group, Patrick said the potential McCarthy-esque rule could be modeled off a disastrous…Read more...
Tags: Texas, Science, Articles, Nature, Sustainable Energy, Mccarthy, Fossil fuel divestment, Greg Abbott, Fossil Fuel, Don, Patrick, Dan Patrick, Texas Legislature, Boycott Divestment and Sanctions, Physical Sciences, Carbon Neutrality

I Can't Believe I Actually Like the Alexa Shower Speaker

I’m well aware that inviting Alexa—and therefore Amazon—into my shower is probably not-so-smart. Nevertheless, I love shower karaoke and my bathroom Bluetooth speakers weren’t cutting it. Some fell down off the tile wall because of their weak suction cups. Others sounded muffled because of the shower curtain. So it…Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Science, Technology, Plumbing, Hygiene, Bathing, Alexa, Shower, Bathrooms, Wireless Speaker, Amazon Alexa, Academic Disciplines, Euthenics

Astronomers Looking for One Black Hole May Have Found an Entire Squad

About 7,800 light-years away—within our galactic neighborhood—is globular cluster NGC 6397, basically a wad of stars held together by gravity. That bunch of stars was previously thought to have an intermediate-sized black hole at its center. But upon further inspection, a team from the Paris Institute of Astrophysics…Read more...
Tags: Astronomy, Science, Black Hole, Black Holes, Galaxies, Star Clusters, NGC, Physical Sciences, Supermassive Black Hole, Intermediate Mass Black Hole, Globular Cluster, Paris Institute of Astrophysics, Primordial Black Hole, Astronomical Objects

NASA's Mars rover is about to land in the perfect place to hunt for alien fossils: an ancient lake bed called Jezero Crater

An artist's illustration shows NASA's Perseverance rover and Ingenuity helicopter on Mars. NASA/JPL-Caltech On Thursday, NASA's Perseverance rover is set to land in a dried-up Martian lake bed called Jezero Crater. Jezero is a perfect place to search for alien fossils because an ancient river deposited microbe-trapping minerals there. Perseverance will search the lake bottom, shorelines, and river delta for signs of ancient microbes. Visit the Business section of Insider for more s...
Tags: Science, News, Berlin, Trends, Nasa, Earth, Space Exploration, Alien Life, Mars, Lake Tahoe, Extraterrestrial Life, Farley, NASA JPL Caltech, Perseverance, Tech Insider, Jezero

A Glitch in the Matrix Gives Us a Glimpse at Simulation Theory History in This Devilish Clip

The latest weird documentary from Room 237 director Rodney Ascher, A Glitch in the Matrix, premiered at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival and is now in theaters and on-demand. It offers a deep dive into simulation theory, asking how we got to the point of believing that the world could very well be an artificial reality…Read more...
Tags: Science, Articles, Philosophy, Reality, The Matrix, Glitch, Nick Bostrom, Metaphysics, Rodney Ascher, Philosophy Of Mind, Epistemology, Branches Of Philosophy, Entertainment Culture, Consensus Reality, Internalism And Externalism, Room 237

Miami May Start Paying City Employees in Bitcoin

Miami’s mayor, Francis Suarez, is champing at the bit to rebrand his city as a haven for tech entrepreneurs and the tax dollars that come in their wake. His latest branding effort involves a push to make the city offer its municipal workers the option to get paid in bitcoin, and he’d love it if citizens could pay…Read more...
Tags: Science, Cryptography, Bitcoin, Currency, Miami, Cryptocurrencies, Digital Currencies, Payment Systems, Francis Suarez, Economics Of Bitcoin

California Just Can't Quit Fracking

California is often hailed as a leader of U.S. climate action due to its fuel efficiency standards, renewable energy goals, and other environmental regulations. It’s even made big, splashy announcements like ending new gas-powered car sales by 2035. Read more...
Tags: Science, California, Environment, Gavin Newsom, Hydraulic Fracturing, Businesspeople, Russian Hill San Francisco, Hydraulic Fracturing In The United States, Hydraulic Fracturing In The United Kingdom, Anti Fracking Movement, People From California, Hydraulic Fracturing By Country

Repurposed Arthritis Drug Lifesaving for Severe Covid-19, UK Trial Finds

Lifesaving treatments for people with severe covid-19 are still in short supply, but new results from a large ongoing trial in the UK have found that an existing arthritis drug called tocilizumab can noticeably lower hospitalized patients’ risk of dying, especially when combined with steroid treatment.Read more...
Tags: UK, Science, Medicine, Drugs, Health Sciences, Monoclonal Antibodies, Sarilumab, Dexamethasone, Covid 19, Recovery Trial, Tocilizumab, Coronavirus Disease, Health Medical Pharma, Treatment And Management Of Covid 19, Immunosuppressants

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