A Texas ER doctor said reopening too soon is 'devastating' to state's medical community

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (center) visits with Barbara Alexander of Bedford as she receives her COVID-19 shot from Arlington firefighter Andrew Harris at a mass vaccination site inside the Esports Stadium Arlington & Expo Center in Arlington, Texas, Monday, January 11, 2021. Tom Fox/The Dallas Morning News via AP, Pool Gov. Greg Abbott announced plans to reopen the state "100%" and lift Texas's mask mandate. Dr. Natasha Kathuria, a doctor based in Austin, Texas said "we can't let our guar...
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Japanese billionaire looking for people who 'push the envelope' for moon flight

Yusaku Maezawa, an online fashion tycoon, needs to fill eight spare seats on the lunar spaceship being developed by SpaceXIt’s the sort of chance that comes along just once in a blue moon: a Japanese billionaire is throwing open a private lunar expedition to eight people from around the world.Yusaku Maezawa, an online fashion tycoon, was announced in 2018 as the first man to book a spot aboard the lunar spaceship being developed by SpaceX. Continue reading...
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Uber Is Spinning Out Postmates' Robotics Division Into Its Own Company

After acquiring the delivery startup Postmates for $2.65 billion last year, Uber Technologies announced on Tuesday that plans to spin the company’s robotics division out into a separate company: Serve Robotics.Read more...
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Disney's CEO Is 'Not Sure There’s Going Back' to the Way Movies Were Released

Between states across the U.S. now vaccinating people against covid-19, and the fact that many aspects of everyday society—like movies being released—only ever really slowed during the ongoing pandemic, there’s a way in which some people have begun to think things might be returning to “normal.” As a reminder, it’s…Read more...
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Microsoft: Chinese Hackers Have Been Exploiting Our Email Product to Steal Data

In the latest in a string of security-related headaches for Microsoft, the company warned customers Tuesday that state sponsored hackers from China have been exploiting flaws in one of its widely used email products, Exchange, in order to target American companies for data theft. Read more...
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Texas Gov. Abbott has reopened the state '100%' amid a rebound of cases, despite regretting doing the same thing last year

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. Lynda M. Gonzalez-Pool/Getty Images Gov. Greg Abbott said last year he regretted reopening bars too soon as Texas saw a surge in COVID-19 cases. On Tuesday, he reopened Texas "100%" after the CDC recommended against rolling back restrictions. The CDC has warned states not to reopen prematurely as coronavirus variants still spread. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Last year, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said he regretted reopening bars too soon in th...
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Cuttlefish Are Able to Wait for a Reward

Perhaps the most unsung members of the cephalopods, a group that counts octopuses, squid, and nautiluses among their ranks, the cuttlefishes is left with a lot to prove. Recently, a crew of six common cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis) did just that, focusing their sinusoidal pupils and collective 48 arms and 12 tentacles…Read more...
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Are poison-packed drones the answer to eastern Australia's mouse plague?

A ‘low-level’ but lasting plague is costing farmers money in lost grain across Queensland, NSW and VictoriaA Queensland farmer has been given approval to fly drones in New South Wales that drop poisoned bait to deal with a worsening mice plague.The end of the long-running drought has been good for farmers, but brought with it mice that feed on grain spilled and left behind during harvesting. Continue reading...
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Elon Musk is trying to create a new city called 'Starbase' at SpaceX's Texas launch site

Left: SpaceX founder Elon Musk at a press briefing on March 2, 2019. Right: SpaceX's Starship serial No. 8 rocket prototype launches from a pad in Boca Chica, Texas, on December 9, 2020. Dave Mosher/Insider; SpaceX Elon Musk is trying to create a city called Starbase at SpaceX's launch facilities in Texas. Musk wrote on Twitter that the city would be "much larger" than Boca Chica Village, where SpaceX is developing its Starship rocket. SpaceX has approached the judge's office in Camero...
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Japanese Billionaire Who Bought Tickets on SpaceX's Starship Announces 8 Seats Are Up for Grabs

Yusaku Maezawa, the billionaire Japanese fashion CEO who paid big bucks to Elon Musk’s SpaceX for the first seats on its Starship spacecraft for a trip round the Moon in 2023, recently teased a big announcement regarding the journey. Mystery solved: Maezawa proclaimed on Tuesday he is offering anyone interested a shot…Read more...
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Smoke 100 Cigarettes Right Now If You Want a Vaccine in North Carolina (Kidding, Please Don't)

Have you smoked 100 cigarettes in your life? Can you take up, and kick, a pack-a-day habit in the next two weeks? Are you capable of looking a health professional square in the eye and lying? I do not condone these things, but if any of the above applies to you, and you are a North Carolina resident, you may be…Read more...
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'Frustrated' Facebook Oversight Board May Seek to Examine Its Algorithm (or 'Whatever')

Facebook’s so-called “Supreme Court” is reportedly planning to seek the company’s permission to review the underlying machine-learning models that determine which posts are granted the most prominence in each Facebook user’s feed.Read more...
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Researchers Create Tiny, Cicada-Like Drones to Invade Small Spaces

When we think of drones, we imagine massive, quadrotor machines that buzz around like manic seagulls. But what if your drown was small enough to accidentally swallow?Read more...
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Texas Gov. Abbott says he's opening the state '100%' and lifting the mask mandate a day after the CDC warned states not to relax COVID-19 restrictions

Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas. Bob Daemmrich/Pool Photo via AP Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said he'd lift a mask mandate and allow businesses to open "100%." There's been an uptick in cases in Texas after the winter storm, and it has numerous hot spots. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky warned this week that states shouldn't let their guard down. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas to allow the state's businesses to open "100%" and to lift the state's ma...
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Amazon Rolls Back Icon That Was a Little Too, Uh, Below the Nose

Amazon has quietly edited its app icon, possibly because users noticed that it resembled a smiling, err, uh... we’ll go with Charlie Chaplin, but we don’t really mean Charlie Chaplin.Read more...
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The Long History of Godzilla's Cinematic Looks

Godzilla isn’t just a monster movie icon, the king of all kaiju: he is a king of looks too. In the nearly seven decades he’s been stomping around the box office, Godzilla’s gone through more appearances than most cinematic legends ever could. From his earliest days to his upcoming smashup with Kong in Warner’s W…Read more...
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The User Reviews for Puma's Gaming Shoes Are Peak Internet Trolling

Last year, Puma entered the gaming apparel world with its $100 Active Gaming Footwear, which are basically fancy socks with a bit of added tread. But now the user reviews are in, and reader, they are priceless.Read more...
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The 10 Best Deals of March 2, 2021

Tuesday’s Best Deals | Kinja Deals
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Texas Gov. Abbott opening state '100%' and lifting mask mandate a day after CDC warned states not to relax COVID restrictions

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott prepares to deliver his State of the State speech at Visionary Fiber Technologies, for the first time outside the Capitol, Monday, Feb. 1, 2021, in Lockhart, Texas Bob Daemmrich/Pool Photo via AP Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is allowing businesses to open "100% and lifting the mask mandate. Texas is seeking an uptick in cases after the winter storm and has numerous hotspot counties. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky warned this week that states shouldn't let their guards down...
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Raya’s Kelly Marie Tran and Adele Lim Talk Heroes and Much Needed Representation

Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon is a film that’s so different from most other movies of its kind, it didn’t even have to be fully formed for writers and actors to jump at the chance to be part of it.Read more...
Tags: Science, Films, Disney, Dragon, Raya, Human Interest, Kelly Marie Tran, Adele Lim, Osnat Shurer, Raya And The Last Dragon, Creative Works, Entertainment Culture, Draftraya, Adele Lim Talk Heroes

Roku Makes a Big Investment in Better Ad Targeting

On Monday, Roku announced a new “strategic alliance” with the market research giant Nielsen, that sees the connected TV giant swallow Nielsen’s Advanced Video Advertising business—and take on two major pieces of ad-targeting tech in the process. Read more...
Tags: Science, Advertising, Marketing, Roku, Nielsen, Smart TV, Internet Television, Targeted Advertising, Internet Radio, Online Advertising, Bob Ross, Business Finance, Roku Inc, Mass Media, Oneview, Entertainment Culture

Leaked Big Oil Docs Hint at Support for a Carbon Tax, but the Money Trail Tells a Different Story

The #resistance is growing. The American Petroleum Institute, which is the nation’s largest lobbying group for the oil and gas industry, is planning to endorse levying a price on carbon pollution, according to documents obtained by the Wall Street Journal.Read more...
Tags: Science, American Petroleum Institute, Wall Street Journal Read

New research indicates the whole universe could be a giant neural network

The core idea is deceptively simple: every observable phenomenon in the entire universe can be modeled by a neural network. And that means, by extension, the universe itself may be a neural network. Vitaly Vanchurin, a professor of physics at the University of Minnesota Duluth, published an incredible paper last August entitled “The World as a Neural Network” on the arXiv pre-print server. It managed to slide past our notice until today when Futurism’s Victor Tangermann published an interview wi...
Tags: Startups, Science, Tech, Artificial Intelligence, University of Minnesota Duluth, Neural, Vitaly Vanchurin, Vanchurin, Victor Tangermann

Mesh Is Microsoft’s Vision for Sending Your Hologram Back to the Office

Today at Microsoft’s annual Ignite conference, the tech giant revealed a bold glimpse at the future of digital collaboration with Mesh, a new mixed reality experience set to shape how people work and socialize online.Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Microsoft, Azure, Computing, Virtual Reality, Windows 10, Augmented Reality, Mesh, Altspacevr, Immersion, Microsoft Hardware, Mixed Reality, Niantic, Microsoft Hololens, Alex Kipman

Software Workers at Glitch Get a Historic Union Contract

Glitch, the software company behind Trello and Stack Overflow, now has a collective bargaining agreement with the Communications Workers of America (CWA.) The news is extraordinary, not just because they claim to be the first software workers to have secured a collective bargaining agreement, but because the lead-up…Read more...
Tags: Science, Communications Workers of America CWA, Trello and Stack Overflow

Sexologists debunk 17 common sex myths

Expert Jayda Shuavarnnasri and public health researcher Dr. Varuna Srinivasan debunk sex myths. They discuss where you should actually be storing your condoms, debunk the gender binary, and more. They also answer questions like, "Is masturbation bad for you?" and "Who should be using lube?" Visit the Insider's homepage for more stories. Following is a transcript of the video.Jayda Shuavarnnasri: "There is no birth control for people with penises."Varuna Srinivasan: We made a COVID vaccine in le...
Tags: Health, Video, Science, Sex, Time, Trends, United States, Sexuality, Myths, Debunked, Srinivasan, Don, WBC, Varuna, Jennifer Gunter, Jayda

Northern Ireland’s five steps out of Covid lockdown: key points

Plan for moving from lockdown to relaxation of restrictions will be guided by data Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageNorthern Ireland’s deputy first minister, Michelle O’Neill, has unveiled a cautious five-step plan to ease the region’s Covid-19 lockdown. The plan has no hard dates and will be led by data, notably the reproductive rate of the virus, O’Neill told the Stormont assembly on Tuesday.The 28-page plan, titled Moving Forward: the Executive’s Pathway out of Rest...
Tags: Science, Biology, UK News, Medical Research, Ireland, Infectious Diseases, Microbiology, Northern Ireland, O'Neill, Stormont Assembly, Michelle O'Neill, Coronavirus

NOAA Acknowledges the New Reality of Hurricane Season

We’re one step closer to officially moving up hurricane season. The National Hurricane Center announced Tuesday that it would formally start issuing its hurricane season tropical weather outlooks on May 15 this year, bumping it up from the traditional start of hurricane season on June 1. The move comes after a recent…Read more...
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New CDC guidelines will reportedly tell vaccinated Americans it's safe to gather in small groups

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, CDC Director. Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images The CDC plans to release new guidelines this week for Americans who have been fully vaccinated. The recommendations suggest that vaccinated people can host small, at-home gatherings with other fully vaccinated individuals, two senior White House officials told Politico. But even fully vaccinated people will still need to wear masks and social distance in public. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. The ...
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An AI Was Taught to Play the World's Hardest Video Game and Still Couldn't Set a New Record

What’s the hardest video game you’ve ever played? If it wasn’t QWOP then let me tell you right know that you don’t know how truly difficult a game can be. The deceptively simple running game is so challenging to master that even an AI trained using machine learning still only mustered a top 10 score instead of…Read more...
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