Facebook's Dream of Running a Giant Cable From California to Hong Kong Once Again Dashed

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again, the old maxim goes, and apparently, that advice counts double if you’re Facebook, a company that has at this point tried a cartoonish number of times to install a high-capacity internet conduit between California and Hong Kong only to be continually thwarted by the U.S.…Read more...
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Black ministers are working to bridge worship and service to address COVID-19 disparities in their communities

Bible-Based Fellowship Church partnered with the Pasco County Health Department, and Army National Guard to assist residents who are 65 and older to administer the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine on February 13, 2021 in Tampa, Florida. Octavio Jones/Getty Images Black clergy are working to address the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on their communities. Some are hosting vaccination clinics at their churches to help expand access. So far, only 7% of those who have been vaccinated are Black, ...
Tags: Science, Washington, US, Trends, Sheffield, Vaccinations, Newark, Vaccines, Donald Trump, Detroit, Black, Tuskegee, Wright, Sharpton, Jefferson, Army National Guard

This Unassuming Little Device Can Hack Your Smart Home

This strange little device may look unassuming—after all, it’s a nod to William Gibson’s famous cybernetic dolphin, Jones. But Flipper Zero, a pocket-sized, dolphin-themed hacking tool, can actually open NFD-based locks, hack access points, and even send keyboard commands to unsuspecting laptops and PCs.Read more...
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Apple Tells Parler It's Still Too Friendly to Racist Filth for iOS

Parler, the social media network for people furious that Lola Bunny’s animated boobs are too small now, won’t be returning to iOS anytime soon.Read more...
Tags: Apple, Science, Lola Bunny

Bowel cancer screening capsules the latest in at-home care trend

Innovation in NHS self-care will see patients in England swallow tiny cameras instead of having standard endoscopyPeople will be able to check if they have bowel cancer by swallowing a tiny capsule containing miniature cameras, in an extension of patient self-care.In what experts described as a trend towards more NHS at-home care, hastened by the Covid-19 pandemic, thousands of people in England will be able to avoid the discomfort of having a camera inserted into their bowel by instead swallowi...
Tags: Health, England, Science, Society, Medical Research, NHS, Bowel Cancer

The verdict is in: People who've had COVID-19 need just one shot, researchers say

A woman receives a COVID-19 vaccine in Wales. Getty/Matthew Horwood A single shot of Pfizer or Moderna's vaccine yields high protection for people who've had COVID-19. That's likely because their bodies are responding to a viral threat they've seen before. Giving people who've had COVID-19 a second dose is "kind of a wasted shot," one expert said. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. In the race to get coronavirus vaccines into arms as quickly as poss...
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Brutal 6,200-Year-Old Massacre Shows Humans Have Sucked for a Really Long Time

Dozens of savagely murdered individuals found buried in a Copper Age mass grave is shedding new light onto the lives of these early farmers—and the unspeakable violence they occasionally had to endure. Read more...
Tags: Science, Archaeology, Cemeteries, Emergency Management, David Reich, Mass Grave, Continents, Ron Pinhasi, Genetic History Of Europe, Periodization, Mario Novak, Western Hunter Gatherer

Senators Launch Latest Salvo in Forever War Over Daylight Saving Time

The Senate might just finally do away with Daylight Saving Time (DST) clock shifts, ridding America of the twice-a-year impositions on everyone’s sanity and standardizing time at the moment after the clock jumps forward on March 14 this year. Of course, similar proposals have regularly flamed out over the years, so…Read more...
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The 10 Best Deals of March 10, 2021

Wednesday’s Best Deals | Kinja Deals
Tags: Iphone, Apple, Google, Amazon, Science, Technology, Walmart, Best Buy, Playstation, Computing, Luigi, Tony Hawk, Mario Kart, Gucci, Products, Pixel

WandaVision Transforms Back Into Its Comic Book Roots in This Bewitching Art

You can always tell when a new series like Marvel’s WandaVision is a hit with audiences when the fandom starts creating its own impressive works of art that draw creative inspiration from the topic at hand. Illustrator Vadim Dvoeglazov’s no stranger to putting channeling his love for live-action fiction into stylized…Read more...
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Solve This Riddle

What is a cross between Twitter and YouTube and is also a newspaper and TV show and radio broadcast?Read more...
Tags: Twitter, Science, Technology, Youtube, Social Media, Software, Real Time Web, Mobile Applications, Mike Lindell, My Pillow, Gab, Parler, Alt Tech, Conservatism In The United States, Entertainment Culture

Covid-19 Survivors Might Only Need One mRNA Vaccine Dose

For people who have survived a past encounter with covid-19, only one dose of a mRNA vaccine may be needed for full protection, research released Wednesday suggests. The findings add weight to the proposed idea by some experts that survivors should only get one shot in order to help stretch out the vaccine supply.Read more...
Tags: Science, Medicine, Vaccination, Pfizer, Vaccine, Vaccines, Virology, Clinical Trials, Johnson Johnson, Francis Collins, Moderna, BioNtech, Viviana Simon, Covid 19, Rna Vaccine, Health Medical Pharma

THX 1138 at 50: Looking Back at George Lucas' Dystopian Art Film

Say the name George Lucas and people obviously think Star Wars. That tends to happen when you create one of the biggest film franchises of all time. But when Lucas himself thinks of his career, you have to suspect he thinks back to its origins. It all began with a dystopian sci-fi student film that became a feature…Read more...
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Long Known as Nomads, Scythians May Have Been Solidly Sedentary

Popularized by myth and historical accounts as horse-riding warrior nomads of the Eurasian steppe, the true story of the Scythians (pronounced Sith-ian) may be more complicated. New research published in the journal PLOS One describes the likely range and diets of Scythians buried across a number of sites in modern…
Tags: Science, Regions, SCYTHIA, Continents, Scythians, Alicia Ventresca Miller, Scythian Cultures, Iranian Peoples, Ancient Russia, Eurasian Nomads, Scythian Clothing, Eurasian Steppe, Iosif Lazaridus

With ESPN+ Now on Hulu, It Really Is the Best All-Around Streaming Service

EPSN+ is officially joining the Hulu platform.
Tags: Science, Espn, Hulu, EPSN

I Sold a Tweet About My Future Cat on the Blockchain and Helped Kill the Earth in the Process

Meet Larry, a very good boy, forthcoming addition to the McKay household, and possibly the subject of one of the first-ever cat tweets to live on for eternity in the Ethereum blockchain.Read more...
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Why Pokémon Cards Continue To Endure 25 Years Later

Top Product: Pokémon 11 Card Lot 1st Edition + Rare Included | $30 | eBayRead more...
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Gene Therapy Might One Day Treat Chronic Pain

A group of scientists say they’re on the verge of developing a promising treatment for chronic pain that works by turning down, but not permanently altering, a gene that helps us sense pain. Their new research with mice suggests that the gene therapy could offer months of pain relief at a time without any major…Read more...
Tags: Science, Pain, Nervous System, Chronic Pain, Gene Therapy, Palliative Care, Opioid, Branches Of Biology, Health Medical Pharma, Acute Pain, Nociception, Tony Yaksh, Neuropathic Pain, Ana Moreno, Prashant Mali, Intractable Pain

Asus' ROG Phone 5 Is a Sophisticated but Still Beastly Gaming Phone

The latest wave of gaming phone launches has begun. Last week, Nubia announced the absolutely ridiculous Red Magic 6, and now Asus has arrived with a slightly different take—one that’s a bit more sophisticated while still packing massive specs. Read more...
Tags: Science, Asus, Smartphones, Mobile Phones, Nubia, Red Magic, ROG Phone, Rog Phone 3, Technology Internet, Draftasus Rog Strix G531gt, Rog Phone Ii

Cassette Tape Inventor Lou Ottens Has Passed Away

The inventor of the cassette tape, Lou Ottens, has passed away, according to De Telegraaf. He was 94 years old.Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Ipod, Sony, Henry Rollins, Cassette Tape, Philips, Science and Technology, Digital Audio, Consumer Electronics, Mixtape, Thurston Moore, Ian MacKaye, Human Interest, Cd Player, Tape Recording

The War Between Big Tech and News Is Coming to the U.S.

After a showdown with the Australian government over an effort to pay publishers their due, it looks like Google and Facebook might have to gear up for the same battle in the United States. Lawmakers are moving forward on a piece of dormant legislation that would enable news organizations to negotiate with Big Tech…Read more...
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Pfizer's newest vaccine plant has a history of mold issues and recalls, according to FDA reports

A healthcare worker holds up a vial of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. CHRIS JACKSON/POOL/AFP via Getty Images A Pfizer facility soon making COVID-19 vaccines has a history of mold and recalls, FDA reports show. The site has been the focus of at least four intense FDA inspections since Pfizer took over in 2015. A Pfizer spokesperson said improvements have been made and the site now meets FDA standards. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Pfizer's management knew last y...
Tags: Health, Science, News, Congress, Trends, European Union, Healthcare, Food And Drug Administration, Kansas, Fda, Pfizer, Vaccine, Nolan, Kaiser Health News, Crowell Moring, Amgen

The Roblox Boom Is About to Meet Reality

Today, the online children’s gaming platform Roblox is dumping 199 million shares of mammon onto the market through its direct listing, which likely means a Black Friday-level mob and hours of free content for CNBC’s Squawk Box on a yet-unprofitable company. Nothing new there, but it’s also an almost psychedelic…Read more...
Tags: Science, Video Games, Cnbc, Blizzard Entertainment, Online Games, Jon Callas, Business Finance, Roblox, Windows Games, Video Gaming, Oof, Free For All, Roblox Corporation, Video game development, Draftroblox Studio, Jessica Hammer

Cotton masks outperform synthetic fibers in humidity test

In a new study, filtration efficiency increased by 33 percent with cotton fabrics.Nine different types of cotton flannel were tested, with efficacy rates ranging from 12-45 percent better than synthetic fibers.Nylon, rayon, and polyester all performed much worse than the cotton counterparts. A year into the pandemic and we've never gained clarity around masks. Of course, we know wearing one is somewhere between somewhat and very effective at stopping the spread of viruses. The efficacy of diffe...
Tags: Facebook, Texas, Science, Mississippi, Biology, Cdc, Austin, Medical Research, Innovation, Houston, Derek, NIST, Travis County, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Mark Escott

Epic Is Taking Google to Court (Again)

In the latest leg of Epic Games’ case against the tech giants, the Fortnite developer is taking Google to court—in Australia this time around.Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, Australia

Why the PRO Act Is Part of a Green New Deal

On Tuesday night, the U.S. House passed an essential piece of climate policy. But the legislation makes no mention of greenhouse gas emissions, pollution, or extreme weather. Instead, it’s all about labor protections. Read more...
Tags: Science, U S House

A Bloodsucking Fish May Not Be the Vertebrate Ancestor We Thought

Derpy from the side and hellish from below, the lamprey is the bane of the Great Lakes fisheries industry. A jawless, bloodsucking fish, the lamprey is often considered an ancestral early vertebrate for its rudimentary morphology and its larval life stage. Now, a team of researchers has authored a new study about…Read more...
Tags: Science, Fish, Michael Coates, Lamprey, Vertebrates, Tetsuto Miyashita, Branches Of Biology, Vertebrate, Ostracoderm, Agnatha, Pacific Lamprey, Cyclostomata, Haematophagy, Petromyzontidae, Lampetra

Superman & Lois Proves a Little Superdickery Might Run in the Family

Welcome back to Smallville, where nothing is as it seems, everyone’s masks are slowly falling apart, Lois Lane is excited to do some Capital J Journalism, and Superman’s real enemy of the day is his own gut instinct. And maybe high school football?Read more...
Tags: Science, Superman, Jordan, Smallville, Clark, Lois, Clark Kent, Lana, Luthor, Morgan Edge, Lois Lane, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Fictional Characters, Jon Kent, Alexander Garfin, Dc Comics Characters

We Called 8 Dealerships Asking About EVs. Here's What They Told Us

The increasing number of electric models filling manufacturers’ showrooms has required dealer staffs to become experts on new tech — and fast. Some automakers have been in this game a while, of course, like Tesla and Nissan. Others only recently began offering their own fully electric models. You might wonder how…Read more...
Tags: Electric Vehicle, Science, General Motors, Tesla, Electric Vehicles, Transport, Chevrolet, Nissan, Green Vehicles, Hyundai, Electric Car, Mustang, Sentra, Car Dealership, Electric Vehicle Conversion, Plug In Electric Vehicles In The United States

NASA Scoops a Seat Aboard Russian Rocket Without Having to Pay For It

An unusual arrangement involving NASA, the Russian space agency, and a commercial intermediary will see an American astronaut fly to the ISS in a cashless exchange meant to preserve a tradition that dates back over 20 years.Read more...
Tags: Spacex, Science, Nasa, International Space Station, Iss, Spaceflight, Roscosmos, Outer Space, Commercial Crew Program, Anne McClain, Kate Rubins, Human Spaceflight, Mark Vande Hei, US Company, Oleg Novitskiy, Mark T Vande Hei

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