Your Dentist or Vet Can Give You the Covid-19 Vaccine Under Biden's Plan to Expand Vaccine Access

President Joe Biden announced Thursday that he will direct states to make all adults 18 and older eligible for coronavirus vaccinations by May 1.Read more...
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Thailand delays Oxford vaccine rollout amid blood clot reports

Several European nations have suspended programmes while Australia has announced it will continueCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThailand has delayed its rollout of the Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid vaccine, a health official said on Friday, after several European nations suspended their programmes over reports of blood clots.The kingdom was scheduled to start the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine rollout on Friday with the prime minister, Prayut Chan-O-Cha, expected to get the f...
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World's wurst burglar: half-eaten sausage helps German police solve nine-year-old burglary

Inquiry into 2012 burglary is revived after French police turn up a DNA match for unrelated crimeGerman police say they have solved a nine-year-old burglary case after DNA found on a half-eaten piece of sausage matched that of a man detained in France over an unrelated crime.Police in the western town of Schwelm said on Thursday the sausage belonged to the victim, and the suspect – a 30-year-old Albanian citizen – appeared to have helped himself to a bite during the break-in in Gevelsberg in Ma...
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Uber and Lyft Join Forces to Expose Drivers Accused of Assault

Ride-hailing services Uber and Lyft are teaming up to make sure creeps who have been kicked off their platforms stay off their platforms. Read more...
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T-Mobile Just Made Some Big 5G Promises

T-Mobile laid out some bold plans regarding the expansion of its 5G network during a  today. Read more...
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The Heroism (and Terror) of My Motherhood

In the final episode of WandaVision (spoilers!), we see Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) gently tuck her children into bed, knowing full well they’re about to fade from existence. By making them feel comfortable and safe, smiling through the pain, she does what a good parent has to do. I didn’t expect this moment to hit as…Read more...
Tags: Science, Films, Wanda, Elizabeth Olsen, Luke Skywalker, Billy, Henry, Tommy, Human Interest, Wanda Elizabeth Olsen, Rise Blood Hunter, American Films

Hackers Are Swarming Microsoft Exchange

Those Microsoft Exchange security flaws you may have heard about are really getting pummeled. If ever there was a time for cybersecurity reporters to trot out metaphors involving phrases like “blood in the water” and “deranged swarm of piranhas,” it might be right now. Read more...
Tags: Science, Microsoft, Vulnerability, Advanced Persistent Threat, Cybercrime, Hacking, Computing, Cyberwarfare, Data Security, Computer Security, Microsoft Exchange, ESET, In Science, Security Hacker, Hafnium

Even more evidence shows vaccinated people are unlikely to transmit the coronavirus or get asymptomatic infections

Staff of the Maccabi Health vaccination center administer doses of the Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine inside a mall parking lot in Tel Aviv, Israel on January 26, 2021. Jack Guez/AFP via Getty Images New Pfizer data suggests its COVID-19 vaccine is 94% effective at protecting against asymptomatic cases. It's further evidence that the vaccines reduce coronavirus transmission. Studies also show that vaccinated people have lower viral loads, which is linked to less spread. Visit the Business s...
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Terry Crews Has His Own Cryptocurrency Because Why Not?

Soon you could be spending money minted by Terry Crews—certainly an exciting piece of news if that’s been an ambition of yours.Read more...
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World at 'peak twin' as birth rates reach historic high, study finds

Access to IVF and fertility services and postponement of parenthood drive rise in global twinning ratesTwins may be more common today than at any time in history, according to the first comprehensive survey of twin births around the world.Researchers analysed records from more than 100 countries and found a substantial rise in twin birthrates since the 1980s, with one in 42 people now born a twin, equivalent to 1.6 million children a year. According to the study, the global twin birthrate has ri...
Tags: Science, World news, Population, Ivf, Fertility problems

The Best Smartwatches To Text Your Friends

Top Pick: Apple Watch Series 6 | $374 | AmazonRead more...
Tags: Science

5 people share their Pfizer and Moderna vaccine side effects, from arm pain to aches and fevers

Ian Haydon was one of the first people to try out Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine, as part of the company's phase 1 trial, with first and second doses administered in April and May of 2020. Ian Haydon COVID-19 vaccines may come with some temporary and uncomfortable side effects. Some of the most common include arm pain, flu-like symptoms, and a red rash. Most of these symptoms fade away after a day or so, but the rash can linger for about a week. Visit the Business section of Insider f...
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YouTuber Tim Pool Sounds Like He's Doing Great Except for Alleged Cat Hostage Thing

Tim Pool’s plan to found a media company is allegedly collapsing amid infighting over footage of the Jan 6. Capitol riots and allegations he held a cat hostage for leverage over one of his partners in the venture, the Daily Beast reported on Wednesday.Read more...
Tags: Science, Articles, Alex Jones, Youtubers, Donald J Trump, United States Capitol, Beast, United States Capitol Police, Ian Crossland, Wefunder, Tim Pool, Politics Of The United States, Far Right Politics In The United States, Electoral Violence, Scnr, Fascism In The United States

Roku Will Debut Its First Exclusive Series This Month With Cypher

Roku’s first exclusive series to arrive on the Roku Channel will premier this month.Read more...
Tags: Science, Internet, Linkedin, Streaming, Roku, Hbo Now, Internet Television, Internet Radio, Cypher, Roku Channel, Business Finance, Roku Inc, Martin Dingle Wall, Quibi, Entertainment Culture, Internet Broadcasting

Extraordinary Fossil Captures Nesting Oviraptor Dinosaur Alongside Unhatched Offspring

Paleontologists in China have unearthed the fossil of an oviraptorosaur sitting on a nest of eggs. By itself that’s an amazing and rare discovery, but this fossil is unique in that the eggs still preserve evidence of the unhatched progeny inside.Read more...
Tags: Science, China, Reproduction, BI, Egg, Xu, Cretaceous, Feathered Dinosaurs, Aviculture, Oviraptor, Xing Xu, Shundong Bi, Bird Breeding, Oviraptorosauria, Matthew Lamanna, Maniraptoriformes

Wildlife Officials Warn Contaminated Aquarium Moss Balls May Unleash a Zebra Mussel Plague

Balls of moss commonly found in aquariums are threatening to push the zebra mussel invasion further across the U.S., wildlife officials are warning. Contaminated moss balls have been found in pet stores in 21 states in recent weeks, and both officials and the pet supply industry are scrambling to contain the problem…Read more...
Tags: Science, Animals, Environment, US Geological Survey, Mussel, Lophotrochozoa, Molluscs, Disaster Accident, Moss Balls, Zebra Mussel, Aquarium Moss Balls May, Quagga Mussel, Wesley Daniel, Dreissenidae

Google Maps Will Let You Draw Missing Roads

Google Maps is great—except when it’s not. Missing roads, incorrect street names, closed-down bridges, and more can really put a hamper on your travels. And by “put a hamper on your travels,” I mean it’ll throw you into a blind rage as you stomp on the gas while you try to figure out where the hell you need to go when…
Tags: Google, Science, Google Search, Software, Computing, Waze, Google Maps, Apple Maps, Operating Systems, Alphabet Inc, Web Mapping, Route Planning Software, Keyhole Markup Language, Technology Internet, Virtual Globes

Someone Totally Ruined the Memory of PalmOS By Putting Twitter on It

PalmOS devices may look incredibly antiquated now, but the PalmPilot and Handspring Visor had one major advantage over modern smartphones: They didn’t have a Twitter app. Unfortunately, Jorge Cohen has just changed that with a PalmOS Twitter app that brings doomscrolling to these 24-year-old devices.Read more...
Tags: Android, Twitter, Science, Smartphones, Computing, Palm, Operating Systems, Handspring, Computer Architecture, Technology Internet, Palmos, Palmos Devices, Personal Digital Assistant, US Robotics, Jorge Cohen

The 10 Best Deals of March 11, 2021

Thursday’s Best Deals | Kinja Deals
Tags: Iphone, Ios, Amazon, Science, Technology, Best Buy, Mobile Phones, Telecommunications, Apple Watch, Lg, Sam, Lte, Steve, Hot Topic, Apple Inc, Iphone 7

Save 90% on Men’s Winter Clothes at JACHS NY

Featured Deal: Olive Stretch Military Field Jacket | $37
Tags: Fashion, Science, Culture, Sweater, Shirt, Anderson, Jacket, Flannel, Sheilah Villari, Juliana Clark, Hospitality Recreation, Polar Fleece

A Common Yeast May Cause Trouble For Crohn’s Patients

A fungal yeast found in cheese and other foods may wreak havoc in the guts of people with Crohn’s disease, according to new findings. In study published Thursday, researchers have found evidence that Crohn’s patients are more likely to carry that yeast than people without the disease, and that this yeast is linked…Read more...
Tags: Science, Abdominal Pain, Crohns Disease, Gut Flora, Koch, Crohn, Environmental Microbiology, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Microbiomes, Clinical Medicine, Digestive System, Branches Of Biology, Medical Specialties, Bacteriology, Health Medical Pharma, Thaddeus Stappenbeck

'Underwater Roombas' Help Start Cleanup of Decades-Old Toxic Waste Dump Along California Coast

A research vessel launched this week is on an urgent mission to map out damage from a long-overlooked crisis on the ocean floor, and they’re putting robots to work to help.Read more...
Tags: Science, Environment, Pollution, Waste, Roomba, Irobot, Toxic Waste, Natural Environment, Barbara, California Coast, Rachel Carson, Santa Catalina Island, Superfund, David Valentine, Eric Terrill, DDT

Photo-Editing Playing Cards Turn Poker Night Into a Crash Course in Photoshop

You can spend an entire career using a tool like Photoshop and still not master all of its features, so it’s especially daunting for those just starting out. These designer playing cards won’t walk you through every step like a YouTube tutorial, but they feature tips, tricks, and explainers for common digital photo-…Read more...
Tags: Science, Software, Kickstarter, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Inc, Eric Bohring, Application Software, Graphics Software, Raster Graphics Editors

The Apollo Solo Turns Your Mac Into a Recording Studio

Recording audio into your Mac or PC requires a standalone digital signal processor. The most popular models are the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 or the PreSonus AudioBox USB 96, but now advanced audio tech manufacturers are getting into the DSP hardware game. Take the $699 Universal Audio Apollo Solo, for example, which is …Read more...
Tags: Music, Science, Record, DSP, Luna, Audio Engineering, Focusrite, Universal Audio, Latency, PreSonus, Music Software, Studio One, Audio Electronics, Technology Internet, Mixing Console, Audio Editors

Announcing Neural’s weekly AI newsletter for cyborgs and humans

Greetings humanoids! I could not be more excited to introduce Neural’s new weekly newsletter. Every seventh day, the cyborgs who write for Neural will send you an email full of news, analysis, opinion, and “Gee Whiz!” moments galore. All you have to do is sign up and start clicking the refresh button on your inbox until your bony human fingers splinter and break. Or, you could just wait until tomorrow, Friday 12 March, when we send out the first issue. After much deliberation, we chose to call i...
Tags: Startups, Science, Newsletter, Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Neural

Oppo Doubles Down on the Camera Bump for the Find X3 Pro

Like it or not, the smartphone camera bump isn’t going away anytime soon, so Oppo is using a new curvy glass design in its latest flagship phone to try to convince people to love the bump.Read more...
Tags: Apple, Science, Samsung, Smartphone, Smartphones, Mobile Phones, Oppo, VOOC, OPPO Find X, Technology Internet, Oppo R7s, Oppo Phones

Your Next Office Might Be a 3D-Printed Smurf House

This odd-looking structure might look vaguely like an alien seed pod, but it’s actually the latest in cubicle design from Dutch 3D-printing company Royal3D. The cubicle or workspace is fully customizable and modular and made of plastic waste from PET bottles.Read more...
Tags: Science, Articles, Industrial Design, 3d Printing, Printer, The Smurfs, Business Finance, Computer Printers, Emerging Technologies, Industrial Processes, Economic Sectors, Diy Culture, Secondary Sector Of The Economy, Extrusion, Hayley Everett, Architech Company

7 Creepy Flicks to Watch on Shudder

For horror fans seeking thrills—highbrow, lowbrow, and everything in between—there’s no better destination than Shudder, which is stuffed to the gills with classics, cult classics, and cult-classics-in-the-making, with a wide range of international titles and exclusive releases too. Here are seven to get you started!Read more...
Tags: Science, Films, It, Oscar, Mercedes, Lucio Fulci, Host, Alma, Mike Flanagan, Julio Diaz, Tara Basro, Christopher Atkins, Katie Parker, The Oscar, Roddy McDowall, Doctor Sleep

The Pandemic Fueled a Boom in Empty Ghost Shipping Containers Traveling the High Seas

In our latest proof that global capitalism is extremely logical and efficient, hundreds of thousands of completely empty shipping containers are being transported overseas amid the pandemic, according to an analysis by Earther. Read more...
Tags: Science, Environment, Shipping, Transport, Maersk, Containerization, Cargo, Shipping Container Architecture, Container Ship, Shipping Container, Jessica Brady, HILLEBRAND, Freight Transport, S S, Maritime Transport, Intermodal Containers

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