Apple: RIP HomePod. Long Live the HomePod Mini

Apple is reportedly discontinuing its original HomePod smart speaker as the company pivots focus to the HomePod mini, its smaller and more affordable baby brother.Read more...
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US is on track to beat Biden's goal for all adults to be eligible for a vaccine by May 1, as nearly 20% of Americans have received a shot

Healthcare workers get the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccination at the Legacy Emanuel Medical Center on December 16, 2020 in Portland, Oregon. Paula Bronstein/Getty Images President Joe Biden said all US adults should be eligible for a vaccine by May 1. But with an average of 2.3 million shots administered per day, the US is on pace to beat that goal. As of Friday, 20% of Americans had received one shot, while 10% were fully vaccinated. See more stories on Insider's business page. Pres...
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Trump coronavirus coordinator, Deborah Birx, takes job at air purifier business

Birx, who was criticised for not standing up to Trump over Covid, takes job with Texas company that says its purifiers clean virus from the airDr Deborah Birx, the former Trump White House coronavirus taskforce coordinator, is taking a private sector job, joining a Texas manufacturer that says its purifiers clean Covid-19 from the air within minutes and from surfaces within hours.Birx will join Dallas-based ActivePure as chief scientific and medical adviser, she and the company said on Friday. C...
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Microsoft Investigates Whether Leaked 'Proof of Concept' Attack Code Contributed to Exchange Hack

Hackers may have gotten their hands on inside intel that Microsoft shared with its security partners to exploit vulnerabilities in the company’s widely used email and calendaring software Exchange, according to a Friday Wall Street Journal report. Read more...
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Minor League Baseball Reportedly Experimenting with Robot Umpires

The seeds of the robot apocalypse are apparently being sewn in Minor League Baseball. Or rather, the minor leagues appear to be one more sector of society where automation is being used to “augment” and then potentially replace human labor. Read more...
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Why does your pee take the shape that it does?

I wrote about Medieval poop earlier in the week, so I guess the YouTube algorithms figured I'd be interested in why pee often comes out of us in these helical patterns. They were right!Image: Screengrab
Tags: Post, Video, Science, News, Urine, Patterns, Bodily Functions

Study: Colleges Handing Out Esports Scholarships Give Almost 90% of Them to Men

Today in infuriating news: Colleges and universities rushing to roll out esports scholarships have given almost 90 percent of them to men, according to an Associated Press study.Read more...
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These Bluetooth Dice Let You Send Your Rolls to Your Online DnD Game

A pair of good dice is a guilty pleasure for a tabletop RPG gamer. You can never have enough, but I can tell you this: None are going to be as flashy as Pixels. These dice have an ace up their sleeve that the rest of your dice don’t have, because they light up and allow you to play online.Read more...
Tags: Science, DICE, Kickstarter, RPG, John Biggs, Technology Internet

We've Reached Peak AirPods 3 Rumors

The next generation of AirPods is expected to look a lot different than its predecessors.Read more...
Tags: Science

DC Comics Tells Artists to Stay Out of NFT Business or Else

José Delgo, a former DC and Marvel comics artist, used to be best known for his run penciling Wonder Woman back in the ‘70s and early ‘80s. Now, he’s probably most famous for making $1.85 million dollars by selling NFTs—or non-fungible tokens—of his drawings online, many of which featured Wonder Woman and other…Read more...
Tags: Science, José Delgo

Elon Musk's Awful Tweets Are the Subject of Yet Another Lawsuit

Elon Musk’s tweets have landed him in hot water with shareholders—again. This time, he and the Tesla board are staring down a suit from one disgruntled investor who claims some of the CEO’s tweets violate a 2019 settlement Musk had reached with the Securities and Exchange Commission meant to temper his public missives…Read more...
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The Worst of the Pandemic Is Truly Behind Us

This week, the United States will have passed an important milestone in the covid-19 pandemic: 100 million vaccine doses administered in the country, with over 60 million Americans having gotten one or more doses of the vaccines developed by Moderna, Pfizer/BioNTech, and Johnson & Johnson. Read more...
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Feds Eye Swiss Hacker Tied to Major Security Cam Breach

Swiss authorities on Friday raided the home of a computer hacker reportedly under FBI investigation who has also—unrelatedly—taken credit for the recent breach of U.S. security camera company. The company, Verkada Inc., has itself separately been accused of granting employees extraneous access to the private…Read more...
Tags: Science, Fbi, Computing, Hacker, Bloomberg LP, Data Security, Computer Security, Kottmann, Tillie Kottmann, Verkada Inc, Major Security Cam Breach

Pepsi's Driftwell Would Be Way More Relaxing If It Didn't Taste Like a Nightmare

Being cooped up inside and spending way too much time staring at screens over the past months has wreaked havoc on my sleep schedule. (Sound familiar?) So when I heard that Pepsi was coming out with a new seltzer created to help people wind down and relax at night, I was curious. Unfortunately, the reality of the…Read more...
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Greenland's Rocks Contain Hints of a Magma Ocean on Baby Earth

Billions of years ago, parts of Greenland were a molten sea, a sharp contrast to the pale-blue ice seen there today. Researchers have now found isotope signatures of that burbling, primordial Earth in basalt rocks near Nuuk.Read more...
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Having Lost Its Original Atmosphere, This Freaky Planet Is Now Growing a New One

Who says you can’t lose your atmosphere to a nearby red dwarf and then grow a new one with the help of volcanic activity? This resilient planet, located 41 light-years from Earth, appears to be thriving again after a rough encounter with its host star.Read more...
Tags: Astronomy, Science, Environment, Earth, Hubble, Exoplanet, Planet, Planetary Science, Red Dwarf, super Earth, Space Science, Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence, GJ, Observational Astronomy, Entertainment Culture, Gliese 1132 B

Serimmune launches new immune response mapping service for COVID-19

Immune intelligence startup Serimmune hopes to better understand the relationship between antibody epitopes (the parts of antigen molecules that bind to antibodies) and the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The company’s proprietary technology, originally developed at UC Santa Barbara, provides a new and specific way of mapping the entire array of an individual’s antibodies through a small blood sample. They do this through the use of a bacterial peptide display — a sort of screening mechanism that can isolate ...
Tags: Health, Startups, Science, Medicine, Tech, Disease, Biotech, Immunology, Mapping Technology, Nasser, UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego, COVID, Serimmune, Noah Nasser

Daylight-saving time starts on Sunday. Some US senators are trying to get rid of the clock-change ritual.

Joanna Lin Su/ Insider Daylight-saving time starts on Sunday, March 14 at 2 a.m. Clocks will move forward one hour. A group of US senators reintroduced a bill that would make the time change permanent. Research suggests there's an uptick in car accidents and heart attacks when clocks change. See more stories on Insider's business page. Democrat and Republican senators don't often agree, but they seem to share a similar dislike of changing clocks.On Sunday at 2:00 a.m., most cl...
Tags: Florida, Politics, Science, News, Congress, California, Senate, Germany, Massachusetts, US, Trends, Eu, Bloomberg, Hawaii, Arizona, Marco Rubio

A Kirigami-Inspired Sensor Could Help Stop Back Damage From Computer Work

Sitting for long hours hunched over a keyboard is terrible for your neck and back, a problem that’s only been exacerbated as more people work from home during the pandemic. Aside from investing in more ergonomic furniture or actually getting up to move and stretch regularly, there’s not a whole lot out there to help…Read more...
Tags: Internet Of Things, Science, Technology, Origami, Wearable Devices, Kirigami, City University of Hong Kong, Fashion Accessories, Ambient Intelligence, Wearable Computer, Humancomputer Interaction, Technology Internet, Distributed Computing Architecture, Human Musculoskeletal System, Range Of Motion

The Secret History and Uncertain Future of Big Oil’s Unfunniest Meme Website

“Welcome to your new favorite place,” the headline of the website FrackFeed read at the beginning of December. “The dankest memes curated for your lurking enjoyment.”Read more...
Tags: Science, Jimmy Kimmel, Buzzfeed, Articles, ExxonMobil, Dolly Parton, Philosophy, Natural Gas, FTI Consulting, Internet Meme, Bernie Sanders, Meme, Hydraulic Fracturing, Steve Everley, Texans, XTO Energy

Marco Rubio: I Literally Just Don't Like Jeff Bezos

In an incoherent op-ed published by USA Today on Friday morning, Republican Sen. Marco Rubio voiced support for a union drive by Amazon warehouse workers he clearly cares nothing about in an attempt to paint Amazon as a “woke” demon and shame it into backing Republicans in the “culture war.”Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Politics, Science, Labor, Marco Rubio, Jeff Bezos, Usa Today, Sen Marco Rubio, Ryan T Anderson, Businesspeople, Harry Became Sally, Economy Of The United States, Industry Economics

New Model of Ancient Astronomical Device Reveals a ‘Creation of Genius’

By building a digital model of the Antikythera Mechanism, scientists may have finally exposed a key function of the ancient device, revealing a design that required some seriously advanced thinking.Read more...
Tags: Astronomy, Science, Moon, Vimeo, Venus, Planet, Mechanism, Antikythera, Natural Sciences, Antikythera Mechanism, Academic Disciplines, Technology Internet, Classical Planet, David Higgon, Tony Freeth, Adam Wojcik

Hackers Now Ruining Your Ability to Get Drunk, Too

Hackers, those pilfering rogues, are now threatening something much more valuable than our money or our data: our goddamn alcohol. Read more...
Tags: Science

Your Older AT&T Unlimited Data Plan Finally Includes 5G

AT&T just announced that it will expand 5G connectivity to customers with older unlimited plans for free starting this month.Read more...
Tags: Iphone, Verizon, Internet Of Things, Science, Technology, Broadband, Telecommunications, Att, Verizon Communications, Science and Technology, Mobile telecommunications, 5g, Business Finance, T Mobile US, Technology Internet, Technology Forecasting

Will I have to wear a mask after getting the Covid vaccine? The science explained

The CDC is relaxing guidance on masks for vaccinated people, but that doesn’t mean we’ll be seeing the end of face coverings any time soon. Here’s whyPublic health authorities want people to keep wearing masks and social distancing, even after they receive a vaccine. This might seem counterintuitive – after all, if someone gets a vaccine, aren’t they protected from the coronavirus?The answer is complicated: the vast majority of people who are vaccinated will be protected from Covid-19, the disea...
Tags: Health, Science, Cdc, World news, US news, Infectious Diseases, Microbiology, Vaccines and immunisation, Coronavirus, COVID

This Sensor Lets Beekeepers Catch Bees Before They Do Each Other Dirty

Our friends the bees have certain behaviors that are unhealthy to the hive and scary for passersby. One behavior, swarming, happens when a hive splits naturally with a group of bees following a new queen. This is a delicate time for the hive and could result in starved bees and a dead queen. In other words, it’s bad.Read more...
Tags: Science, Environment, Agriculture, Insects, Bee, Beekeeping, Swarming, Beekeeper, Hymenoptera, Technology Internet, Honeybee Starvation, Herbert M Aumann, Robbing

Texas Rangers Say They'll Stop Trying to Hypnotize Crime Victims and Witnesses

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), which oversees the Texas Highway Patrol and the state’s (in)famous Texas Ranger Division, said this week it has finally halted the discredited hypnosis techniques it used to provide evidence in criminal investigations since at least the start of the 1980s.Read more...
Tags: Science, Medicine, Mind, Hypnosis, Texas Rangers, Forensic Science, Health Sciences, Texas Department of Public Safety DPS, Martin Reiser, Texas Highway Patrol, Travis Considine, The Hypnotist, Alan Scheflin, James Debrow, Texas Ranger Division

This New Falcon and the Winter Soldier Clip Is a Minute of Pure Delight

Okay, honestly? It’s only 54 seconds long. But if you watch this amazing new clip from the show, it’s going to be the best 54 seconds of your day, guaranteed.Read more...
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