Zuck Slowly Shrinks and Transforms Into a Corncob Ahead of Apple's Looming Privacy Updates

Facebook has pushed back against Apple’s planned rollout of anti-tracking tools at every possible opportunity, but now the social media giant seems to be changing its tune in a last-ditch effort to save face. On Thursday, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook may actually be in a “stronger position” after the privacy…Read more...
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Pomona-born astronaut answers students’ questions from orbiting space station

Elijah Cole, a student at Etiwanda High School, asked Pomona-born astronaut Victor Glover to name the most beautiful thing he’s seen during his time aboard the International Space Station. Glover, 44, a 1994 graduate of Ontario High School, which along with Etiwanda High is part of the Chaffey Joint Union High School District, didn’t hesitate: “The Earth is by far the most beautiful thing I’ve seen,” began Glover, during a live broadcast Thursday, March 18, from inside the orbiting station 254 m...
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Twitter Stands By, Lets OANN Link to Reporter's Phone Number, Encourage Users to Harass Her

More than four hours had passed after Twitter was informed on Wednesday that a far-right news network had used its platform to encourage the harassment of a New York Times journalist, going as far as to provide 1.5 million followers easy access to her cellphone number—a clear breach of Twitter’s private information…Read more...
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There's a Hidden Code in Intel's New Graphics Card Teaser

Intel posted a cryptic teaser on Twitter this morning that seems to suggest the chipmaker is getting ready to release more details about its long-awaited gaming graphics card, the Xe HPG.Read more...
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Twitter Stands By, Lets OANN Link to Reporter's Phone Number, Encourage Users to Harass Her [Updated]

[Editor’s note: After publication, OANN’s tweet was deleted, six or so hours after being published. “This tweet violated the Twitter Rules,” a new message says.]Read more...
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EPA's Climate Change Sub-Site Is Back, Baby

The Environmental Protection Agency relaunched its website’s climate change section on Thursday, nearly four years after the Trump administration took it offline in a bid to downplay the threats of unchecked greenhouse gas emissions.Read more...
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Right-Wing 'Troll' Chuck Johnson Claims He Cofounded Facial Recognition Giant Clearview AI

Chuck Johnson, the conservative activist, writer, and founder of several failed web platforms, is known to swim in a cesspool of right-wing drama. The 32-year-old allegedly played a role in former President Trump’s transition team, has connections to Breitbart and Matt Gaetz, and has long enjoyed the role of far-right…Read more...
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A new coronavirus variant found in France can hide from COVID-19 nasal-swab tests

Waitress Josephine Madinier waits for take-away orders at Miss Banh-Mi restaurant in Paris on February 1, 2021. Kiran Ridley/Getty Images France's health ministry has identified a new coronavirus variant that can evade some tests. So far, that variant doesn't seem to be deadlier or more infectious than other strains. The variant shares some mutations with another variant first found in California. See more stories on Insider's business page. A region of France has been beset by...
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Facebook Teases Futuristic Wrist-Based Wearable That Will Let You Control AR With Your Mind

Facebook is really, really serious about augmented reality. Last year, the company showed off a frankly ambitious framework for the future of AR, and now the social media giant has revealed some of the advanced gadgets it’s designing to help people interact with the AR world.Read more...
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Child's Death Prompts Peloton to Issue Safety Notice About the Tread+

In a letter to members, Peloton’s CEO said a “tragic accident” had occurred involving a child and the company’s Tread+ treadmill.Read more...
Tags: Science, Companies, Tires, Foley, Peloton, US Consumer Product Safety Commission, Tread, Disaster Accident, Clip In Pedals

You Can't 'Own' a Fart, It Belongs to All Who Smelt It

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a supposedly unique digital token generated by the same type of blockchain tech that powers cryptocurrencies like Ether and Bitcoin and serves as a trading card signifying ownership of a data asset, which can be anything from music and paintings to a photo of a cat or literally anything…Read more...
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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Wants to Tackle Big Issues, Fictional and Otherwise

All Disney+’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier needed to be was Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan talking shit and beating up bad guys. If it was that and only that, it would have been great—but Marvel Studios isn’t satisfied with just great. In a world where Sam Wilson has been given Captain America’s shield and…Read more...
Tags: Science, Disney, Marvel Studios, Captain America, Sam Wilson, Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan

Mystery unsolved: ghost ships circling off California

'Circle spoofing' is an as-yet unexplained version of GPS interference.It shows ships moving in virtual circles while they're somewhere else.Is this the cheaper, off the shelf version of a well-known cyberweapon? Impossible journey On June 5, 2019, the Nigerian crew boat Princess Janice made an impossible journey. Instead of ferrying crews to and from oil rigs in the Gulf of Guinea, it was somehow transported thousands of miles to the Pacific coast of northern California, just off Point Reyes....
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A pit full of 6,200-year-old skeletons is now the oldest known example of 'indiscriminate, mass killing'

Commingled skeletons in the Potočani mass burial site in Croatia. Jacqueline Balen, Archaeological Museum of Zagreb Archaeologists discovered 41 skeletons buried 6,200 years ago in a giant pit in Croatia. The victims, most of whom were unrelated, were executed at the same time. A new study suggests the grave is the site of the oldest documented massacre ever found. See more stories on Insider's business page. A man in a Croatian village was digging a foundation for his new garage in ...
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Social Media Execs Fuel Extremist Violence Globally, Report Finds

Under the pretext of “newsworthiness,” U.S. tech leaders have, for years, aided political leaders in spreading extremist views underpinned by racial animus and all other forms of prejudice, in turn giving rise to an explosion of violence and persecution targeting vulnerable communities worldwide.Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter, Science, Narendra Modi, Articles, Social Media, Software, Donald Trump, Operating Systems, Sheryl Sandberg, Rodrigo Duterte, QAnon, Social Information Processing, Universal Windows Platform Apps, Internet Manipulation And Propaganda

SpaceX and NASA signed an agreement to avoid collisions and share information

SpaceX agreed to move its satellites out of the way of NASA's spacecraft. Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel/Tribune News Service via Getty Images SpaceX and NASA signed a joint agreement on Thursday to exchange data and avoid space collisions. SpaceX agreed to move its satellites to avoid crashes and near misses with NASA assets. SpaceX has launched well over 1,000 satellites to date for its internet service, Starlink. See more stories on Insider's business page. SpaceX has deployed w...
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The U.S. Leads The Way in Citywide Fossil Fuel Bans

In a cool and rare moment for the U.S., it’s a leader in something that may actually do some good for the planet. A new report shows that the U.S. currently has the most cities in the world that have enacted some sort of ban on fossil fuels at the local level.
Tags: Energy, Science, Environment, Articles, Fuel, Renewable Energy, Bill De Blasio, Sustainable Energy, Fossil fuel divestment, Energy Policy, Fossil Fuel, Maura Healey, Energy Economics, Lisa Cunningham, Phase Out Of Fossil Fuel Vehicles

New bacteria lurking on ISS no space oddity, says scientist

New species were discovered in the International Space Station – but they probably didn’t come from outer spaceFour species of bacteria – three of them previously unknown to science – have been discovered onboard the International Space Station (ISS), begging questions about how they got there, and how they have managed to survive.Their discovery may also bolster future efforts to cultivate crops during long spaceflight missions, since related species are known to promote the growth of plants an...
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Scientists Don't Know Why All These Sea Creatures Are Swimming in Circles

Marine researchers in Japan and elsewhere have discovered yet another enigma of the aquatic world. In a new paper out Thursday, they detail their finding that various species of large sea animals, from turtles to sharks to seals, swim in circles for no clear reason. This circling could have several purposes for the…Read more...
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Postal Service Report Confirms 'Whistleblower' Mail Carrier Alleging Election Fraud Made It All Up

Shocking: The feds have determined that the Donald Trump-loving Pennsylvania mail carrier that made over $236,000 on a Christian crowdfunding platform after claiming to have overheard a U.S. Postal Service plot to steal the state for Joe Biden made it all up.Read more...
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Pandemic provided a crash course in science. What lessons have we learned?

Andrew Noymer, an epidemiologist and demographer studies infectious diseases at UCI Irvine, is shown near his home in Irvine on Wednesday, March 17, 2021. (Photo by Leonard Ortiz, Orange County Register/SCNG) It’s the kind of prediction you might find in a fortune cookie. Pinned to the top of Andrew Noymer’s Twitter feed, dated Jan. 31, 2020, it says: “Duck tape your underpants. 2020 is going to be a wild ride.” It contradicted messaging from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, j...
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The US hasn't authorized AstraZeneca's vaccine for 2 main reasons. That could change in April.

French Health Minister Olivier Veran receives the AstraZeneca-Oxford COVID-19 vaccine on February 8, 2021. THOMAS SAMSON/AFP via Getty Images The US hasn't authorized AstraZeneca's vaccine because its trial is still going. Vaccine experts have also questioned inconsistencies in the company's global studies. AstraZeneca's US trial results will likely clear up confusion in April. See more stories on Insider's business page. After more than a dozen countries paused the us...
Tags: UK, Science, News, US, Trends, United States, South Africa, Brazil, World Health Organization, Astrazeneca, Fda, Pfizer, Pascal Soriot, Reuters, Copenhagen Denmark, Senate Finance Committee

Quest for prosthetic retinas progresses towards human trials, with a VR assist

An artificial retina would be an enormous boon to the many people with visual impairments, and the possibility is creeping closer to reality year by year. One of the latest advancements takes a different and very promising approach, using tiny dots that convert light to electricity, and virtual reality has helped show that it could be a viable path forward. These photovoltaic retinal prostheses come from the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, where Diego Ghezzi has been working on the ide...
Tags: TC, Gadgets, Science, Hardware, Tech, Accessibility, Computer Vision, Disabilities, Lausanne, EPFL, Blindness, Ghezzi, Diego Ghezzi, Alain Herzog, Jacob Thomas Thorn

Cybercrime Is Booming and It's Costing America Billions

The FBI’s annual Internet Crime Report is out and it shows that hackers and other cybercriminals ran wild during 2020, breaking new records and likely costing Americans billions of dollars. Read more...
Tags: Science, Crime, Articles, Fraud, Fbi, Cybercrime, Phishing, Identity Theft, Computer Security, Deception, Internet Crime Complaint Center, Internet Fraud, Business Email Compromise, Confidence Tricks

Weirdo Manta Shark Found Fossilized in Mexican Limestone

Paleontologists have announced the discovery of an extraordinary fossil shark in Mexico. They describe Aquilolamna milarcae, a Late Cretaceous shark that was wider than it was long, with an oddly slender pair of pectoral fins. This shark, far from a ferocious biter, may have survived by eating plankton.Read more...
Tags: Science, Mexico, Sharks, Predators, Manta Ray, Shimada, Skate, Kenshu Shimada, Batoidea, Ichthyology, Chondrichthyes, Elasmobranchii, Romain Vullo, A Milarcae, Megamouth Shark, Outline Of Sharks

This Alarming Video Of Some Bad Tesla Autopilot Driving Might Actually Help Make Autopilot Use Safer

Tesla, as usual, is very generous in providing us with lots to talk about, especially when it comes to their Level 2 driver assist system known, confusingly, as Autopilot and/or Full Self Driving (FSD). Yesterday there was a crash of a Tesla using Autopilot that hit a cop car, and now a video of a largely…Read more...
Tags: Science, Cars, Tesla, Automation, Transport, Tesla Model 3, Tesla Autopilot, Self Driving Cars, US Department of Transportation, FSD, National Transportation Safety Board NTSB, Motor Vehicles, Tesla Inc, Sports Sedans, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Technology Internet

Covid vaccine side-effects: what are they, who gets them and why? | Nicola Davis

Most side-effects are mild and short-lived, and some groups are more likely to get them than othersCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageAccording to Public Health England, most side-effects from the Covid vaccines – Pfizer/BioNTech and Oxford/AstraZeneca – are mild and short-lived. These include soreness where the jab was given, feeling tired or achy and headaches. Uncommon side-effects include having swollen lymph nodes. Continue reading...
Tags: Health, Science, Society, UK News, Vaccines and immunisation, Public Health England, Nicola Davis, Coronavirus, Pfizer BioNTech, Oxford AstraZeneca

Quest for prosthetic retinas progresses toward human trials, with a VR assist

An artificial retina would be an enormous boon to the many people with visual impairments, and the possibility is creeping closer to reality year by year. One of the latest advancements takes a different and very promising approach, using tiny dots that convert light to electricity, and virtual reality has helped show that it could be a viable path forward. These photovoltaic retinal prostheses come from the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, where Diego Ghezzi has been working on the ide...
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Here's 16 Minutes of Perseverance Rover Going Kssst, Tiktik, and Pffft

Three weeks ago, Earthlings sat agog by their computers as they heard the first sounds recorded by NASA’s Perseverance rover on the Martian surface. Turns out these tracks will be a regularity, as NASA just released another ballad from our new favorite robot.Read more...
Tags: Science, Nasa, Rover, Mars, Spaceflight, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Outer Space, Perseverance, Jezero, Exploration Of Mars, In Spaceflight, Dave Gruel, Vandi Verma

Whistleblower Alleges AT&T Overcharged Underfunded Schools for Phone and Internet Service

A former in-house lawyer for AT&T alleges the company systemically charged the nation’s most underfunded schools a higher rate for phone and internet service. In an interview with The Washington Post, Theodore Marcus said the telecom ignored federal E-Rate program rules, which offers schools and libraries in need of…Read more...
Tags: Science, Washington Post, Companies, Telecommunications, Internet Access, Federal Communications Commission, Att, Internet Service, Ajit Pai, Scott Shepherd, Business Finance, David B Cohen, Todd Heath, Agencies Of The United States Government, Wisconsin Bell, E Rate

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