'I can't go on': women in Japan suffer isolation and despair amid Covid job losses

Suicide rates among Japanese women rose sharply during the pandemic, prompting calls for support for low-income householdsThe coronavirus had barely begun its surge across the globe when Ayako Sato was told that the nursery where she worked would temporarily close as part of Japan’s efforts to curb the outbreak.The mother of two teenage daughters expected a few weeks of belt tightening, believing it wouldn’t be long before she was working again. Continue reading...
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Rep-elect Julia Letlow, whose husband died from COVID-19, is urging Republicans to get vaccinated

In this Jan. 21, 2021 file photo, Julia Letlow, widow of Republican U.S. Rep.-elect Luke Letlow, speaks to members of the press at the Louisiana State Archives after signing up to run for the 5th District seat in Baton Rouge, La. AP Photo/Brett Druke, file GOP Rep-elect Julia Letlow is urging Republicans to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. Letlow's husband, Rep-elect Luke Letlow, 41, died from COVID-19 complications in December. "Look at my family, use my story," Letlow told C...
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The Boat in the Suez Canal Is Still Stuck, But You Can Now Stick It Anywhere You Want With This App

For all who have been captivated by the Ever Given, the ginormous shipping container boat that has been stuck in the Suez Canal for days, we have some good news. Before you get excited, no, the boat’s still stuck. But you can now stick the Ever Given anywhere you please thanks to the clever people of the internet,…Read more...
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Amazon Is Getting Sued for Failing to Give Warehouse Workers Meal and Rest Breaks

It’s well documented that some Amazon employees work in grueling, physically taxing, and unsafe conditions. In fact, a former Amazon warehouse employee in California has sued the company for not allowing its workers to take their full mandated meal or rest breaks, even though it discounts time for the former in their…Read more...
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*BELLFAIRE* Everdell Founding Celebration Resource Management Board/Card Game

The King and Queen invite YOU to celebrate The Bellfaire!  The busy lives of the Everdellian Critters carry on, and this expansion tells another spellbinding story of a year-long celebration to commemorate the Everdell Founding’s 100th birthday! This lovely expansion adds to the growing family of Everdell games. Read my reviews about the original Everdell […]
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*PLANETARIUM* Planet Building Strategy Board Game

Have you ever wanted to create your own planet? Manipulate matter?? Gather and move elements with gravity??? Planetarium is a interstellar battle between players to best guide the formation of a new planetary system. Players earn points throughout the game for creating/evolving planets, but must be focused on the end game, the final state of […]
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Ancient computer found in shipwreck decoded by scientists

Today, if you want to know when the next solar eclipse is going to be, you turn to Google. If you lived in ancient Greece, though, you might have used a device now known as the Antikythera mechanism.Considered the world's first analog computer, this marvel of ancient engineering used dozens of bronze gears to predict the positions of the Moon, Sun, and five planets, as well as the timing of solar and lunar eclipses.Divers discovered the Antikythera mechanism while exploring a Roman-era shipwreck...
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The CEO of Moderna on the moment he first realized the company could make a COVID-19 vaccine

Stephane Bancel is the CEO of Moderna Therapeutics. ERIC PIERMONT/AFP via Getty Images The following is a transcript from the a16z podcast, created by Silicon Valley VC firm Andreessen Horowitz. In this episode, a16z's Jorge Conde and Hanne Winarsky spoke with Stéphane Bancel, CEO of Moderna. Bancel shares how his company used the mRNA platform to develop and create the COVID-19 vaccine. See more stories on Insider's business page. Listen to the podcast below: The below interv...
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These Chimps Are All of Us

It’s well-known that pandemic times have forced humans to become very acquainted with their screens. In lieu of seeing other people in person, for instance, many of us see them virtually, whether for work or recreation. And don’t even get me started on all the show binging. (I’m currently watching a remake of Ugly…Read more...
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The great free will debate

What does it mean to have—or not have—free will? Were the actions of mass murderers pre-determined billions of years ago? Do brain processes trump personal responsibility? Can experiments prove that free will is an illusion?Bill Nye, Steven Pinker, Daniel Dennett, Michio Kaku, Robert Sapolsky, and others approach the topic from their unique fields and illustrate how complex and layered the free will debate is. From Newtonian determinism, to brain chemistry, to a Dennett thought experiment, explo...
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Shanna Swan: 'Most couples may have to use assisted reproduction by 2045'

The professor of environmental medicine explains how chemicals in plastics are causing our fertility to decline – and what we can do about it Shanna Swan is a professor of environmental medicine and public health at Mount Sinai school of medicine in New York City, studying fertility trends. In 2017 she documented how average sperm counts among western men have more than halved in the past 40 years. Count Down is her new book.You’ve spent more than 20 years examining the effects of hormone disrup...
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How Mary Wortley Montagu's bold experiment led to smallpox vaccine – 75 years before Jenner

A new book celebrates the trailblazing work of the English aristocrat, who successfully inoculated her daughterIt was a daring and dangerous experiment that paved the way for the development of the first safe vaccine and saved countless lives. Yet when Lady Mary Wortley Montagu deliberately infected her own daughter with a tiny dose of smallpox – successfully inoculating the three-year-old child in 1721 – her ideas were dismissed and she was denounced by 18th-century society as an “ignorant woma...
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Britain’s ‘brutal’ cuts to overseas aid put African science projects in peril

Lifesaving research on fighting drought and climate change at risk after snap decision to halt crucial fundingFor two years, the Rwandan-born scientist Anita Etale has been leading efforts to develop cheap methods to clean contaminated water supplies, a widespread problem in Africa.Based at Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg, South Africa, Etale had a £300,000 grant from Britain’s Royal Society in 2019 to build a team of researchers, who went on to develop cleaning filters using maize and ...
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HKBU-led research unlocks the genomic secrets of organisms that thrive in extreme deep-sea

A study led by scientists at Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) has decoded the genomes of the deep-sea clam (Archivesica marissinica) and the chemoautotrophic bacteria (Candidatus Vesicomyosocius marissinica) that live in its gill epithelium cells. Through analysis of their genomic structures and profiling of their gene expression patterns, the research team revealed that symbiosis between the two partners enables the clams to thrive in extreme deep-sea environments.
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How will climate change affect hailstorms?

Hail severity will increase in most regions of the world while Australia and Europe are expected to experience more hailstorms as a result of climate change, an international review led by a UNSW Sydney researcher has found.
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Clearing of woody weeds in Baringo County, Kenya, may yield major livelihood benefits

Clearing the invasive woody weed Prosopis julifora and grassland restoration in Baringo County, Kenya, may have significant financial benefits for local stakeholders and contribute to climate change mitigation.Climate change, land degradation, and invasive alien species (IAS) such as Prosopis julifora are major threats to people's livelihoods in arid and semi-arid areas with each of these having negative impacts on ecosystem services - including vegetation biomass, which is a prime resource for ...
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