Space Jam: A New Legacy's Most WTF Cameos From the New Trailer

Space Jam has always been about bringing worlds together, but we’ve never seen anything like this. The first trailer dropped for Space Jam: A New Legacy, the sequel to the ‘90s film, and while it focuses primarily on the stars (aka LeBron James and the Looney Tunes), the world of the film is also filled to the brim…Read more...
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More U.S. Coal Power Retired Under Trump Than in Obama's Second Term

Remember all of Donald Trump’s promises to put coal miners back to work? Turns out, his repeated attacks on the environment to try and bail out dirty fuels were all for naught. More coal-fired power was taken off the grid under Trump’s presidency than under former President Barack Obama’s second term, a new analysis…Read more...
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Is Yahoo Answers Dying? Yes, Son, Yes It Is

Yahoo announced on Monday that it will soon send its Answers service to that great trash bin in the sky, bringing about 15 years’ worth of absurd, typo-ridden questioning and equally irreverent answering to an end. Read more...
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Amazon Can’t Just Change Its Rules to Squash Activism, NLRB Finding Suggests

The laundry list of fired organizers at Amazon has grown suspiciously lengthy, and the National Labor Relations Board has noticed.Read more...
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The CDC relaxed its rules on cleaning to prevent COVID-19, saying intense disinfectants are likely doing us more harm than good

An Israeli worker in a hazmat suit sprays disinfectant in the cabin of an Israir Airlines Airbus A320 airplane at Ben Gurion International Airport on June 14, 2020. Gil Cohen-Magen/AFP via Getty Images The CDC released new guidance Monday, warning there are health risks associated with overly intense disinfection. The coronavirus very rarely spreads to people from surfaces, the agency said. Independent health experts agree: soap and water works fine. See more stories on Insider's busi...
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Clubhouse Is Partnering With Stripe To Offer Direct Payments, and Creators Will Get 100% of the Profits

The invite-only audio chat app Clubhouse is sweetening the deal for creators by offering a direct payment option that would allow them to reap 100% of the rewards.Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Social Media, Software, Mobile Payments, Online Payments, Stripe, Up, Clubhouse, Mobile Applications, Business Finance, Service Industries, Social Networking Services, Payme

Astronauts on the space station just flew SpaceX's Crew Dragon to a new port - a first for the spaceship

The Crew Dragon Resilience undocks from the forward port of the International Space Station on April 5, 2021. NASA TV SpaceX's Crew Dragon spaceship moved on Monday to make way for the next Dragon capsule. The spaceship undocked from the International Space Station and maneuvered to a different port. It's the first time Crew Dragon has conducted this port relocation, but likely won't be the last. See more stories on Insider's business page. SpaceX's first full astronaut...
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Medicines watchdog says no decision made on AstraZeneca jab for under-30s

Medicines Healthcare products Regulatory Authority was considering restricting vaccine amid concerns over rare blood clotsCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverage The UK’s medicines regulatory body has said that no decision has been made on any regulatory action relating to the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine following reports it is considering restricting use of the vaccine in younger people.Channel 4 News reported on Monday evening that the Medicines and Healthcare products Reg...
Tags: Health, UK, Science, UK News, World news, Infectious Diseases, Astrazeneca, Pharmaceuticals industry, Vaccines and immunisation, Coronavirus, Oxford AstraZeneca, Medicines Healthcare products Regulatory Authority

This Soap Bottle Is Made of Soap and Also Dispenses Soap

I’m always trying to reduce the amount of plastic I throw away, and this new Kickstarter project’s clever solution, which uses soap to create a multi-purpose, zero-waste container, has me intrigued. Read more...
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Navy Ship Sunk in Historic World War II Battle Is Now the Deepest Explored Wreck

The main section of the USS Johnston—sunk 77 years ago during the Battle of Leyte Gulf—has been discovered off the Philippine coast. Resting over 4 miles beneath the surface, it’s now the deepest shipwreck to ever be investigated.Read more...
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The 10 Best Deals of April 5, 2021

Monday’s Best Deals | Kinja Deals
Tags: Apple, Amazon, Science, Samsung, Macintosh, Best Buy, Computing, Nintendo, Woot, M1, Herman Miller, Lisa Frank, Ulta, Borderlands, Morphe, Sam Rutherford

Amazon Fixed the Echo Show 10's Biggest Feature Failure

Amazon’s Echo Show 10 is a neat gadget for its ability to move with you while you stream videos and make calls to friends and family. But for a smart display whose entire reason for being its support for these uses, the Echo Show lacked one major app used universally during the pandemic: Zoom.Read more...
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40,000 Kids in the U.S. Have Lost a Parent to Covid-19, Study Finds

A new study provides a heartbreaking reminder of the pain caused by the covid-19 pandemic. It estimates that nearly 40,000 children in the U.S. have lost at least one parent to the viral illness as of February this year. The study also found that more than 100,000 children would have lost a parent if the virus had…Read more...
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HBO's Q: Into the Storm Lays Out Its Case That 8Chan Admin Ron Watkins Is Q

The final episodes of HBO’s Q: Into the Storm aired on Sunday evening, and it’s put all its cards on the table.Read more...
Tags: Hbo, Science, Articles, Into the Storm, Donald Trump, Internet Culture, Trumpism, Goldwater, Watkin, Rita Katz, Matt Gaetz, Steve Bannon, 8chan, QAnon, Political Ideologies, Jim Watkins

Marvel Secrets in the New Loki Trailer: The Avengers, Time-Keepers, and More

We might currently be in the midst of one Marvel television project in Disney+’s The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, but the House of Ideas wanted to remind us all of what’s on the horizon today. Our latest look at Loki, the mind-bending spinoff that throws the god of tricks into a temporal mess of his own making,…Read more...
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Don't Worry, This Chainsaw-Equipped Robot Arm Is, Uh, Perfectly Safe. Yeah.

Raleigh-based engineer Shane Wighton was given a robotic arm to test, but instead of making it do normal activities like the YMCA dance, Wighton decided to strap a chainsaw to that sucker and make a low-polygon dog out of foam board.Read more...
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What's the Best Office Chair Under $300?

So, the vaccines are finally getting into arms. This spring, many Americans will actually be able to get their doses just in time for summer. However, don’t expect things to return to normal just yet. It’s going to take a long time for everyone to get vaccinated, so there’s no guarantee we’ll be back at 100% even by…Read more...
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The Crisis at a Florida Wastewater Reservoir Show the Risks of Our Weak Infrastructure

On Saturday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis declared a state of emergency over fears that a leaking wastewater pond in Manatee County could collapse imminently, triggering a “real catastrophic flood situation.” Officials have ordered more than 300 households to evacuate the area, warning that the looming disaster…Read more...
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How Big Meat Is Funding Climate Denial and Polluting the Planet

Move over, Big Oil, and make some room for Big Meat at the climate shame table. A new study shows agribusiness is a major source climate misinformation as well as carbon emissions.Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Science, Environment, Articles, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Greenhouse Gas, Climate Change Policy, Carbon Dioxide, Nestle, Natural Environment, Big Oil, Fonterra, Hormel, Climate Change Denial, Carbon Neutrality, WH Group

Supreme Courts Sides With Google in Historic API Copyright Fight Against Oracle

The U.S. Supreme Court has sided with Google over Oracle in one of the highest-profile copyright disputes to ever hit Silicon Valley. Read more...
Tags: Google, Android, Science, Technology, Computing, Java, Api, Transformation, Programming Languages, Fair Use, Donald Trump, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Oracle Corporation, U S Supreme Court, Stephen Breyer

NASA's Mars helicopter survived its first night alone on the red planet after the Perseverance rover set it free

NASA's Ingenuity helicopter, photographed on Mars by the Perseverance rover on April 4, 2021. NASA/JPL-Caltech NASA's Mars helicopter, Ingenuity, has survived its first cold night alone on the red planet. Now that it's separated from the Perseverance rover, the helicopter is fully independent. Ingenuity is poised to attempt the first Martian rotocraft flight as early as April 11. See more stories on Insider's business page. NASA's new space helicopter has survived its f...
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UK will start a trial for 'vaccine passports.' But pubs and essential services won't be included, Boris Johnson said.

Dado Ruvic/Reuters The United Kingdom is going to start a trial for a COVID-19 "vaccine passport" program. The program would allow people who are vaccinated to access events like concerts and sports games. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said vaccine passports will "never" be required for essential businesses, according to The Independent. See more stories on Insider's business page. The United Kingdom will start a trial for COVID-19 "vaccine passports," Prime Minister Boris Johnson sai...
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UK will start a trial for 'vaccine passports.' But essential shops and services will 'never' require them, Boris Johnson said.

Dado Ruvic/Reuters The United Kingdom will start a trial for COVID-19 "vaccine passports," Prime Minister Boris Johnson said at a press briefing on Monday.Johnson said "COVID safe certifications" - either a vaccine, negative test, or proof of antibodies - will be tested at a number of events this month.However, Johnson said vaccine passports will "never" be required for essential businesses or public services like buses or trains, according to The Independent. Read the original article on ...
Tags: Health, UK, Science, News, Trends, Speed, United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, Vaccine, Johnson, Health Advice, Kelly McLaughlin, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Covid-19 Vaccine, Dado Ruvic Reuters

Supreme Court Sides With Google in Historic API Copyright Fight Against Oracle

The U.S. Supreme Court has sided with Google over Oracle in one of the highest-profile copyright disputes to ever hit Silicon Valley. Read more...
Tags: Google, Android, Science, Technology, Supreme Court, Computing, Java, Api, Transformation, Programming Languages, Fair Use, Donald Trump, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Oracle Corporation, U S Supreme Court

The Nevers Is Entertaining But a Tad Overstuffed

Watching The Nevers—HBO’s new epic fantasy series created by Joss Whedon, who’s no longer involved with the show—can be overwhelming. “Victorian ladies with superpowers” is already a high-concept idea, but The Nevers, while entertaining, somehow finds a way to make things even busier. Read more...
Tags: Hbo, Science, Once Upon A Time, Nick Frost, Joss Whedon, Writers, Laura Donnelly, Olivia Williams, Philippa Goslett, Amalia, Massen, Nevers, Tom Riley, Charles Xavier, Penance, Amy Manson

A Dangerous Toxin From Pond Scum Can Go Airborne, Study Finds

A potent toxin released by algae blooms has the potential to become airborne, recent research suggests. In what’s said to be a first, the study found traces of the toxin in the air near pond water in Massachusetts. Though it’s unclear whether this and similar toxins are harmful to people and animals when airborne, the…Read more...
Tags: Science, Biology, Massachusetts, Environment, Chemistry, Algae, Pond, James Sutherland, Cyanobacteria, Physical Sciences, Freshwater, Harmful Algal Bloom, Algal Blooms, Disaster Accident, Aquatic Ecology, Anatoxin A

‘Deep Nostalgia’ Can Now Make Old Photos of Your Relatives Dance and Blow Kisses

According to MyHeritage, since the launch of its Deep Nostalgia tool five weeks ago, over 72 million photo animations have been created through its site—and that was with just 10 different options available. Today, the company is doubling the number of unique movements that can be applied to still photos in Deep…Read more...
Tags: Science, Software, Nostalgia, Microsoft Windows, MyHeritage, Microsoft Photos, Application Software, Entertainment Culture, Deep Nostalgia, Deep Nostalgia Tool, Draftdeep Nostalgia

This spherical, BB-8 style robot is built to explore lava caves on the moon

Scientists want to explore a cave on the moon to determine if we could build a habitat inside it. How? With a Star Wars-style robot, of course!
Tags: Space, Science, Trends, Features, Robots, The moon

Apple's New iMac Might Finally Go Big

A new iMac is coming, and this time around, rumors suggest that Apple is finally ready to supersize the display—or at least release a bigger version than the 27-inch display that we’re all used to.Read more...
Tags: Iphone, Apple, Ipad, Science, Steve Jobs, Intel, Macintosh, Mobile Phones, Computing, iMac, Apple Inc, Iphone 7, iPhone SE, Apple Community, Jon Prosser, Pro Display XDR

Google Is Cracking Down on Apps That Can See Every Other App You Have Installed

As Google continues to upgrade its privacy and security policies, it’s now making an important change in Android that will significantly limit the ability of Android apps to see all the other apps you have installed on your device.Read more...
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