A New Phishing Campaign Sends Malware-Laced Job Offers Through LinkedIn

With unemployment at formidable levels and the economy doing weird, covid-related reversals, I think we can all agree that the job hunt is a pretty hard slog right now. Amidst all that, you know what workers really don’t need? A LinkedIn inbox full of malware. Yeah, they don’t need that at all. Read more...
Tags: Science, Labor, Linkedin, Malware, Ransomware, Cybercrime, Security Breaches, Cyberwarfare, Computer Security, Computer Programming, Computer Forensics, Fileless Malware, Rob McLeod, Esentire

Clubhouse Reportedly Thinks It's Worth $4 Billion Now

Clubhouse, which led a round of investment in January at a reported valuation of around $1 billion, now believes it is worth four times that, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday.Read more...
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Apple, We Know the AirTags Are Coming. Let's Go Already

We know Apple’s AirTags must surely exist, because credible rumors and leaks about them have been trickling into our news feeds for what seems like forever. The latest rumor, however, provides a glimmer of hope that we might see these things in our lifetime.Read more...
Tags: Apple, Ios, Ipad, Science, Technology, Ipads, Computing, Tablet Computers, Apple Watch, Apple Inc, Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, HomePod, AirTag, Airtags, Ios 14, Technology Internet

Of the 1.7 million people who are fully vaccinated in Michigan, 246 people tested positive for COVID-19

Syringes used to administer a dose of the Pfizer Covid vaccine to Governor Gretchen Whitmer and a group of students sit at a vaccine station at Ford Field during an event to promote and encourage Michigan residents to go and get their vaccines on April 6, 2021 in Detroit, Michigan. Matthew Hatcher/Getty Images Out of 1.7 million fully vaccinated people in Michigan, 246 tested positive for COVID-19. That places the breakthrough rate of fully-vaccinated cases at a fraction of a percent. As o...
Tags: Science, Minnesota, Cdc, Trends, Fox, Ford, New York Times, Michigan, Detroit Michigan, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Detroit News, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Kris Ehresmann, Moderna, Gretchen Whitmer, Coronavirus

SpaceX President Says Starlink Doesn't Plan to Offer Tiered Pricing

Starlink opened up pre-orders for its service in February for a $99 deposit, but it doesn’t appear that the company plans to offer any kind of tiered plan to folks who were hoping for some options.Read more...
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Facebook Sure Seems Desperate To Pass This Latest Data Breach Off As Old News For Some Reason

In the aftermath of bombshell reports of a massive data breach that may have compromised the personal information of as many as 533 million users, Facebook has committed absolutely to trying to spin the leak as old news, no big deal, definitely nothing to see here, no need to even think about this too much at all,…Read more...
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Biden announces that all US adults will be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine by April 19

President Joe Biden delivers remarks about vaccinations, in the State Dining Room of the White House, Tuesday, April 6, 2021, in Washington Evan Vucci/AP Biden announced on Tuesday that all US adults will be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine by April 19. About 32% of Americans have received at least one vaccine dose and nearly 19% are fully vaccinated. Biden's goal is for 200 million shots to be administered in his first 100 days. See more stories on Insider's business page. Pr...
Tags: Politics, Science, Washington, White House, Virginia, US, Trends, Joe Biden, Chicago, United States, Biden, Kamala Harris, Johnson Johnson, Moderna, Chicago Federation of Labor, Coronavirus

Employee Indicted for Hacking Kansas Water Utility and Trying to Shut Down Key Systems

A federal grand jury is indicting a 22-year-old guy over accusations that he tampered with a public water system. Dude allegedly hacked into a computer system that controls a rural water utility in Ellsworth County, Kansas, then messing with the virtual processes that affect procedures for cleaning and disinfecting…Read more...
Tags: Science, Articles, Malware, Cybercrime, Security Breaches, Cyberwarfare, Data Security, Computer Security, Solarwinds, Drinking Water, Computer Network Security, Water Supply And Sanitation In The United States, Law Crime, Ellsworth County Kansas, Wyatt Travnichek, Lance Ehrig

A 'double mutant' coronavirus variant found in India was spotted in California - but there's no evidence it's 'doubly scary'

A man wears a mask in Los Angeles on June 18, 2020. Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images A new coronavirus variant has been detected in India and northern California. It has a combination of mutations that may help it spread more quickly or evade vaccines. But there's no evidence yet that the variant is "doubly scary" or "doubly transmissible," an expert said. See more stories on Insider's business page. Another worrisome coronavirus variant has made its global de...
Tags: Health, UK, Science, News, California, Stanford, India, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Trends, South Africa, Brazil, Mutations, San Francisco Bay Area, Pinsky, LA Times

Big Telecom's Voting Rights Stance Is as Treacherous as It Is Hollow

Corporations have long vied to cultivate brands that consumers will—at the very least—perceive as “socially responsible.” Since the 1980s, these efforts have forced companies, with seeming no way of reversing the trend, to stake out positions on politically divisive issues. As concern for Earth’s climate swelled in…Read more...
Tags: Politics, Elections, Science, Voting, Articles, Joe Biden, Comcast, Att, Mlb, Mitch McConnell, Brian, Donald Trump, Major League Baseball, Verizon Communications, Electronic Voting, Rob Manfred

Report: Clearview AI's Facial Recognition Has Been Used by Over 1,800 Public Agencies

A new series of reports from BuzzFeed News shows the wide net cast by shadowy surveillance firm Clearview AI. Individuals at 1,803 public agencies—many of which are police departments—have used its facial recognition software at some point over recent years, according to data reviewed by the news outlet. Read more...
Tags: Science, Learning, Buzzfeed, Immigration, Articles, Surveillance, Law Enforcement, National Security, Mass Surveillance, BuzzFeed News, Customs Enforcement, Facial Recognition Software, ClearView, Crime Prevention, Clearview AI, Facial recognition system

Signal Is Adding a New Privacy-Focused Payments Feature

Most of us might be familiar with Signal as the privacy-preserving messaging app of choice, but the company is expanding into a new frontier: payments. Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Articles, Science and Technology, Signal, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Decentralization, Messaging Apps, Moxie Marlinspike, Financial Technology, Business Finance, Cross Platform Software, Technology Internet

The 10 Best Deals of April 6, 2021

Tuesday’s Best Deals | Kinja Deals
Tags: Apple, Amazon, Ipad, Science, Video Games, Newegg, Intel, Tetris, Best Buy, Chromebook, Nintendo, Ubisoft, M1, Ny Times, Nintendo DS, Jordan McMahon

Try on the Best Men’s Underwear Subscription Boxes

Everything comes in subscription form now. From streaming TV to Xbox Game Pass to food and wine, you can set-and-forget just about anything to be regularly delivered to your door. But underwear?Read more...
Tags: Science, Clothing, Briefs, Swimsuit, Meundies, Thong, Subscription Box, Undergarments, Boxer Briefs, Boxer Shorts, Jockstrap, Swim Trunks

The UK needs a robust border policy, but right now we can’t see if it is working

Analysis: it is incredibly challenging to scrutinise the system because data on movement is so opaqueCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverage The official response to coronavirus at the UK border has been problematic from the start. It was not until February this year that the government introduced mandatory hotel quarantine – some 11 months after coronavirus was first recorded the UK – despite it being used in countries such as New Zealand from the off.Even now with stricter...
Tags: Travel, Politics, UK, Science, UK News, World news, New Zealand, Coronavirus

Antarctic Expedition Disrupted After Ship Catches Fire

None of the 109 expeditioners and crew onboard the MPV Everest were hurt when a fire broke out in an engine room, but the beleaguered Antarctic resupply vessel still has 2,000 miles to go in its long journey back home to Australia.Read more...
Tags: Science, Australia, Environment, Antarctica, Exploration, Ships, Antarctic, Aurora Australis, Douglas Mawson, Australian Antarctic Territory, Disaster Accident, Icebird, Australasian Antarctic Expedition, Charlton Clark, Maree Riley, Australian Antarctic Division

Warhammer Quest Returns, and More of the Latest Gaming News

Welcome back to Gaming Shelf, io9's column all about board games and tabletop roleplaying games. This time, Games Workshop returns to Warhammer Quest, an April Fool’s that’s actually worth checking out, and a visit to the world of nuclear-irradiated Americana with the arrival of the Fallout RPG. Check it out!Read more...
Tags: Science

Navy Still Has No Idea What Mysterious Drones That Stalked Its Ships for Days Were

The U.S. Navy still has no idea who sent a swarm of drones to buzz warships off the coast of California in July 2019, or really even what kind of drones they were or what they were doing, NBC News reported on Monday.Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Navy, California, Nbc News, Articles, US Navy, Science and Technology, U S Navy, United States Navy, Arleigh Burke, Paul Hamilton, John Finn, Emerging Technologies, Rafael Peralta, Michael Gilday

Stop Shaming Vaccinated People for Socializing

As the U.S. speeds ever closer toward mass vaccination against covid-19, a curious trend has started to emerge on social media and elsewhere: well-intentioned people downplaying the benefits of vaccination, often by arguing that vaccinated people still pose a major transmission risk and that they shouldn’t do things…Read more...
Tags: Science, Rachel Maddow, Medicine, Vaccination, Pfizer, Vaccine, Vaccines, Virology, Johnson Johnson, Moderna, Vaccine Hesitancy, BioNtech, Clinical Medicine, Rochelle Walensky, Medical Specialties, Rna Vaccine

Apple Is Combining a True Crime Podcast and a TV Series With The Line

Apple’s rumored experiment to use its content offerings to cross-promote its services now includes two new non-fiction series titled The Line.Read more...
Tags: Apple, Science

How One Knife-Maker Uses Tech to Reimagine His Craft

Joe Caswell’s knife-making process starts with popsicle sticks, and his latest knife, called the Provoke, looks like something out of a Klingon fever dream. He based the design on an Indonesian karambit, a work knife curved like a talon. His idea? To allow users to flip the utility knife open with one hand using a…Read more...
Tags: Tools, Science, Knife, Kickstarter, Knives, Weapons, Blade, SwitchBlade, Columbia River Knife Tool, Lithics, Utility Knife, Pocket Knives, Joe Caswell, Blade Weapons, His Craft Joe Caswell, Personal Weapons

Manufacturer that ruined 15 million Johnson & Johnson vaccine doses once got a $163 million federal contract to improve its facility: NYT

The first boxes of the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine are loaded into a box for shipment from the McKesson facility in Shepherdsville, Kentucky on March 1, 2021. Timothy Easley/AFP via Getty Images A Baltimore factory that ruined 15 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine was once given a $163 million federal contract to improve its facility, The federal government first invested in the Emergent BioSolutions, a biotech firm that's known for producing anthrax vaccine...
Tags: Science, News, Trends, Speed, The Times, Food And Drug Administration, Associated Press, Johnson, Baltimore, McKesson, Johnson & Johnson, Shepherdsville Kentucky, Kelly McLaughlin, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Covid-19 Vaccine

These Trojan horse ‘neurobots’ smuggle drugs past the blood-brain barrier

A team of researchers in China recently figured out how to turn the E coli bacteria into a hybrid robot that smuggles drugs past the blood-brain barrier by pretending to be a white blood cell. These little robots in disguise represent a breakthrough in our ability to treat diseases such as cancer. Background: There’s a party going on in our brains 24/7, but the guest list is very exclusive. The blood-brain barrier, a protective border that keeps out the riff-raff, takes its job very seriously. I...
Tags: Startups, Science, China, Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Neural

Google's April Software Update Just Gave the Pixel 5 and 4a 5G a Big Performance Boost

The Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 weren’t exactly slouches when it came to processing power, but now a recent software update from Google has just given those phones a big boost in performance. Read more...
Tags: Google, Android, Science, Smartphones, Mobile Phones, 3DMark, Pixel, Google Pixel, Pixel 2, Der Standard, Pixel 3, Pixel Phones, Pixel 5, Technology Internet, Andreas Proschofsky Is Back With a Stupid Face Mask

Overpriced connected face masks are a thing now—a side effect of the pandemic. The latest person to hop on the smart mask train is, the Black Eyed Peas rapper with a penchant for developing tech that falls flat on its face.Read more...
Tags: Spacex, Science, Musicians, Kendall Jenner, William, Mask, Razer, Wink, Honeywell, Iam, Jose Fernandez, Face Mask, Earin

Your 3D Printer Can Finally Make Biodegradable Objects

A Czech 3D printing company called Fillamentum has released the first ostensibly biodegradable filament, the stringy plastic used to extrude printed objects. Called NonOilen, the filament is made of a biologically based polylactic acid and polyhydroxy butyrate blend.Read more...
Tags: Science, Environment, Materials, Industrial Design, 3d Printing, Plastics, Fused Filament Fabrication, Polylactic Acid, Bioplastics, Biodegradation, Emerging Technologies, Taylor Weiss, Organic Polymers, Industrial Processes, Lyman Filament Extruder, Fillamentum

There's Absolutely Nothing Wrong With Saving the World

There’s one phrase I’ve been using a lot, as I’ve been promoting my young adult space-opera Victories Greater Than Death: “Save all the worlds.” Because I love the idea of a group of kids who are mostly LGBTQIA+ and come from cultures all over the world get to be the ones to help “save all the worlds.” And I love …Read more...
Tags: Science, Films, River, Back To The Future, The Terminator, Luke Skywalker, Matt Smith, Marty Mcfly, Amy, Steven Universe, Roland Emmerich, Patricia, Kirk, Rory, Rachael, Laurence

The factory that had to toss J&J coronavirus vaccines has made 150 million doses. Regulators haven't let any reach the public.

A nurse loads a syringe with a dose of Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 vaccine on March 9, 2021 in Athens, Ohio. Stephen Zenner/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images A factory for Emergent BioSolutions has produced 150 million Johnson & Johnson vaccine doses. The doses remain unused because regulators haven't certified the factory to distribute the shots. Last month it was revealed this facility botched 15 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. See more stories on Insider's bu...
Tags: Science, News, Trends, Speed, Athens, Food And Drug Administration, Associated Press, Times, Baltimore, Johnson & Johnson, Kelly McLaughlin, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Covid-19 Vaccine, Emergent BioSolutions, Stephen Zenner

Matt Gaetz Reportedly Fought a Revenge Porn Law to Protect His Stash

An update on the metastasizing horrors from the ongoing saga of U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz, a Florida Republican reportedly under investigation for sex trafficking: It’s not looking great. Read more...
Tags: Florida, Science, Articles, Pornography, Revenge Porn, Tucker Carlson, Matt Gaetz, Gaetz, Human Sexuality, Florida Republicans, Joel Greenberg, Right Wing Populism In The United States, Law Crime, Sexual Ethics, Tom Goodson, Sex And The Law

Hundreds of Glacial Rivers Are Pouring Into the Belly of Greenland’s Ice

We use the cliched term “glacial pace” to describe something that moves really slowly. But new research shows that Greenland’s glaciers may actually be moving more rapidly than we thought thanks to rushing rivers on their surface.Read more...
Tags: Science, Environment, Sea Level Rise, Greenland, Glacier, Earth Sciences, Greenland Ice Sheet, Moulin, Ice Sheet, Meltwater, Glaciology, Laurence Smith, Physical Geography, Ice Sheet Dynamics, Melt Pond

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