Made For Love Is All About Escaping the Tangled Web of Other People's Minds

Though HBO Max’s new series Made For Love, an adaptation of Alissa Nutting’s 2017 novel of the same name, is charged with the same foreboding dread about a technology-saturated near future that’s present in Black Mirror, the show imagines a hero who has enough sense to understand how messed up the world she lives in…Read more...
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Facebook Is Officially Beta Testing Hotline, a Clubhouse-Inspired Audio Q&A Feature

Facebook on Wednesday ran its first public beta test of Hotline — a web-based Q&A platform that seems like it was dreamed up as the platform’s answer to the current voice chat app craze. Read more...
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The French Army Is Testing Spot the Robot on the Battlefield

Boston Robotic’s Spot quadruped robot seems to be hitting the battlefield with a group of French Army trainees in a series of drills and simulations that explore how these currently unarmed robots could work side-by-side with humans.Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, Companies, Military, Robot, Boston Dynamics, Battlefield, Cyr Coetquidan, Alphabet Inc, SoftBank Group, French Army, Economy Of The United States, Technology Internet, War Conflict, Coetquidan, Gerard Du Boisboissel

Amazon's Worker-Crushing Megacycle Is Energizing a Battle

Amazon wanted its workforce to break its back for 10 hours straight, four nights a week, hauling boxes. It got what it wished. As a result, its labor pool is growing stronger by the day—just not to its advantage.Read more...
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These Mole-Like Critters Lived Under the Feet of Dinosaurs

Before an asteroid completely changed the course of Earth’s evolutionary trajectory, the world was filled with scaled and feathered dinosaurs, web-winged pterosaurs, and, as a new study describes, precursors to modern mammals that eked out existence in burrows they dug into the Cretaceous soil.Read more...
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These Headphones Offer Solid Active Noise Cancellation for Those on a Budget

Urbanista isn’t a household name. Founded in Sweden, the company makes low-cost, high-design headphones for folks who don’t want to spend a few hundred dollars on options from Apple, Bose, or Beats. Their latest product, the Miami, is a pair of active noise-canceling headphones with 50-hour battery life and a tempting…Read more...
Tags: Science, Sweden, Headphones, Sony, Miami, Sound, Noise Cancelling, iPhone accessories, Bose Corporation, Audio Engineering, Noise Reduction, AirPods, Sound Recording, Noise Cancelling Headphones, Audio Electronics, Active Noise Control

Voyagers' Riff on Lord of the Flies in Space Is All Too Familiar

Voyagers, the new sci-fi film from writer-director Neil Burger (Divergent), begins with an interesting twist on a tried and true premise: Earth is screwed. Disease, climate change, and more have doomed humanity unless it can find a new home. Which, luckily, it does. The problem is it’ll take 86 years to travel there.Read more...
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Dallas Police Used Face Recognition Software Without Authorization, Installed on Personal Phones

Dallas police officers used unauthorized facial recognition software to conduct between 500 and 1,000 searches in attempts to identify people based on photographs. A Dallas Police spokesperson says the searches were never authorized by the department, and that in some cases, officers had installed facial recognition…Read more...
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Getting AstraZeneca's shot is safer than flying on a plane, experts say - the bigger problem is an 'explosion of vaccine skepticism'

French Health Minister Olivier Veran receives a dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine on the outskirts of Paris on February 8, 2021. THOMAS SAMSON/AFP via Getty Images Blood clots are a "very rare" side effect of AstraZeneca's shot, European regulators said Wednesday. But five medical experts told Insider they aren't convinced the shot actually causes clotting. Experts worry that public skepticism may unnecessarily derail AstraZeneca's global vaccine rollout. See more stories on Insi...
Tags: Health, UK, New York, Science, News, Massachusetts, US, Trends, Eu, Getty Images, Washington Dc, Paris, Healthcare, Brazil, World Health Organization, Astrazeneca

Hunting for Pokémon Cards Has Become a Different Kind of Game

A few weeks back, during a particularly unremarkable late night of insomnia-fueled doomscrolling, a notification slid its way onto my phone’s screen that quickened my pulse and dilated my pupils. For the next few minutes or so—there was no way to be sure for how long—the long out-of-stock Pokémon cards that I, and…Read more...
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The 10 Best Deals of April 7, 2021

Wednesday’s Best Deals | Kinja Deals
Tags: Science

A Trio of Extreme Brown Dwarfs Have Been Found Spinning at Their Physical Limits

New research documents the fastest-spinning brown dwarfs on record. The objects are rotating so rapidly that, should they rotate any faster, they’d likely tear themselves apart. The finding could mean that these so-called “failed stars” have a built-in speed limit. Read more...
Tags: Astronomy, Science, Star, Planet, White Dwarf, Brown Dwarfs, Stellar Astronomy, Astronomical Objects, Star Types, Megan Tannock, 2mass J040707521546457, Sandy Leggett, 2mass J121951563128497

The most common side effects to expect after your coronavirus vaccine, based on which shot you get

A person gets the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in Colorado. Michael Ciaglo / Stringer / Getty Images All three US-authorized coronavirus vaccines can have similar side effects, though they vary slightly. Injection-site pain is the most common side effect of all three shots. More than 60% of participants in Moderna's and Pfizer's trials also reported fatigue. See more stories on Insider's business page. It's normal to feel discomfort after a coronavirus shot.Once a vaccine goes...
Tags: Science, News, Colorado, US, Trends, Getty Images, Pfizer, Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, Vaccine Side Effects, Aria Bendix, MediaNews Group Boston Herald, Coronavirus, Covid-19 Vaccine, Michael Ciaglo Stringer Getty

Eagles Are Filled With Rat Poison

Eagles are majestic, beautiful, and full of toxins that we’ve pumped into the environment. A new study finds that 82% of dead eagles examined between 2014 and 2018 had detectable levels of rat poison in their systems.Read more...
Tags: Science, Biology, Environment, Rat, Pesticide, Scavengers, Pest Control, Bald Eagle, Rodent, Barn Owl, Organisms, Biocides, Birds Of North America, Rodenticide, Mark Ruder

Researchers Say Their 'Brain Glue' Could Someday Help People With Severe Brain Injuries

Scientists say they’re one step closer to showing that their experimental hydrogel technology—more plainly known as “brain glue”—can help people with traumatic brain injuries. In a recent study, they found that their brain glue helped prevent long-term damage and tissue loss in the injured brains of rats, while also…Read more...
Tags: Science, Brain, Traumatic Brain Injury, Brain Damage, Lohitash Karumbaiah, Clinical Medicine, Branches Of Biology, Medical Specialties, Neurotrauma, Health Medical Pharma

T-Mobile's Massive 5G Push Includes Home Internet and Free 5G Phones

T-Mobile would really like to bring you aboard the 5G train. As part of its latest Un-carrier initiative, the company announced it’s letting customers upgrade their smartphones to a 5G phone for “free,” offering a $60 home internet plan, and promising unlimited data for all.Read more...
Tags: Science

Apple Expands Find My App to Include Support for Third-Party Gadgets

Now you can use Apple’s Find My app to track down items that aren’t made by Apple.Read more...
Tags: Apple, Science

EmDrive, the 'Impossible' Engine Tested by NASA, Is Knocked Down Once Again

Five years ago, NASA researchers experimented with an object called the EmDrive (or electromagnetic drive), a Y-shaped metal chamber in which, they reported, thrust could be produced without propellant. Such a contraption would refute core principles of physics as we know them and eliminate a huge barrier to deep…Read more...
Tags: Science, Articles, Nasa, Science and Technology, Propulsion, Emdrive, Fringe Physics, Spacecraft Propulsion, Technology Internet, Pseudophysics, Hypothetical Technology, Martin Tamjar

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Is Coming Back—Again

In 1997, Mike Nelson and his robot friends, Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot, watched a bad sci-fi film called The Thing That Couldn’t Die. We might as well rename the beloved TV series Mystery Series Theater 3000 with the same title, because the fan-favorite show looks like it’s almost certainly going to be resurrected…Read more...
Tags: Science, Kickstarter, Joel Hodgson, Mike Nelson, Mystery Science Theater, Tom Servo, Television Series, Jim Mallon, Crow T Robot, Creative Works, English Language Films, American Television Series, Entertainment Culture, Best Brains, Mystery Series Theater

The Midwest’s Active Fire Season Is a Warning

It’s a climate cliché to say the world is on fire, but it is. Right now, wildfires are burning across the Midwest in a major spring burn. The spring flames there are a warning sign of what could be an active fire season out in the coming months.Read more...
Tags: Science, Environment, Articles, Drought, Nature, Wildfire, Natural Disasters, Midwest, Emergency Management, Tony Evers, Fire Prevention, Ed Hopkins, Physical Geography, Disaster Accident, Western United States Wildfire Season, Droughts In The United States

NASA's Mars helicopter just snapped its first color photo of the red planet. It's expected to fly on Monday.

NASA's Ingenuity helicopter, photographed on Mars by the Perseverance rover on April 4, 2021. NASA/JPL-Caltech NASA's Mars helicopter, Ingenuity, has survived its separation from the Perseverance rover. The helicopter snapped its first color photo of rocks on the Martian surface. Ingenuity's first flight is scheduled for Monday morning. Once airborne, it'll take more pictures. See more stories on Insider's business page. NASA's Mars helicopter just sent its first po...
Tags: Space, Science, News, Trends, Nasa, Earth, Mars, Eastern Time, NASA JPL Caltech, Ingenuity, Jezero Crater, Caltech NASA, Aylin Woodward Morgan McFall Johnsen, Perseverance Mars Rover, NASA JPL Caltech Ingenuity, NASA JPL Caltech Mars

Wannabe Assassin Gets 12 Years on Chemical Weapon Charges for Trying to Buy Dimethylmercury

A federal court has sentenced a Missouri man who tried to buy the deadly poison dimethylmercury, a notoriously toxic substance that can kill in just a few drops on the skin, on the dark web to 12 years in prison.Read more...
Tags: Science, Chemistry, Missouri, Occupational Safety and Health, Physical Sciences, Chemical Elements, Natural Sciences, Native Element Minerals, Dimethylmercury, Organomercury Compounds, Karen Wetterhahn, Jason William Siesser, Rubber Glove, Methylmercury, Post Transition Metals

How to spot the symptoms of a blood clot

A box containing vials of the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine is pictured at the Foch hospital in Suresnes. ALAIN JOCARD/AFP via Getty Images Blood clots are a rare but possible side effect of AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine. Clots can cause problems if they block an important vein or artery. Symptoms of clots include shortness of breath, swelling, and severe and persistent headaches. See more stories on Insider's business page. Blood clots are an extremely rare but serious side effect...
Tags: UK, Science, Trends, Astrazeneca, Afp, EMA, European Medicines Agency EMA, Blood Clot, Coronavirus, Covid-19 Vaccine, Andrea Michelson, CVST, Suresnes ALAIN JOCARD, Getty Images Blood, World Health Organization Blood

Ancient human migration into Europe revealed via genome analysis

Genetic sequencing dating back 45,000 years shows intermixing with Neanderthals more common than previously thoughtGenetic sequencing of human remains dating back 45,000 years has revealed a previously unknown migration into Europe and showed intermixing with Neanderthals in that period was more common than previously thought.The research is based on analysis of several ancient human remains – including a whole tooth and bone fragments – found in a cave in Bulgaria last year. Continue reading...
Tags: Europe, Science, Biology, World news, Anthropology, Bulgaria, Evolution, Neanderthals

An Android App That Promised Free Netflix Shockingly Just Highly Annoying Malware

So-called pirating apps have been around for years—and they have likely gained popularity since covid-19 put us all indefinitely on the couch, phone in hand, awaiting a reason (that never comes) to stop streaming. Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, Malware, Whatsapp, Software, Security Breaches, Computing, Computer Virus, Operating Systems, Mobile Applications, Communication Software, Instant Messaging Clients, Aviran Hazum, Cross Platform Software, Technology Internet

Experimental 3D Printer Offers a Clever Way to Eliminate Waste

One of the unique challenges of 3D printing is that models that feature structures hanging in mid-air, like the spout of a teapot, also need temporary structures to support the soft extruded plastic until it hardens. This can result in a lot of wasted material, because those supports are just discarded afterwards. A …Read more...
Tags: Science, Articles, Industrial Design, 3d Printing, Printer, 3d Modeling, Computer Printers, Emerging Technologies, Industrial Processes, Economic Sectors, Technology Internet, Secondary Sector Of The Economy, Applications Of 3d Printing, 3d Printing Processes

Google I/O 2021 Kicks Off Virtually on May 18

Following Apple’s WWDC announcement and Microsoft’s Build reveal, Google has announced a date for its own developers conference, Google I/O 2021, which will kick off virtually on May 18.Read more...
Tags: Apple, Google, Science, Technology, Microsoft, Chrome Os, Computing, Google Io, Google Pixel, Google Nest, Pixel Buds, Pixel 5, Jon Prosser, Technology Internet, Outline Of Google

Apple Tightens Its Rules Around Its New Anti-Tracking Tech

Apple’s offering a bit more clarity surrounding the anti-tracking tech that’s going to debut this spring. On Wednesday, a company spokesperson confirmed to TechCrunch that Apple’s so-called App Tracking Transparency (ATT) protocol will crack down on all identifiers an app might use to track you—not just identifiers…Read more...
Tags: Iphone, Apple, Facebook, Science, Technology, Software, Itunes, Computing, App Store, Apple Inc, Mobile App, Technology Internet, Apple Id For Advertisers

The Nevers' Amy Manson Shares Which Serial Killer Inspired Her Complicated Character

HBO’s sci-fi fantasy series The Nevers arrives this Sunday to reveal a Victorian London where a mysterious event bestows strange powers on people—mostly women. The show has a lot of characters, but one who definitely stands out from the crowd is the viciously wild Maladie, played by Amy Manson.
Tags: Hbo, Science, London, ESP, Jesus, Mason, Charlize Theron, Amy Manson, Aileen Wuornos, Maladie, English Language Films, Entertainment Culture, Television In The Philippines, Nevers Amy Manson

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