If You Use Twitter's New Tip Jar Feature, Make Sure You Don't Accidentally Send People Your Address

If you decide you’re game enough to use Twitter’s new feature to send strangers on the internet money, do your best not to accidentally send them your residential address, too. Read more...
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Japan to extend Covid emergency in Tokyo as Olympics loom

Government admits restrictions that had been due to end on 11 May have failed to stop rising infectionsSee all our coronavirus coverageJapan is to extend a coronavirus state of emergency in Tokyo and three other areas until at least the end of the month in an attempt to arrest a surge in cases less than 80 days before the start of the Olympics.The economy minister, Yasutoshi Nishimura, conceded on Friday that targeted measures introduced at the end of last month that were due to end on 11 May ha...
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Sailor Moon Eternal's New Trailer Is a Stunning Take on the Dream Arc

The long-awaited Sailor Moon Eternal films are finally making their streaming debut outside of Japan, and the newest trailer for the double feature promises a gorgeous new take on one of the Sailor Scouts’ most compelling arcs.Read more...
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George A. Romero's 'Lost' Film Has a Trailer, and It's the Weirdest Thing You'll See All Day

Horror streamer Shudder adds another feather to its cap—and a curiosity object to its “Summer of Chills” programming—with George A. Romero’s The Amusement Park. The film is a 52-minute oddity the director shot between Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead, and thought lost for nearly 50 years.Read more...
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The Kid from 'David After Dentist' Is Now in College and Selling an NFT of his Viral Video to Pay Tuition

It seems like every internet meme is getting the NFT treatment these days. The latest is “David After Dentist,” one of YouTube’s earliest viral videos. In 2008, David DeVore recorded his then-seven-year-old son, David Jr., babbling now-iconic lines like “Is this real life?” in a medication-fueled haze after a tooth…Read more...
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They're Just Letting Everybody Into the Hellfire Gala, Apparently

The X-Men’s upcoming Hellfire Gala is both an extravagant celebration of Krakoa’s newfound ascendance in the world, and a bold statement to humanity that the mutants come in peace but are not to be messed with. At least that was the vibe one could have easily gotten from all the fuss Marvel’s been making about the…Read more...
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Being a Dick on a Plane Could Cost You $32,750

The Federal Aviation Administration is upping its “zero tolerance” war on pandemic passengers who disrupt flights by refusing to wear masks. In a press release on Wednesday, the agency proposed fines of $9,000 to $32,750 against three violators of the mandatory policy.Read more...
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Researchers Discover Peaceful Turtle Playground in the Sargasso Sea

Off the coast of Florida lie marigold meadows floating in the ocean; they’re trails of sargassum, a seaweed that bobs on the surface of the water. Amid those frilly ocean mats, young sea turtles grow up, learning about life in an oasis protected from predators. Read more...
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Peloton Tread Could Relaunch This Summer, but the More Dangerous Tread+ Is a Bigger Problem

After recalling both of its treadmills, Tread and Tread+, Peloton is working on fixes to get the machines back on the market. One, a software update that will require a pin passcode to unlock the treadmills, will roll out in the coming days. But hardware fixes will also be necessary for both machines, and Peloton…Read more...
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Why Star Wars Fans Are Concerned About The Bad Batch and Whitewashing

This week a new Star Wars animated series on Disney+, The Bad Batch, re-introduced us to the last days of the Clone War and the rise of the sinister Empire. But amid the blaster fights and familiar faces, some fans have shown concern that the show’s major characters have had their skin tones adjusted, pushing them…Read more...
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Telecoms Paid Henchmen to Flood FCC With Anti-Net Neutrality Comments From Stolen Identities

A group backed by the largest internet service providers in the U.S. secretly funded the submission of millions of fraudulent comments opposing federal net neutrality rules, according to a report published Thursday by the New York Office of the Attorney General that surprises absolutely no one. The campaigns were, the…Read more...
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FBI Informants Committed Over 9,000 Crimes in Early Trump Years

Informants working for the FBI committed more than 9,600 crimes under the bureau’s supervision during President Trump’s first two years in office, according to unclassified government reports.Read more...
Tags: Science, Government, Fbi, Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Trump, United States Department of Justice, Informant, Agencies Of The United States Government, War Conflict, Law Crime, Law Enforcement In The United States, FBI Informants Committed Over

A New Printer Uses Sawdust to Print Wooden Objects

A new printer called Forust is using scrap wood to 3D print wooden objects that are as structurally sound as regular carved wood. Created by Andrew Jeffery and a team of researchers at Desktop Metal, the printer prints using fine sawdust that is formed into solid objects.Read more...
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Qualcomm Chip Flaw Could Leave 30 Percent of the World's Phones Vulnerable to Hackers

A recently discovered vulnerability inside Qualcomm-produced phone chips could be exploited to gain access to data on affected devices, allowing an intruder to snoop on phone calls and text messages.Read more...
Tags: Google, Android, Science, Technology, Samsung, Smartphones, Mobile Phones, Telecommunications, Computing, Qualcomm, Check Point, Yaniv Balmas, Mobile Operating System, Xiamoi, Cloud Clients, Fabless Semiconductor Companies

Zoomers Are Sharing Cheat Codes for the Universe on TikTok and There’s No Way We Can Stop Them Now

TikTok, a gathering place for the victims of moldavite’s curse and misfired hexes, is now also your source for mystic strings of numbers 4 manifesting the elusive blessings of the universe. The kids are sharing Grabovoi numbers, the cheat codes 2 the universe. If you think on them hard enough, the numbers will bring…Read more...
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Deepfake Lips Are Coming to Dubbed Films

For those who find reading a foreign film’s subtitles too distracting, movies are often dubbed into different languages. But that can be equally distracting when the movements of an actor’s mouth are completely out of sync with what they’re saying. So a company called Flawless has created an AI-powered solution that…Read more...
Tags: Science, Disney, Articles, Artificial Intelligence, Tom Hanks, Philosophy, Twister, Deep Learning, Special Effects, Identity Theft, Academy Award, TrueSync, Computer Graphics, Dubbing, Subtitles, Deepfake

25 Years Ago, Star Trek: Voyager Tackled One of Its Most Infamous Transporter Questions

Star Trek’s world raises a lot of ethical questions—but its transporter technology has always been one that strikes at some of the most existential. Are we the same people if all our molecules are mapped, broken down, and copied into a different location? What happens if that process is disrupted? And what happens if…Read more...
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Paramount+ Will Have a New Movie Every Week, Including Mark Wahlberg's Infinite

New sci-fi movie Infinite—starring Mark Wahlberg and directed by Antoine Fuqua—is coming out a few months ahead of schedule, but you won’t see it in theaters. Paramount just announced that the film, most recently scheduled for release in September, will now debut on Paramount+ sometime in June. Read more...
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Biden’s NLRB to Google: Not So Fast on the Union Busting, Bub

Google maintains it is “very confident” it will face no consequences for firing three workers involved in unionization efforts, despite the acting top counsel of the National Labor Relations Board’s opinion that the tech giant may have violated labor law.Read more...
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DuckTales Gets Spooky in Duckscares: The Nightmare Formula

DuckTales may have ended on TV (sigh), but the adventures of Huey, Dewey, and Louie will continue in a new middle-grade book series from author Tommy Greenwald and illustrator Elisa Ferrari: the mystery-themed Duckscares. The first entry, The Nightmare Formula, is out now, and io9 has a peek inside.Read more...
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For the First Time, Archaeologists Identify Sailor From Doomed 1845 Franklin Expedition

A genetic and genealogical analysis has allowed a team of archaeologists to identify the skeletal remains of a sailor who died during the ill-fated Franklin Expedition to map the Northwest Passage in 1845.Read more...
Tags: Science, Exploration, Franklin, HANNAH, Northwest Passage, John Franklin, John Gregory, Jonathan Gregory, Missing People, Franklin Expedition, Polar Exploration, For The First Time, Douglas Stenton, Hms Terror, Franklins Lost Expedition, Hms Erebus

Google Is Launching Its Own Version of Apple’s Privacy Nutrition Labels

Google is taking a page from Apple’s playback with a new safety section in the Google Play Store to help users better identify the kinds of data access and permissions that Android apps have in the background. It’s not immediately clear what the section will look like or where you should look for it, but it’s coming,…Read more...
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LIGHTSPEED Presents: "Hypnopompic Circumstance" by Gene Doucette

io9 is proud to present fiction from LIGHTSPEED MAGAZINE. Once a month, we feature a story from LIGHTSPEED’s current issue. This month’s selection is “Hypnopompic Circumstance” by Gene Doucette. You can read the story below or listen to the podcast on our website. Enjoy!Read more...
Tags: Science, Films, Alien, Lightspeed, Thomas, Louis, Carl, Doug, Indira, Ned, Thom, Gerald, Alek, Ciera, Creative Works, English Language Films

Researchers say this combo of old-school invisible ink and AI is ‘uncrackable’

A team of researchers from the Harbin Institute of Technology in China have developed a system by which invisible ink and a basic cipher can be combined with relatively simple AI to create an ‘uncrackable’ offline encryption method. Up front: Remember when you learned that you could use lemon juice and water to write invisible messages on paper? Well, this is a lot like that. The researchers then take the invisible ink and use it to write a code that only an AI can break. Per the team’s paper: T...
Tags: Security, Startups, Science, China, Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Harbin Institute of Technology, Neural, Next Featured

RIP Windows 95 Icons

Bits and pieces of Microsoft’s sweeping aesthetic changes to Windows 10, codenamed Sun Valley, have dropped over the last few months. The OS is getting support for the Advanced Audio Codec (AAC) codec over Bluetooth, new folder icons, and reportedly a much-needed overhaul to its Microsoft Store user interface. (There…Read more...
Tags: Science, Microsoft, Ipod, Software, Icon, Windows Xp, Control Panel, File Explorer, Sun Valley, Microsoft Store, Computer Architecture, Windows Shell, System Software, Technology Internet, Advanced Audio Codec AAC

DoorDash Quietly Astroturfing in New York as Gig Economy Laws Loom

Last year, in a feat of astonishing greed, Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash poured $200 million into buying a law that safeguards their profits and screws their struggling workers. Their sinister ballot measure Prop 22 passed, it’s practically unrepealable; now they’re lining New York state politicians’ pockets, and yet…Read more...
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Scientists have taught bees to smell the coronavirus. They can identify a case within seconds.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images Dutch scientists have trained bees to smell COVID-19. Every time the bees were exposed to an infected sample, they stuck out their tongues. The animals could be a low-tech solution for identifying COVID-19 cases. See more stories on Insider's business page. Scientists in the Netherlands have trained bees to identify COVID-19 through their sense of smell, according to a press release from Wageningen University.The research was conducted on more than 150 bees in ...
Tags: Science, News, Trends, Speed, Bees, Netherlands, Wageningen University, Wageningen, Joe Raedle Getty, Holger Volk, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Kelly McLaughlin Aria Bendix

Mass Effect Made Itself on Virmire

Eden Prime. Ilos. The Suicide Mission. The Battle of London. A small apartment with one hell of a party on the Citadel. There are many moments and places in the Mass Effect universe to turn to as some of the most memorable, definitive pieces of its story. But few can encapsulate what Mass Effect was, and what it would…Read more...
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Scientists have taught bees how to smell when you're infected with the coronavirus

Joe Raedle/Getty Images Scientists in the Netherlands have trained bees to identify COVID-19 through their sense of smell, according to a press release from Wageningen University.The research is being carried out in Wageningen University's bio-veterinary research laboratory.The scientists train the bees by giving them a treat of a sugar water solution every time they were exposed to a scent from a sample infected with COVID-19. The bees wouldn't get a reward after being exposed to ...
Tags: Science, News, Trends, Speed, Bees, Netherlands, Wageningen University, Joe Raedle Getty, Kelly McLaughlin, Coronavirus, COVID-19

A Giant Sequoia Is Still Burning From Last Summer’s California Wildfires

In some parts of California, the fires from last year never stopped. The National Park Service said this week it found a giant sequoia tree still burning from last year’s wildfire season, which was the worst on record in the state.Read more...
Tags: Science, California, Environment, Drought, Nature, Wildfire, Natural Disasters, National Park Service, US Geological Survey, Sequoia National Park, Sequoia National, Calaveras Big Trees State Park, Disaster Accident, Leif Mathiesen, Sequoiadendron Giganteum, Sqf Lightning Complex Fires

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