Apple Faces Employee Backlash for Hiring Antonio García Martínez Over His Views on Women, People of Color

Apple employees circulated a petition on Wednesday to express concern over a new hire and his apparently problematic views on women and people of color. Read more...
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Apple Employees Petition New Hire Over Views on Women, People of Color

Apple employees circulated a petition on Wednesday to express concern over a new hire and his apparently problematic views on women and people of color. Read more...
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For Its Next Trick, Motorola Is Working On Smartphones That Can Charge Wirelessly Over the Air

They haven’t all been home runs, but Motorola is known for taking chances. The company has repeatedly shown it’s not afraid to bet on new technology, from the recently phased-out Moto Mods back to the first wafer-thin Razr feature phones. Now, Motorola is trying its hand at remote wireless charging for smartphones by …Read more...
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Ohio is offering $1 million lottery jackpots to vaccinated adults as an incentive for residents to get the COVID-19 vaccine

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announced Wednesday that he will be offering $1 million each to five vaccinated Ohioans. Justin Merriman/Getty Images Five Ohioans will receive $1 million each in a lottery exclusively for vaccinated residents. Residents younger than 18 years old will be eligible for a college scholarship instead. Other states and cities have offered vaccination incentives, from crawfish to driving on a racetrack. See more stories on Insider's business page. Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine ...
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Tesla Says It Will No Longer Accept Bitcoin for Car Payments, Citing Fossil Fuel Concerns

Tesla has “suspended vehicle purchases using bitcoin,” CEO Elon Musk tweeted on Wednesday night, allegedly out of concern over the “rapidly increasing use of fossil fuels for bitcoin mining.”Read more...
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Amazon Explains Lord of the Rings' Giant Budget, Which Is Still Smaller Than Jeff Bezos' Yacht

Yes, the budget for Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series is almost half a billion dollars, but the woman behind it is happy to explain. In a new interview, head of Amazon Studios Jennifer Salke doesn’t deny last month’s reports that the show cost the studio about $465 million; she also blames both the market for original…Read more...
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TCL's First Absolutely Massive TVs Are Officially Here

After being teased at CES earlier this year, TCL has officially announced pricing and availability for its monster 80-inch-plus displays. You know, for those of us who want our screens to effectively take up an entire wall in our homes.Read more...
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J&J jab linked to more blood clots; double vaccine production, says UN – as it happened

MRNA vaccines appear to neutralise Indian variant; CDC says there is ‘plausible causal association’ between vaccine and dangerous clottingNorway ends use of AstraZeneca vaccine and delays decision on J&JCovid pandemic was preventable, says WHO-commissioned reportSpain aims to receive British tourists without Covid tests from 20 MayScores more bodies of suspected Covid victims found in Indian riversChina has used pandemic to boost global image, report says 12.48am BST This blog is closing dow...
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More frequent side-effects reported mixing Pfizer and Oxford Covid jabs, study suggests

However, UK trial found two doses of the same vaccine triggered less adverse reactionsCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageAdministering one dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine followed by one of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine (or vice versa) induces a higher frequency of mild to moderate side-effects compared with standard two doses of either vaccine, initial data from a key UK trial suggests.The Oxford-led Com-Cov study is exploring the safety and efficacy of mixed-dose ...
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28-Year-Old Woman Infiltrates High School to Beef Up Her Instagram and Seriously, WTF?

Surely there are easier ways to pad your following on Instagram than trespassing on high school grounds while disguised as a teenager. That apparently did not occur to a 28-year-old Florida woman who was arrested after infiltrating a school in Miami-Dade County for the Gram on Monday.Read more...
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With Ingenuity Out of the Way, Perseverance Rover Gets Cracking on Real Martian Science

As NASA’s little helicopter whirred off to its new airfield on Mars, one could practically hear the sigh of relief from Perseverance from 183 million miles away; it was an exhale of “thank god they’ve gone” that comes with the departure of an attention hog. A patient rover, Perseverance has been getting all its…Read more...
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Amazon's Echo Show 8 Will Now Follow You As You Move

If you’re hooked on Alexa and want a more capable smart display, Amazon just announced a refresh to the Echo Show 8 and Echo Show 5, with better cameras than their predecessors. There’s also an update to the Echo Show 5 Kids Edition, which includes access to Amazon’s kid-friendly content.Read more...
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Gas Is Back: Colonial Opens Up the Corpse Juice Hoses Just as Much of East Coast Runs Out

Large swathes of the East Coast are running out of the precious refined corpse juice used to fuel most of the nation’s vehicles, five days after ransomware knocked out most of the 5,500-mile Colonial Pipeline system—the biggest gasoline pipeline in the country, connecting Gulf Coast refineries to cities as far north…Read more...
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John Barrowman Removed From Doctor Who Immersive Experience in Wake of Allegations

After actor Noel Clarke was accused by over 20 women of engaging in repeated incidents of sexual harassment on set and off during his career—including his time playing Mickey Smith on Doctor Who—fellow co-star John Barrowman was also embroiled in accusations of inappropriate sexual behavior. Now, it seems like the BBC…Read more...
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The UK’s New Animal Welfare Plan Is Both Very Good and Not Nearly Enough

Separated from the European Union, the UK is implementing a series of new measures to improve the welfare of animals, both at home and abroad. Some of the reforms, such as recognizing animals as sentient beings and banning the import of hunting trophies, are a step in the right direction, but the new measures aren’t…Read more...
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Senate Cyber Hawk Calls for 'Criminal Penalties' for Negligent CEOs After U.S. Pipeline Hack

Sen. Ron Wyden, historically a leading proponent of heightened cybersecurity governance in both public and private spheres, called for congressional action Wednesday around all private firms operating in critical infrastructure sectors, saying the recent network breach at one of the largest U.S. pipelines paints a…Read more...
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Coronavirus live: US experts see link between J&J jab and blood clots; Mexico reports 3,090 new cases and 267 more deaths

MRNA vaccines appear to neutralise Indian variant; CDC says there is ‘plausible causal association’ between vaccine and dangerous clottingNorway ends use of AstraZeneca vaccine and delays decision on J&JCovid pandemic was preventable, says WHO-commissioned reportSpain aims to receive British tourists without Covid tests from 20 MayScores more bodies of suspected Covid victims found in Indian riversChina has used pandemic to boost global image, report says 10.24pm BST Australians will have an...
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Jupiter Looks Serene in Ultraviolet and Absolutely Terrifying in Infrared

Though named for the Roman riff on Zeus, the planet Jupiter looks every bit a happy home for Hades in an infrared image (below) captured by the Gemini North telescope of Mauna Kea’s Gemini Observatory. Meanwhile, the Hubble Space Telescope produced a lovely ultraviolet view of the planet. These contrasting images are…Read more...
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Scientists Want to Bring Jaguars Back to America's Mountains

A group of conservation scientists say it’s time for the return of an American classic: the jaguar. They argue that jaguars can and should be safely reintroduced to the U.S., not only to help ensure their continued survival but also to address the injustice that led to their local demise more than 50 years ago.Read more...
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Facebook Moderator Says That 'Wellness Coaches' Advise Karaoke and Painting for Traumatized Workers

The Irish Parliament today held a hearing on Facebook’s treatment of subcontracted content moderators—the thousands of people up to their eyeballs in toxic waste in the company basement. Moderators have repeatedly reported over the years that their contract companies hurl them into traumatizing work with little…Read more...
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How conspiracy theories led to Covid vaccine hesitancy in the Pacific

Social media has been flooded with falsehoods about fertility, birth control and surveillance as nations struggle to administer enough dosesAs Papua New Guinea grappled with a monumental outbreak of Covid-19 last month, prime minister James Marape became the first person in the country to receive a dose of the vaccine, sent in an emergency shipment from Australia.Prior to receiving the jab he had told people he would be the vaccine’s PNG “guinea pig”; that if he died people didn’t have to take i...
Tags: Science, Australia, World news, Asia Pacific, Infectious Diseases, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Pacific, Fiji, Pacific Islands, James Marape, Coronavirus

Wanted: Colonial Pipeline Cybersecurity Manager (No, Really)

Sometime before the disastrous ransomware attack on its network and the East Coast gas shortage that followed, Colonial Pipeline was apparently looking for someone to help run its cybersecurity team. Read more...
Tags: Security, Science, Ransomware, Cybercrime, East Coast, Cyberwarfare, Cyberattacks, Computer Security, Security Convergence

The Fender Mustang Micro Puts a Tiny Amp In Your Pocket

Most guitar gear is pretty simple: You plug a cable designed in the 1950s into a jack that’s just as old and start playing. The electronics inside the various amps and pedals are where things get interesting, which is why Fender has created the $99 Mustang Micro.Read more...
Tags: Music, Science, Musical instruments, Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, Fender Mustang, Technology Internet, Instrument Amplifiers, Bass Amplifier, Fender Amplifier, Effects Unit, Keyboard Amplifier

Orphan Black's Tatiana Maslany and Director John Carpenter Headline a Horde of Amazing Podcasts

You might know Realm as the podcast production company that brought the sci-fi series Orphan Black back to life, complete with star Tatiana Maslany. But that’s nothing compared to what else the company will release in 2021, which includes original series from Maslany (who will also return for more Orphan Black),…Read more...
Tags: Podcast, Science, Actors, Musicians, Ai, Tatiana Maslany, Orphan Black, Elise, Becky Chambers, John Carpenter, Sarah Smith, Myers, Elsie, Power Trip, Vera, Yoon Ha Lee

Apple Is Still Struggling to Unload Its Launch Day HomePods

Two months ago, Apple decided to discontinue the original HomePod. And yet, it appears the product is still available in the Apple Store—and if you buy one, you might actually get sent a HomePod from the original launch stock.Read more...
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CDC panel OK's Pfizer for 12- to 15-year-olds after safety review. Shots could go in arms tomorrow.

California Department of Public Health State Epidemiologist Dr. Erica Pan receives the Johnson & Johnson Janssen one-dose vaccine during a press conference at the Oakland Coliseum vaccination site in Oakland, Calif., on Thursday, March 11, 2021. The event is part of the state"u2019s efforts to increase vaccine acceptance among groups that are less likely to be vaccinated. Jane Tyska/Digital First Media/East Bay Times via Getty Images A panel of CDC advisors voted Wednesday to allow Pfizer&...
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What diabetics should know about the deadly 'black fungus' infections affecting India's COVID-19 patients

BSIP / Contributor/Getty Images Hospitals in India have seen a rise in cases of mucormycosis, or "black fungus," a life-threatening infection. Most of the patients affected are people with diabetes who previously had COVID-19. Diabetes, COVID-19, and steroids, which are sometimes used to treat COVID-19, all dampen the immune system, elevating a person's risk of "black fungus." See more stories on Insider's business page. As India grapples with record-setting rates of COVID-19 cas...
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Gates McFadden on Podcasting With Star Trek Friends and the Franchise's Enduring Legacy

Gates McFadden’s career goes well beyond the ins and outs of the Enterprise sickbay. While she might be best known to sci-fi fans as Star Trek: The Next Generation’s iconic Dr. Beverly Crusher, McFadden’s taught, acted on stage and screen, worked on Jim Henson hits like Labyrinth, and more. Now, she’s picking up a new…Read more...
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UK Government Gives ‘Climate Champion’ Award to Executive at Massive Canadian Oil Company

“Climate champion” and producing more than 10 million barrels of tar sands oil a year are not exactly synonymous in most people’s minds. But that’s the exact title the British government decided to bestow on an executive at one of the most powerful oil companies in Canada.Read more...
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