FBI: Conti Ransomware Gang Behind Ireland Attack Also Hit 16 U.S. Health and Emergency Networks

The same hackers that took down the Irish health system last week also hit at least 16 U.S. medical and first responder networks in the past year, according to a Federal Bureau of Investigation alert made public Thursday by the American Hospital Association.Read more...
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Lunar eclipse will have Southern California’s eyes turning to the skies early Wednesday

For anyone who has trouble sleeping, works the night shift or wakes in the wee hours of the morning, an astronomical wonder will be visible for the first time since 2019. Southern Californians awake between 4:11 and 4:26 a.m. on Wednesday, May 26 can look to the skies and watch as the first total lunar eclipse since January 21, 2019 appears. A total lunar eclipse is an event where the moon passes into the Earth’s shadow, completely obscuring the orbiting body from view. Onlookers will not need s...
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Stephen King Series Chapelwaite Gives Us Its First Look at a Dismayed Adrien Brody

This. This is the look of a man who knows he has 10 long episodes of exponentially increasing horror ahead of him. Read more...
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In Nod to Dystopian Fiction, Citizen Wants to Send Private Security Teams to Your Neighborhood

In what truly seems like a dystopian nightmare come to life, the public safety alert app Citizen apparently has plans to hire teams of security contractors to respond to app users’ incident response requests—a sort of Blackwater-ification of local public safety that can surely only lead to good things.Read more...
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Snap Doubles Down on Smart Glasses Line, Buys AR Display Supplier for More Than $500 Million

Snap is going all-in on its augmented reality smart glasses whether consumers want them or not. Right after announcing the latest generation of its Spectacles line, news surfaced that Snap has agreed to acquire WaveOptics, which supplies the AR displays powering its frames, for more than $500 million, the Verge…Read more...
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Snap Doubles Down on Its Smart Glasses Line, Buys AR Display Supplier for More Than $500 Million

Snap is going all-in on its augmented reality smart glasses whether consumers want them or not. Right after announcing the latest generation of its Spectacles line, news surfaced that Snap has agreed to acquire WaveOptics, which supplies the AR displays powering its frames, for more than $500 million, the Verge…Read more...
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John Boyega on Why We Need to Keep Pushing for a More Diverse Hollywood

After his Star Wars tenure came to a somewhat disappointing conclusion, John Boyega wasted no time using his sizable platform to speak openly and candidly about the very real issues present within the multibillion dollar space opera franchise and the entertainment industry at large. In a new interview he discussed how…Read more...
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Oh, Snap! It's the Best Toys of the Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9's regular round up of the latest and greatest toys and collectibles that make it difficult to remain a fiscally responsible adult. This week brings gauntlets galore, a memorable Thor foe, a prime example of Prime, a Lego symbol of acceptance and inclusivity, and enough foam to throw a…Read more...
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Android 12 Preview: A Phone That's Perfectly Customized to You

Android 12 is bringing a new design called Material You, and it’s the most significant design change to Android since Google introduced the original Material Design in 2014. Read more...
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Albert Einstein letter with E=mc2 equation in his own hand sells for $1.2m

Only two similar examples of world-changing equation known1946 letter to physicist Ludwik Silberstein auctionedA handwritten letter by Albert Einstein that contains his famous E=mc2 equation has sold at auction for more than $1.2m, about three times more than it was expected to get, a Boston-based auction house said on Friday. Related: Albert Einstein's 'God letter' reflecting on religion auctioned for $3m Continue reading...
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Star Wars' Rangers of the New Republic Show Reportedly Put on Hold

With the next movie over two years away, the immediate future of Star Wars is on TV—and there’s a lot of it. But one of those shows might not be happening after all. Read more...
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Official Covid-19 Death Toll Undercounting by Millions, WHO Says

According to a new estimate released by the World Health Organization, at least 3 million people worldwide likely lost their lives to the covid-19 pandemic in 2020. The figures are the latest to suggest that many countries’ official counts have substantially underestimated the toll of the pandemic, which is still…Read more...
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Twitch Says It's OK to Stream From a Hot Tub

Twitch has officially released its policy on creators who livestream from hot tubs: It’s OK, as long as the streamer is in swimwear that is “contextually appropriate.”Read more...
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How to Make Sure You're Streaming in 4K

After going through all the effort of finding a beautiful 4K TV at a ridiculously good price, you’re gonna want to make sure that the content you’re watching on that glorious screen is actually 4K—believe it or not, it doesn’t happen automatically!Read more...
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The Flash Reveals Impulse's DC TV Outfit in the Most Disturbing Way Imaginable

We’ve already seena few unofficial peeks of Flash actor Jordan Fisher as Barry and Iris’ speedy son from the future, Bart Allen, in his superhero costume. It doesn’t look bad—although you wouldn’t know this from the CW show’s official reveal of Impulse, which is absolutely horrifying.Read more...
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Citizen CEO Personally Put Up the Bounty for Man Falsely Accused of Starting a Wildfire

I know we’ve had a lot of dystopian moments recently, but millionaires personally deploying their apps to hunt down houseless people falsely accused of starting wildfires spreading in a drought-stricken landscape is really up there. And that’s exactly what happened this week, according to new reporting from the Verge.Read more...
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Research findings that are probably wrong cited far more than robust ones, study finds

Academics suspect papers with grabby conclusions are waved through more easily by reviewersScientific research findings that are probably wrong gain far more attention than robust results, according to academics who suspect that the bar for publication may be lower for papers with grabbier conclusions.Studies in top science, psychology and economics journals that fail to hold up when others repeat them are cited, on average, more than 100 times as often in follow-up papers than work that stands ...
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If You've Got a New Apple TV 4K, the HomePod Just Got More Useful

Just because Apple discontinued the original HomePod and is having a really hard time selling its remaining inventory, doesn’t mean it’s done adding updates. If you buy a new Apple TV 4K, you’ll be able to play audio from other gadgets connected to your TV—including Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, and cable boxes—…Read more...
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Is Henry Cavill the New Highlander?

If there can be only one, you can’t do much better than Henry Cavill. The Man of Steel and Witcher star is in talks to play the lead character in the long-gestating remake of the cult classic Highlander, directed by John Wick’s Chad Stahelski.Read more...
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Meet VIPER, NASA’s New Water-Hunting, Crater-Crushing Lunar Rover

Equipped with headlights and a suite of powerful instruments, NASA’s VIPER is poised to revolutionize our understanding of lunar water, and how much of it might be available to future explorers. Here’s what you need to know about the golf cart-sized rover, which is scheduled to reach the Moon in late 2023.Read more...
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Ingenuity's Next Flight on Mars Could Be Its Most Interesting Yet

The flimsy-looking but impressively tenacious Ingenuity has booked its sixth flight on Mars. Slated for sometime next week, this flight will be the first of the helicopter’s new demonstration phase, following five successful test flights that proved the feasibility of powered, controlled flight on the Red Planet.Read more...
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Cloudflare Says It Never Meant To Block LGBTQ Sites

Cloudflare’s traffic-filtering Gateway service is meant to protect browsers from accessing malware-ridden sites or obvious scams. Until this week, it also let customers filter out sites hosting queer content—a feature the company blamed on one of its third-party partners.Read more...
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DC's League of Super-Pets Movie Casts Dwayne Johnson as Krypto, and It Makes Me Uncomfortable

Given that superhero movies are the most reliable blockbusters of the modern age, I shouldn’t ever be surprised when some major star slips into the tights and capes of a long-time comic book character. However, I find myself oddly shaken by the announcement that Dwayne Johnson (who’s already starring in DC’s …Read more...
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Who Has the World's Greatest Geek Acting Career?

A lot of actors have taken on multiple roles in genre projects—sci-fi, fantasy, horror—but one stands out as possibly the most prolific in this particular area. Which actor has had the most work in geekdom? io9 is here to offer evidence that it’s one Ralph Ineson.Read more...
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The Vaccine Will Get You Laid: White House

The White House has correctly estimated that if Americans don’t want to perform a selfless act for their fellow citizens, then they might get off their butts for seeeeexxxxx. The Biden administration today announced that it’s teamed up with nine dating apps to add “vaccinated” badges and visibility boosts to user…Read more...
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Netflix's Animated Adaptation of the Filipino Hit Comic Trese Summons Its First Blood-Soaked Trailer

It’s been quite a while since Netflix first announced it’d be making an anime-inspired adaptation of the action-horror comic Trese at its See What’s Next Asia event in 2018. Honestly, it’s weird that it took the series, created by writer Budjette Tan and artist Kajo Baldisimo, that long to make a development deal…Read more...
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Man Gets Molten Metal in His Ear in Freak Welding Accident

Doctors in Australia say an unusual welding accident left a 60-year-old man with steel lodged in his right ear. In a new case study, they detail how the metal punctured the man’s eardrum, causing him to lose some hearing and develop tinnitus. Luckily, he avoided more serious injury and his hearing was restored after…Read more...
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Signs of rise in Covid infections in England amid variant warnings

Boris Johnson still plans to end restrictions in June despite experts’ fears over spread of India and Kent variantsCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageCovid infection levels are showing early signs of an increase in England, data has revealed, as experts continue to warn the variant of concern first detected in India could grow exponentially in the UK.On Friday Boris Johnson told broadcasters in Portsmouth he has seen nothing to suggest it will be necessary to “deviate fr...
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What would happen if we connected the human brain to a quantum computer?

Brain-computer interfaces are slowly beginning to take form, and here at Neural we couldn’t be more excited! Elon Musk’s Neuralink claims it’s on the cusp of a working device and Facebook’s been developing non-invasive BCI tech for years. If everything goes according to plan, we could be wearing doo-dads or getting chip implants that allow us to control machines with our minds in a decade or less. That’s a pretty cool idea and there are innumerable uses for such a device, but who knows how usefu...
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Google Pixel 6 Leaks Show Some Surprisingly Impressive Hardware

Now that Google has given everyone a big preview of Android 12, everyone is wondering about the next batch of Google devices slated to run the company’s mobile OS. And based on a number of recent leaks, the Pixel 6 is shaping up to be Google’s most enticing phone in years.Read more...
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