AMC Belongs to the People Now

We’re nearly halfway through the year and it looks like the meme stocks haven’t ended their run just yet: As of Wednesday, shares of movie theater chain AMC Entertainment were up as much as 3,200 on the heels of a newly launched initiative to provide free popcorn to shareholders.Read more...
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Netflix's Jupiter's Legacy Is Finished for Now, But Its Extended Universe Isn't

Jupiter’s Legacy premiered on Netflix just a month ago, and the streamer has already decided it’s a wrap on the superhero series based on Mark Millar and Frank Quitely’s Jupiter’s Legacy comics. But it’s not the end for this corner of the Millarverse; instead, the property is pivoting to an anthology format that will…Read more...
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Extremely Delayed James Webb Space Telescope Delayed Again, Again

The upcoming James Webb Space Telescope, already seven years behind schedule, will not launch on Halloween as planned, which is just as well, given the ominous date and this project’s history of bad luck. For once, the delay is not due to the telescope, but rather the rocket that will deliver it to space.Read more...
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Spit Out That Cicada, Right Now

If you have observed the emergence of Brood X, the one-in-17-years cicada swarm, and thought, I want that in my mouth, you are not alone. The cicada consumes the plant fluids; the American consumes the cicada; the FDA warns Americans about consuming cicadas. It is the natural order.Read more...
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NFTs Are Crashing and Who Could Have Seen This Coming Other Than Basically Anyone?

The crypto world saw a dizzying surge this year of NFTs being used to sell ownership of everything from works of online art to random tweets, though it was never clear just why NFTs were commanding such staggering prices. Bragging rights? Status symbols? Or just pure speculation driven by skyrocketing cryptocurrency…Read more...
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Nasa plans return to Venus with two missions by 2030

Nasa sets aside $1bn for two ventures, which will be first US exploration of the planet since 1989Nasa is returning to Venus for the first time in more than three decades to gain a better understanding of the history of what scientists believe could have been the first habitable planet in the solar system.Plans for two separate and ambitious deep space missions to Earth’s nearest neighbour were announced on Wednesday by the head of the US space agency, Bill Nelson. Launches were targeted for a 2...
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Meet Firestarter's Adorable New Pyrokinetic Star, Ryan Kiera Armstrong

The 1984 adaptation of Stephen King’s Firestarter was only Drew Barrymore’s third film—but it, along with E.T., catapulted the 9-year-old to stardom. Those are some big, fiery shoes for a new young actor to fill, but the team behind the Firestarter remake thinks they found the right spark in Ryan Kiera Armstrong.Read more...
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Someone Hacked the MTA

In late April, officials with the New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority discovered that someone had penetrated several of the agency’s computer systems, exploiting a zero day vulnerability in the network’s VPN service as a way to get its foot in the door. Read more...
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Love, Death and Robots Explains How to Make the Perfect Digital Michael B. Jordan

The second season of Netflix’s animated sci-fi anthology Love, Death and Robots contains a short titled “Life Hutch,” starring Michael B. Jordan as a space explorer who gets trapped in the titular Life Hutch along with a malfunctioning maintenance robot that tries to destroy anything that moves. But was that the real…Read more...
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You’ve Almost Certainly Never Heard of the Fossil Fuel Industry’s Biggest Methane Polluter

When it comes to the U.S. oil and gas industry’s greenhouse gas pollution, I tend to think of well-known and much-hated oil giants like Chevron and Exxon. But a new analysis released Tuesday shows that when it comes to the energy sector’s methane emissions, these massive firms aren’t the only major contributors.…Read more...
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Why a Mediocre Keyboard App Is Topping the App Store Charts

It’s hard to tell what will go viral online at any given time. Carp? Sure. Andrew Cuomo’s Nipples? That happened. The latest darling of the internet’s eye is less fishy and less... fleshy than both of the above, but no less bizarre: a low-grade knock-off of Apple’s Notepad app that was developed by a tiny Korean…Read more...
Tags: Apple, Science, Carp, Andrew Cuomo

Hell Yes, We're Going to Venus

NASA announced Wednesday that two missions will visit Venus by the end of this decade, the first direct exploration of the hot planet since 1994. One spacecraft is set to orbit Venus, mapping it and studying it from above, while the other will attempt to land on the surface, sampling the planet’s atmosphere as it…Read more...
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Spotify’s 'Only You' Is a Glaring Reminder of Its Emotional Surveillance

In a bid to become the most Instagrammable music service, Spotify announced several new personalized playlists and features. They include the “Only You” in-app experience, similar to the year-end Wrapped playlist, and a beta feature where you can create an algorithm-infused playlist between you and a friend.Read more...
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A map of each state's most and least vaccinated counties shows stark divides in the US vaccine rollout

People wait in an observation area after getting a COVID-19 vaccination at an old TJ Maxx store in Lynchburg, Virginia, on March 13. Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP/Getty Images Across US counties, vaccination rates range from 0.1% to nearly 100%. The contrasts between each state's most and least vaccinated county reveal stark disparities. Unvaccinated communities remain vulnerable to coronavirus outbreaks. See more stories on Insider's business page. Wherever you step foot in Martin...
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An Ancient Supervolcano May Have Zapped the Ozone Layer, Exposing Early Humans to Intense Sunburns

The Toba super-eruption of some 74,000 years ago has long intrigued scientists, who remain uncertain about how the event affected humans living at the time. Now, a team of researchers suggest that the real damage from Toba came from on high, in the form of a depleted ozone layer induced by a massive release of sulfur…Read more...
Tags: Science, Environment, Geology, Climatology, Earth Sciences, Ozone, Ultraviolet Radiation, Toba, Volcanology, Supervolcanoes, Sergey Osipov, Ozone Depletion, Igneous Petrology, Doomsday Scenarios, Toba Catastrophe Theory, Volcanic Winter

A Man Overdosed on a Homeopathic Drug, Which Is Supposed to Have Nothing in It

From the desk of medical irony comes this recent case study from Germany. Doctors there say a patient of theirs ended up sick in the emergency room after being poisoned by a homeopathic remedy—quack treatments that by definition are supposed to contain virtually no active ingredient. Thankfully, the man recovered…Read more...
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Here's What to Expect from WWDC 2021

There are only two things we absolutely know for sure about WWDC21. The first is that the all-virtual developer’s conference will kick off June 7, at 10 a.m. PDT/1 p.m. EDT. The second is we’ll hear what the company’s got in store for the latest versions of iOS, macOS, and its other software platforms.Read more...
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This App Will Help You Spot Scams on Amazon

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the savviest person when it comes to shopping online. Sure, I can spot obvious scams without much work, I’ll sometimes spend hours poring over product reviews and still end up falling for products that faked their way to earning five stars. While I can’t stop shitty sellers from…Read more...
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Star Wars Just Made Smuggling Han Solo's Body a Very Complicated Business

At the end of Empire Strikes Back, Boba Fett was on cloud nine—or rather, Cloud City, thinking he’d just secured himself the bounty of the century in Han Solo’s carbonite-encased form. It turns out though that Fett couldn’t get himself straight to Jabba’s palace without some complications... and now we know those…Read more...
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NASA is finally returning to Venus with 2 new spacecraft - one to map the 'inferno-like world' and one to plunge to its surface

A composite image of Venus from NASA's Magellan spacecraft and Pioneer Venus Orbiter. NASA/JPL-Caltech NASA is sending two new missions to Venus between 2028 and 2030, the agency announced Wednesday. The DAVINCI+ mission will plunge to Venus' "inferno-like" surface, while VERITAS will map the planet. The spacecraft could help scientists investigate how Venus became so hot and whether it holds life. See more stories on Insider's business page. More than three decades have passed...
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Engineers Have Created a Simple Slide Coating That Can Impressively Boost the Resolution of a Microscope

A light-powered microscope has a resolution limit of around 200 nanometers—which makes observing specimens smaller or closer together than that all but impossible. Engineers at the University of California San Diego have found a clever way to improve the resolution of a conventional microscope, but surprisingly it…Read more...
Tags: Science, Microscope, Optics, Microscopes, University Of California San Diego, Microscopy, John William Strutt, Baron Rayleigh, Electron Microscope, Technology Internet, Diffraction Limited System, Optical Microscope, Dutch Inventions, Angular Resolution

Chevron Celebrates Pride While Funding Bigots in Congress

Hey, queer people, listen up: Chevron is totally cool with you, and that’s super cool of them! At least that’s the message Chevron is sending this month, as it lines up its advertising to once again celebrate Pride. But Chevron’s Pride celebrations can’t hide the fact that the politicians the company props up each…Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Science, Congress, Companies, Shell, Chevron, Human Rights Campaign, Kevin McCarthy, Heritage Foundation, Kevin Brady, Oil Companies, Chevron Corporation, The Heritage, Don Bacon, Pride Parade, Rebekah Mercer

Researchers Successfully Trained People to Echolocate in Just 10 Weeks

Scientists in the UK say the same sort of echolocation practiced by bats may also help people living with blindness better navigate the world. In a new study, they found that blind and sighted participants who took part in a 10-week training program were able to learn how to perform echolocation, and the blind…Read more...
Tags: UK, Science, Biology, Sonar, Bat, Echolocation, Neuroplasticity, Daniel Kish, Blindness, Visual Impairment, Branches Of Biology, Lore Thaler, Animal Echolocation, Human Echolocation, World Access For The Blind

Dark Horse Wants to Turn Its Comic Book Stars Into Video Game Heroes

I mean, DC’s got Warner Bros.’ gaming studios. Marvel went big to get Spider-Man and Avengers games out. So it kind of makes sense that Dark Horse wants a piece of the pixelated pie for its bevy of comics licenses—there’s a lot of potential.Read more...
Tags: Science, Fiction, Warner Bros, Hellboy, Fictional Characters, Creative Works, Fantasy Comics, Technology Internet, Heroclix, Hellboy Animated

Hackers Now Ruining Summer With Ransomware Attack on Martha's Vineyard Ferry

Not content with having attacked our nation’s beer, hamburgers, and oil, ransomware hackers now also want to ruin Americans’ summer vacation, too. Read more...
Tags: Science, Ransomware, Nantucket, Martha, Conti, NANTUCKET MASSACHUSETTS, Steamship Authority, Marthas Vineyard, Dukes County Massachusetts, Geography Of Massachusetts, Massachusetts Counties, Paddle Steamers

OroraTech’s space-based early wildfire warnings spark $7M investment

With wildfires becoming an ever more devastating annual phenomenon, it is in the whole planet’s interest to spot them and respond as early as possible — and the best vantage point for that is space. OroraTech is a German startup building a constellation of small satellites to power a global wildfire warning system, and will be using a freshly raised €5.8M (~$7M) A round to kick things off. Wildfires destroy tens of millions of acres of forest every year, causing immense harm to people and the pl...
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The Universal Monsters Come to Life in This Frighteningly Detailed Artwork

The Universal Monsters—Dracula, Frankenstein, the Mummy, the Invisible Man, the Wolf Man, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon—are some of the most iconic, unforgettable characters in cinema history. They’re characters so famous almost every single pop culture artist has done an interpretation of one or the other.…Read more...
Tags: Science, Films, Man, Batman, Furiosa, Joe, Monster, Frankenstein, Dracula, Black Lagoon, bride of Frankenstein, Creature From The Black Lagoon, The Wolf Man, Hammer Film Productions, Creative Works, English Language Films

A space telescope that could protect Earth from asteroids has been stuck in 'NASA mission limbo hell' - but it may finally escape

An artist's concept of an asteroid-hunting space telescope. NASA/JPL-Caltech A future NASA space telescope could help track down 90% of asteroids big enough to crush New York. But efforts to launch such an asteroid observatory have failed to advance for years. Now, NASA's NEO Surveyor mission may finally move forward if it passes a key review in the coming weeks. See more stories on Insider's business page. An asteroid big enough to wipe out a city could be careening towards Ea...
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Beautiful, Self-Rolling Catan Board Lights Up So It's Easy to See Which Resources to Collect

The board game formerly known as Settlers of Catan isn’t hard to learn, but there are elements that are hard to master, like always remembering to claim resource cards after the dice is rolled. Sam March’s gorgeous custom Catan board solves that with tiles that automatically light up so it’s much easier for players to…Read more...
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