A single wildfire last summer destroyed at least 10% of the world's giant sequoia trees, a new report found

In this April 22, 2021, photo provided by Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks, fire scientists make measurements and assessments of a giant sequoia tree following the 2020 Castle Fire that burned within Sequoia National Park, Calif. Tony Caprio/Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks via AP A massive California wildfire last summer destroyed more than 10% of the world's giant Sequoia trees A new report obtained by the Visalia Times-Delta determined that the event was caused by climate ...
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4 Learning Science Strategies Proven To Boost Understanding

Over the years, educators have been experimenting with multiple learning tools, curricula, learning strategies, and techniques as they… The post 4 Learning Science Strategies Proven To Boost Understanding appeared first on Gadget Advisor.
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Why Is George R.R. Martin Going to the Hellfire Gala and Not Writing Winds of Winter?

George R.R. Martin is a man known for one thing at this point: trying to finish The Winds of Winter, the latest, long-awaited novel in the A Song of Ice and Fire saga that gave us Game of Thrones. He’s had years and years, he’s had a global pandemic locking him down from appearing at conventions and whatnot. But now,…Read more...
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Google Will Let You Opt Out of Being Tracked by Apps in Android 12

With Apple’s developer conference just around the corner, Google is reportedly planning to follow in its rivals footsteps by letting Android users opt out of being tracked by the apps they download from the Google Play store. Read more...
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SpaceX rocket heads to ISS with a supply of squid, toothpaste and avocados

Rocket due to reach the International Space Station this weekend is loaded with 7,300lb of fresh food and supplies for an orbiting lab SpaceX has launched a supply mission bound for the International Space Station on Thursday, carrying with it thousands of tiny sea creatures along with a plaque-fighting toothpaste experiment and powerful solar panels.The 7,300lb (3,300kg) shipment – which also includes fresh lemons, onions, avocados and cherry tomatoes for the station’s seven astronauts – should...
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Amazon Should Rethink Its Half-Baked Approach to Health-Tracking

Amazon’s Halo band, the company’s first fitness tracker, drew criticism when it launched because of its two marquee features: body fat scanning and tone analysis. Several reviews— including Gizmodo’s—describing the gadget as creepy and invasive. You might think that would lead Amazon to perhaps rethink its approach to…Read more...
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DOJ to Treat Ransomware Hacks Like Terrorism Now: Here's the Full Memo

The U.S. Department of Justice plans to take a much harsher tack when pursuing cybercriminals involved in ransomware attacks—and will investigate them using similar strategies to the ones currently employed against foreign and domestic terrorists.Read more...
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Facebook Wants Your Thoughts and Prayers

Facebook’s found a new way to capitalize on the thoughts, prayers (and data) from the religious side of its user base. On Thursday, the company confirmed that it’s begun expanding a new feature called “prayer posts” that will let members of particular Facebook groups literally ask for (and offer up) prayers for other…Read more...
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Neill Blomkamp's Demonic Movie Definitely Has Demons in It, I Guess?

It’s been quite a while since District 9's Neill Blomkamp has directed a feature-length film—not since 2015's poorly received Chappie, in fact. That will change when his new movie Demonic arrives later this summer, a science fiction-horror story that is... kind of incomprehensible, at least in its first trailer?Read more...
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Disney's 'First Openly Gay' Characters, Ranked (by How Embarrassed Disney Should Feel)

Disney’s history with queer representation on-screen is, diplomatically, dicey at best. The company’s slow arc toward introducing LGBTQIA+ characters in major roles and tentpole films has laid the groundwork for eventual substance, but here and now, they’re mostly half steps—half steps that, more often than not, are …Read more...
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Donald Trump Jr. Is Now on Cameo, Wishing the Dumb Libs Happy Birthday (NOT)

Donald Trump Jr. has pivoted to the personalized celebrity video app Cameo because, as all relevant people do, he understands that nobody’s time on the internet should be free. You get that money, giiiirl.Read more...
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Apple Says It Will Make AirTags a Little Less Scary

Apple’s AirTags are effective little Bluetooth trackers, but the thing that makes them work so well—leveraging Apple’s extensive Find My network of devices that are constantly pinging each other—also makes them extremely problematic because you can be tracked without your knowledge in what is essentially real-time.…Read more...
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Covered in Martian Muck, NASA's InSight Lander Tries to Tidy Itself Up

The dust piled up everywhere. Pushed around by the Martian winds, it stifled the InSight lander, whose solar panels—the source of its power—have been coated in red grime. Now, NASA has announced a step in the right direction for the sedentary probe: By commanding it to drop dirt on top of the dust, they managed to…Read more...
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UK tightens borders and travel rules as variants spark new alarm

Dominant variant ‘more likely to cause serious illness’ PHE data indicate as Grant Shapps warns of threat to reopening on 21 JuneCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageMinisters have moved to tighten Britain’s borders as new data suggests the Delta coronavirus variant is much more likely to cause serious illness and is circulating more rapidly within schools.With England’s reopening on 21 June hanging in the balance, the government removed Portugal from the green list of cou...
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Countries Invested in Drilling for Oil Unsure About This Not Drilling for Oil Thing

Oil-producing heavyweights like Russia and Saudi Arabia will not go quietly into the night. This week, ministers from those and other countries slammed the latest report from the International Energy Agency calling for all new oil and gas development to stop by next year, using some pretty heated (and funny) rhetoric. Read more...
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Dildo Drone Interrupts ‘Tough on Crime’ New Mexico Sheriff’s Speech, Chaos Ensues

A New Mexico sheriff running as the tough-on-crime candidate for the mayorship of Albuquerque was buzzed at a campaign event on Tuesday by a small drone with a giant dildo attached to it.Read more...
Tags: Politics, Science, New Mexico, Donald Trump, Albuquerque, Tim Keller, Albuquerque Police Department, Manuel Gonzales III, Manny Gonzales, Mark Moores, Kaelan Ashby Dreyer, Ashby Dreyer

The Y: The Last Man TV Show Is Really Happening This Time, And It's Happening Soon

FX and Hulu just announced a swath of launch dates for series coming to the network later this year, and while there are certainly some surprises among them, the biggest surprise of all? The long-awaited, re-tinkered take on Y: The Last Man is really, truly happening at last.Read more...
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Drug may help more women survive hereditary breast cancer

International trials of olaparib were stopped early as benefits of ‘groundbreaking’ drug became clearWomen with hereditary breast cancer, triggered by the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes, stand a better chance of survival following successful trials of a drug that cuts the likelihood of the cancer returning after treatment.A major trial carried out by academic researchers to see whether olaparib can prevent recurrence was stopped early – after two-and-a-half years instead of the planned 10 years – when the...
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NASA's Curiosity rover captured rare photos of pearly, iridescent clouds on Mars

NASA's Curiosity Mars rover captured clouds just after sunset on March 19, 2021. The image is color corrected so that the scene appears as it would to the human eye. NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS NASA's Curiosity rover photographed iridescent clouds drifting through the Martian skies. These rare clouds seem to be made of frozen carbon dioxide - dry ice - rather than water. Some "mother of pearl" clouds made a colorful, shimmering display at sunset. See more stories on Insider's busines...
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George A. Romero's Wife Suzanne on His Horror Legacy and 'Lost' Film The Amusement Park

Zombie movie king George A. Romero passed away in 2017, but his legacy will live on forever in his work—including, now, an early 1970s “lost” film that’s soon debuting on Shudder. To learn more about The Amusement Park, io9 hopped on a video call with Suzanne Desrocher-Romero, the late filmmaker’s wife.Read more...
Tags: Science, Films, Lost, Day Of The Dead, Martin, Louisa May Alcott, Cheryl Eddy, Suzanne, Living Dead, George A Romero, Dawn of the Dead, Amusement Park, Suze, Suzanne Desrocher Romero, English Language Films, Rise Blood Hunter

Fujifilm Is the Latest Victim of the Global Ransomware Spree

Fujifilm, the Japanese film company that somehow survived (and then thrived) amidst the digital photography revolution, would appear to be the latest victim in a recent blitz of ransomware attacks. The firm has announced that it’s investigating the “possibility of a ransomware attack,” while noting that it was still…Read more...
Tags: Security, Science, Crime, Malware, Ransomware, Cybercrime, Security Breaches, Fujifilm, BASHLITE, Quanta, FUJIFILM Corporation, Bleeping Computer, Business Finance, Vitali Kremez, REvil, Hacker Groups

Journey Into the Brutal, Magical World of Debut Fantasy The Wolf and the Woodsman

In Ava Reid’s The Wolf and the Woodsman, a young woman named Évike becomes an outcast in her village because she doesn’t have magic powers (at least, none that she knows of). She’s sent away as a sacrifice, but her fate changes dramatically after she survives a monster attack. Today, io9 has more from Reid’s debut…Read more...
Tags: Science, Films, Memory, Wolf, Reid, Ezer, Katalin, Evike, Creative Works, English Language Films, Isten, Ava Reid

Black Widow Offers One Last Peek Before the Movie Finally Comes Out

It’s been a long, long time since we got our first look at Marvel’s long, long-awaited Black Widow movie. How long? Well, the first teaser trailer came out on December 2, 2019. But now that it’s currently scheduled to premiere next month, we’ve received one final look before we (hopefully) get to see the dang thing.Read more...
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Something Wiped Out Nearly All Sharks 19 Million Years Ago, New Research Suggests

Scientists have stumbled upon a previously unknown extinction event that decimated ocean shark populations 19 million years ago. The cause of this sudden die-off, in which global shark populations plummeted by 90%, is a complete mystery. Read more...
Tags: Science, Biology, Environment, Sharks, Megalodon, Predators, Nicholas Pyenson, Apex Predators, Ichthyology, Pimiento, Cretaceouspaleogene Extinction Event, Catalina Pimiento, Branches Of Biology, Elasmobranchii, Outline Of Sharks, Vertebrate Zoology

Coronavirus live: UK reports 5,274 new cases in highest daily total since March; Italy opens vaccinations for all over-12s

UK also reports 18 deaths within 28 days of a positive Covid test; After a slow start, Italy has now given 35m doses to adultsDelta variant may increase hospital admission, early data suggestsCovid variants: how much protection do vaccines give us?‘Exponential’ rise in Covid cases in Kinshasa, says WHOBiden aims to vaccinate 70% of Americans in ‘month of action’See all our coronavirus coverage 7.22pm BST France’s seven-day moving average of daily Covid-19 deaths fell below 100 for the first ...
Tags: Japan, UK, Science, France, US news, Infectious Diseases, Italy, Brazil, Office For National Statistics, Reuters, KINSHASA, Coronavirus

SpaceX just launched 5,000 tardigrades into space so astronauts can study how indestructible they are

A tardigrade under a microscope. Shutterstock SpaceX launched tardigrades and baby squid toward the space station on Thursday. The creatures are part of a resupply mission - astronauts will test how well they survive in orbit. Tardigrades can withstand extreme temperatures and pressures, including being shot out of a gun. See more stories on Insider's business page. SpaceX's latest resupply mission to the International Space Station has some tiny, living passengers.Five thousand ta...
Tags: Space, Spacex, Florida, Science, News, Trends, Nasa, Earth, Cnn, International Space Station, University of Florida, Iss, Squid, Jamie, Antarctic, Tardigrades

Philips Hue Finally Has a Good App

It took four generations, but the Philips Hue app is finally a delight to use. In a significant update to its iOS and Android apps, which control its expansive lineup of smart lights and bulbs, Hue now has an overhauled interface and better automation engine, plus a few other subtle tweaks that make the entire…Read more...
Tags: Ios, Android, Science, Technology, Home Automation, Computing, App Store, Philips, Philips Hue, Lighting, Operating Systems, Homekit, Technology Internet, Proprietary Hardware, Ronald Geerlings

The Old QAnon Gang Is Back on the Campaign Trail

Media Matters has released the latest edition of its now-regular QAnon candidates series: the checklist of people running for Congress who also adhere to conspiracy theories that helped motivate a violent insurrection. One has even talked about participating in that event. Some already hold office. Fun with friends…Read more...
Tags: Politics, Science, Congress, Articles, Trumpism, Alt Right, Daniel Wood, Christine Quinn, Matt Gaetz, Laura Loomer, Josh Barnett, QAnon, Anthony Sabatini, Lauren Boebert, Mike Cargile, Marjorie Taylor Greene

10% of the World's Sequoias Burned in a Single Wildfire Last Year

The climate crisis has put sequoias on a dangerous path. A draft report from the National Park Service indicates that 10% of the largest trees in the world were wiped out in last year’s Castle Fire. Read more...
Tags: Science, California, Environment, Sierra Nevada, National Park Service, US Geological Survey, Sequoia National Park, Kings Canyon National Park, Giant Forest Museum, Sequoiadendron Giganteum, Nate Stephenson, Black Mountain Grove, Flora Of The United States, Christy Brigham, Thomas Swetnam, Sequoias Burned

Now You Can Mine Crypto From Your Norton Antivirus App

Antivirus apps are best known for running in the background and annoying people with all sorts of pop-ups. But with a new update to Norton 360, Norton’s antivirus app will now let you mine Ethereum, too. Read more...
Tags: Science, Software, Computing, Cryptocurrencies, Blockchains, Ethereum, Norton, Antivirus Software, Proprietary Software

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