New study estimates America's rapid COVID-19 vaccine rollout saved nearly 300,000 lives

A medical assistant administers a COVID-19 vaccine dose to a woman at a clinic in Los Angeles on March 25, 2021. Mario Tama/Getty Images The US's rapid vaccine rollout helped prevent a spring surge of 4,500 daily COVID-19 deaths, a new study found. Nearly 300,000 lives were saved and 1.25 million hospitalizations prevented by America's vaccine program. Researchers said a "renewed commitment to expanding vaccine access" is necessary to stomp out the virus. See more stories on Insi...
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Hundreds of songbirds are dying from a mysterious illness that causes strange neurological behavior and experts have no idea why

A bird found in Washington DC with swollen, crusty eyes, a common symptom of the strange illness. Leslie Frattaroli, NPS via US Geological Survey A mystery illness has killed hundreds of songbirds in several US states. It also causes the birds to act strangely, and lose some control of their limbs. Scientists are testing for viruses, bacteria, and chemicals, but the cause is still unknown. See more stories on Insider's business page. Hundreds of songbirds across at least eight US state...
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Tokyo to be put under state of emergency for duration of 2020 Olympic Games

Measure increases the likelihood that the Games in Japan will be held without a single spectatorSee all our coronavirus coverageJapan’s government is to declare a state of emergency in Tokyo that will be in force during the Olympics, as the capital battles a sharp rise in coronavirus infections.The measure, expected to be made official by the prime minister, Yoshihide Suga, later on Thursday, increases the likelihood that the Games will be held without a single spectator. Continue reading...
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Alligator Loki: Everything We Know About Marvel's Next Breakout Superstar

We’ve come to expect the unexpected on Marvel Studios’ Loki. Different timelines, crazy callbacks, multiple variants, and, most recently, an alligator with horns. The character, referred to as “Alligator Loki,” was introduced in the post-credits sequence of Loki’s fourth episode, “The Nexus Event,” but came to the…Read more...
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TikTok Is Expanding Into Job Recruitment — What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

TikTok — a social media platform best known for its sober, academic exploration of the heady subject matter frequently tackled by its user base — is currently rolling out plans to establish itself as a presence in the job recruitment space.Read more...
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American Horror Stories' Cast (So Far) Looks Appropriately Wild

American Horror Story’s tenth season, Double Feature, arrives August 25 on FX, but there’s a little(r) something coming sooner that should more than tide fans over: American Horror Stories, a spin-off series of the Ryan Murphy juggernaut. While we already knew the series, which Murphy described in May 2020 as “one…Read more...
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The Umbrella Academy Gets an Appropriately Nerdy Tribute Song

It’s time for a midweek dance party—don’t forget your umbrella! A group of nerdcore rap artists have teamed up to pay Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy its musical due, highlighting some of the biggest moments of the series (so far) while getting us amped up for season three. Read more...
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Google Hit With Antitrust Lawsuit Brought By 36 States and Washington, D.C.

Google’s Android app store is the subject of an antitrust lawsuit brought by 36 states and Washington, D.C. on Wednesday — the latest installment in the ongoing showdown between tech giants and the regulators that seek to bring them to heel.Read more...
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Vermont is about to become the first state to reach herd immunity. Massachusetts and Hawaii are close behind.

A National Guard soldier gives a COVID-19 vaccine at a pop-up vaccination stand at the Vermont Creamery in Websterville, Vermont, on June 29, 2021. Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images Vermont has administered at least one vaccine dose to nearly 75% of its population. That milestone may indicate the state has reached herd immunity, according to one expert. Others think the Delta variant might raise the herd immunity threshold. See more stories on Insider's business page. Vermont is set to become ...
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Tucker FOIAs the NSA

It was about two weeks ago that Tucker Carlson first claimed, without evidence, that not only was the National Security Agency spying on him and his staff but that it was plotting to “leak” his show’s internal communications in an apparent effort to take it “off the air.”Read more...
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Global experts urge Boris Johnson to delay ‘dangerous’ Covid reopening

More than 100 scientists and doctors say move risks creating a generation with problems due to long CovidCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageLifting the remaining Covid restrictions in England this month is “dangerous and premature”, according to international scientists and doctors, who have called on the UK government to pause reopening until more people are vaccinated.Writing in the Lancet, more than 100 global experts warn that removing restrictions on 19 July will ca...
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Sun Gets Ahead of Itself, Shoots Off Huge Solar Flare on July 3rd

The Sun jumped the gun on July 4 celebrations, as a huge solar flare erupted on the morning of July 3. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured the outburst.Read more...
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Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway Shines Brightest Away From Its Mecha Stars

Mobile Suit Gundam as a franchise might be most widely known for its titular mechanical warriors, their designs as iconic as they have become toyetic in the decades since the original show began its rocky road to international renown. But the latest cinematic entry in the franchise, premiering on Netflix this month,…Read more...
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FitBit Data Points to Lingering Physical Changes for Some Covid-19 Sufferers

New research out today is the latest to indicate that people who catch covid-19 can experience lingering effects after recovering. The study, based on FitBit data collected from hundreds of users, found that it took around two to three months for the elevated heart rates of covid-19 survivors to return to normal…Read more...
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The X-Men Better Watch Out for Murd Blurdock, Space Lawyer

Immediately following the Hellfire Gala, it was impossible for humanity not to take note of what the X-Men were up to on Mars. By terraforming the whole of the frozen planet, dubbing it Arakko, and declaring it the new capital of the Sol system, the mutants put themselves on the intergalactic map and reminded everyone…Read more...
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FBI Seized 'Fully Constructed' Lego Set of Capitol Building From Arrested Rioter

Prosecutors seized a “fully constructed” Lego set of the U.S. Capitol from a man they have charged with leading part of the failed insurrection against Congress in Washington, D.C. on January 6, as first reported by Smoking Gun.Read more...
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Chime's Banking App Locked Up Customer's Money for Months During the Pandemic

Chime is a banking app that’s racked up glowing praise for its forgiving overdraft policies and easy payment options. But behind the scenes, it was also racking up hundreds of complaints from customers claiming that the company locked them out of their banking accounts, sometimes for months on end. Read more...
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Elon Musk’s Proposed Fort Lauderdale Tunnel Is a Flood Disaster Waiting to Happen

Officials from Fort Lauderdale, Florida formally accepted a proposal from Elon Musk’s Boring Company on Tuesday to build an underground transit tunnel.Read more...
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SDCC Faces Changes, Challenges in 2021 and Beyond

Comic-Con International: San Diego is coming up in a few short weeks, and that you may not have realized that seems significant. For years, San Diego Comic-Con (as it’s colloquially known) has been the crown jewel of the pop culture calendar: four days in San Diego, California, filled with comics, movies, toys, and…Read more...
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How to Fix Apartments

Roughly 40.1 million Americans live in apartments. For many, they’re living in the past.Read more...
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AI Job Interview Software Can't Even Tell If You're Speaking English, Tests Find

AI-powered job interview software may be just as bullshit as you suspect, according to tests run by the MIT Technology Review’s “In Machines We Trust” podcast that found two companies’ software gave good marks to someone responding to an English-language interview in German.Read more...
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One Day, Black Holes Will Be All That's Left of This Star Cluster

Some 80,000 light-years away, a group of black holes is slowly becoming the only show in town, according to a team of astronomers that recently modeled a globular cluster called Palomar 5. The cluster, which has streams of stars issuing from two arms on either side of it, will eventually be solely constituted by black…Read more...
Tags: Astronomy, Science, Black Holes, Star Clusters, Palomar, Denis Erkal, Supermassive Black Holes, Intermediate Mass Black Hole, Globular Clusters, Primordial Black Hole, Astronomical Objects, Mark Gieles

The Boys Launches a Fake News Show Starring a Tucker Carlson Lookalike

Dying to know what’s been going out with those pesky Boys? Why read a recap when you can check out good ol’ fashioned American propaganda! The Boys has launched a new digital series designed to bridge the gap between the superhero series’ seasons two and three, taking the form of a news show starring some guy with a…Read more...
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Intel Officials Warned of Hate Groups Using Ashli Babbitt to Incite Terrorism Days After Capitol Siege

Hardly a week had passed since a violent mob of Americans had laid siege to their own capital on Jan. 6 in a brutish but futile attempt to reverse the course of a national election. U.S. intelligence analysts charged with monitoring terroristic threats emanating from the internet’s darkest corners were awash with…Read more...
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Blade Runner: Black Lotus' Cast Has Been Revealed

The replicants are back, and this time they’re more animated than ever. Literally. Crunchyroll and Adult Swim just revealed the characters and international voice cast for the upcoming animated series Blade Runner: Black Lotus. Yes, that Blade Runner. It’ll debut later this year with 13 episodes airing on both Adult…Read more...
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Michael Flynn's Family Claims They Weren't Reciting a Qanon Oath, Just Doing Some Family Bonding

If you’ve ever been to a sleepover, you may have witnessed a family performing an eerie ritual, like holding hands before eating or playing charades after dinner. Michael Flynn’s family thing is firing up the grill, standing in a line, and reciting a famed QAnon oath—which was just a loving familial gesture that has…Read more...
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Fish Can Get Addicted to Methamphetamine

When people consume drugs, they metabolize a good portion of them. But what isn’t metabolized can come out when people pee, and sewage treatment plants aren’t designed to filter those trace amounts of drugs out. That means these trace chemicals end up contaminating our waterways. In a study published in the Journal of…Read more...
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Former President Sues Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube in Desperate Plea for Platform

After getting “canceled” by them earlier this year, Donald Trump has announced a trifecta of class action lawsuits against Twitter, Google, and Facebook, thus generously giving Americans the opportunity to join our former POTUS in his valiant mission for personal revenge.Read more...
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An Estimated 1 Billion Sea Creatures Cooked to Death in the Pacific Northwest Heat Wave

There’s bad news for crustacean lovers. Some researchers are estimating that more than 1 billion sea creatures—including clams, mussels, barnacles, and snails—basically cooked to death during the record Pacific Northwest heat wave.Read more...
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Rep. Katie Porter Calls for Investigation Into FDA Approval of Controversial Alzheimer's Drug

Lawmakers are asking questions about the process that led the Food and Drug Administration to approve a controversial drug for Alzheimer’s disease. The latest is House Representative Katie Porter (D-CA), who released an open letter late Tuesday calling for the inspector general of Health and Human Services to…Read more...
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