The FCC's Definition of Broadband Internet Is Too Slow, Government Watchdog Finds

The last time the Federal Communications Commission updated its definition for broadband internet, Mad Men was still airing new episodes on TV. The agency’s minimum broadband speeds—25 megabits per second for downloading and 3 megabits per second for uploading—simply aren’t enough bandwidth in 2021 to meet the needs…Read more...
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Dexterity games are great for motor skills but are also a great way for kids to spend time with older family members like grandparents! Not all grandparents want to learn a new strategy game, but they’re almost always up for something like Crazy Tower.     Crazy Tower is a dexterity/building game with a crazy […]
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This Crowdsourced Ransomware Payment Tracker Shows How Much Cybercriminals Have Heisted

Ransomware attacks are on the rise, but quantifying the scope of the problem can be tricky when only the most high-profile cases make headlines. Enter Ransomwhere, the crowdsourced ransomware payment tracker with a punny name that means to shine a light on these cyberattacks that have increasingly rattled governments…Read more...
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Every single person in Maryland who died of COVID-19 in June was unvaccinated. The pattern applies to other states, too.

Maryland National Guard Specialist James Truong (R) administers a Moderna coronavirus vaccine in Wheaton, Maryland, May 21, 2021 . Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Everyone who died of COVID-19 in Maryland in June was not vaccinated, Gov. Larry Hogan said. Almost all new COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths in the US overall are among the unvaccinated. It's even more evidence that COVID-19 vaccines work to prevent severe disease and death. See more stories on Insider's business page. ...
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Penn Engineers Pave Way for Chip Components that Could Serve as Both RAM and ROM

New materials may also enable entirely new paradigms for individual chip components and their overall design. One long-promised advance is the ferroelectric field-effect transistor, or FE-FET. Such... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Hayao Miyazaki's Future Boy Conan Is Finally Getting a Stateside Release

Before Hayao Miyazaki became a renowned director in the world of animated films, his start as an animation director on TV gave the world many delights, from his early work on Lupin III—which paved the way for his theatrical directorial debut—to classics like Sherlock Hound. But now his very first solo credit as a…Read more...
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Pfizer Plans to Seek FDA Approval of a Covid-19 Booster in August

Pfizer is looking to fast-track approval for a third booster dose of its covid-19 vaccine and will request emergency authorization from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in August, Pfizer research head Mikael Dolsten said in a Thursday interview with Bloomberg.Read more...
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mRNA Vaccines Are Taking On the Flu Now

Vaccines based on mRNA, first used for covid-19, may soon protect people from the influenza virus as well. This week, Moderna announced the start of a phase I/II trial testing out its vaccine candidate for the seasonal flu. Ultimately, the company hopes to develop a combination vaccine that can offer protection…Read more...
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The Best SDCC 2021 Exclusives (So Far): Star Wars, Avengers, Ghostbusters, and More

Another year, another San Diego Comic-Con spent sitting on your couch like Thor and Korg. But also like Thor and Korg, that couch experience can still be entertaining. Companies that would ordinarily be releasing exclusive merchandise in San Diego, California during the in-person event are doing so anyway—except now…Read more...
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LIGHTSPEED Presents: 'Miss the Zen, but Miss You More' by Everdeen Mason

io9 is proud to present fiction from LIGHTSPEED MAGAZINE. Once a month, we feature a story from LIGHTSPEED’s current issue. This month’s selection is “Miss the Zen, but Miss You More” by Everdeen Mason. You can read the story below or listen to the podcast. Enjoy!Read more...
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FDA Backpedals on Aduhelm Approval, Now Says Only Early Alzheimer's Patients Should Get It

The Food and Drug Administration is altering its recent and controversial approval of a new drug for Alzheimer’s disease. The agency is now recommending that the drug, called Aduhelm and developed by Biogen, only be given to people in the earliest stages of the ultimately fatal neurodegenerative condition. The…Read more...
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Test Your Android Phone’s Water Resistance With This Handy App

Today I learned that you can test the water resistance of a smartphone without throwing it into a giant pool. All you need is a water resistance tester app, like the one that’s been making the rounds on Reddit.Read more...
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Ban Mansions

Individual choices about consumption won’t solve the climate crisis alone. But for the richest among us, some forms of polluting pleasure are going to have to go. At the top of the list are giant houses, which are a key reason that the world’s richest 1% have carbon footprint 175 times the size of those in the bottom…Read more...
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The FBI's Fake Encrypted Honeypot Phones Are Showing Up Online

About a month ago, it was revealed that an encrypted phone company was actually a front for called “Trojan Shield.” The company, which was really a law enforcement honeypot, sold a product called “ANOM,” an encrypted chat application installed on specific, hardened phones that the bureau was…Read more...
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OnePlus Admits It Throttles Popular Apps on Its Flagship Phones

After a recent investigation by Anandtech pointed out that a number of popular apps were experiencing sluggish performance on the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro, OnePlus has now admitted to throttling hundreds of popular apps to help “reduce power consumption.”Read more...
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One vaccine dose isn't enough to protect against the Delta variant, new research shows

Peter Byrne/PA Images/Getty Images A new study suggests that a single vaccine dose is largely ineffective against the Delta variant. The researchers performed lab experiments using both Pfizer's and AstraZeneca's vaccines. Other studies have also shown that partially vaccinated people are more vulnerable to symptoms from Delta. See more stories on Insider's business page. Although vaccines work well against the Delta variant, the level of protection they offer seems to depend ...
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Oil From the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Disaster Continues to Spread in Disturbing Ways

An estimated 4.9 million barrels of oil gushed into the Gulf of Mexico during the Deepwater Horizon spill of 2010. New research chronicles the fate of the oil that wasn’t cleaned up.Read more...
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The Feds Forgave Over $1 Million in Paycheck Protection Program Loans to Anti-Vaxxers

The feds forgave Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans totaling over $1 million to antivax organizations including ones run by conspiracy theorist Robert F. Kennedy Jr., discredited scientist Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, and others, the Daily Beast reported on Thursday.Read more...
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Netflix's Witcher Prequel Recasts Sophia Brown in the Lead Role

A bard knows better than anyone: the show must go on. Netflix has announced that Sophia Brown (The Capture) has been cast in the lead role of The Witcher prequel, Blood Origin, taking on the part after Jodie Turner-Smith stepped down earlier this year. Read more...
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Mindgeek Site XTube to Shut Down Months After Purge of Unverified User Uploads

Mindgeek-owned porn site XTube has unceremoniously announced that it is soon departing its users for porn heaven. “We’re proud of the vibrant community we’ve built since 2008 and we’re grateful to all of you who have shared your content on the platform,” XTube said in a notice. “Unfortunately, it’s time for us to move…Read more...
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Star Wars: Visions' Spinoff Novel Is About a Wandering Sith Warrior

We’ve gotten a glimpse of Star Wars Visions, the new anime anthology series coming to Disney+ next month, but now we have the first bits of information for its first tie-in novel—a tale that follows a mysterious Sith warrior, with some very interesting twists on the fables of the Jedi and Sith’s creation.Read more...
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Boy, 11, earns quantum physics degree in 18 months, wants to make people immortal

Laurent Simons, 11, earned a bachelor's degree with distinction from the University of Antwerp in 18 months of study. His major was quantum physics. Now Simons, who is half Belgian and half Dutch, is planning for his doctorate that will take him to several different countries including Israel, a hub of biotechnology. — Read the rest
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Boy, 11, earns quantum physics in 18 months, wants to make people immortal

Laurent Simons, 11, earned a bachelor's degree with distinction from the University of Antwerp in 18 months of study. His major was quantum physics. Now Simons, who is half Belgian and half Dutch, is planning for his doctorate that will take him to several different countries including Israel, a hub of biotechnology. — Read the rest
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Kirk. Khan. Clay. You're Welcome.

Normally, a four-second clip wouldn’t be worth a full post. But what you’re about to see isn’t a normal clip. It’s a magical, perfect few seconds to mark a milestone sci-fi film, and anniversary, both of which are well-worth highlighting. Get ready for a claymation celebration of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.Read more...
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The most important boring idea in the universe

Maintaining standards of evidence is the most important and least appreciated idea in science.Modern science was established in the late Renaissance when networks of researchers began working out best practices for linking evidence with conclusions.In the face of science denial and attempts to create a post-truth society, we have to protect the primacy of standards of evidence in science and society. I talk a lot about science to people who are not scientists. It's generally a lot of fun becau...
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This Is the Cheapest Way to Get Good Mesh Wifi in Your Home

I’m always wary of suggesting a mesh wifi solution to a friend or family member who needs better networking. Mesh wifi has improved my life significantly since moving to a house, so I feel responsible for leading others to take full advantage of their internet. But even an entry-level mesh device like the Eero 6 costs…Read more...
Tags: Google, Amazon, Science, Telecommunications, Mesh Networking, Wireless Networking, Linksys, Netgear, Wi Fi, Eero, AC1200, Google Nest Wifi, Telecommunications Engineering, Computer Networking, Technology Internet, Ieee 80211

Tropical Storm Elsa Strafes the East Coast With Wind and Heavy Rain

Against all odds, we are not done with Tropical Storm Elsa yet. The early season tropical storm that could is currently drenching the Carolinas in heavy rain, and it’s slated to make a run on the Northeast to end the week. Read more...
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Marvel’s Multiverse Expands in the First Trailer for What If?

What if Tony Stark met Erik Killmonger? What if Peggy Carter, not Steve Rogers, took the super solider serum? What if T’Challa was taken from Earth by Yondu, instead of Peter Quill? All of those questions and more will be answered in the new Marvel Studios Disney+ Show, What If...?, and the first trailer is here.Read more...
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The Lambda virus variant is worrying scientists after taking over in Peru. Limited evidence says it's more infectious, but still vulnerable to vaccines.

Health workers are transported to the Uros islands to inoculate citizens in the Titicaca lake in Peru, on July 7. Carlos Mamani/AFP; Getty Image The Lambda coronavirus variant has been targeted for more study by the WHO. It carries an unusual set of mutations and became dominant in Peru, where it was first identified. But there is not enough information to know whether it is more transmissible yet, say experts. See more stories on Insider's business page. As many nations wrestle with ...
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The Pacific Northwest Heat Wave Is Now a 'Mass Casualty Event'

The Pacific Northwest is still reeling from the mind boggling heat wave that gripped it late last month. The past two days have made it clear that hundreds died in the region, and that the climate crisis played a role in driving the extreme heat. It underscores the reality that climate change’s deadly impacts aren’t…Read more...
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