What We Do in the Shadows Releases a Delightful Season 3 Teaser

Like many of you, I spent most of 2020 catching up on television. All those times I said “I’d love to watch that, but I just don’t have the time” went out the window. I finally had all the time, and as a result was able to catch so many shows I’d missed—including the phenomenal What We Do In the Shadows. And with the…Read more...
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Netflix Is Expanding Into Video Games

Eyeing an even bigger slice of the media pie, Netflix is planning an imminent expansion into the video game space, and has reportedly tapped a former Electronic Arts and Facebook executive to helm the initiative.Read more...
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The Pokémon Card Game's Newest Mechanic Is About the Power of Unions

After the last year, in which Pokémon Cards became scarce and severely overpriced amid the pandemic-era renewed interest in collectibles, the Pokémon Company’s responded to and bounced back from the shortage with a production increase that’s made it much easier to find new sets in stores.Read more...
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The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu Has Become a Serialized Podcast

In Cixin’s Liu’s The Three-Body Problem, the first in his Remembrance of Earth’s Past series of novels, the truth about the existence of sentient life beyond Earth looms large in the minds of a number of different characters who all have varying takes on what to do about the aliens. Read more...
Tags: Science, Earth, Netflix, Writers, Cixin Liu, Ken Liu, Luke Daniels, Liu, Speculative Fiction, Cixin, Liu Cixin, The Three Body Problem, Three Body Problem, Creative Works, Alpha Centauri In Fiction, Remembrance Of Earths Past

Encrusting a Gun With LEGO Does Not Change Hearts and Minds, but It Does Attract Lawyers

We’ve learned the hard way that certain toxic mixtures trigger such foreseeable harm that they should never have made it past the drawing board. Medical advice and Lysol. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Facebook. Cops and surveillance toys. In that vein, today we learn what happens when LEGO bricks merge with Glocks:…Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Toys, Science, Films, Lego, Nintendo, Amnesty International, The Lego Movie, Toys R US, Gun Violence, Glock, Gun Politics, Culper Precision, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Toy Weapons, Block19

‘Anonymous’ Mobile Advertising IDs Aren’t So Anonymous, And They Are Everywhere

A new investigation from Motherboard shows that the anonymous marketing IDs assigned to smartphone users are not nearly as anonymous as they seem. Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, Instagram, Software, Operating Systems, Ring, Terms Of Service, FullContact, Internet Privacy, Zach Edwards, Technology Internet

Star Wars' Vanessa Marshall on Hera's Place in the Universe, and Her Personal Connection to the Pilot

Maybe the greatest pilot in Star Wars history just got her own origin story and we were ecstatic to speak with the actress behind the character. On this past week’s episode of Disney+ and Lucasfilm’s Star Wars: The Bad Batch, the action took place on Ryloth— homeworld of the Twi’leks—and at the center of it all? One…Read more...
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Amazon Considered Developing an Alexa-Powered Smartwatch for Kids

Amazon is in every part of our lives. Many of us use its Echo speakers and its Ring security cameras. It’s our online shopping destination for stocking on household essentials we need, like, yesterday. In many ways, Amazon can be considered a utility for families. But considering the mass of products that Amazon makes…Read more...
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NASA is about to switch its Hubble Space Telescope to backup hardware - a 'risky' maneuver to save its life

The first servicing mission to the Hubble Space Telescope saw astronauts install a set of specialized lenses to correct the flawed main mirror in the telescope. NASA A mysterious glitch took NASA's Hubble Space Telescope offline a month ago. The problem stumped engineers for weeks, but they're finally ready to try switching to backup hardware. A NASA scientist says there's no guarantee, but the switch could finally bring Hubble back online. See more stories on Insider's bus...
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Genetically Modified Babies Are Still a Bad Idea, WHO Committee Concludes

An expert committee says heritable genome editing of humans is still too risky and that the World Health Organization should take on a leading role when it comes to regulating this emerging biotechnology.Read more...
Tags: Science, Biology, Articles, World Health Organization, Genetic Engineering, Biotechnology, Bioethics, Molecular Biology, Gene Therapy, Genome Editing, Emerging Technologies, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Hank Greely, Leonard Zon, Soumya Swaminathan, He Jiankui

The Colony Looks Like What Would Happen if Children of Men Happened in Waterworld

An astronaut whose people have long since abandoned Earth returns to a home she’s never known, determined to find a solution to their fertility issues. What she finds is that the devastated planet they left behind might be humanity’s only hope—but ensuring their survival will come at a cost. Read more...
Tags: Science, Earth, Mark Wahlberg, Roland Emmerich, Blake, Charlton Heston, The Colony, Waterworld, Iain Glen, Tim Fehlbaum, Arnezeder, Mariko Minoguchi

Heat Isn’t the Only Thing That Could Kill ‘Nearly All’ Young Salmon in the Sacramento River

On Tuesday, CNN reported that “extreme heat” from California’s searing temperatures could kill “nearly all juvenile chinook salmon” in the Sacramento River. But the potential grim fate of the salmon isn’t just due to climate change—human meddling in California’s rivers is also to blame.Read more...
Tags: Science, California, Environment, Sacramento River, Cnn, Salmon, Gavin Newsom, San Joaquin Valley, Mendocino National Forest, Central Valley Project, Shasta Dam, Chinook Salmon, Keswick Dam, Geography Of California, Edible Fish, Kate Poole

Bolsonaro Can’t Stop Hiccuping

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, the Meltman of fascism, is not only a global health threat thanks to his administration’s disastrous handling of the novel coronavirus pandemic, but has run into a few health issues of his own.Read more...
Tags: Health, Science, Pfizer, Mayo Clinic, Hiccup, Flavio, Jair Bolsonaro, Contemporary history, Branches Of Biology, Covid 19 Pandemic, Health Medical Pharma, Presidents Of Brazil, Conservatism In Brazil, Mark V Lawson, Covaxin Vaccine, Jair Bolsonaro the Meltman

AT&T Hypes 5G Future: Faster Airport Internet, Better Cloud Gaming

After the FCC held a big spectrum auction earlier this year in which AT&T spent $23 billion to build out its 5G network, the carrier says it will begin deploying 40MHz of its new 80MHz spectrum holdings later this year, as soon as its new C-band is officially available.Read more...
Tags: Google, Verizon, Internet Of Things, Science, Technology, Fcc, Telecommunications, Deutsche Telekom, Att, Science and Technology, Mobile telecommunications, 5g, Spectrum Auction, T Mobile, Daffy Duck, T Mobile US

Dogecoin Creator Says Crypto Is a Scam

Dogecoin co-creator Jackson Palmer isn’t on social media much. After nuking his YouTube channel and turning his Twitter account private back in mid-2019, the software engineer hadn’t made a peep on the platforms at all; not even when prices for his meme-y crypto reached record highs earlier this year. That blackout…Read more...
Tags: Science, Cryptography, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Internet Culture, Decentralization, Dogecoin, Jackson Palmer, Internet activism, Gamestop Short Squeeze, Drafthex, Jamaica At The Winter Olympics

Fully vaccinated people who got COVID-19 describe their mild symptoms, and their relief that they'd got a shot

A patient receives an injection of the Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine. BEN STANSALL/AFP via Getty Images The COVID-19 vaccines are extremely effective, but a rare few vaccinated people have gotten sick. "Breakthrough" infections are typically mild and might be less contagious than regular cases. To completely prevent infections, more of the population needs to get vaccinated. See more stories on Insider's business page. Karlee Camme was supposed to see her grandparents for the fir...
Tags: UK, Science, Cdc, Boston, Israel, US, Trends, New York Times, Philadelphia, Pfizer, Dartmouth College, Adams, Johnson & Johnson, Brooklyn New York, New England Journal of Medicine, Children s Hospital

Fleets* Is Dead (*Fleets Was Twitter's Answer to Instagram Stories Which Was Instagram's Answer to Snapchat Which Was Silicon Valley's Answer to Dick Pics)

Twitter announced on Wednesday that it is killing its Fleets feature, which I honestly forgot existed. The news will matter to the minuscule gaggle of insufferable Twitter superusers who posted Fleets and literally no one else. Read more...
Tags: Twitter, Science, Instagram, Social Media, Snapchat, Instant Messaging, Software, Computing, Stories, Dick, Operating Systems, Vertical Video, Dick Pics, Snap Inc, Video On Demand Services, Brandi Levy

Would Your Dog Give You Treats If He Could?

Getting dogs to share food with you may not be all that easy, new research suggests. In a series of experiments, scientists found that dogs didn’t reciprocate the act of giving food to helpful humans. Though the results may be due to how the experiment was conducted, it could also suggest food-giving just isn’t one of…Read more...
Tags: Pet, Science, Dogs, Animals, Animal Welfare, Wolves, Dog Food, Scavengers, Human Interest, Dog Training, Organisms, Taxa

These Squiggles May Be Some of the Oldest Fossil Life on Earth

A team of researchers in South Africa put a bit of rock under a microscope and found the remains of 3.42-billion-year-old life. Those fossils—the squiggly, microscopic remains of organisms that subsisted on methane—broaden the scope of what habitats were suitable for life on Earth during the Archean Eon.Read more...
Tags: Science, Biology, Earth, South Africa, Fossil, Archean, Life On Earth, Evolutionary Biology, Geobiology, Microfossils, Barbara Cavalazzi, Economic Geology, Branches Of Biology, Academic Disciplines, Precambrian, Birger Rasmussen

Fully vaccinated people who got COVID-19 describe their mild symptoms, and their relief that they'd gotten a shot

A person receiving an injection of the Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine. Ben Stansall/AFP via Getty Images The COVID-19 vaccines are extremely effective, but a few vaccinated people have gotten sick. "Breakthrough" infections are typically mild and might be less contagious than other cases. To prevent more infections, more of the population needs to get vaccinated, experts say. See more stories on Insider's business page. Karlee Camme was supposed to see her grandparents for the fir...
Tags: UK, Science, Cdc, Boston, Israel, US, Trends, Philadelphia, Pfizer, The New York Times, Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, Dartmouth College, Adams, Johnson & Johnson, Brooklyn New York, New England Journal of Medicine

Space Jam: A New Legacy Is a Huge Airball

The team behind Space Jam: A New Legacy has pulled off the impossible. They’ve taken two of the most dynamic and entertaining things on the entire planet and made them boring. One of those is , an iconic, generational basketball champion, and the other is the Looney Tunes, a timeless, hilarious, adaptable,…Read more...
Tags: Hbo, Science, Bugs, Films, Michael Jordan, Nba, Harry Potter, Lebron James, Twitch, Don Cheadle, Dom, Tex Avery, Looney Tunes, Yosemite Sam, Space Jam, Malcolm D Lee

Titans' Season 3 Trailer Wants You to Know True Fear

At the end of Titans’ second season, the team ended up splitting ways after losing one of their own, and it wasn’t clear if and how the heroes might all come back into one another’s orbit. But when word first broke that the show’s third season would tackle Batman: A Death in the Family by introducing the Red Hood, it…Read more...
Tags: Hbo, Science, Batman, Brenton Thwaites, Robin, Potter, Titans, Alan Ritchson, Barbara Gordon, Vincent Kartheiser, Minka Kelly, Jason Todd, Dick Grayson, Damian Wayne, Damaris Lewis, Fictional Characters

This Leg-Based Wearable Might Track Calorie Burn Better Than Smartwatches

Estimating calorie counts is an imperfect science, especially when it comes to tracking how many you’ve burned during a given activity. Wrist-based fitness trackers and smartwatches’ estimates for calorie burn can be off by as much as 40-80%. However, engineers from Stanford claim they’ve created an inexpensive,…Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Activity Tracker, Stanford, Watch, Smartwatches, Heart Rate Monitor, Wearable Devices, Ubiquitous Computing, Wear OS, Wearable Computers, Humancomputer Interaction, Technology Internet, Distributed Computing Architecture, Food Energy, Mykel Kochenderfer

How 4 of the US's most vaccinated counties got shots to more than 70% of their residents

Worker Scott Zorn holds up a sign to signal an open station at a community vaccination site in Seattle, Washington, on March 13, 2021. Jason Redmond/AFP/Getty Images Officials from four of the US's most vaccinated counties share their recipes for success. They cite two factors: Residents had easy access to shots and heard about vaccines from trusted sources. Those counties - in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Washington - have vaccinated at least 70% of residents. See more stori...
Tags: Science, News, Maryland, Washington, US, Trends, Joe Biden, Pennsylvania, New York Times, Wisconsin, North, Seattle, Donald Trump, Page, Boston University, Janet

The Third Android 12 Beta Finally Brings Us Scrolling Screenshots, Is Available Today

The development of Android 12 appears to be progressing like clockwork, because just over a month after Google released its second Android 12 beta, Google is releasing the third beta for its next big mobile OS update.Read more...
Tags: Google, Android, Science, Smartphones, Software, Computing, Operating Systems, Motorola Droid, Mobile Operating System, Here WeGo, Mobile Linux, Technology Internet, Draftrahul, Android Software Development, Play Asset, Play Asset Delivery System

Poor Neighborhoods Are Up to 7 Degrees Hotter Than Rich Ones

New research finds that not all Americans are equally bear the burden of extreme heat. Poorer communities are at disproportionate risk of searing temperatures, according to a study published in Earth’s Future, the American Geophysical Union’s interdisciplinary journal, on Tuesday.Read more...
Tags: Science, Environment, Articles, Social Issues, Gentrification, Urbanization, Climatology, Human Migration, American Geophysical Union, Heat Wave, Urban Heat Island, Climate Forcing, Physical Geography, US Separate, Jeremy Hoffman

Facebook Knifes Its Own Analytics Tool to Hide Its Ben Shapiro Problem

Facebook gutted its data analytics tool, CrowdTangle, by reassigning dozens of its staff and sidelining its CEO after its data showed that incendiary screeds and misleading content from right-wing pages regularly outperform traditional news outlets on the News Feed, according to the New York Times.Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Science, Social Media, Software, News Feed, Nick Clegg, Computing, Fox News, Donald Trump, Breitbart News, World Wide Web, Breitbart, Sean Hannity, New York Times Read, Ben Shapiro

Loki's Finale Asks If Time Is Inevitable, or Just Marvel Studios

Loki’s finale is here, and it’s time for questions to be answered. Will Sylvie and Loki get what they want? What’s hiding out at the end of time? How do you wrap up six episodes of television that feel dramatically satisfying in spite of the larger animus of the cinematic universe around them? The answers, it turns…Read more...
Tags: Science, Fiction, Disney, Marvel Studios, Tom Hiddleston, Spider Man, Wasp, Loki, Kang, Sylvie, Ant Man, Fictional Characters, Jonathan Majors, Ultraverse, Draftthe Nexus Event, Draftsylvie

Massachusetts startup OPT Industries is perfecting a 3D-printed nasal swab for COVID-19 tests

In 2020 and 2021, we all became well-acquainted with nasal swabs. But small sticks we stuck up our noses, it turns out, were harder to come by than anyone could have predicted. A May 2020 survey of 118 labs in the US found that 60 percent reported limited swab supplies – making lack of swabs the most commonly reported supply-chain problem. One small company that stepped into the fray of swab production was the two year old OPT Industries, a Massachusetts-based company with fifteen ...
Tags: TC, Science, Cdc, Kaiser Permanente, Massachusetts, US, Tech, Delta, Biotech, Wall Street Journal, Henry Schein, OU, Alberta Canada, NDA, Amazon Amazon, Biomedical

Facebook's Satellite Plans Might Be Dead, But Amazon's Are Just Beginning

Back in 2016, Facebook began tinkering with plans to launch an internet satellite project that was meant to be a part of Mark Zuckerberg’s oft-repeated plans to “connect the world.” Five years later, it looks like the company’s backed down—with Amazon taking its place. Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Science, Environment, Social Media, Cisco, Software, Computing, Satellite, Gizmodo, Operating Systems, Kuiper Systems, Universal Windows Platform Apps, Satellite Internet Access, Technology Internet

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