Google Maps Provided Users With a ‘Potentially Fatal’ Hiking Trail on This Mountain

A few years ago, instead of leading my best friend and I through a lovely and picturesque Spanish mountain trail, Google Maps took us to an isolated field with some cows. While I learned then not trust the internet when it comes to nature, it appears that an increasing number of visitors to the Scottish mountain Ben…Read more...
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'We're getting further away from the end than we should be': Public health experts warn the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over

Transit passengers wear face masks as they disembark the Metro C Line, formerly Green Line, light rail train alongside the 105 Freeway at the Judge Harry Pregerson Interchange during rush hour traffic in Los Angeles, California on July 16, 2021. PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP via Getty Images COVID-19 cases have been on the rise in all 50 states, a CNN analysis found. Some areas are reinstating protective measures like mask mandates to curb the spread of the virus. Public health experts are warni...
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Black Widow is a Good Film, but It Has Flaws That Need Addressing

To get an in depth analysis of the film as a whole, read Germain Lussier’s review for Black Widow. Now on with it.Read more...
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Janicza Bravo Will Produce and Direct Kindred Pilot Episode for FX

Zola director Janicza Bravo will direct and serve as executive producer on the FX pilot for Kindred—an adaptation of the novel written by prolific science-fiction writer Octavia E. Butler.Read more...
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New Ultra City Smiths Trailer Has Hit the Internet!

The new trailer for Ultra City Smiths has hit the internet! The half-hour series was created by Steve Conrad (Patriot), who also serves as showrunner. Seth Green’s Stoopid Buddy Stoodios (Robot Chicken) will act as one of the show’s many producers.Read more...
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Amazon Complains to Apple About Fakespot Review App, Gets It Kicked Off the App Store

Amazon has gotten Fakespot, a popular service on the web that works to identify fake reviews on the e-commerce platform, kicked off the Apple App Store. The incident has pitted two of the biggest giants in the tech industry against a small company, and Fakespot is crying foul. Read more...
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Martin Turpin: ‘Bullshitting is human nature in its honest and naked form’

The cognitive scientist explains the link between intelligence and telling fibs – and why lying is such a common form of communication in fields from art to politicsMartin Turpin is a PhD researcher at the department of psychology at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, who is studying linguistic bullshit. He is the lead author of a recent paper entitled Bullshit Ability As an Honest Signal of Intelligence, which found that people who produce “satisfactory bullshit” are judged to be of h...
Tags: Psychology, Science, Language, Turpin, University of Waterloo Ontario Canada, Martin Turpin, Honest Signal of Intelligence

No Time To Die: Daniel Craig Speaks On His Final Outing as Bond

Daniel Craig is absolutely, positively done with James Bond.
Tags: Science, Films, James Bond, Daniel Craig, Ralph Fiennes, Spectre, Bond, Sean Connery, Naomie Harris, Rami Malek, Paloma, Phoebe Waller Bridge, George Lazenby, Lea Seydoux, DE, Ana de Armas

Reasons to be fearful of China’s data-gathering | Letters

We should be suspicious of the role of the Chinese Communist party in the harvesting of genetic data from unborn babies, argues William MatthewsIn her column (What does the Chinese military want with your unborn baby’s genetic data?, 10 July), Arwa Mahdawi suggested that the alleged involvement of the People’s Liberation Army (which is directly answerable to the Chinese Communist party) with BGI’s data-gathering (likewise answerable as a China-based company) is essentially equivalent to data-gat...
Tags: Hong Kong, Science, Biology, China, Women, Pregnancy, World news, Taiwan, Genetics, Asia Pacific, Xi Jinping, Parents and parenting, Xinjiang, Ccp, Arwa Mahdawi, Chinese Communist

The sister of a man who died from COVID-19 after calling vaccines 'poison' wants people to get shots in her brother's memory

Lisa Adler wants people to get a COVID-19 shot in her dead brother's memory. 4WWL, Getty Images A man who thought vaccines were "poison" died from COVID-19, Raw Story reported. He spent 17 days in hospital on a ventilator before he eventually died on June 9, 4WWL TV said. His sister, who was also initially vaccine-hesitant, is now urging people to get a shot in her brother's memory. See more stories on Insider's business page. A Texas man who thought vaccines were "poison" died...
Tags: Texas, Science, News, Trends, News UK, Vaccine, Adler, Katy Texas, Anti-vaxxers, Vaccine Hesitancy, Coronavirus, COVID-19, COVID, Covid-19 Vaccine, UK Weekend, Joshua Zitser

India's true COVID-19 death toll could be as high as 2.4 million, 6 times the official figures, experts warn

A mass cremation of people who died due to COVID-19 in New Delhi, India, on April 22, 2021. REUTERS/Danish Siddiqui Experts believe that India's COVID-19 death toll is far higher than official numbers suggest. One study estimates that between 1.8m and 2.4m people in India have died from the virus. Reports suggest that Indian officials have attempted to suppress the true figures. See more stories on Insider's business page. India's true COVID-19 death toll could be 5 to 7 times ...
Tags: Health, Science, India, US, International, America, Trends, UK News, Economist, Ahmedabad, New Delhi India, Telangana, Virginia Commonwealth University, John Hopkins University, World Health Organization Read, COVID

Tough new rules to combat outbreak as more than 100 infections recorded – as it happened

Restrictions on movement in three LGAs, limits on retail and pause on construction announced. This blog is now closedSydney lockdown shock as NSW fails to ‘quash’ outbreakVictoria update: ‘enormous frustration’ as 19 new cases reportedNSW restrictions; NSW hotspots; Vic restrictions; Vic hotspotsScott Morrison accused of ‘misrepresenting’ Atagi advice to shift blame for botched vaccine rollout‘Secret weapon’: unflappable Kerry Chant faces toughest challenge yet as NSW Covid outbreak growsVaccine...
Tags: Science, Australia, Australia news, Infectious Diseases, Sydney, Katie Hopkins, NSW, Vic, Coronavirus, Vic hotspotsScott Morrison

7 children admitted to ICU's in low-vax Mississippi after coming down with severe cases of COVID-19

Francine Orr / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images Seven Mississippi children are battling COVID-19 in intensive care units, a top health official said. Two of them are in intensive care units on ventilators. Experts worry that Mississippi's low vaccination rate is putting children more at risk. See more stories on Insider's business page. Seven children are currently battling COVID-19 in intensive care units across Mississippi as state health officials warn of a Delta variant sur...
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Sydney lockdown shock as Gladys Berejiklian admits NSW has failed to ‘quash’ Covid outbreak

Fears for Fairfield, Liverpool and Canterbury Bankstown residents, while shutdown of construction sector expected to cost $800m to $1bn per weekFollow our coronavirus live blogScott Morrison urges Apec leaders to ramp up mRNA vaccine production and boasts of Australian economyNew Sydney Covid lockdown restrictions: latest update to NSW coronavirus rules explainedVic hotspots; Vic restrictions; NSW hotspots; NSW restrictionsVaccine rollout tracker; get our free news app; get our morning emailLock...
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Researchers reveal pathogenesis and therapeutic strategy of pre-engraftment syndrome

Researchers revealed the pathological mechanism of severe pre-engraftment syndrome (PES) after umbilical cord blood transplantation, not only providing a treatment strategy for patients with PES, but significantly guiding for further improvement in the curative effect of unrelated cord blood transplantation (UCBT).
Tags: Science

New long-term satellite analysis shows "plum" rainy season wetter now than ever before

Tokyo, Japan - Researchers from Tokyo Metropolitan University have analyzed long-term precipitation radar data from satellites and found significantly enhanced rainfall over the most recent decade during the annual Meiyu-Baiu rainy season in East Asia. The data spans 23 years and gives unprecedented insight into how rainfall patterns have changed. They showed that the increased rainfall was driven by the decadal increased transport of moisture from the tropics and frequent occurrence of the uppe...
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