Astronauts Give Us a Delightful Look at What the Olympics Would Be Like in Space

Recently, we finally got to see an Olympics that everyone can get behind. At these Games, there was no pandemic, no blistering heat, and no threat of a tropical storm. There were, unfortunately, few spectators. This isn’t a reference to the cursed Tokyo 2020 Olympics, but rather the makeshift, unofficial “Space…Read more...
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6 members of one Florida church died from COVID-19 in 10 days according to its pastor, who is encouraging people to get vaccinated

A medical assistant administers a COVID-19 vaccine dose to a woman at a clinic in Los Angeles on March 25, 2021. Mario Tama/Getty Images Six members of a Jacksonville, Florida, church died from COVID-19 over ten days, the pastor said. He said the one thing they all had in common was that they were unvaccinated. The church, which held a vaccine event in March, is holding another one in light of their deaths. See more stories on Insider's business page. A pastor in Jacksonville, Florida,...
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Wildfires Continue to Rage Across Greece, Cutting Island in Half and Forcing Thousands to Flee

Flames tore through residential areas and threatened historic sites as wildfires burned across Greece for a fifth day on Saturday, a scene so apocalyptic that one local official described it as “a biblical catastrophe,” the Associated Press reports.Read more...
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The Rock and Kevin Feige Spoke About the MCU This One Time...

There was a moment in time we all thought Dwayne “The Rock Johnson” would join the Marvel Cinematic Universe.Read more...
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Google Is Signing Out Free Hangouts Users on Mobile, Gets Closer to Finally Killing the Thing

It’s been nearly an entire year since we started talking about how Google Hangouts was officially set to disappear. Since then, it seems like we’ve been repeating the same thing every few months, only for Hangouts to stubbornly persist living. If apps could talk, Hangouts would probably declare, “what is dead may…Read more...
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FCC Finally Debuts an Up-to-Date Mobile Broadband Map of the U.S.

The Federal Communications Commission has finally released an up-to-date mobile broadband coverage map, giving consumers a long-needed tool to find out what kind of cellular coverage they can expect in any given area across the U.S. Read more...
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How Jungle Cruise Producers Built a Cinematic World for a Theme Park Ride

With a $90 opening weekend, Jungle Cruise has set the standard for the theme park ride to movie pipeline.Read more...
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Stranger Things: Are Spin-Off Series the Future of the Upside Down?

Stranger Things creators/showrunner duo Matt and Ross Duffer always envisioned their supernatural horror show would have at least five seasons. While the two haven’t confirmed if season five is the last, the show’s executive producer Shawn Levy is on the record saying they do have an endgame plan in place.Read more...
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Netflix's Addams Family Spin-off Wednesday Adds Comedian Luis Guzman as Gomez Addams

Comedian Luis Guzman is Gomez Addams in the Netflix Addams Family spin-off series, Wednesday.Read more...
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Delta variant hits hard in the five worst states for vaccination rates: It's spreading 'like a tsunami,' one health official says

Researchers sequence coronavirus samples at the microbiology laboratory of the University Hospital of Badajoz in Spain on April 15, 2021. Javier Pulpo/Europa Press/Getty Images The five states with the lowest vaccination rates in the US are experiencing surging Delta variant cases. The five states are Alabama, Louisiana, Wyoming, Idaho, and Mississippi. In each state, officials are sounding the alarms, warning that the Delta variant is quickly spreading. See more stories on Insider's b...
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2 perfectly preserved cave lion cubs from the Ice Age, still with whiskers and fur, unearthed by scientists

Ice Age lion cub Sparta was perfectly preserved by Russian permafrost. Twitter, Centre for Palaeogenetics, @CpgSthlm Two nearly perfectly preserved Ice Age lion cubs were found in Russia, still with whiskers and fur. Scientists say the cubs, nicknamed Sparta and Boris, lived around 28,000 and 43,000 years ago. Researchers said Sparta was probably the best preserved Ice Age animal ever found. See more stories on Insider's business page. Scientists have found two nearly perfectly preserv...
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Prof Francois Balloux: ‘The pandemic has created a market for gloom and doom’

The UCL scientist and ‘militant corona centrist’ on the risk of new variants, psychosomatic long Covid and when he expects the crisis to endCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageProf Francois Balloux is director of the University College London Genetics Institute. His work focuses on the reconstruction of disease outbreaks and epidemics. With his colleague Dr Lucy van Dorp, he led the first large-scale sequencing project of the Sars-CoV2 genome. During the pandemic, he has ...
Tags: Science, Medical Research, Infectious Diseases, Ucl, Coronavirus, Francois Balloux, University College London Genetics Institute His, Dr Lucy van Dorp

Just 26 of the 11,600 people who have died of COVID-19 in Alabama were vaccinated, official says

An Ohio resident receives the COVID-19 vaccine in March 2021. Stephen Zenner/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images Only 26 of the more than 11,000 COVID-19 deaths in Alabama were people who were vaccinated, the Associated Press reported. Alabama has the worst vaccination rate in the US, with just about 34% of people fully vaccinated. Hospitalizations are also surging to their rate from the end of January before vaccines were widely available. See more stories on Insider's business p...
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Princess Shuri gives girls a science boost

The smart, fun and easy-going warrior scientist in the film ‘Wakanda’ challenges gender stereotypes The post Princess Shuri gives girls a science boost appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
Tags: Science, Technology, Education, Women, Stem, Girls, Representation, Shuri, Engineering And Maths

A Florida radio host who railed against Dr. Fauci and vaccines has died from COVID-19

Dr. Joseph Varon (right) speaks to a patient in the COVID-19 intensive care unit at the United Memorial Medical Center in Houston, Texas on December 29, 2020. Go Nakamura/Getty Images Longtime radio host Dick Farrel died from COVID-19 after railing against vaccines on Facebook. "Why take a vax promoted by people who lied 2u all along about masks," one of his posts read. After contracting the virus, friends said Farrel texted them and urged them to get the vaccine. See more stories on Insi...
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A growing number of 'multi-vaxxers' are getting unauthorized booster shots. Most are mixing and matching.

COVID-19 vaccines cards at the Berks Heim Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Bern Township, Pennsylvania on January 29, 2021. Ben Hasty/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle/Getty Images The FDA hasn't yet authorized booster shots, but a growing number of people are getting them anyway. Insider spoke with three people who received booster shots in the US, and one in Israel. All four "multi-vaxxers" said they wanted more protection against the Delta variant. See more stories on Insider's ...
Tags: UK, Science, News, California, France, Germany, New York City, Israel, US, San Francisco, Trends, Walmart, Delta, Food And Drug Administration, Astrazeneca, Fda

2,400-year-old baskets of fruit discovered in ancient Egyptian city under the sea

Head of Diorite found in Abu Qir Bay, where ancient cities of Canopus and Thonis-Herakleion are. Egypt Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities. Archaeologists have found ancient artefacts from the sunken ancient city of Thonis-Heracleion. They found wicker baskets still filled with fruit from the fourth century BCE. Thonis-Heracleion was an ancient Egyptian city that is now submerged underwater. See more stories on Insider's business page. Archaeologists have discovered a trove of ancient...
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Covid patients reunited with the medics who saved them

Four people who were so ill that they barely remember their time in the ICU meet the doctors and nurses who held their handsIn a light-filled studio in east London, a petite woman in scrubs receives a bouquet of flowers from a tall man, dressed smartly, only faintly out of breath.The room is thick with emotion. They are strangers, but stare at each other with wonder in their eyes. And then Dr Susan Jain, an intensive care consultant at Homerton university hospital, breaks the silence with a laug...
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I want this pandemic to end – yet I secretly pine for another lockdown

For some of us, living with Covid the past 18 months gave us permission to slow down, and to re-evaluate how we want to live when this is finally overWhen I walked out of my town’s massive conference center in early April, a second Pfizer shot fresh in my arm, a flood of emotions swelled in me. Creeping behind the feelings of joy and anticipation, I felt a strange bit of sadness that, all the way home, I could not shake. When I walked into my house and my three-year-old dashed into my arms, it h...
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Doximity, the LinkedIn for Doctors, Is Apparently Rampant With Vaccine Misinformation

Medical professionals have become some of the most important individuals in society during the pandemic, working countless hours to save the lives of covid-19 patients and encouraging the public to get vaccinated. However, it appears that even the medical community isn’t immune to the vaccine misinformation plaguing…Read more...
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