Teachers' union backs vaccine mandates for teachers to protect students who are too young to get the shot as the Delta variant makes more kids sick

Temperatures being taken of young students who are wearing masks. Javier Zayas Photography The president of the second-largest teachers' union said she supports vaccine mandates for teachers. Randi Weingarten said a mandate would help protect students, especially those too young to be vaccinated. Some doctors have said the Delta variant is causing an increase in kids sick with COVID-19. See more stories on Insider's business page. The head of the second-largest teachers' union ...
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An Unsurprising But Sad Update for Tesla Cybertruck Fans: Production Has Been Pushed to 2022

By now Tesla fans are well aware that the company, and its CEO Elon Musk, aren’t very good at meeting targets and timelines. It therefore comes as no surprise that the Cybertruck—the company’s first electric pickup truck that looks like something out of Blade Runner—has been delayed to 2022. Read more...
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Enchanted Sequel, Disenchanted Heading to Disney+ in 2022

The Enchanted sequel is coming!
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Washington, D.C. Is Bribing Teens With Free AirPods if They Get Vaccinated

It’s crazy to think that in the U.S., officials have to offer bribes to people so they can get vaccinated against covid-19, especially given that folks in other countries would do anything to have access and would roll up their sleeves for free. Yet, considering the threat of the super contagious Delta variant,…Read more...
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Here's How Amazon Third-Party Sellers Reportedly Hound Customers Who Leave Bad Reviews

These days, most of the merchandise on Amazon’s online marketplace isn’t actually from Amazon. An 56% of all products sold on the platform come from third-party sellers. Now, these sellers aren’t supposed to be able to email their Amazon customers directly, and doing so outside of Amazon’s official channels…Read more...
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Jumanji 4 is Coming. It's Just a Matter of When

With all the projects Dwayne Johnson is working on, when does this man find time to sleep? He does star in a lot of self-produced content through his Seven Bucks company. While he provides the resources, Seven Bucks President Hiram Garcia is the one that keeps the assembly line moving.Read more...
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Jumanji 3 is Coming. It's Just a Matter of When

With all the projects Dwayne Johnson is working on, when does this man find time to sleep? He does star in a lot of self-produced content through his Seven Bucks company. While he provides the resources, Seven Bucks President Hiram Garcia is the one that keeps the assembly line moving.Read more...
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Being double-vaccinated gives 50-60% protection from the Delta variant, study finds

Getty An English study has found that having two vaccines against COVID-19 protects against the Delta variant by 50-60%. This is slightly lower than once thought, but the scientists leading the study say this is due to the random sample. This study affirms that the vaccine - any approved vaccine - significantly protects from COVID-19. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. A new study has found that fully vaccinated people have their risk of infection from the COVID-19 Delta va...
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Soon You May Be Able to Buy Space Ads With Dogecoin

Space is quickly becoming a 21st-century tourist trap. Case in point: SpaceX is teaming up with Geometric Energy Corporation, a Canadian research and development firm, to launch what’s essentially a souped-up digital billboard into orbit, according to a weekend Business Insider report.
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Schitt's Creek Star Dan Levy is Creating New Animated Comedy Series

Co-creator, executive producer, and star of Schitt’s Creek Dan Levy is transitioning to animation with his new comedy series, Standing By. Levy will also be one of the lead characters and co-write the script with Ally Pankiw. This isn’t the first time that Levy and Pankiw have teamed up as they worked together on …Read more...
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Critics Say Apple Built a 'Backdoor' Into Your iPhone With Its New Child Abuse Detection Tools

Apple’s plans to roll out new features aimed at combating Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) on its platforms have caused no small amount of controversy.Read more...
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Fears as more children falling ill in latest US Covid surge and school approaches

National Institutes of Health director says 1,450 kids in hospital Teachers union shifts, calls for vaccine mandates for teachers Amid increased fears that children are now both victims and vectors of the latest Covid-19 variant surge, National Institutes of Health director Francis Collins signaled on Sunday that increasing numbers of children are falling ill in the US.His comments also came as one of America’s largest teachers unions appeared to shift its position on mandatory vaccinations for ...
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Fauci said there will likely be a need for an 'additional boost' of COVID-19 vaccine 'sooner or later'

Fauci said Sunday that a decision on booster shots could be made by the end of the summer. Meet The Press/NBC Dr. Anthony Fauci said Sunday that a COVID-19 booster shot will likely be needed at some point in the future. Fauci said he supported a third vaccine shot for people with weakened immune systems as soon as possible. But all Americans, and especially the elderly, will likely need to get another jab in the future, he said. See more stories on Insider's business page. Dr. Anthony ...
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The Hunger Games Prequel Film to Start Production in 2022

The Hunger Games Prequel, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, is set to start production in early 2022. Joe Drake, Lionsgate motion picture group chairman, commented on the film and said things were moving along well. The prequel is looking at a 2023 or 2024 release date.Read more...
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An unvaccinated father is urging others to get the COVID-19 jab while hooked up to a supplemental oxygen machine at a hospital

A screenshot of one of Travis Campbell's several videos posted to Facebook that urge others to get vaccinated. Screenshot/Facebook A man hospitalized for COVID-19 and struggling to breathe has turned to social media to urge others to avoid the same fate. Travis Campbell did not get a COVID-19 vaccine. Now, in videos posted to Facebook, he's pleading that others do. "I can't breathe. I'm drowning. I feel like I'm a fish out of water," Campbell told CNN. See more stories...
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CNN's Jim Acosta said scientists should name COVID-19 variants after Republican governors who've refused to enforce safety measures

CNN chief domestic correspondent Jim Acosta AP Photo/Alex Brandon CNN's Jim Acosta said scientists should name new COVID variants after Republican governors. Republic governors like Ron DeSantis from Florida continue to flout COVID-19 safety measures like mask-wearing. "Why not call it the DeSantis variant instead of the Delta variant?" he said. See more stories on Insider's business page. CNN anchor Jim Acosta blasted Republican governors who don't enforce COVID-19 safety regu...
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DNA from thin air: a new way to detect rare wildlife in hostile environments

Discovery that traces of genetic material are all around us opens a non-invasive way to boost biodiversityDNA is in the air – literally. It is wafted around by all the Earth’s creatures, and now scientists have found a way to detect these invisible traces of genetic material so they can identify the animals that released them.The discovery – made independently by British and Danish research groups earlier this year – opens up a powerful way to pinpoint the presence of rare wildlife in deserts, r...
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Britain’s Covid experts Neil Ferguson Sage are under attack, but they are just doing their jobs

Those who attack Neil Ferguson and Sage’s pandemic predictions only expose their ignorance about science• Coronavirus – latest updates• See all our coronavirus coverageIt feels like open season on Professor Neil Ferguson right now. Sections of the media and several columnists delight in castigating the epidemiologist, or “Professor Lockdown”, for being “doomster in chief”, constantly predicting catastrophe and then backpeddling when the worst numbers don’t materialise.Opponents of Covid restrict...
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Dark matter: one last push to crack the biggest secret in the universe

Scientists are pinning hopes on elaborate detectors to track the elusive material that holds galaxies togetherDeep underground, scientists are closing in on one of the most elusive targets of modern science: dark matter. In subterranean laboratories in the US and Italy, they have set up huge vats of liquid xenon and lined them with highly sensitive detectors in the hope of spotting subatomic collisions that will reveal the presence of this elusive material.However, researchers acknowledge that t...
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Dr. Fauci said the unvaccinated should think of their 'community' because allowing COVID-19 to spread and mutate could create variant 'more problematic than the Delta'

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. AP Photo/Susan Walsh, Pool Dr. Anthony Fauci warned the continued and unmitigated spread of COVID-19 could lead to a more dangerous variant. The Delta variant is currently driving a surge of COVID-19 cases in the US, particularly in areas with low vaccination rates. But the continued spread of the disease without vaccinations or masking could allow it to further mutate, he said. See more stories on In...
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