U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan Posts Online Job Listing While It’s in the Process of Being Evacuated

It’s not exactly the best time to work at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan—and not only because it’s being evacuated. In recent weeks, the Taliban has rapidly seized many parts of the country as it seeks to topple the U.S.-backed government, regain control of Afghanistan, and reimpose its strict version of…Read more...
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Sonos Claims Tiny Victory In Its Patent Infringement Case Against Google

Sonos just won a small victory in its battle against Google. According to the New York Times, a trade judge has ruled preliminarily in favor of the speaker maker, saying that Google should not import products that violate Sonos’s intellectual property.Read more...
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Australia Covid live news update: NSW reports 466 cases and four deaths as Victoria records 21 and Qld six

NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian reduces movement limit to 5km from home for greater SydneyWhen Covid came to the anti-vax capital of AustraliaThe missing 10 days: did NSW squander the chance to head off its Delta nightmare?Hotspots: NSW and ACT; Vic; QldRestrictions: NSW; Vic; Qld; borders 2.31am BST It is going to get worse, Berejikilian warns, and the only way out is getting the state (the country really) to a 70%-80% vaccination rate.I want to foreshadow the most difficult thing for us as ...
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10 Movies We Really Hope to See in 2021

If you’ve experienced déjà vu in the last few days, you aren’t alone. Summer 2021 feels a little bit like spring 2020 when, with cases of covid-19 rising, one movie was delayed, then another, then another, then everything. This week saw the first official delay in response to the delta variant of covid-19 when the…Read more...
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Researchers: Instagram 'Bullied' Us Into Halting Algorithmic Research

A Berlin-based nonprofit studying the ways in which Instagram’s algorithm presents content to users says parent company Facebook “bullied” its researchers into killing off experiments and deleting underlying data that was collected with consent from Instagram users.Read more...
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Australia Covid live news update: NSW braces for record cases as crisis looms in regions

Fears for Indigenous communities in western NSW after cases reported in Dubbo and WalgettWhen Covid came to the anti-vax capital of AustraliaThe missing 10 days: did NSW squander the chance to head off its Delta nightmare?Hotspots: NSW and ACT; Vic; QldRestrictions: NSW; Vic; Qld; borders 10.58pm BST Good morning. Wherever this missive might find you, under whichever restrictions you might find yourself, I hope these words find you well.This is Ben Doherty here, helming this blog from Sydney...
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Apple Will Keep Clarifying This CSAM Mess Until Morale Improves

Last week, Apple announced new tools to detect and report child pornography and sexually explicit materials. It’s a noble mission and no one’s going to argue against catching child predators. That said, the rollout has turned into a debacle of epic proportions.Read more...
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There's Only One True King in the Week's Best Toys

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9's regular roundup of the latest and greatest threats to your bank account. This week, The Suicide Squad’s King Shark gets the Hot Toys treatment, Hasbro has new reveals for Fantastic Marvel Legends and deceptive Transformers toys, and Mezco reveals one of its best Superman figures yet.…Read more...
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Poly Network Offers $500,000 Reward to Hacker Who Stole and Then Returned $611 Million in Crypto

A cryptocurrency platform that was hacked and had hundreds of millions of dollars stolen from it has now offered the thief a “reward” of $500,000 after the criminal returned almost all of the money.Read more...
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Australia Covid live news update: Victoria records 21 new cases as NSW braces for surge

Fears for Indigenous communities in western NSW after cases reported in Dubbo and WalgettWhen Covid came to the anti-vax capital of AustraliaThe missing 10 days: did NSW squander the chance to head off its Delta nightmare?Hotspots: NSW and ACT; Vic; QldRestrictions: NSW; Vic; Qld; borders 11.53pm BST From the great Amy Remeikis, who is also proposing the annexation of Duranbah beach by Queensland. (She is joking... I think...)ICYMI the NSW & Qld governments are having discussions to temporar...
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July was Earth's hottest month in recorded history

The Western US has seen extreme temperatures so far this year Photo by PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP via Getty Images A new report by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration declared July the hottest month recorded. The NOAA has recorded global temperatures for 142 years. See more stories on Insider's business page. July was the hottest month recorded in modern history, according to a report by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued on Friday.The agency has trac...
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Boeing Starliner Malfunction Potentially Caused by Florida's Humid Air, Investigators Say

Engineers with Boeing and NASA are honing in on the root cause of a technical glitch that resulted in the cancelation of a Starliner test launch. A promising theory suggests moisture got into the spacecraft’s propulsion system, causing critical valves to get stuck. As to how this moisture got in, however, is now a…Read more...
Tags: Spacex, Florida, Science, Nasa, Commercial Spaceflight, Spaceflight, Boeing, OFT, Lucy, Pad Abort Test, Spacecraft, Outer Space, Commercial Crew Program, Bigelow Aerospace, Human Spaceflight, Atlas V

The Quick and Easy Guide to Watching Evangelion

Today Evangelion 3.0+1.0: Thrice Upon a Time officially releases outside of Japan, bringing an end to a wait nearly a decade in the making, and a journey to re-imagine one of the most beloved mecha anime of all time that stretched for even longer beyond that—for now at least. It also means that there’s never been a…Read more...
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What's The Weirdest Robocall You've Ever Received?

Earlier today, some random person with a random Los Angeles-based area code number called my phone with some terrible news: My Amazon account had been hacked. A guy in Alabama had apparently used my account to buy an iPhone, and I needed to send over some details to dispute the charges. Read more...
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The My Hero Academia Live-Action Film Has a Director

Yes, you read that right. Hollywood is still trying to make a live-action version of the popular Japanese franchise My Hero Academia and the project just took a significant step forward. Deadline reports that Shinsuke Sato has been attached to direct the film, which is being produced by Legendary Pictures.Read more...
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Reddit Wants to Be TikTok, as Long as That’s What You Guys Are Doing Now. That Could Change if You’re Not Into It. They’re Flexible.

In the beginning, there was chaos, and out of that chaos came short-form video on social media. Twitter tried it; TikTok perfected it; Instagram wants to dominate it; and now, Reddit is throwing its little alien antenna in the ring, reportedly test-driving a new short video feed on its iOS app.Read more...
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July 2021 Was Hottest Month in Recorded History

It’s a completely unsurprising piece of news for anyone who went outside this summer, but it’s still an enormous alarm bell for our planet: Scientists said on Friday that last month was the hottest month in recorded history. Everything is fine!!!!!Read more...
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You'll Have to Wait Until 2022 for Smart Home Gadgets That Work Together

Matter is a new standard that’s supposed to make your smart home gadgets play nicely together. Apple, Amazon, Google, Samsung SmartThings, and Signify, the team behind the Philips Hue smart bulbs, already committed to it earlier this year. Matter will make it easier to pick out gadgets that work with one another, but…Read more...
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HBO Max Knows Its App Sucks

Enough is enough: HBO Max has heard your constant whining and wheedling on Twitter about how its app is “designed like they’re mad at you for using it” and “bravely answers the question ‘what if the people who designed an app fucking hated their customers.’” They know that the app all but spontaneously combusts when…Read more...
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The Loudly Crying Face Emoji Is the Worst Emoji

The Stanford Internet Observatory has released an extensive analysis on Gettr, the largely unmoderated right-wing Twitter clone founded by longtime Trump spokesperson Jason Miller. The details—which Miller rejected in an email to Gizmodo as “wrong”—range from amusing to horrific, and you can find them all here. But…Read more...
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13 Gruesomely Excellent Friday the 13th Kills

Today is the only Friday the 13th in all of 2021, and horror fans know the best way to mark the occasion is by spending some quality time with a certain machete-loving, teenager-hating masked maniac (and his dear mother, of course). This list isn’t a ranking—we’ve already done that—but rather a round-up of what we…Read more...
Tags: Science, Films, Michael Bay, Kevin Bacon, Jack, Alice, Mark, Tina, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Tom McBride, Tom Savini, John Shepherd, Friday The 13th, Tommy Jarvis, Freddy Vs Jason

Boeing's spaceship launch for NASA is seriously delayed as 'disappointing' technical issues send it back to the factory

A United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket with Boeing's Starliner spacecraft onboard is readied at the launchpad, July 29, 2021 in Cape Canaveral, Florida. NASA/Aubrey Gemignani Boeing's Starliner spaceship won't launch to the International Space Station for NASA this month. Four valves on the spaceship's propulsion system are stuck, preventing it from firing its engines. Boeing is rolling Starliner back to the factory for further troubleshooting. See more stories on Insider&...
Tags: Florida, Science, News, Trends, Nasa, Earth, International Space Station, Spaceships, Astronauts, Jupiter, Iss, Boeing, Lucy, Commercial Crew Program, International Space Station ISS, Cape Canaveral Florida

We’re Going the Wrong Way

This piece was originally published in the Daily Poster, a grassroots-funded investigative news outlet. Click here to become a subscriber.Read more...
Tags: Science, Environment, Articles, Joe Biden, Nature, Social Issues, Flood, Insurance Law, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Hydrology, United States Department of Homeland Security, National Flood Insurance Program, Effects Of Climate Change, Flood Insurance, Physical Geography, Disaster Accident

Exposure to Wildfire Smoke May Increase Risk of Dying from Covid-19

Amid a record-breaking fire season in the U.S. West, new research shows that air pollution from last year’s wildfires California, Washington, and Oregon was associated with an increased risk of contracting and dying from covid-19.Read more...
Tags: Science, Oregon, Environment, Articles, Air Pollution, Pollution, Wildfire, Smoke, Natural Environment, California Washington, Whitman, Environmental Issues, Climate Forcing, Disaster Accident, Particulates, Air Pollution In The United States

Devastating Floods Hit Turkey as Country Reels From Hundreds of Wildfires

Flash floods have killed at least 27 people in northern Turkey after intense rains hit areas around the Black Sea Wednesday and caused streams and rivers to burst their banks. The floods come as the country struggles in the aftermath of hundreds of fires in the country’s southern region that killed at least eight…Read more...
Tags: Weather, Science, Environment, Articles, Turkey, Nature, Natural Disaster, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Black Sea, Heat Wave, Süleyman Soylu, Flash Flood, Physical Geography, Weather Hazards, Disaster Accident, Northern Hemisphere Heat Waves

Danny DeVito Is Writing a Comic About Batman's Penguin

We just got DC doing its own continuation of the classic 1989 Batman movie in comic form, and now the company’s going a step beyond to cater to fans of the Burton era of the Dark Knight: one of his greatest on-screen nemeses is teaming up with the publisher for a new anthology special.Read more...
Tags: Science, Dc Comics, Gotham, Penguin, Gotham City, Batman, Dc, Batman Returns, Danny DeVito, Burton, G Willow Wilson, Oswald Cobblepot, Christian Ward, Jill Thompson, Mairghread Scott, Dan Mora

Disney CEO Doubles Down On Hybrid Movie Releases as He Counts Massive Pile of Money

After the Walt Disney Company slipped on a banana peel and released Black Widow on streaming on the same day of its theatrical release, severely cutting into the film’s box office earnings and prompting a lawsuit from its star, Scarlett Johansson, the company’s CEO doubled down on its ability to “fairly compensate”…Read more...
Tags: Science, Disney, Walt Disney Company, Scarlett Johansson

Airbnb Will Now Let Users Who've Experienced Sexual Assault Sue the Company

On Friday, Airbnb announced that it’s updating its Terms of Service to drop certain legal provisions for guests and hosts using its platform. In cases involving sexual assault or sexual harassment, Airbnb says, it will no longer force users to go through the company’s arbitration process—letting them sue the company…Read more...
Tags: Harassment, Science, Sexual Assault, Ebay, Articles, Social Issues, Sex Crimes, Airbnb, Human Behavior, Sexual Harassment, Vacation Rental, Arbitration, Human Sexuality, Labour Law, Consumer Arbitration, Law Crime

FX's Y: The Last Man Series Will Explore How Sex Doesn't Define Gender

In Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra’s Y: The Last Man comic, most of the world’s population of mammals with a Y chromosome—save for one man and his pet capuchin monkey—suddenly perish in a mysterious plague whose origins are never fully explained. Though the comic spends a fair amount of time ruminating on how people’s…Read more...
Tags: Gender, Science, Biology, Intersex, FX, Chromosome, Television Critics Association, John Landgraf, Y The Last Man, Brian K Vaughan, Chromosomes, Pia Guerra, Eliza Clark, Yorick, Branches Of Biology, Legal Recognition Of Non Binary Gender

Hear the ‘Sound’ of a Spacecraft Flying Past Venus

Two spacecraft zipped past Venus at nearly time this week, and we’re steadily getting more data from this rare double flyby. The research teams have even translated some of this data into sounds, which you can hear below.Read more...
Tags: Science, Environment, Spaceflight, Venus, Spacecraft, Outer Space, JAXA, BepiColombo, Solar Orbiter, Cosmic Vision, Observations And Explorations Of Venus, Technology Internet, Gravity Assist, Missions To Mercury, Exploration Of Mercury

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